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After Death Immortality Without Losing Identity/Having to Reincarnate

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posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 10:47 AM
Consider this possibility: You are but an extension of your Soul. And many other "you"s are experiencing different realities simultaneously right now. So when it is said that you have to spend millions of life-times (to progress..), it doesn't necessarily mean that in a linear fashion as the Universe is timeless in its every aspect.

Just imagine the universe to be a dvd store and each dvd within that store is a reality in itself, that started, is playing and finished all at the same time. If you were discarnate right now you would perceive this world exactly like that. The quran states that god was never born and never dies, what do you think this really means ?

I think it means that what you consider god or the creator, experiences no 'time'. We are so used to the linear idea because of our reality that we cannot even comprehend such a thing as infinity or timelessness. The truth is that there never was a big bang because there is no beginning and there is no end. Everything just IS, happening in the ever eternal NOW. We like to imagine that if there is an 'up' there has to be a 'down' but consider this: in 4th density, which is the next level that we are striving to reach, has no left or right. Imagine that lol

So you do remember everything, in fact your soul knows it all, and when you die, you are just returning back to a larger part of you, the soul, which itself is striving to reach a larger part of itself: Primary Creator i.e. 7th density. I've heard something like each soul is a 'star' somewhere in the universe and each entity's soul resides in 6th density. Which obviously means the universe is infinite.

The universe is based on densities, lowest being the most dense and it gets less dense the higher you go. Densities can have infinite dimensions, not the other way round. Break down of densities:

1st - rocks, crystals, minerals, water, micro-organisms etc
2nd - plants and animals
3rd - us
4th - First level of variable physicality (Thoughts manifest instantly so it feels like heaven)
5th - Contemplation zone (those who die go there to heal/chill and plan next life/game) Also first level of 100% non-physical or fully ethereal experience. First place where you cannot be hurt because you have no body lol
6th - Where the real angels are, Unified conciousness (there is no I in team) lol
7th - Yours One and Only aka god, primary creator, the I of all, the One

is there higher then 7th ? you'll have to get there to find out, so enjoy your journey.

my sources are based on Ra material and Cassiopean transcripts and some other authors, and some from personal experience.

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 10:51 AM

Sorry to inform you but, firstly, we need not understand how it works for it to exist like say gravity. And secondly if the conversation irks you. Why exactly are you joining it? Or even better yet, why exactly must we cater to your bias?

I see. You decide we don't need to understand, and that's further discussion required. Wrong!

For your information I am not biased, I look at all aspects, and not just the wishful thoughts cocooned in fantasy. For most of my life (which is probably and considerably more in years than yours) I have pondered the questions of post-mortem existence. Faith in a belief accepted in ignorance is the most pernicious delusion there is, one look at religions and that tells you all you need to know. The motto of ATS is 'deny ignorance'...well, I don't so much deny it to others, but more offer viewpoint, speculation, and ideas based in as much fact as possible to counter such delusions that if unchecked and unchallenged, are damaging to our species.

Equally, science has remained harsh and radical to ideas and concepts on post-mortem consciousness, even to the extent that it has displayed quite ruthlessly, its own abject ignorance by refusing any true investigation into this subject, and denying it any possibility that it could be true. I learned a long time ago that one must remain 'open' and 'reasonable' to whatever can be uncovered on this topic. I am both philosophical and pragmatic and remain open to evidence that will sway both my discernment and understanding of the evidence.

History contains volumes of 'anecdotal' evidence on post-mortem existence, but none on demonstrable evidence that shows any aspect of our being survivng the demise of the physical body. From ghosts and apparitions, to near-death experiences (NDEs) and death-bed visions (DBVs), all provide anecdotal evidence; but to simply accept such evidence as fact without having recourse to investigate its demonstrable aspects, shows a mind too easily duped and deluded by its own psychological needs. It is imperative to remain grounded in the reality we encounter in our daily lives. One's own faith in a belief can and may influence one's own way of living, but it has no right (without demonstable factual basis) to seek to influence and control the rest of society, or the societies of other cultures. We allow beliefs to do so at the peril of our species.

