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The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend!

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posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 09:23 PM

Okay, I am not going to preach or even give my viewpoint.

I am going to talk about the things I have tried to acknowledge as problems in the US political system.

First off, I have very stringent perspectives and components of my view, of what I think should be the Utopian ideals of a US hegemony.

I will admit that my viewpoints are manipulated, by my existence and my experiences. One must understand their existence before they KNOW where they are going. This is a structure of ones own existence.

First off, lets talk the existence of self.

One must realize that one defines self by the accumulation of ones existence. Everyone comes from somewhere, where do you come from? We cannot expect everyone to be the same.

Next, sociology is the divination of our ability to interact with people in our environment. I have to admit, I am a lone wolf type, I cannot explain it better. I do not want to conform to the tribe, do you?

Now, that I have discussed my viewpoints, will you discuss yours?

Do you want to be involved in a all knowing and all encompassing bureaucracy, or would you rather exist in a system of individual freedom and responsibility?

I will let you take it from here. If you have any ideas of different ideas or prerequisites, please indulge us.

posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 10:08 PM
You said a mouthful there brother.

Only an idiot, a bigot or most politicians would want to exist in an all knowing and all encompassing bureaucracy.

Too much government sucks the life out of its citizens.

Freedom for all. And may all be responsible freedom holders.

Peace ( I wish )

posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 10:13 PM
reply to post by dizziedame

Thank you for your comment.

God Bless and Peace.

posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 11:20 PM
reply to post by endisnighe

I want a combination of both. I too tend towards 'lone-wolf,' but understand the social affiliation needs of our species. I consider myself a strong UW-badger supporter, but feel awkward standing for the national anthem, as well as the varsity song at halftime. Does that make sense? I have been interested in politics from a very early age.

I believe the ultimate intent of a socio-economic-political system should be to maximize individual liberty, while providing a basic safety net. The goal should be to help citizens self-actualize to the highest degree possible. We are not all equal, but the playing field should be. Society needs to value and promote ideals beyond personal enrichment. I think the USA generates plenty of money to provide a safety net for its citizens that allows people to take risks and not lose everything.

Anyway, I feel some things are best if run for, by, and of the people. This includes the military, police, fire, prisons, and most things considered 'public works.' Other things should be free-enterprise, and others a hybrid of the two. The education system, as well as health care providers are good areas for a hybrid/ combination system. Energy too needs to be regulated, while allowing for private enterprise. Corporations should not be regarded as people (in terms of constitutional rights/ protections). I believe corporate charters should be put to a vote every x # of years....

Politically, the least disruptive overhaul would be publically-funded elections. Agencies such as the FDA should have a strong fire-wall between itself and lobbyists. Get rid of the electoral college. Lower thresholds to alternate parties to get involved. Perhaps expand the US House of Representatives to have the same number of Reps./ citizen as when the constitution was ratified (this may result in the need to have regional seeds of government beyond D.C.).

I believe health insurance companies should be abolished, as they do not add anything of value for our collective health-care dollars. We already pay way more than we should for health care, so I don't buy the argument that people want single-payer because it's 'free.' That's a lie, we already pay almost twice per capita, and receive embarrassingly mediocre outcomes.

Thank you for this thread. I always respected your opinion, but reactively pushed the 'foe' button in response to your Glen Beck 'experiment' thread yesterday....


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