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Does anyone remember the Bunny-Monster tests?

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posted on Jan, 26 2010 @ 03:42 PM
Hello fellow members of the most fabulous conspiracy web site! I hope you are all well, and I also wish to apologise in advance if I am repeating anything that has been said before- if I have I didn't mean to.

Now, may I borrow some of your precious time with what I would like to bring up? Thankyou

Does anyone remember about those women that were impregnated with the Rabbit/Human embryos or eggs? My memory is fuzzy, because I was very young when I heard about it. The Newspaper article had 'The Bunny Monster' written in big letters above this computer generated image of what they might have looked like had they been born, but they were terminated before being allowed to develop.

This is a quote from the website I found that had a bit of information on it, but I don't know if it is referring to the same tests as I remember or not:

"In the span of just two years, they had fused rabbit eggs with human DNA, created pigs with human blood, and injected human stem cells to make a paralyzed rodent walk. It was not the stuff of cottage labs."

If anyone else remembers it or they can post any better links to the one that I found, I would be most grateful, because I can't find the article (probably got chucked out, I had it for abbout ten years at least).

Thankyou for your time
Oh here's a link to the site:

I hope it works... I find all of these stories very interesting, especially this one because it's something I've grown up with. Had they been born they would have been doomed to death anyway wouldn't they? The Bunny-Monsters I mean. I would imagine that they may have died in the womb anyway; but, if I remember rightly, there were eight impregnations.

Well, any contributions would be much appreciated; thankyou for your time

Ramadwarf on the Bunny-Monster tests

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