Nevertheless, all cultures that have arisen hold to some form of belief in there being a post-mortem conscious continuance of some kind, but this in itself does not necessitate that it is true, nor does it demonstrate that it is true. Science needs to recognise the importance of investigation into this subject, and the question there some aspect of us that survives physical death? Each of us as individuals need to be willing to accept the investigation's findings, no matter how challenging to our own beliefs and acceptances.

We must ground the subject and our questions of it in reality, and seeking to understand 'mechanism' will do just that. Starting from theories of speculation and anecdotal evidence, we can derive hypotheses that with the advent of relevant technology become testable at some future time.

Being and existence hold their realities to one underlying fundamental in the universe...and that is the interaction of energies and the influencing effects of forces. If there was no interaction of any kind, there would be no existence of any kind...energetic interaction is the mechanism of reality, and therein lay the clues to our questions on post-mortem consciousness. Discovering the 'mechanism' and understanding it is so vitally important. It is the only way we can validate our belief in the afterlife.

Even so, my fear is that the validating and proving of life after physical death, will bring about severe fractures in our societies, and conflict will ensue. There are minds out there so fundamentally enchained in their own delusions of current belief that they would be unable to accept the validation. In fact, I would suggest the afterlife's validation would be suppressed and kept away from general public knowledge for fear of societal breakdown...if it isn't already being so?

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

While I agree we can't change the game, I think we do have considerable influence over how we play the game. To speak symbolically, because clearly life is not some game.

I believe in fate, though as intangible as it seems, life experience has demonstrated to me that certain things seem bound to happen. I think we do have a choice as to how we deal with the things that life seems determined to bring upon us.

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 01:02 PM
A buddhist teacher of mine explained reincarnation as a flame being passed from one candle to another.
I should have asked if he meant we were just energy - a life force. Because I would hope to be more than that.
I should also have asked, if we are here to learn lessons, how does this explain the passing away of children and babies? Though I have heard that this is supposed to be a learning experience for those around them.
I have to say however that death and suffering seem to me to be totally random.
My father, who was raised a Catholic, went on to believe that the notion of any kind of an afterlife was a fiction. His opinion was that humanity simply can't conceive of just passing into non existence, so we have invented all these notions of karma, afterlife etc.
What if he is right? What if there is just a big fat nothing?

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 01:37 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

That was great insight Proto!

To me life is just a game. It explains why there are many pain in the world. Why some born rich, healthy and another born in misery. If life is just a game why God need to bother with us? Is just a game! Why millions have to die in a earthquake? (Just an example, could be another cause like war, illness or black holes). God doesn't care. Maybe God get bored and alone playing the creator of the Universe and decided to born in a poor and miserable place of the Earth to die in a earthquake. The Earth can explode in any moment by natural unknown causes in the Universe. Look at the stars. Everytime scientists find new supernovas and dead stars... There are galaxies collapsing with other ones and trillions of life out there instantly evaporating. Look at our lifes, we enjoy playing games. The game industry make millions. Since the beginning of times we like to act, to play another roles, to watch the drama of life. Holographic Universes, Fractals of existence..., cells, atoms, eletrons... planets, stars, galaxies, universes... "As above, so below..."

Maybe when we die is just like wake from a dream. You wake, get a little confused: "Oh, that dream was very real and vivid...". But after some time you forget the dream.

Stop worrying. Suffering is just a illusion when you understand that life is just temporary. Stop comparing yourself with that rich and gorgeous Hollywood star. He will die too, and get ugly and old. Live your life fully. Live in the now, carpe diem.

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posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by bugasman

The game of life is in my humble opinion the universe trying to perceive and understand itself through varied and countless points of view to try to ascertain and define itself.

You could argue that we are all part of the universe and that we are all a part of G-d and that we combined all together are in fact the universe and or G-d.

The Bible does after all state that G-d created man in his own image. In reality if G-d is the universe, or if the universe is G-d any thing the universe or G-d created would in fact be in G-d's own image.

