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Where have all the Liberals gone, long time passing

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 09:09 PM
Where have all the Liberals gone, long time ago
Where have all the Liberals gone, gone to Bush lovers everyone
When will they ever learn, When will they ever learn
(forgive me Peter, Paul & Mary)

I got upset when the cry "No WMD's found" was sounded by Liberals.
I said to my self - "Self, WTF". Where did all the Liberals go? Not only did they echo Bush but they gladly forgot their own history.
1988 - The Halabja poison gas attack - THIS WAS A PBS DOCUMENTERY!!!
For you youngsters, at one time PBS was the very bastion of Liberal culture. The hue & cry from the Left was that Saddam was a very bad man. Now the Liberals not only do not ask where or how he got it but now believe he never had it. They have become secret Bush supporters.

1982 - With the aid of tanks, rocket launchers and helicopter gunships purchased from the Soviet Union the Iraqis are able to contain and reverse the Iranians but cannot remove them entirely from their territory. Kurdish resistance is quelled by the reported use of chemical weapons and forced deportation to Iran.
1982 - Iraq's armory receives another boost in February when the country is removed from a US Government list of alleged sponsors of terrorism. Iraq is now receiving major arms shipments from the Soviet Union and France, and the US has just opened up as a potential weapons supplier.

1984 - Rumsfeld returns to Baghdad for meetings with the Iraqi foreign minister on 24 March, the same day that the United Nations (UN) releases a report finding that Iraq is using mustard gas and the nerve agent tabun against Iranian troops.
1984 - The British Government also becomes entangled in Iraq's chemical weapons programs, secretly providing a British-based company with financial backing for the construction of a chlorine plant capable of producing the precursors necessary to manufacture mustard gas and nerve agents.
1984 - The plant, Falluja 2, is located about 60 km west of Baghdad. It is later reported by 'The Guardian' newspaper that the British Government, at the time headed by Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher, was aware that the plant could be used in the production of chemical weapons.

1986 - In March the UN secretary-general formally accuses Iraq of using chemical weapons against Iran, citing a UN report by four chemical warfare experts. The reports says the weapons used include both mustard gas and nerve gas and that the use of chemical weapons appears to have been more extensive in 1981 than in 1984.

1987 - Saddam launches the so-called Anfal (spoils of war) campaign against Kurdish dissidents who have aided the Iranians during the war. It is reported that thousands of Kurds are indiscriminately killed when villages are attacked with poisonous gas. The international humanitarian organization Human Rights Watch estimates that at least 40 such chemical attacks take place.

1988 - The Halabja poison gas attack (Kurdish: Kîmyabarana Helebce) occurred in the period of March 16–17, 1988, during the closing days of the Iran-Iraq War, when chemical weapons were used by the Iraqi government forces in the Kurdish town of Halabja in Iraqi Kurdistan. The attack instantly killed thousands of people (3,200-5,000 dead instantly) and injured 7,000-10,000, most of them civilians;[1] thousands more died of complications, diseases, and birth defects in the years after the attack.[2] The incident, which some define as an act of genocide, was as of 2009 the largest-scale chemical weapons attack directed against a civilian-populated area in history.
1988 - Meanwhile, Iraq begins to produce biological agents. Large-scale production commences in 1989 at four facilities near Baghdad. Iraq's conventional military forces are also rebuilt and by 1990 will be the world's fourth largest.
According to Iraqi defectors, Iraq had carried out a nuclear test just prior to the Gulf War underneath Lake Rezzaza using "a gun assembly nuclear warhead bought off the peg from Russia". The test went undetected because the Russians had also sold Saddam Hussein the data showing the movements of American spy satellites over the area. With all this, it is not a surprise that Saddam Hussein agreed to, once sanctions were lifted, allows Russia to explore the southern oil fields. Probably in relation to this, according to the highest ranking GRU defector ever from Russia, Colonel Stanislav Lunev, Russia provided intelligence to Saddam Hussein on the movements and intentions of UN inspector.

But Russia's assistance to Iraq is not limited to intelligence or conventional arms, as Dr. Ken Alibek, the former first chief deputy of the civilian branch of Biopreparat, Russia's biological weapons program, says. He has testified that the Soviet Union assisted Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programs, and that Russian scientists even in the late 1990s were helping Saddam's biological weapons program.
The Soviet bloc not only sold Saddam its WMDs, but it showed them how to make them "disappear." Russia is still at it. Primakov was in Baghdad from December until a couple of days before the war, along with a team of Russian military experts led by two of Russia's topnotch "retired"generals: Vladislav Achalov, a former deputy defense minister, and Igor Maltsev, a former air defense chief of staff. They were all there receiving honorary medals from the Iraqi defense minister. They clearly were not there to give Saddam military advice for the upcoming war—Saddam's Katyusha launchers were of World War II vintage, and his T-72 tanks, BMP-1 fighting vehicles and MiG fighter planes were all obviously useless against America. "I did not fly to Baghdad to drink coffee," was what Gen. Achalov told the media afterward. They were there orchestrating Iraq's "Sarindar" plan.

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 10:13 PM
hmmmm.... I guess I was never under the illusion that the Dems are an anti-war party. The Republicans have a history of pacifism, but somewhere along the lines they got the blood-lust as well. Liberals used the anti-war front to gain power so they could take a crack as messing everything up. Now the Republicans are doing the same thing with the free market. They believe in the free market as much as Nancy Pelosi believes in peace.

Statists love war. You cannot even present peace in retrospect. LINK to great article.

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 01:53 AM
That "Sarindar" information is quite disturbing. If the Soviets had plans such as that in place. It does not seem to be much of a stone throw to assume that America had the same type of contingency plans in place as well. The involvement of America in so many places in the world would only dictate that they have exit strategies in place that will remove them from ever being in the picture.

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 02:39 AM

Originally posted by Doctor G
I got upset when the cry "No WMD's found" was sounded by Liberals.

There were no WND's found in Iraq in during the 2003 invasion. International weapons inspectors went in there and found nothing. The Bush administration did not hold any evidence of the existence of the WND's before the war. Further more, North Korea and Israel had already been testing WND's and yet somehow they were ignored and Iraq singled out. Iraq was no threat to america and yet they were invaded. The conservatives argued it was for liberation, yet the dozen or so other countries around the world, including in America's back yard, held just as oppressive regimes, with some even threatening other nations (north Korea, Sudan), and yet somehow Iraq war the exception.

The excuses about the Iraq war didnt add up then and never added up to this day. You dont have to be liberal or conservative to figure that out.

America is not the police of the world.

1988 - The Halabja poison gas attack - THIS WAS A PBS DOCUMENTERY!!!

That was in 1988 and what followed was the first gulf war. So why was there need for a second gulf war from none-the less Bush snr's own son, with ties to big oil? And why did the Bush family hold relations with the Osama family? Since when did we become the police of the world? Why do we get to choose which regimes are liberated and which ones are not??

Rumsfeld with Saddam Hussien above. You know who Rumsfeld was? Part of the Bush administration?

But yes continue yapping on what the propaganda machine tells you. "Libs this libs that".. because so long as your ideological ego is pandered to, the truth wouldnt mean a damn.


[edit on 23-1-2010 by Southern Guardian]

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 04:15 PM
I am not nor ever been a Liberal. I'm just pointing out that just like the Reps have left their people's beliefs behind and become something else so have the Dems. The Reps & Dems have pretty much become one large party all supporting the Bush agenda. Independent thought has been systematically removed from the system. The Tea Parties that sprung up are being infiltrated by the RepDem party (see the EXPENSIVE convention some are trying to put on).

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