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Space full with ET but why do they not want us to meet or see them?

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posted on Jan, 26 2010 @ 11:49 AM

Originally posted by DownUnderoid

Originally posted by TheDragonLord
Look at it from their point of view. If the human race ever became space explorers and stumbled upon a planet where its inhabitants were killing themselves with bombs, poisoning their planet, and treating members of their own race differently just for being a different color, would they feel welcomed landing there?

Very well Said...

Yes,....very well said and true......But would that not be more reason for them to help them us out and make us aware that there is an other, better way to evolve as a species and to take care of all the organisms below us?

Now they they just stand and watch how we distroy nature and its unieke and beautiful organisms and with a chance that some idiot can distroy humanity with one push on a button. Than it will be tooo late for them to help us out.

I know it will be a difficult task for them to make us aware of what we got.....but then again maybe it is very easy....them being of superial interlect and maybe they can teach us of their mistakes and solutions. Anyways...they could at least give it a try...

posted on Jan, 27 2010 @ 04:37 PM
To reply the post directly above mine.

Quoting Dr. Michio Kaku:

Think of walking down a country road, and meeting an ant hill. Do we go down to the ants and say, I bring you trinkets, I bring you beads, I bring you nuclear technology, take me to your leader? No. Maybe we might even step on a few of the ants. Now imagine a 10 lane superhighway being built next to the ant hill. Would the ants even know what a 10 lane superhighway was? Could they communicate with the workers, or know their intentions? The greatest danger faced by the ants is not that the workers are going to conquer them, as in science fiction stories. The greatest danger is that they will pave us over and not even know it.

If you don't like the scientific view of it, here's Eddie Griffin's take on Aliens:

Eddie Griffin on Aliens.


posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 07:37 PM
reply to post by Doc Velocity

Great thread, a lot of food for thought here, and a lot of varied perspectives. There seem to be however, two main debates running parallel to each other. The first argument revolves around the human nature issue (are we too violent vs we are not mature enough) and the second, parallel to the first is the age old spirituality vs logic debate.

The issue of human nature is always difficult to discuss, since we have to make claims based on observation. What we have observed humanity do for the past two thousand or so years, is generally not pretty. Even to this day, a large portion of our species is engaged in heinous acts that shames the rest of us in sharing the same habitat with them. However, there is an important aspect that was brought up by one of this thread's posts: there are nearly 7 billion of us on this planet and we are nowhere near the level of conflict we were experiencing 500, 100, or even 50 years ago.

Our judgment of humanity as a violent species, full of evil and hate, incapable of handling contact with an extra-terrestrial species, is rash, since it is based primarily on what we can observe. And what have we observed of humanity's history and its conflicts: when you are hungry, you will seek food, when you are thirsty, you will seek water, when you are poor, you will seek reprieve, when you are dying, you will look for life. The methods that human beings apply in the search of basic necessities for survival are condemnable at times, commendable at others. Whatever circumstances we are born into, be it geographic, cultural, or socio-economic, widely dictates how we develop as human beings. We are not blank slates, but we are by and large products of our environment. Wherever there is scarcity, injustice, intolerance, bigotry, and all those aspects we could in our current state of development resolve, there will be those who act in direct opposition of what most of us would call "civilized behavior."

As a species we make blunders, we trip, and sometimes we fall hard. But by and large, we have made tremendous leaps as a species. We are a stubborn race, and sometimes we need to endure great loss and unspeakable suffering to get a point across. It took two massive and destructive wars to signal to humanity just what the danger was of escalating inter-national conflict. These days, very few conflicts are fought in the battlefield between states. Conflicts have become regional and are usually between the states themselves and splinter-groups of its populations.

We may have not necessarily be that biologically different from our ancestors 35,000 years ago, but to assume that such a lengthy period of time would have no genetic significance in the development of a species is a leap in thought. The moment we began using tools, and thus adapting ourselves to the usage of our own technological creations, we put evolution into fast-forward. The discovery of fire, the design of the wheel, the shaping of the spear,, the discovery of Penicillin, MRIs, the Internet, satellite communication, space exploration, etc., do you doubt that any of these did not have a deep and resonating impact on the development of not only the species, but of individuals within that niche? Technology is our way of directing evolution, which is why I think of Science as the study of miracles. If you brought a taser back to Ancient Greece, claimed to be Zeus and zapped the first person to contest you, would you not be seen as a purveyor of miracles? Which brings me to the second debate...