We are in essence simply one gigantic galactic mirror and the game of life is very much about reflection. When we are not rooted in the here and now, or thinking about the future we are in fact lost in reflection. Those reflections of our own pasts and experience are constantly looked to so we can ascertain and try to make sense of how we arrived at this point in the here and now, and furthermore how the weight and circumstance of our pasts, combined with our here and now will likely unfold in the future as we continually manifest and play out our roles in the game.

We are in many ways each a mirror image of the universe when one considers the saying “As above, as it is below”.

Most of what life is about is a learning process preparing us for the next stage in our roles.

To give you an idea of just how difficult it would be to just walk into a role fully grown and manifest throughout the universe if you can try to relate to this story.

I once worked at a place that had a lot of feral stray cats that lived in the huge parking lot and surrounding fields and woods. I began to feed them each day, and started taming some and making friends with them through that process.

One young cat I had been very fond of from when she was born as a kitten and who was very fond of me had her first litter before she had turned a year old. One day I walked outside to find one of her kittens abandoned in a puddle of water during a heavy downpour. I picked it up and took it home and started nursing it from a bottle for a couple days. It was so young when I first took it home its eyes weren’t even opened yet. After I was sure the kitten was alright I took it back and returned it to its mother. Two days later she abandoned it again in the same puddle during another heavy rainstorm. So I took it back home to nurse it some more determined to keep it until it was old enough to take care of itself after determining for some reason its mother was in fact trying to murder it.

A few weeks went by and the kitten grew in hideously deformed ways with one side of its body and the vital organs growing outside of its ribcage instead of inside of its ribcage. It was in constant pain and agony and when I took it to the vet, the vet said there is nothing you can do, you either have to euthanize it and put it to sleep or it will die in a few days in tremendous pain and agony.
It turned out that the mother of the kitten somehow knew that instinctively and was trying to euthanize the kitten herself.

I meant well and thought I was doing well, but in fact all I ended up doing by trying to rescue the kitten thinking I knew better was to expose it to a lot more pain and agony and suffering than it would have gone through had I not intervened.

See my human knowledge and previous acquired knowledge didn’t make me a very good mother cat!

Everything has to start out small and grows to gain knowledge and wisdom and perspective so as beings we can act wisely and compassionately and lovingly.

I thought I was doing the loving and wise thing and compassionate thing in rescuing the kitten and I was in fact motivated by love.

But it wasn’t the right thing to rescue that kitten and because I lacked the wisdom and knowledge of a cat, my desire to be compassionate for loving reasons, lacked the wisdom to actually turn it into a compassionate act. I meant well for all the right reasons, but because I didn’t have that knowledge that a mother cat has, all I did was end up inflicting cruelty and pain in a way that was simply compassionate towards me and me wanting to feel like I was doing the compassionate, wise and loving thing.

All of our experiences in the game are growth experiences, are learning experiences, and just because as we are immersed in the game and can’t always understand why tragedies occur, and things we perceive as injustices occur, does not mean that they aren’t happening for a reason.

Just like that mother cat had wisely and compassionately and lovingly put her sickly little kitten that she knew was in fact going to die slowly and painfully to a far more merciful and quicker death.

I learned a powerful lesson from that experience, and that is even though we often mean well, and want to do well, if we lack the real knowledge and wisdom to do well, we can in fact end up doing more harm than good.

Much of the game is designed to teach us those hard lessons of how to put our own egos aside and our desire to make ourselves feel good through misdirected acts of love that truly lack wisdom gained from experience.

The game is all about learning that through a million and one different experiences, and outcomes so that the universe can figure itself out, so we can figure ourselves out, and no matter how cruel, or awful, or painful and senseless something appears to be on the surface, it is absolutely happening for a vital reason towards learning those lessons. While the sense in some things escapes us presently it doesn’t mean that in the end we don’t come to realize, yes, there was a very real reason why this bad thing happened or that bad thing happened, we simply weren’t wise enough, and experienced enough, and compassionate enough, and cautiously reflective enough to understand at that time those circumstances unfolded.

We often think with our emotions just like I did when I rescued that kitten. I was mad at her mother for being what I thought was an irresponsible mother, I was afraid for the kitten, I was afraid what it would say about me, and how I would internalize not helping the kitten, I wanted to save the kitten and feel good too and proud about that, and in a way elevate myself above others who wouldn’t have gotten involved to the extent and expense I did.

