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New Nano Dragster - VroomVroom

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posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 12:48 PM
I ran across this a few day's ago and thought is was interesting perhaps you will too.

Researchers at Rice University in Houston, Tx. have developed the worlds smallest vehicle. It is made of "buckyballs" that contain only 60 carbon molecules each.

Checkered Flag -- Scientists in various labs are designing these tiny cars out of carbon molecules, called buckyballs, that contain 60 molecules. The buckyballs work like moving parts or wheels. When put on a gold surface and exposed to heat or an electric field gradient, the nano-sized cars zip around like a Hot Wheel car.

In addition to applications for molecular machines, the team at Rice University thinks the technology could be used in life-sized automobiles. "Every automobile today has a catalytic converter that breaks down harmful gas emissions from the engine to less toxic ones. The key to this chemistry is the transition metal surfaces and the various reaction sites that cover them. Typically, molecular motion tended to consist of either hopping or sliding. But with the nanocar and its various incarnations, we have greater directional control.... This research would not only benefit cars but could open new pathways to control catalytic reaction rates in a wide variety of industries," said team member and associate professor Kevin Kelly.

Discovery News

edit: I made a mistake in the title and description.

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