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Whats going on in the Haiti Region?

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posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 11:51 AM

Whats going on in the Haiti Region?

Some questions that need answers. Why now? Is there a potential for Tsunami and near future earthquakes? Will these plates slide more? Here are a few answers for some questions you might have from MSNBC.

Credit: MSNBC

MSNBC What caused the devastating Haiti earthquake?
The earthquake that devastated Haiti Tuesday was the strongest temblor to hit the island nation in more than 200 years.

Yesterday's earthquake was one of the largest ever to hit the area — the last time an earthquake this strong struck Haiti was in the 18th century.

Viewing this image of the plates from Wiki you can see this north American Plate runs up to California and beyond.

Image Credit: Caribbean Plate From Wikipedia

Is there a potential for Tsunami and near future earthquakes?

Credit: MSNBC

What caused the devastating Haiti earthquake?
"A destructive widespread tsunami threat does not exist based on historical earthquake and tsunami data," according to a message posted on the USGS Web site.

Was this a precursor to the Haiti Earthquakes just 5 months ago?

Credit: The Five Doves

Earthquake Activity Ramps Up at Puerto Rico Subduction Zone
A significant escalation is occurring at the Puerto Rico Subduction Zone. A swarm of quakes continue with close to one hundred quakes in just the last three days. What is most alarming is the increase in magnitudes. When a swarm starts to hit a series of high 3's and into 4's magnitude, it trips a geological/seismological switch often elevating an 'observation' into a 'watch'. (see EQ link below)

While we have no way of knowing how much effect one quake in one area can effect areas on the other side of the Earth, you certainly have to acknowledge that some amount of energy impacts throughout the globe.

If this area ramps up in activity could it cause the dreaded Volcanic Landslides in the Canary Islands, which may create a Tsunami that will impact the US East coast and other locations?

Credit: Illuminati News

Cumbre Vieja Volcano -- Potential collapse and tsunami at
La Palma, Canary Islands

Abstract. Geological evidence suggests that during a future eruption, Cumbre Vieja Volcano on the Island of La Palma may experience a catastrophic failure of its west flank, dropping 150 to 500 km3 of rock into the sea. Using a geologically reasonable estimate of landslide motion, we model tsunami waves produced by such a collapse. Waves generated by the run-out of a 500 km3 (150 km3) slide block at 100 m/s could transit the entire Atlantic Basin and arrive on the coasts of the Americas with 10-25 m (3-8 m) height.

Credit: Science Daily

Mega-Tsunami Threatens To Devastate U.S. Coastline
A tsunami wave higher than any in recorded history threatens to ravage the US coastline in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands, UK and US scientists will report today. Locations on both African and European Atlantic coastlines - including Britain - are also thought to be at risk.



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