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Big Scam in Shorty Awards

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posted on Jan, 26 2010 @ 05:20 AM
Hi friends,

First of all, I'd like to say that the purpose of this thread is to raise some awareness about the ugly clout that Big Pharma weilds which has unfortunately resulted in poor knowledge in the masses about the real healing powers in natural, alternative medicine. The following is one recent instance of why doctors advise dangerous drugs & vaccines rather than simple natural remedies that really heal.


I'm writing here to bring to your attention that the well-advertized Shorty awards looks like another fraudulent scheme deployed by the PTB.
I have been following Mike Adam's for all things natural - natural remedies, alternative medicine, big pharma's scandals, vaccine scam, nutrition information, etc & found it it to be very useful.

I came to know that Mike was participating in Shorty awards in health category and was even leading. This probably seems to have alarmed the Pharma & vaccine pushers, who complained & sucessfully convinced the Shorty awards that Mike's votes are a result of vote rigging.
They accused Mike of breaking the rules simply because many of his supporters wanted to vote for him so badly that they created their own new Twitter accounts so they could vote!

Shorty awards says that they'd not consider the votes from accounts created specifically for voting. This is absolutely fine.
But, shorty awards deleted all the votes (including all legitimate votes, not just the votes from new twitter accounts). And they simply disqualified Mike without any communication according to him.

What is outrageous now is that some Australian physician who is dead against natural medicine and all kinds of alternative therapies and is a Big Pharma ally is at #1 spot, being voted to first position by Big Pharma & vaccine fundamentalists.

This for me proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Shorty awards is a total fraud, bent on promoting the wrong ideas & ways. So please be aware of this fraud that's happening right now.

One consolation is that Dr. Joe Mercola (osteopathic physician, health activist & founder of alternative medicine website: is at #2. But he's facing the same broadside from the vaccine pushers now as Mike had faced - allegations of vote rigging, fraud while actually the vaccine pushers are indulging in disgraceful behaviour & unprofesional conduct - votes for the vaccine-pushing nominee are a result of mutiple votes by first time twitter users. And using obscene language to attack Mike & Mercola, completely ignored by Shorty awards panel.

Now having said this, I'd like reiterate that I've created this thread NOT to push forward Mike or Mercola, but as already said, to raise awareness about the power & ugly motives of Big Pharma & vaccine pushers. My appeal here is to gradually move away from modern medicine & towards alternative medicine, natural therapies - the healing & nutritive powers in natural herbs, vegetables & fruits - the systems of accu puncture, accu pressure, ayurveda, chinese medicine, or even the medical knowledge of the native indegenious tribes - native americans for instance. Say NO to Greed filled & money minded modern medicine.
Modern medicine caters only to the symptoms, trying hard to cure the symptoms, but not the actual problem, that way they also get to make a LOT of money, since people keep buying drugs repeatedly. Whereas ancient/natural & alternative medicine & therapies work on the root of the problem & not symptoms.

Some big fat lies of modern medicine include 'animal fat causes higher cholesterol levels & causes heart diseases', protein is the most important nutrient needed for humans, non-veg food gives more energy & strength to a person rather than vegetables, cereals & fruits, etc, etc

Well, thanks for reading till here. Finally, if u wish, if you have an account in twitter already and would like to support Mercola win the shorty awards, then please do so here:

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