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Why the hatred for jews

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posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 04:17 PM
been lurking over this thread.

1. Jews are not the problem, its the people exploiting being the minority to further their purpose without criticism.

2. has anyone got any more info on the root of zionism and its links to the NWO

ironic as it may seem, 'divide and conquer' comes to mind.

posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 07:18 PM

Originally posted by mopusvindictus

I got mind control powers! I knew it!

Jew threads bring out the biggest Shmucks ever... I love it!

Shmuck isn't a TOC violation right? Hope not...

Jewish foul words are immune in the media because we own it right?

(waves hand at mods) "I am not the Jew you are looking for...."

Well, the OP raised the question of why Jews are hated. I offered the American perspective of why. Antisemitism is real and gaining momentum amongst American families. It should be noted that Judaism is a religion of Peace, and therefore war is contradictory. There is an Israeli over-representation in the U.S. media, financial institutions, and government. Does this mean they are Jews? If Judaism is a religion of Peace, and the over-representation of so-called Jews in the media, financial institutions, and government want War, are they Really Jews? No. They are men of no religion, fake Jews, and in my opinion should be an insult to you. They are the reason for rising anti-semitism. And if they cared anything about the overall Jews of the world, they wouldn't hide their agenda behind Judaism.

"Jews Against Zionism - Our Mission

The relatively new concept of Zionism began only about one hundred years ago and since that time Torah-true Jewry has steadfastly opposed the Zionist ideology. This struggle is rooted in two convictions:

1. Zionism, by advocating a political and military end to the Jewish exile, denies the very essence of our Diaspora existence. We are in exile by Divine Decree and may emerge from exile solely via Divine Redemption. All human efforts to alter a metaphysical reality are doomed to end in failure and bloodshed. History has clearly borne out this teaching.

2. Zionism has not only denied our fundamental belief in Heavenly Redemption it has also created a pseudo-Judaism which views the essence of our identity to be a secular nationalism. Accordingly, Zionism and the Israeli state have consistently endeavored, via persuasion and coercion, to replace a Divine and Torah centered understanding of our people hood with an armed materialism."

Let me raise you a serious question. Why do you think antisemitism is on the rise and gaining unstoppable momentum?

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posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 07:32 PM
reply to post by Glass_Eyed_Max

I don't think antisemitism is on the rise I think violence and war and prelude to war in general is.

Nor do I think it's an unstoppable force gaining momentum lol

I think There are 2 people fighting over a strip of land because those in power in the Middle east and in Europe and America use that same such strip of land as a tool for power and because it's central to trade and of strategic importance for military and other reasons...

I think people taking sides between the Palestinians and the Jews/zionists are imbeciles because it's really almost universally THEIR Govts causing the situation for financial gain and power and neither side is to blame. They are just too stupid to see how badly they are being used and abused

I honestly don't think 99% of the people who make these posts and take sides either have a true legitimate Jewish or Palestinian friend from Iran to The United States of America nor do I think any of these natiopns actually want the problem to go away...

I also think...

Conspiracy forums tend to have a lot of people in them that really, really, really wish to find scapegoats and to play connect the dots in situations with things that went on 1000 years ago.... or 10,000 years ago even though the players involved have absolute no connection to one another in any way of meaning...

For instance... any jerk off can pick up a few books and write some symbols and claim they are Illuminati or anything else...

But in reality they are just some frat boy or religious zealot reading a book and their actions are their own stupidity not part of some 2000 yr old scheme...

If you want the war to end...

Look to the superpowers for why it's really going on in the first place... Not Jews and Palestinians...

We all like to take Pawns...

Makes us feel like we are winning the game... but the reality is you have to get the Queen and then the King...

posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 12:21 PM

Originally posted by Glass_Eyed_Max
It should be noted that Judaism is a religion of Peace, and therefore war is contradictory.


This is what the Khazar Jews follow, JUDAISM from the Babylonian Talmud:

It is allowed to cheat a gentile and take usury of him (Baba Mezia 6la, Abhodah Zarah 54a).

