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ISS Now Has Live Access to the Internet

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posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 04:32 PM

Quote from source:
Talk about a truly 'world-wide' web! As the astronauts aboard the International Space Station orbit Earth at 28,000 kph (17,500 mph) they now have the ultimate wireless connection and direct, live access to the internet. The station received a special software upgrade this week, called Crew Support LAN, which gives astronauts the ability to browse and use the Web. Previously, emails, news, and Twitter messages were sent to and from the ISS in uplink and downlink packages, so for example, Twitter (which NASA has embraced wholeheartedly) messages from the astronauts were downlinked to mission control in Houston, and someone there posted them on the astronauts' Twitter accounts. Now, it's live. Expedition 22 Flight Engineer T.J. Creamer made first use of the new system today when he posted the first unassisted update to his Twitter account, @Astro_TJ, from the space station:

Astronauts will be subject to the same computer use guidelines as government employees on Earth. In addition to this new capability, the crew will continue to have official e-mail, Internet Protocol telephone and limited videoconferencing capabilities.

Had not seen this yet and this is phenomenal. The world wide web has now become the solar system wide web(not quite i know) but it is still interesting to find that they have the internet in space.

He can also use twitter which is hilarious, and has e-mail. We could keep in contact with the people up there.

They are going to have to restrict the web access up there though because you would imagine it might get lonely.
just kidding...

Any thoughts?


posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 04:57 PM
Did you know we nearly had an internet that extended all the way to Mars orbit?

It was a plan that was shelved, there was a time when NASA and the other space agencies fore saw lots and lots of devices on or around Mars that could need 2 way broadband communications, so rather than over complicate it they were going to standardise the communication protocols, put some sats in orbit and there would be a Mars internet.

Then as more and more kit got sent there, and eventually people there would be a network that could evolve.

It never happened cos the amount of data didn't really come about - and of course it would bear little connection to what we see as the internet now, mostly due to the delays in transmissions - but still interesting.

I'd always just kinda assumed the ISS had data links that allowed an internet connection... But then again never thought about it too much about it... I bet it will be constantly monitored for any juicy leaks tho!!! Imagine the hoaxes they could pull if they got a little bored!

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posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 10:20 PM
We can see UFOs go by all day long now.
I liked seeing the lightning strikes.
Bravo NASA and ISS more unexplained phenomena to amuse us.
So do you know what gravity is yet.
Some one conquered space and it wasn't you.

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