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"shape-shifting reptilians and you."

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posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 06:35 PM
reply to post by XXXN3O

what if the annunaki never ever left the planet ,,,and the reptilian shape shifters in power like Obama and bush and hilary clinton etc have been keeping us sweet for the return of nibiru which is supposed to be populated with reptilians ....honestly something wierd is going on and america is becoming like the 4th reich

posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 07:12 PM

Originally posted by Matthew Dark

Originally posted by benpadiah
...The only way to distinguish these blue-blooded homo-saurians is by their philosophical belief system. If they desire to rule the world, if they admire those they believe do so, and if they believe the world will end unless these same people ever lose power, and if they believe the end of the world is an imminant result of human stupidity, they are reptilians.

So, as someone who had admired powerful people, and who's ideal vocation is super villain (which is a discussion for another time; I am, however settling for a career in nursing with minors in nutrition and probably pharmacology and genetics), you're basically saying, in no uncertain terms...that I'm a lizard person?
Well...I'm so pleased that you had the insight to clear that up for me.
And, out of curiosity, how did you come about this...cosmic...insight?

Actually in your defense, that makes two of us. I feel unfortunately that he is one of the good hearted and kind souls who mistakenly believe that the reptiles are responsible for all human suffering. They don't realize its more along the lines of the star trek episode where Sisko is on earth and told that their is not but a few shape-shifters on the planet. Same feeling here, very few reptiles. Say not over twenty thousand (including young), spread all over surface of earth.

I am also looking into my much and long over looked dark side. It has protected me recently in surprising ways. I am not a reptile, But I am trying to replicate some of their abilities. So far hasnt worked

I admire a few people of power. None are alive today it seems, minus one.

I am half expect a hybrid argument to come from him.

Well I have only last thing to say....

"Matthew Dark, Emperor of Austrailia I salute your efforts as an example of personal ambition versus work ethics of your profession."

posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 07:25 PM

Originally posted by Apocolypto
if you beleive that the all the evidence is coming from god,

If there is a God, all evidence would come originally from Him. Would it not? Also, I never said I beieved in God, per se, although I have said before I am a Gnostic, and this means Knowing God, not merely believing in him. I bet it would help you to use google on the keyword "tilda Gee Oh Dee tilda" (ie. "~GOD~") before you reach any conclusions about my sincerity in believing as you assume I do.

Originally posted by Apocolypto
and you openly ignore scientific facts,

I don't "openly ignore scientific facts," that's a lie. If you mean, by "scientific facts," questions based on tangential theories that I do not agree with the basis of, I am not. I answered a question as it related to the topic, and I can talk more about how to "manifest mass and matter from nowhere out of pure mind," in some other thread or topic at some other time. Until it comes up in context here, I don't have any reason to address the method. That doesn't mean I deny it exists, or is possible, nor that I endorse it as a "scientific fact," either. Be patient. I'll answer it when it is asked right.

Originally posted by Apocolypto
and no one else is getting this information that you are and it has no basis,

Most people who do "get" this info don't say anything about it. They don't feel any need to speak up now to agree either. That doesn't mean that "no one else is getting this information." It does mean you don't, which I can help clear up for you, if you will promise to read all my posts in this thread from the beginning, first. I don't like to waste time repeating things over. As far as it having "no basis," I'm not sure how you define "basis," but I do believe you'll find that's only true from your own point of view.

Originally posted by Apocolypto
and nothing to back it up.

There are alot of works to "back up" and to "refute" this info both. I won't include Icke's research on either side, since his idea of the "reptilian" myth is not in synch with my own. He claims reptilians are from another dimension. I do not. But there are plenty of reference works available in print and online. Just google "reptilian" and see what comes up.

Originally posted by Apocolypto
I would seek help.

Wow. You are sooooo not having an original idea with saying that. Let me ask you, too, as I always do whenever peolple presume to offer my personal medical advice: are you suggesting this because you yourself are on drugs that help you stay normal? Or are you just a NAZI eugenicist who believes anyone who's ideas aren't those of the state-educational system should be sterilised? I only ask you, because I do not know.

Originally posted by Apocolypto
its for your own safety.