The goyim] are regarded as unclean (Schabbath L45b. Abhodah Zarah 22b)

It is not allowed to rob a brother Jew, but to rob a gentile is allowed (Baba Mezia 61a Sanherlrin 57a)

The goyim are not like men but are as animals (Kerithuth 6b). The seed of a goy is worth the samc as that of a beast (Kethuboth 3b; Baba Mecia 174,6).

A Jew must not enler the home of a Christian (Gittin 62a).

The goyim are not to be cured or helped when sick, even for money (Abodah Zarah Z7b; Iore Dea 1'58,1').

It is permitted to deceive a goy (Babha Kama !13b) Jews must try to deceive Christians (Zohar I,1'60a).

A Jew may lie and perjure himself to condemn a Christian (Babha Kama I l3a- I 13b).

A Jew shall not do injury to other Jews, but the law does not prohibit injury to a goy (lulishna Sanhedryn 57).

Those who do good to the Christian . . . will not rise from the dead (Zohar 1',25b).

All the festivals of the followers of Jesus are forbidden, and we must conduct ourselves towards them as we would towards idolaters (Abodah Zarah 2a,78c).

Do not save a goy in danger of death (Hilkkoth Akum' XX'1')

When a Jew and a goy come to court, you must absolve the Jew and take his side as far as possible according to Jewish law. If. however, the Jew can be absolved according to gentile law, absolve him (Babha Kama 773a).

A Jew may keep anything he finds belonging to the Akum [Christian], to return it is a sin (Choschem Ham 266'1)


Approves of Sodomy: "If one
committed sodomy with a child of
less than nine years, no guilt is
incurred" (Sanhedrin 5 4b)

Approves of Child Sacrifice to Idols: "He who gives of his seed
to Molech incurs no punishment"
(Sanhedin 64a)

Cursing Parents Allowed: "One
who curses his parents isn't punished
unless he curses them by
Divine name" (Sanhedrin 66a)

Allows Enchanting: "It is permitted
to consult by a charm the
spirits of oil and eggs, and make
incantations" (Sanhedrin 1.07a)

Bestiality Condoned: "Women
having intercourse with a beast
can marry a priest, the act is but
a mere wound" (Yebamoth 59b)

Harlotry Lawful "A harlot's hire
is permitted, for what the woman
has received is legally a gift"
(Abodah Zarah 62b-63a)

Blasphemy Allowed: "One can
revile the Divine Name if
mentally applying it to some
other object" (Sazhedin 65a-b)

Not required to Keep Vows: One
may declare: "Every vow which I
may make in the future shall be
null" (Nedarim 23 a-23b)

Murder Condoned: "If ten men
smote a man with ten staves and
he died, they are exempt from
punishment" (Sanhedrin 18a)


Prohibits Sodomy:"Thou shall
not lie with mankind, as with
womankind: it is abomination"
(Lev. 18:22)

Prohibits Child Sacrifice to Idols: "Whoever gives any of his
seed to Molech: he shall surely be
put to death" (Lev . 20:2) .

Cursing Parents Prohibited: "He
that curses his father or mother,
shall be put to death" (Exod.
2!:17, Mutt 15i4).

Disallows Enchanting: "None of
you shall be an enchanter or a
charmer, or consulter with familiar
spirits" (De&t. 18:10-11).

Bestiality Condemned: "You
shall not lie with any beast, nor
shall any woman stand before a
beast to lie with it" (Lev.18-23).

Harlotry Unlawful: "She that
plays the whore in her father's
house shall be put to death.
(Deuteronomy 22.2I)

Blasphemy Punishable: He that
blasphemes the name of the
LORD shall surely be put to
death" (Leviticus 24 :1 6)

Murder Forbiden: "He that
smites a man with a stave so he
dies, he is a murderer and shall be
put to death" (Num. 35:18)

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posted on Jan, 26 2010 @ 08:08 PM
There are some profoundly confused people in this thread.

- Jews and Israelis are not mutually inclusive.
- Antisemitism is not limited to opposition to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

posted on Jan, 26 2010 @ 08:17 PM
I don't know but scared images of holocost nazi doctors are forever burned in my head. What they did to those babies are Unimaginable.

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