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100% War Will Start In The Month Of February

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posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 02:01 AM

Originally posted by SuperViking
A history? Really? That's awesome, do you have links so I can have a laugh?

Knock yourself out!

I'd like to mention that Chinese New Year falls in February too!! Spooky.


posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 02:33 AM
That's great, thank you!

posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 04:32 AM
Ladies and Gentleman, here we have it right out of one of the psychopath's mouths:

World leaders might have to go to war to stop Iran developing its weapons programme, Tony Blair suggested yesterday. The former Prime Minister, who is now a Middle East peace envoy, said that Tehran’s actions had made him more afraid today that a rogue state could supply weapons of mass destruction to terrorists than he was when he took Britain to war with Iraq in 2003.

posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 05:42 AM
Iran starts Islamic Revolution Celebration which goes from Feb 1-11

At the same time, US starts largest war game in Pacific which goes from Feb 1-11

Don't also think it was "random" that U.S. is selling $6 Billion worth of weaponry to Taiwan, which angered China.

The participating countries in the Pacific with the U.S. are Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and South Korea also joining in.

Also, other news to consider:

Pentagon getting ready to fight numerous wars:

The budget deficit is now $3.8 trillion (which will be used to fight wars)

Another interesting point someone mentioned to me is this:

March 3, 2010 is 3/3/3 which is the ULTIMATE ILLUMINATI SYMBOL since 33rd Is the HIGHEST Degree one can attain in the Illuminati.

posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 10:08 AM
I'mma say this Emerald. I don't know if you are correct but, if what you are saying turns out to be true- I think everyone should be forced to kiss your bare buttocks.

We'll see soon enough if you are correct.

posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 05:11 PM
reply to post by Emerald The Paradigm

Emerald the Paradigm you have proven time and time again that you are a sensationalist.

You find any old news story on the net or video and post it claiming absurd things. Your track record speaks for itself. You are a joke.

I'm interested, what will you do when World War 3 doesn't start in Feb? Will you vanish from ATS or will you man up and say you are a charlatan sensationalist?

[edit on 1-2-2010 by Nomad451]

posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 09:05 PM
US test simulating intercept of Iranian missile fails:

Reuters quoted Army Lieutenant General Patrick O'Reilly, the head of the Missile Defense Agency, as having said in December 2009 that the $150 million test “would break new ground” by “defending against an Iranian shot into the United States." In the Pentagon's Ballistic Missile Defense Review published on Monday, the US Department of Defense warned against, what it called, Iran's 'significant threat' to the US and accused the country of 'having developed and acquired ballistic missiles.'

So supposedly now Iran has "ballistic missiles" capable of reaching the U.S. It's so stupid that it's ridiculous.

The media will say whatever they can to get the public support for another unjustifiable war.

posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 09:09 PM
No identifiable, credible threats for Super Bowl, agencies say:

The assessment, however, warns that the game -- which will be played in Miami, Florida, and is expected to attract 800 million television viewers worldwide -- could be "a desirable target for violent organizations or individuals seeking to take advantage of intense media coverage."

Explosives wash up on Israeli beaches:

Hamas, the movement controlling Gaza, has been vowing retaliation since one of the founding members of its military wing, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, died last week in Dubai.

War is coming this month, and people should wake up.

posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 09:21 PM
reply to post by Emerald The Paradigm

Wide Awake Brother!!! And Staying That Way........No Doubt!!!!

posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 09:26 PM

Originally posted by Emerald The Paradigm

War is coming this month, and people should wake up.

I'll wake up when this month is over just to tell you "I told you so" with a big ol' smirk on my face.

I hope you're ready to lose all of your creditability when nothing you predicted come true. And if by the slightest chance you are right, then the entire site outta give you a cookie.

posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 10:39 PM
I honestly doubt this happening in the near future deffinately not this month. i mean you may be right wars break out all over the globe at random times but im affraid this time just a tribal war or gang war in some third world country!

posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 10:39 PM
reply to post by grrrrt

everything else he's predicted has never come true anyway. Why doesn't that factor into anyone's opinion on this fraud?

Mate, you are a fraud. And you know what, if World War 3 breaks out in February I still call you a fraud! One out of 10+ predictions won't be anything special..

If world war 3 breaks out on march you will be a fraud, same for the next month or the next. You will always be a fraud.

If war breaks out in february, what will even define it as being WW3? are you talking nukes? Nuclear War?

Why don't you state specifically what will happen? You can't. Fraud.

posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 10:58 PM
Well we are in the month of February. Can't wait to see what's gonna happen. These are the times where anything and everything can happen. Keep your eyes and ears open.

posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 11:48 PM
reply to post by Emerald The Paradigm

OK, you have been called out by several other members now on your less than perfect record of screaming 'Wolf' here on ATS with your other threads... Please grow a pair and address this... You have ZERO credibility, no matter how many 'sources' you try to bend to your 'The Sky is Falling' routine...

T minus 27 days to EPIC FAIL, and counting...

posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 05:59 AM
Tick tock buddy......

I doubt your right. But in case your right congrats. If your wrong please cut your internet wire.

posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 06:12 AM
reply to post by Booki

I hate i told you so posts.......................................................

but its feb and nothing is going on... no more than usual anyway.
might be time to up your meds buddy. still its not the end of the month and there is still time

posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 06:35 AM

Originally posted by Sean48
reply to post by Emerald The Paradigm

Have you been in your Mother's medicine cabinet.

Everything you state , is opinion , twisted with some pointless facts.

Enjoy the Olympics, nothing going to happen

Thank God it didn't take LONG for me to find a post like this. I was sitting there chuckling at the way the OP kept putting 'FACT' in his sentences to try and use the same BS mindwashing techniques that have been used on people by leadership and MSM for centuries. The simple fact that if you state something enough you may actually start to convince some people.

How many WAR THIS MONTH predictions have we read on this site only to watch the month peacefully go by. Well, I PREDICT that February will come and go on a 24 hour cycle and that life will still exist at the end of this month.

I think I may be right but I can't say it is a fact. Just a damn good guess.

posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 06:48 AM
26 days remaining

I wonder what story will pass as a war


posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 07:28 AM
Iran: US military build up in PG, political ploy:

Israel threatens Iran with 'heavy price':

Hamas leader survives attempt on life:

Barak predicts Syria war in absence of talks:

"In the absence of a deal with Syria we could reach an armed conflict that could develop into a full-fledged war," he warned. "As is in the Middle East, immediately after the war we will sit down and negotiate exactly what we have been talking about for the past 15 years."

posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 07:29 AM
Obama budget includes money to house Guantanamo detainees in U.S.:

Beijing warns Obama against meeting Dalai Lama:

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