For your edification, to assuage your concern for my own health and the welfare of others, I am on a handful of anti-depressants and anti-psychotics already: Paxil, Abillify and Lamictal. These drugs HAVE helped me, and I WOULD recommend psychiatric help to anyone who feels they need it themselves. It is safe, and can be helpful, but takes time to get stabilised on the right meds at the right dose. I've been on the same meds and dose for almost a decade, and regardless of my capacity to "think outside the box" I really doubt my psychiatrist would agree with you I am in any danger from myself, or that I pose any threat to anybody or mean harm to society at large. Thanks for your concern.

- Jon

posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 07:51 PM

Originally posted by Mutchie6g
Annunaki reptilians

Okay, firstly, I'd prefer it if noobs would NOT rush to defend my hypothesis here without reading my OP and the rest of my posts in this thread to follow. I haven't mentioned the "Annunaki" here once, and for very good reason. They don't, from a strict adherance to my line of reasoning, have anything to do with this topic. If you want to talk about time-travellers into the distant past, whose morphology mutated so much they eventually became discorporeal beings some 12,000 years ago, we can. But if the topic of this thread is "reptilian shape-shifters and you," which it is, then we should stick to that topic, and not derail it into the topic: "are the ancient Annunaki human time-travellers from 2012?"

The Annunaki ≠ modern Reptilians.

Originally posted by ripcontrol
I am half expect a hybrid argument to come from him.

You're definitely a hybrid of dualistic opposites, same as the rest of us. You're a veritable symbiosis of right and left, of correct and wrong, and of asleep and awake. But you are also a "neo-Sethian" in your philosophy, which means you would become a reptilian in your present body if you could live long enough to do so, and / or that your soul will reincarnate into a de-evolutionary, more reptilian form, during that same given period of time. So, yeah, I wouldn't call you a "hybrid." But I won't call you a reptilian either. Just a "neo-Sethian."

- Jon

PS. Let's all take a deep breath and stay on topic, and think about what we want to add or ask before deciding to reply or post. Thank you.

posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 11:52 PM
That being said, please allow me to introduce into the record of this thread some additional data from my own point of view, to back up some of my claims by disclosing my research set. Please consider viewing this video and reading this e-book with caution.

"Apocalypso2A3 (Enoch8 by ~GOD~)" on youtube:

also available to watch here on ATS:

to support the video, here is a page describing the images in it:

and this last link is the e-book I wrote about the "neo-Sethian" philosophy and the "cult of sleep":

Please enjoy viewing and reading these documents, but please do so with an open mind and remember that, just because you don't believe it, doesn't mean it can't be true.

- Jon

posted on Feb, 3 2010 @ 01:04 PM

I don’t believe or disbelieve the OP and have read everything with an open mind. Other than the OP’s weird-ass pic, I don’t really see any other reason for all the “cult” references that are being thrown around.

The main problem with ATS (and forums like it) is the hostility that is apparent on almost every thread. Sure the OP has some ideas that are really out there and there’s a great deal of information that has to be taken on faith, but isn’t that what life is all about sometimes; having a little faith?

Like Carl Jung I “know” that god exists and I also know that there is only one god regardless of your belief system. And I also “know” that everyone has the potential to be a prophet. All the rude debunking in the world won’t change that, but it does have the potential to distort or destroy a potentially vital message.

All is one and the sooner we all realise that the better this world will become.

Keep posting OP; I’m enjoying seeing existence from your perspective.



posted on Feb, 3 2010 @ 06:54 PM


sorry cant help it. Thank you I needed a good laugh today. Understand no insult in my response is intended.

I would hope that any message of hope peace were only the truth. Unfortunately, none is able to survive without being killed or perverted. I fight the fight I have chosen so that maybe one day the predators that secretly plague mankind can be mounted on my grandchildren's mantle. I have a spot in mind for a reptiles head and a dark flyer's case.

anyway, I do not feel he is being truly evil. He merely stated a truth. If objects to my rephrasing I hope I can say it correctly.

Charity starts at home.
Picture a farm, where you work to raise crops and cattle to feed your family everyday. Now picture a set of wolves and set of cattle rustlers who are nearby they come by in the middle of the night and still your efforts at feeding your family.

