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The Ultimate Global Spiritual Conspiracy

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posted on May, 26 2004 @ 06:32 PM
Good day my new online family!

If you have ever read the Gnostic gospels, you are probably already aware of their explanation of the heavens, the nature of the body-mind, and power of the light that comes from the head, and the power of the heavenly ones who try to rule over the earth.

The greatest of all conspiracies is that there are many forces trying to control the world, govern our souls. The frightening thing is that they are not human forces, they are spiritual forces! They are not visible to the eye, they exist in the lower heavens.

They are psychic forces, and have a power that can influence our bodies and our thoughts.

The gnostics outlined a comsmology that described how the material universe was made by a imperfect god, who was in turn created long ago by other heavenly powers, who were themselves created by the Great God, the True God, who is perfectly good and not the one from the Bible.

The real conspiracy is that this lesser god is the one that is worshipped in the old testament, and he rules the lower heavens, and tries to rule all the souls who come into the earth. He is the god of flesh, and it is his creation. He is not the god of spirit, and is jealous of the true spirit, which comes from the regions above him. That is what the true deal was with Jesus, and why he was killed, because most of the people on the earth are servants of this lessor god, and will try to spiritually capture anyone who tries to escape to the higher heavens, and out of the reach of the powers of the lessor gods and powers.

That is the underlying foundation of all human interaction - those who would receive the spirit from the Highest Heavens, which gives them power over the lower creation, vs, those who serve the lower gods, the sensual powers, and the jealous god of flesh who is called yaldabaoth.

That is the basic cosmology of the gnostics, but what is the reality? I think they are describing the what souls must go through on the way to liberation and enlightenment. Other beings on the earth wth us are psychic too, and they love to rule other people with their minds, and if they become jealous or hateful of someone they will try to oppress, overpower, and destroy that person.

So the battle for us free souls is against this force that is trying to psychicly rule the world, and its nations, and that is why things are as they are today.

I think the essential thing for us to remember today is that our universe is more complex than just what the bible tells us, that there are many powers and forces that exist, in various realms, and they all are vying for influence over their particular territory. That is why mankind is so miserable, and confused, and lost, because all these powers are trying to rule them, for whatever reason.

That is what happens to people who fall into sensual sins, it isn't that the human body is a filthy thing, or pleasure is sinful, but it is how these powers can latch onto you, and can get into the functions of your body. Their psychic power operated by "seeing" the inner workings of your body, seeing what you see, hearing what you hear, getting into your mind. That is the enemy to freedom, and what the battle is all about. Everything else is just the lie.

What's worse, these powers try to hide from us, they attempt to make people believe that these things are not real, they deny the power of the mind and its abiltiy to govern others by will alone, and they hide in the shadows.

My theory on satan is that the side effect of using the mind in a psychic fashion causes the soul to degrade into a dark and coarse matter, which is kind of like what happens in the Lord of the rings to the ringwraiths. They more you use the powers of evil, the more corrupt you become, until you are totally controlled by the god of the powers, and you fall into the molasses with all your evil buddies, and your individuality is destroyed.

That is what John meant by the "single mindedness" of the beast, which is what he called the monstrous hive of evil souls that exists on the earth, all combined, and mingled. The tribulations of the last days come because once this mass of evil becomes large and strong enough, it will attempt to overpower the world, and ensnare every soul in it.

That's what it's all about kids, where in the battle do YOU belong? Do you fight for the forces of spiritual freedom and purity? Or do you make trouble for the saints, and war with Christ, and seek to destroy his spirit from the little ones?

There is nothing more scary than realizing the peril little children are born into in this world. Their light, which these servants of the lower powers hate, is the only thing protecting them from their psychic influence. The whole business of childhood in America is being corrupted into the purposes of these demonic powers, who want nothing but to remove this light from people, so they can overpower them with darkness, which is the crap they are filled with.

The power of darkness that exists in people seems to work like this:

It can be projected from the mind into their victims, it is like a psychic material that can attach to the body. In fact, this is why the body is so scrunitized by these forces, because their power comes from the flesh, it depends upon it, and feeds on it, and that is how the control their victims.

How many people do you know that use these powers? If you have the power of the light on you, then they can't get it, and it is likely that you can't even see these forces (like I had for a long time!) but if they can break past this barrier then they can get to you.

It's not a battle between religions, creeds, or books, it is this battle of spirit between powers and forces and the free people-- that is the true nature of the world. That is what the apostles meant, and that is the war they fought. And now we, the living, are obliged to pass through this gauntlet of oppression, agression, and downright demonic chicanery.

Whatcha think about me now?



posted on May, 26 2004 @ 06:38 PM
Arkaleus, quite entertaining and interesting thoughts. better than the unfactual ones you were against.

posted on May, 26 2004 @ 06:43 PM
So, are you saying that if a person is attuned to their inner self, and to their subconscious, they are evil?
I'm not sure I follow if this psychic power is external, as an alien? Or, if it is each of our individual powers that we can use--these aare what you say are evil???

posted on May, 26 2004 @ 06:44 PM
i say you are beginning to learn

posted on May, 26 2004 @ 07:02 PM
Every intention can be brought out into the light of day and judged. If I have a psychic power, and can influence other people, then it is the same if I had a physical power. If I can tie you with a rope, then I am a criminal, and liable to be destroyed by the righteous judge. If I can tie you with my mind, I too would be a criminal, and liable to the same destruction.

It is one of the greatest conspiracies and the greatest of evils to say, it does not matter what we will with our little power. People who are corrupted by this power, and who serve this darkness, will say that this power is their right to excersise, and whatever they will is justified. It is not!

That is why people were against Jesus, and why REAL Chrsitians are so rare. It is a very person who is absolutely good, on the inside, and the outside. It is easy to appear good, yet inwardly be a psychic terrorist towards those you don't like, are evnious of, etc. It is not human nature to do these things, it is the way of demons, and wild animals, and it is not fit to be called human at all. If you are human, then you are good, for your Lord is good, and doesn't do these things. If you are a demon, then you do these things all the time, for your lord, who is the devil, does these things all the time, and it is how his kingdom is ruled.

That is the test for you, mankind. When your mind awakens, and your powers develop, what do you do with them? That is the truest test of your nature. Do you become another petty self-serving soul, sucked into the larger will of the lord of darkness, or do you liberate yourself, and others?

There really are only two sides. Don't try to fool me and say there are not.

Cal them what they are, it is not self-awareness - it is not a great new thing to be a psychic. It is older than this era of time, and the root of it is evil. It is not alien, it is demonic, its origins are a mystery, but they are part of the universe we live in. Our life as humans on this world must take this into consideration, if you are aware at all.

People, learn to judge good and evil. People who use their psychic power for their own petty reasons are the ones who are destroyed by the coming of the Great Savior. They are the ones who writhe in darkness, who peep and spy upon the children of light, who pry and meddle, who steal and thieve whatever they can fix their minds upon.

Down with these powers, down with their god, and let them cleasned away from the universe.

It is they who corrupt the world, it is they who are the authors of hell, and death, and all misery, it is their creation, and they will be destroyed with them.

It is written that these powers will collapse once the day breaks, once the Lord finishes His work, that is the true mystery of Christianity, and I am brother to those who understand this, and I would have us be a strong and potent union of spirit.

I am awakening - do you know what that means?



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