The game is all about teaching us how not to be ruled or enslaved to simply our emotions, G-d as he is represented to us is all about emotions.

The game is about learning through experience, how to love, love unconditionally but with wise compassion, so that your love isn’t just about making yourself feel good but actually learning how to wisely use it to do good. In that case my desire to love for both good reasons and bad ended up doing bad.

We are all the universe, and we are all G-d trying to learn just what we are, and love each other the wise and compassionate way.

That’s what the game is about, learning how to love, and not to hate, and learning to love in ways that don’t lead to others hating us or hating ourselves. The games teach us those things, and yes my friends some of the lessons are very, very hard ones indeed!

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

There is this science fiction story about a guy who keeps having visions of himself on an alien planet, which drives him to depression, because he feels that he doesn't belong here on Earth, and that life on Earth is too burdensome, so he commits suicide.

Then he finds himself in the world he had always dreamed about, and they ask him how his vacation, a life on the paradise of Earth, had gone, His lifetime on Earth had been a great prize that he had won.

I always thought this story was a good one to remember.

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 04:29 PM

Originally posted by ExPostFacto
To the OP:

Your theory is a theory I've heard regarding the "grays" aliens. I can not recall where exactly I heard that the grays viewed their bodies simply as physical vessels and could instantly shed their physical bodies at will to take on another physical adaptation. Anyway you may want to start your viewing of that material to find out where that theory came from. Also, your theory of reincarnation is something "New Ager's" generally accept. You have an oversoul that you are connected with and when you die you reconnect with this oversoul.

Yes, I know about the grey alien concept. I've a tonne of books on many subjects. I didn't want to bring that possibility into the discussion though else it might have sidetracked the core issues and degraded into debate about aliens when that's not what I wanted to talk about really.

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 04:42 PM

Originally posted by poet1b
reply to post by cosmicpixie

There is this science fiction story about a guy who keeps having visions of himself on an alien planet, which drives him to depression, because he feels that he doesn't belong here on Earth, and that life on Earth is too burdensome, so he commits suicide.

Then he finds himself in the world he had always dreamed about, and they ask him how his vacation, a life on the paradise of Earth, had gone, His lifetime on Earth had been a great prize that he had won.

I always thought this story was a good one to remember.

sounds like a great film, do you remember the title by any chance, or perhaps the name of one of the actors, I'd like to look it up and rent it.
By the way, I'm not suicidal or depressed, I'm just sick of the toxic , crazy world I (again) find myself in.

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 07:57 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

It was a short story, I am pretty sure it was in the short story collection "In Alien Flesh" by Gregory Benford, but I can't remember the title of that particular story. An excellent short story collection with the very controversial award winning story, "Doing Lennon".

posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 12:13 AM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler
reply to post by bugasman

The game is about learning through experience, how to love, love unconditionally but with wise compassion, so that your love isn’t just about making yourself feel good but actually learning how to wisely use it to do good. In that case my desire to love for both good reasons and bad ended up doing bad.

GREAT post. Its how you play the game, and learning to apply the lessons learned to further develope yourself as part of the whole. (the natural flow of why things are the way they are).

reminds me of a quote "a smart man knows what to say, a wise man knows when to say it" -
dont know who said it but definatly true.

And to the op: Great thread S&F you have definatly put a lot of thought into the subject before presenting it to us and i like your philosophy or 4th option.

Ive been researching into the holographic theory for the last week or so and find it absolutly amazing.

i look forward to the developement of this thread and am very interested in the responses.

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posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 12:56 AM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

In N.T.Wright's 800 page book 'The Resurrection of the Son of God'...
...he spends the first two-thirds of the book reviewing the human history of ideas about death... a preamble to understanding the Resurrection.

A very brief summary...
...there was no concept of anything beyond death until Homer... exception to this was the Egyptian notion of post-mortem survival but this was reserved for the Pharoah.

Plato bulit on Homer's idea and put a postive spin on it...
...some of these ideas crept into Catholicism.

