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Chalabi / Iran / Politics and War

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posted on May, 27 2004 @ 01:01 PM
I apologize if this overlaps with other threads.

It is appearing liekly that Ahmed Chalabi has been working dual roles in Iraq. One role was the darling of the White house and Pentagon, which had been paying Chalabi 340,000 per month for Intelligence and unspecified services.
Another Role is apparently as a Spy for Iran; Senior Officials have related to reporters that Chalabi has been forwarding classified intelligence to Iran. (how chalabi recieved this information is not yet known).

It bears notice the following;

Chalabi was the source of much of the pentagons intelligence for the Iraqi Invasion, even though it was clear and plain that the main benificiary of the overthrow of Iraq would be Chalabi himself. It also bears notice that the CIA has been highly suspicious of the information Chalabi provided the Pentagon.

Over 800 American soldiers have given their lives, over 4000 american soldiers have been permanently disabled, over 200 Billion spent to invade Iraq (so far), the world is sufering through the highest increase in Oil prices, and the Middle east is highly unstable as a result of US invasion into Iraq.

If these allegations prove to be factual regarding Chalabi, it is almost certain the present admininstration will not be re elected, and a massive overhaul of US Foreign Policy will Occur. It will be the biggest Political Spy coup in History, and will record Chalabi as somewhat of a Puppet Master, and the Bush adminstration as the willing Puppets

posted on May, 27 2004 @ 01:35 PM
Don't believe everything you read.

Ahmed became persona non grata as soon as he was outed as the source of the 'bogus' intel............

This I would strongly suspect the the neo-cons cut and run...........and destroy his credibility and to help keep his mouth shut.

Not only is he accused of being a spy but now he was the vessel by which Iran suckered us into the war with Iraq..............

As a matter of practice I do not believe one damned thing that comes out of this WH or from "unnamed government official"............ unless I can prove them right myself.........

Takes some time to do the research.

...........but you know what?

I haven't been disappointed.

I haven't


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