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Tired of hearing about Haiti and everything else.

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posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 10:51 AM
I understand what happened there was really bad but I am sorry I AM NOT sending ANY money there! We have people in our own damn country who need shelter and food yet we look down on them because their situation wasnt an act of mother nature. Well to me it's worse, our OWN government put these people on the streets and out of jobs over money and greed and to me that is worse. I feel bad for the people in Haiti and their families but it seems like to me people only want to help others when it makes themselves look good and not any other time. Why cant we have a marathon or concert to help the people of our country?? I also dont want anymore illegal people in my state, they take jobs and everything else. Sorry to be so mean and blunt but it's really pissing me off. The US IMO is only acting all caring because right now we look like asses. TPTB want to make themselves look good by helping out the needy in Haiti and letting them come here. Well you know what, I should be allowed to just go live in Paris if I want, but no I cant. I can never be a French citizen unless I give up my citizenship here and I just might do that. This country is so backwards and greedy I want to scream. I just read BK is going to have bars now. I mean REALLY?!?!?! Cant we have one establishment where I can semi enjoy my meal without drunk morons running around. Also wth would anyone want to lower the drinking at to 18?!?! That is the DUMBEST thing I have ever heard. I am an American and lately I am not proud to be. I look around at people and they disgust me, they dont get it and it just pisses me off!!
At wk lately we have had some high rollers drop 10k a night or more and the girls just act like vultures and it is pathetic. I just dont look at money like that. I was enjoying my conversation with the guys more than the money. Money IS the root of all evil, as well as blondes
I see girls acting like children to get the money and it just makes me sick. Why do people think money is everything? Why???!!! I have money and I could careless about it. I would give it all away if I didnt need it to live right now. I dont care about material things or possessions yet all I ever hear from people is how much this cost and how if it's not a name brand it's crap. WHO CARES?!

Wow I had to vent a's been a long confusing week....oh and what do you men want really?!?!?! You say one thing then do another and seriously you think we are messed up?!?

I think I might stay in all day and avoid people


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