The earliest Hebrews believed their God was the God of the living...
...and that when they died God had the power to restore life to them...
...but that until that happened they simply returned to the dust of the ground...
...the first allusion to resurrection was expressed in Daniel's writings...
...and the first notion of resurrection came from the Maccabees about 400 years BC...
...this was resurrection to the same physical state they had before death.

The Second Temple era saw a range of ideas...
...Jewish Sadducees did not believe in either a tranitional state after death...
...the Pharisees believed in a transitional state between death and end-time resurrection.

The Apostle Paul was a Pharisee...
...and he expresses in a couple of places that when he died he would be wherever Christ was...
...and he also believed that all believers would have a resurrected form like Jesus at the Second Advent.

N.T.Wright's book is a scholarly work that has had excellent reviews...
...and well worth the read if you have an interest in this area.

posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 01:26 AM
You know, it's the reason I never fully bought reincarnation!

The idea of all that life's work erased each time you die just seems a bit pointless!

I been thnking about death alot in the past month or so, and tbh the more I think on it, the more I get lost!
there's so many ideas out there, and plenty of people who claim what they know is real, it just becomes too much!

I just thnk, if there is something, why don't we all know and agree on it? instead of a million different beliefs flying about!

I don't know, just makes me scratch my head time after time, if the whole world knew the definate answer, it would be a happier place!

posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 01:31 AM
Have you read the Tibetan Book of The Dead? Its about guiding the dead person in the afterlife. Theres an Egyptian Book of the dead too. Those would be a good start.

posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 01:33 AM
I view myself as part of the Creator ... a single cell, perhaps ... a physical manifestation of an otherwise incorporeal being, like a fish or other aquatic/marine creature in the ocean. The ocean (Creator) thus flows around me as much as through me. I act as a sort of "nerve ending" so that the Creator may experience physical sensations via all my senses and view them via my own unique perspective.
When I leave this body I will simply reunite with the One (which is every atom, wavelength, frequency, dimension, personality ... everything that makes up the universe and beyond) and from there continue with whatever "game" I am playing at this time.
It seems to me that we cosmic atoms all decided to play certain roles in order to increase our Creator's knowledge and experience, so that we really have no beginning and no end. Since time does not exist beyond our physical state, "eternity" is always "now", so whether we learn anything or not during a "lifetime" is immaterial.
"Good" and "evil" do thus not exist beyond the human sphere and anything and everything we do (or do not do) is simply "experience" as far as the Creator is concerned. (I may have to eat these words later, when I leave this physical state, but that's beside the point).
I am here to experience the "me" I chose to be for the duration of this physical lifetime. Whether I make a difference on this Earth or not is up to me: it really doesn't matter. After all, these physical bodies are simply microscopic life forms swarming on a dust mote in the backwaters of an insignificant galaxy far away from anything of importance.
Whether I choose to return to this planet or not is of no import now: I will only make that decision after I have shed this fleshly shell.
We live in the eternal "now", having agreed to experience the illusion of time and I think that one of the challenges we set for ourselves is to see how well we can handle whatever is thrown at us by the prevailing circumstances.
If Earth disappears tomorrow, it is of little moment: we have the blueprint and if we like, we can simply build another one. As we are part of the Creator, we have the same powers and are thus co-creators, but for the duration of our physical lifetimes, we agreed to push them back into our memories - to hide them - perhaps to see whether we could find them while in this state of being, but surely so that we would not have a greater advantage over the other denizens and life forms on this planet or even the planet itself and to see how well we can cope if we can't use our powers.
It appears that we are now embarking upon an era of great change: there are certain elements who want to take over the world and form it into a slave planet and yet we are becoming more aware of our inherent powers. This is the reason that such movies as "The Secret", "What the Bleep do we know" and "Down the Rabbit Hole" and Gary Craig's EFT healing technique have been surfacing over the past decade.
I ponder over 2012: what, if any, significance does it have? What lies ahead? Should I be concerned about this or should I be satisfied to live "now" and not contemplate the future? I have no answers for these questions, but in the end it doesn't matter: we have all eternity in which to do whatever we decide to do and this instant that we spend during this lifetime, however long and arduous it may appear to us now, is not even a nanosecond in the duration of the universe. It has little relevance in the Scheme of Things. Whatever happens here and now, we will continue to exist in whatever forms we choose and we will play our cosmic games in any way we choose.

posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 08:16 AM
What I think might help you in your spiritual quest is to learn to become more humble. I don't mean to surrender to some higher power but to put things in perspective. Humanity may be at the top of the food chain on earth but in celestial terms it is maybe the first step on the ladder to intelligent life. We are given these bodies to learn new movements, we didn't create them ourselves so we're not masters at all. At best we're refugees who have been given asylum on earth. It's like I am a spiritual being tied to this body, while this body acts like a computer with which I can look at all of creation and try to understand it all. It's a great gift, even though I do not know who has given it.

Maybe there's a reason why we can't look into our past because we need to look to our future first and evolve and then we can look at our past (and not go mad). What if you could remember all of your past lives, would you have the time in one lifetime to review them all? And even if you do remember your past lives, you would be looking at memories of daily chores, you would see yourself sleeping each night just as you do now, you see your past lover, you might as well watch a soap on tv and look at other people's lives.

I do not buy into this idea of having to tread the reincarnation wheel for aeons before I can realize what I am. I do not believe my soul wants or needs to suffer in order to grow and learn. I believe the reincarnation cycle is very real but I am suspicious of it and who might have created it . I want to remember who I am, I do not want my memory wiped every time I experience a new life.

I reacted like that at first too, but without it life would be a lot more difficult. For example, how would a spirit become connected to a body without some kind of system of coordinates? There must be some frame in an existence where there is none. Without it beings would probably drift all over the place, not being able to become such complex lifeforms.

Many people do not wish to study the hereafter, while in this life they like to do other things mostly seeking pleasures this life offers, believing they should "live life to the fullest". Those are the ones that will go round many times, while tose who study and prepare might only do a few rounds.

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posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 11:42 AM
JUST WAIT FOR THE MYSTERY to UNVEIL enjoy now, and later, I think...

I extend into thee, oh blood fevered moon
I am thy servant as thou art my doom.
Radiant queen, night's pale handmaiden
Splendorous lady, with burdens so laden:
In reaching from heaven thy pallid hands touch
The thoughts and the feelings that underlie much
Of my shadowed world, so hidden so deep,
From such cool intelligence thy counsels I keep.

Sitting within my night enclosed palace
Drinking sweet drops of dew from thy chalice
I ponder thy pride and thy arrogant moods
And envision what thoughts must cause thee to brood;
Yet of thy wonder I'll tell all in song
Of noble enchantments and visions so strong
Of the gods' ancient promise and man's lawful right
And truths many mansions in the fastness of night.

I extend into thee, oh silver Selene,
I am thy servant as thou art my dream.
Lend to us goddess thy spiritual might,
And send us in dreams bright magical sight.
Thy people are scattered and lost in this world
Thy temple's been broken, thy banner's been furled.
But we serve thee true, our strength will not falter
Holding back the profane, keeping sacred thine altar.

And into our world will come a great power
Drawing a circle and building a tower.
A flame shall be kindled and a glory arise,
And thy holy subjects will look to the skies.
The stars shall cry out with a high piercing wail
And the dark earth will tremble as thine enemies fail;
With thy chariot of ecstasy descending at last
A soft brilliant laughter will hold our hearts fast.

I extend into thee and thee into me
As together we cross time's fathomless sea,
Be thou my eyes and guide me aright
As we set our course on this perilous flight.
For the way of thy wisdom is a frightening task
As I rip from myself that comforting mask
Which I've always known as body and mind,
But oh such a promise of mystery to find.

...just wait for the mystery

posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 12:28 PM
"Seen in the cold light of objectivity the reincarnation cycle is just a prison for the soul that perpetually confines it to this little planet in this dimension in this universe in these weak and illness prone bodies..."

I do not agree that reincarnation is a perpetual prison. The religions that teach reincarnation also teach of "liberation of the soul" that is acquired through spiritual effort such as meditation, and loving and serving God in humanity. When a soul is liberated THEN it is free to do anything it wants to do, and because the liberated soul is in tune with God's wisdom, it will not want to do evil.