I for one would lay a trap, and watch them. then kill each one in the act. Next I would do the same to the wolves. From what he posted he is merely stating that perhaps we as a race should stop allowing the wolves and rustlers free rein.

Feel the meaning of my next words, his vocabulary is different language based on separate experiences and ideals. It seems an emotion of being upset has entered and polluted thought processes. If what ever god is, truly just and benevolent, giving you these vision and insight should be a little upset at your interpretation of what your saying.

As kindness and love is supposed to your new medium so should any response that come from you be just as such. Also remember your god wrote his destiny to and perhaps his destiny is to be the person in the end many must rely on for survival.

My tirade is over now. I can only maybe someday the world will work your way till then. cheers

BTW, an enemy of an enemy is a friend.

posted on Feb, 3 2010 @ 08:34 PM
reply to post by ripcontrol

yep. Look, I'll try to speak to you on the level. I'll do my best to break through this barrier between our world-views. I'll break this whole argument down for you as simply as I can.

People are hating on this topic in general. I can't take it too personally, since at least the ones who do hate this topic don't hate on me personally, usually. If they do address me personally, I'm actually usually able to sway their view to accept the concept of the topic.

Here's why: there IS a primal fear within each of them, which is only a reflection within each of them of a mental projection of my own fear; they are forced to self-examine in this event, and ask themselves the very question that is behind my own writing on this topic: "AM I A REPTILIAN?"

Their prior mental baggage is blown away by this topic and they are left in an existential crisis, like an amnesiac suddenly waking up in someplace new. They go through four steps:

1) they lose their ego: not their mind, so much as their train of thought. They forget themselves and act "out of character" (usually expressing unusual amounts of fear, without even knowing why themselves).

2) they realise they have lost their ego: fear leads to anger and retreat to turn and defend. They realise they are missing the point, but then, they immediately forget to remember what that point was.

3) they demand I define their ego for them: they are just desperate, lashing out, trying to ask me to create their social role in the mold of some high archetype of cyclic history. If I frame the question within pre-determined perameters, I control the outcome enough to predict it more accurately.

4) they remain quietly satisfied and inwardly enthralled: so far, everyone I've presented with this quandry who has turned around and come to me about it has asked me questions and I have answered and all have so far left satisfied.

I do not do this to convince people they are or are not, themselves, reptilians. The entire "reptilian" thing is a macguffin for the real point: to trick the interloctuor into accidental self-realisation. They are questioning themselves, because I am questioning myself. Just because their first question happens to be addressed to me, and angrily, asking me if they are "reptilians," does not mean I have set them on the wrong course of following their own line of personal inquiry. It means only I've pulled the "scales off of their eyes," and set them into an inspirational frenzy.

Is this a "good" thing or a "bad" thing for one to do? I don't have that answer. I think it depends on each case. I did know a guy once who attempted suicide and later blamed me for his doing it. I don't mean to lead anyone, only to toss out my own ideas as my fair share for a public contribution. If people want to hate on the topic, or to hate on the messenger, all I have to say is READ THE DATA I AM PRESENTING BEFORE DECIDING TO AGREE OR DISAGREE.

Then, you will be impervious to the guiles of the wiley liar; like a knight in invisible armor, gilded to the groin. And then you will never be able to fall for anyone else's lies ever again. Even mine. Right?

- Jon

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 02:10 PM
I have a question for you. Since we seem to have two world views that clash on a few issues, I was wondering if you would mind looking at this thread of mine and give me how your world views sees what Im saying.

The only reason I ask is that I always makes sure I get opinions of people who disagree with mine on fundamental issues.

A machine and any systems operates well on feedback and the most accurate rely on negative feedback.

posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 06:07 PM

Originally posted by ripcontrol
give me how your world views sees what Im saying.

I understand RI very well. I have perfected my own method in experiments, as well as RV through deep space and over vast durations of time, also called astral travel. However, RI I have concluded is an evil and retarding application of ESP, because you ultimately cannot delimit every single potential outcome that can result from your RI, "operant observer principle," etc. According to all previous researchers into advertising, NLP, mental manipulation and, to go back further, the "magic" of the priest-caste, "what goes around comes around," in a "circle of life," such that they have recorded ONE LAW Above All Others (although few have ever adhered to it): "Harm None, Lest Ye Be Harmed." RI may seem hermetically, scientifically, laboratory safe, such that you can be detached from the effects you cause, but you will not be able to remain that way forever. This is not an indictment of your method nor motives, only a generalised warning based on my own studies and observations. IMO, RI is simply too dangerous to be used for good.