Science and logic are not in direct opposition to spirituality. We cannot confuse spirituality and religious dogma. They are very distinct terms. One can look at the Universe at large, understand its fundamental principles and the laws that govern it, and still feel awe, still feel a deep reverence for life.

To be continued..

posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 07:56 PM
Knowing the fundamental laws and equations that govern the Universe do not detract from its beauty, much like knowing everything one can know about acoustics, sound waves, etc., does not detract from the beauty and awe a favorite symphony and song can bring us. Reason and emotion, logic and spirituality, are not opposites, but rather two sides of the same coin, of the same mechanism. The Left (Logic-based) Hemisphere of our brain cannot operate efficiently without the Right (Emotion-based) Hemisphere. We cannot synthesize complex ideas and logic chains without the symphonic nature of abstract thought.

What I'm trying to say is the following: knowing more and more about the Universe, our environment, humans, economics, history, philosophy, etc., all add such a degree of spirituality to the pursuit of knowledge that one must keep seeking it. In religion, one is satisfied with the constant pursuit of something physically unattainable, God's presence. With knowledge, we are also in the pursuit of something unattainable; we can never accumulate all the knowledge there is to know about everything. However, it is the pursuit of either unattainables that add that degree of spirituality to them. The wonder is in the pursuit, not the goal. The joy of receiving a gift climaxes at the moment of discovering its contents.

Our human understanding of the Universe and its immutable laws is expanding at an accelerating pace. A breakthrough in one field leads to progress in countless other fields. From this progress, we will derive an exponentially growing torrent of exciting and pioneering technologies. Developments in Theoretical Physics and Astronomy will culminate in a flood of clean, sustainable energy, as well as a Grand Unifying Theory of Science. Advancements in Neuroscience and computer programming will inevitably lead to the creation of artificial intelligences that will far exceed our own neurological computational capacity, as well as the advent of a fully integrated computer-human interface that will enhance our intellectual capabilities by orders of magnitude. Rapid progress in the fields of Medicine, Genetics, and Biotechnology will climax in the elimination of virtually every disease and disorder, as well as the eventual cessation and reversal of the aging process. Proliferation of transportation and communication networks will culminate in a flawlessly interconnected world; we will witness Humanity's journey into the Solar System and beyond.

If we project current scientific and political trends, the future of our species will be either triumphantly bright or acutely bleak. The day of judgment many religions and philosophies discuss happened July 16, 1945 with the creation of the nuclear weapon. Humanity at that point entered a period of judgment: can we or can we not handle the knowledge over something that can erase our entire existence.

The way we're going, and in this I am highly optimistic, due primarily to all the advances made every second of our lives (not to mention those that are withheld from us) we will transition into a Type 1 Civilization. We will either create a literal Heaven right here on Earth, or create our own Hell, by enveloping the planet in a wreath of flames.

It is normal for projections regarding the future to seem unbelievable or frightening, but we live in accelerating times, and it is essential for us to take control of where we are headed by expressing our collective goals for the future. To deny Humanity's technological evolution is impractical; to embrace this reality is divine. Our imperative, whether individual or collective, is the assurance of our species' enduring survival.

I believe that it is this aspect that any technologically advanced species out there is looking for in us: can we or can we not make the transition.

Consensus on what future we are headed for is both unnecessary and undesirable; the debate, however, is vital. Discourse is all that matters, keep the ball rolling.

posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 08:10 PM
what do humans do here on earth.

we hunt for wild life.
we study wild life.
we entertain ourselves with wild life.
we do a.o.t.a. and more with wild life.

if we're anything like our creators, then it's safe to guess they do the same.
it's genetic.

unfortunately, we're a little ahead in the "thinking" development now so they must keep their distances to avoid conflicts, but wasn't always like that.

posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 08:40 PM
The Human race has been studied for eons by different alien races. We have to

give the aliens more credit then that they already know in this galaxy and

universe there is good and evil. Aliens already know about wars and killings of

enemies and they know the destructive force of all kinds of unimaginable


The reason they do not contact the Human Race in mass is because they do not

have to and they only need to contact leaders of countries, military and the

elite to get what they need or want on this Earth. Contacting the rest of the

world's societies would slow the aliens down on what they want to

accomplish. Why come out in the open when aliens most of the time can go

anywhere at will undetected. Yes occasionally UFOs are spotted daily on

Earth but the aliens know that their spaceships are seen by humans this is no

surprise. Do they want to be detected most of the time, not but on occasions

they want humans to see them. Do they abduct humans of course they do

they do this because they feel superior and can do this at will like we are


As long as humans keep giving the aliens what they want and we as humans

do their dirty work of labor for minerals and what ever we are useful to

them for their purposes they will continue to do what they are doing to us.