Also, joy or bliss or nirvana or the love of God are states so unimaginably wonderful that the liberated soul is usually just happy staying in those realms of "higher consciousness." Being in any kind of body is a big downer.

We can speculate what really happens, but obviously the Creator made everything a certain way. Science figures out matter and energy, saints and metaphysicians figure out the spiritual consciousness. Even early Christians believed in reincarnation until Church authority branded it anathema in one of the Councils of Constantinople.

Hindus, Buddhists, and esoteric Jews all believe in reincarnation. So do the Masons. So do psychologists who have hypnotized people and found memories of past lives, or interviewed children who remember their past life up until about the age of 5 or so.

posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 01:05 PM
Wow. It amazes me the lengths our true selves go through on our search for truth. The only way to get off the hamster wheel of reincarnation is to awaken before you "die" in your present "physical" incarnation. It's really that simple. Once you become enlightened to the fact that you are God it's pretty hard to forget. YOU create ALL of the reality that you see projected out when you open your eyes. YOU are all that there is.

You are God playing "hide & seek" with yourself. All of the troubles you may "see" or "experience" out there are illusions that YOU have created! It's as if you have hypnotized yourself for entertainment. You know what you really are....and your "being God" will never go away! Any time that you feel that "I'm not God", you are only fooling yourself. It's as if even God has an Ego in this physical plane and he is forever playing games with himself....inserting "doubt" or "non-belief" just so that he can once again awake and remember how much fun it is to be God! He has been playing this game forever...and why not?

Take whatever moment in your life that was the MOST FUN YOU EVER HAD- now multiply it times INFINITY....and this is how much FUN it is to be God!
We get so serious, and wrapped up in all the doom & gloom that we have forgotton what we are and what we are here for! We exist only to ENJOY and to HAVE FUN. I can hear you thinking "Those Haitians aren't having fun, are they?" You must accept the fact that all of the "negative" things that "you think" are going on "outside" yourself are illusion! Infinite Joy & Love are the ONLY things that are REAL. The rest is you playing games....only "thoughts of God" that you could change in a blink once you realize that you made it all up in the first place!


As Christ said- we can move mountains if we believe that we can.

This is the "Great Shift" that so many of you are longing for! Don't look to a "certain date" or prophecy to "save" you! ONLY YOU can do this. No books, websites, or other "people" can do it for you....YOU MUST AWAKE ON YOUR OWN. Whether it happens today or "100 lifetimes" from now doesn't matter. You have been "playing the game" for eternity and will continue for eternity. Relax into the fact that you are God. Once you accept this it's like falling of a log....your gonna hit the water of enlightenment soon enough! So STOP WORRYING! YOU MADE THIS. AND only YOU can "FIX" whatever illusion that you think needs fixing.

In the meantime? ENJOY THE RIDE!!


posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 02:41 PM
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I think one of my main problems is that reincarnation is not necessarily the only option out there when considering what might occur after you have crossed over. And although it clearly exists (in my mind) I question the notion that we should accept it as something "good for the soul". I have pondered reincarnation for years, and then I started to consider the other side to it. Who created it ? Who brought the idea of it to the human race ? Who were those beings who were often attributed with "teaching" mankind about it ? Did they in some way fit into the stories within the world's ancient texts of the warring "gods"? What would an "ascended" or more knowledgeable group of beings get out of initiating the reincarnation system , if indeed they did initiate it. How does it fit into the new world religion there are plans and moves in effect to form ( Share International, Maitreya). And so on. I'm not new to the subject, but it is only recently I've begun to question what I term the "darker" side of the phenomena as for many years I previously just accepted it as something logical, something good. I'm only skimming the surface of what I've researched, but since I have begun to pose all sorts of questions and attempt to join some dots, my views have shifted.

Just because a belief is widespread does not mean it is the only option for you after you cross over, and so my mind turned to other possibilities.

I do not know how else a spirit might enter the physical realm, but just because there are no readily available answers does not mean none exist.

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