- Jon

posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 11:26 PM
"If reptilians were real, why isn't there any evidence of them shape-shfting caught on tape?" Well, I'm glad I asked, because there is plenty of it, but like UFOs, remains obscure or outright discredited in main-stream scientific media, relegated to pop-fiction.

Here is a playlist I've compiled of only a few of the videos on youtube available showing "reptilians shapeshifting." All of the people in this playlist are famous.

However, there are two specific cases of "shape-shifting caught on tape" from this playlist that I believe deserve a closer examination. These two both show the "shape-shift" in EXACTLY the way I have described it occuring throughout this thread, and for EXACTLY the same reasons. When reptilians' minds day-dream, their assumed "human" form drifts, and their true form becomes visible.

Jenna Bush

In this interview, Jenna's face repeatedly assumes its true, reptilian form, then when the camera cuts away and cuts back, she appears "human" again. However, the longer she talks, the more her genetic mutations begin to lose their holographic cover. I want to note, again, that this effect is ONLY a video-effect, insofar as it appears on camera, but not to the naked eye. It is NOT, however, intentional video-fakery (as with the "wescam" black-choppers on 9-11). This anomoly of Jenna's appearance can be explained in only one way.

Bob Marley

In this interview, Bob's face repeatedly assumes its true, reptilian form also, with the exact same visual effect occuring to him as we just saw displayed by Jenna Bush. Again, this effect is captured on video, although this, likewise, cannot be attributed to "video-fakery," because this interview occured over two decades prior to the interview with Jenna and was captured, rather than on live video, on video-tape. The proof this "shape-shifting" is an effect visible on video ONLY is that the reactions to it by the reporter interviewing Bob in person, and those interviewing Jenna by tele-conference, differ markedly.

Now, here is a more important question than "Where is the evidence?" - the question: "Who are really reptilians?" This answer will shock you even more.

Everyone rich and famous has begun to evolve into a reptilian. Why? Because they have, as I have been saying, direct exposure to the "time-travel" technology. Well, what exactly IS this "time-travel" technology? Any car or airplane can act as a time-travel machine, and thus the more you travel by vehicle, the more your genes degenerate into those of a reptilian. Now, I can very easily prove that assertion - that being that: "time-travel tech includes all modern planes, trains and automobiles." Here is a diagram depicting the one simple mathematical fact requisite to understand "time-travel" ::

If on earth, rotating from east toward west, it takes less "time" to travel from east to west than from west to east. This is "micro-cosmic" time-travel.

Therefore, the more you travel, the more your genes devolve. Then, if you are captured on video unprepared, your image will appear to "shape-shift." If you shape-shift into a "reptilian" it is, again as I have been saying throughout this thread, because you are a "neo-Sethian," ie. a believer in the present-tense "second coming" of "Christ." This explains, consicely and accurately, why "shape-shifting" occurs to the rich and famous, how it can be recorded on video, and why certain "shape-shifters" appear "reptilian."

Now, to pose the penultimate question again: "HOW DO I KNOW ALL THIS?" and imply the Ultimate Truth: "AM I A REPTILIAN?" is a question you must ask not about yourself from anyone who brings knowledge of this topic, but instead, ask them if they themselves are reptilian shape-shifters. So... Ask Me.

- Jon

posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 11:58 PM

Originally posted by ripcontrol

Well I have only last thing to say....

"Matthew Dark, Emperor of Austrailia I salute your efforts as an example of personal ambition versus work ethics of your profession."

My vote for quote of the year!
You're my new best friend!

posted on Apr, 5 2010 @ 12:05 AM

[edit on 4/5/10 by Matthew Dark]

posted on Apr, 5 2010 @ 12:43 AM
reptile disfunction: when your boa won't go'a no mo'a, your anaconda is an anacan'tda.

Sorry, I will never post this again, it just runs through my head every time I see a reptile thread.....

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