Yes we are being farmed for what ever purpose they want because

like it or not aliens have the upper hand. ^Y^

[edit on 11-2-2010 by amari]

posted on Feb, 12 2010 @ 06:30 AM

Originally posted by Emptiness Dancing
well let's see.....
would you want to drop into an over crowded warehouse of crazy, insane, selfish, greedy creatures with a history of eating each other when desperate, kill each other for money, skin color, culture, your shoes, love, resources and sometimes pleasure and are armed to the teeth???

I didn't think so!!!!!

[edit on 22-1-2010 by Emptiness Dancing]

So on all intelligent life bearing planets in the universe, everyone is squeaky clean living law abiding creatures? How do you know that's their reasons for not openly communicating with us?

Your example is aimed at a very very small majority on earth. Most want peace and a good life. Intelligent beings would clearly realise that.

posted on Feb, 12 2010 @ 07:03 AM
reply to post by zatara

its probably non-interference principle; pretty sure there are ETs trolling the boards on ATS

posted on Feb, 12 2010 @ 07:45 AM
There are a lot of ATS'ers who say that humans are to primative, dangerous and whatever negative to contact......but still...if any of the messages from the ancient past is true, we greated them welcome andd considered them like Gods. Well...that is how the theory about these ancient encounters go.

But times have changed and as far as I can tell it is governments today who want to shoot them down, capture them and do GOD knows with them.

It can well be that this is the situation today. But I think that most normal people will greet them and invite them to their homes....if they are sure the intensions are friendly.

My conclusion is that they keep away from us because it is too dangerous for them here..they do not trust our leaders and will give it mucho problemas in the world.

posted on Feb, 12 2010 @ 09:05 AM
reply to post by zatara

I think its foolish to attempt to reason this out without more information. Lets suppose aliens have and are visiting this planet half way regularly for a moment. Can we say for certain that we know thier intent in doing so ? Oh theres some idiot attention seeking hippies out there who have turned it into a damned religion sure, but lets be scientific and cold about it for a bit. Have we any confirmed data that allows us to extrapolate the probable reasoning behind the visitation? Can we say we know enough about the alien to understand his thinking? Can we even say that we know exactly how many different species have visited? What if each race which pays a visit, has different intent to the last?
What resources do we have that they need, and would we understand thier requirements ??
The initial question asked by the OP is valid, and worthy of investigation, but the lengths to which one would have to go to aquire an equaly valuable and accurate answer , are frankly above and beyond the capability of the membership of this site. It will involve the following.

A) Get your self abducted, or have an encounter of the third kind. Discuss with your abductor/host, the reason for his or her visit to the Earth, and then ascertain wether every member of thier species would visit for the same reason. Also enquire as to the possibility of the Earth having been visited by a different species, and ask as to the numbers of different species active in this area of the universe. Repeat process for as many species as have visited the Earth... thats potentialy alot of abductions.
B)Gain access to the entirety of human knowledge of UFO and aliens, preferably CIA or MI5/6 intelligence pertaining to contact between various races and the governments of the world. Look for any data which might shed light on the reasons why our planet is interesting to alien cultures.
C) While avoiding capture by the secret services of virtualy the entire planet, run a series of mathematical diagnostic tests on the sum of all the data you just risked EVERYTHING to aquire, and see if any patterns or trends appear which would point, with scientific and logical precision to a reason for the presence of aliens, and what thier goals may be. This in turn will lead you to the answer.

Short of that little checklist getting filled, I cant see a way to actualy give you a proper answer. In short, the point is moot because there is not enough data to correctly establish a reason for the secretive and furtive nature of the Alien.

posted on Feb, 12 2010 @ 09:34 AM
reply to post by zatara

Mabey they like ant farms alot??????


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