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This was my vision

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 03:09 PM
This is my vision that showed me how it began. The ufo phenomena is real, theres simply no doubt. This is what i believe and what i think explains everything.
What if the E.T`s are infact us. I mean us as in ancestors. Theres a lot of what ifs here so please bear with me.
What if theres given intervals in time where theres a "cut off"? A cut off where the selected few are taken to a distant planet? I dont mean only the rich and famous, i mean a social status level.
So say every 100,000 years (example number so dont start) theres an iceage, but lo truth. Then thereeading up to that ice age the governments of earth are finally disclosing the ufs an imminent threat wether it be planet x or pole shift or doomsday and the governments decide to leave using the "cut off" point to select those who go?
The unfortunate ones that are left will be left to face the threat or ELE (extinction level event) most will probably perish. Those that have survived will have to start all over again. Their social status level is really low. Over time, we all start learning again and increase social status levels. We build houses,we get jobs, we get rich, we have governments the list goes on. This goes on over the next 100,000 years till we`re here again. We`re here now i think.
And i really believe were here now.
We have possible ufo disclosure, we have space travel, we`re at that level and time zone again. Planet x is on its way theres an ice age due any time soon. The Mayans predicted this as did many others. The 2012 prophecy ties in with everything.
Could the intervals or "cut off" points explain the sudden changes in the ages? Iceage,Stone ages, iron ages, You have medieval, and western times. Have you ever sat and thought " how the hell did we evolve from apes to then be able to build jets,skyskrapers and cars even fridge freezers?
This explains how we evolved and even tie in with the theories from evolving from apes. At the cut off point the people will always be of higher intelect the longer this goes on. What if those that we call aliens were sumerians returning at that particular date, to take the lucky few selected? before an ETE or other cayastrophe? Imagine how much more superior their technology would be in 100,000 years considering they took the cream way back, people who were all good citizens. What is this, another circle of life? Is it a new awakening where the ufo`s are actually those who origionated from here? And we do this cycle over and over again whilst over this time we`re all assending to higher intelect and social status? Those that dont cut it are left to start again? Could we all be here now, as the decendants of those that were left? That would explain all the wars and the hate? They took the decent citizens and left those that couldnt or wouldnt make the cut. Hence the struggle for wealth and greed and social status. I hope i havent wasted my time doing this either lol

My theory ties in with everything. At least i would say they do. Theyre gredually introducing and making the public aware. The films? the press? BBc3 tuesday? star wars, planet 51, district9,Avatar? and the documents been released. Now possible disclosure? ties in with planet x too. Thanks for reading

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