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Since when did deep thinkers become the crazy people?

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 09:50 AM
reply to post by CHA0S

This has been creeping into ATS (as well as just about everywhere else too!), for months now.

It's like a cancer.

Curious that the US government has announced that it want to disrupt 'conspiracy' websites. Black and psyche ops to you and me.

You can bet that they have been doing this already for months ahead of any admission that they plan to do this.

The policy is to divide and conquer..a policy of disruption that is as old as humanity, yet we ALWAYS walk right into it. Of course, this is why the tactic is SO effective...if it were not, it would have never got off the ground as a useful tool of coercion and manipulation.

Christian against Muslim is all the rage these days, as it all ties in very nicely with their agenda of setting us against each have a 'common enemy'. But of course, there is the OLD favourite of white against..well, anyone who isn't white, really!

Then we move along to political colours, another oldie that works wonders.

Now, we have infiltration by government agents whose STATED goal is to prevent free expression and thinking on-line in sites such as ATS. Announced (or admitted) recently, but naturally, has been enacted some time ago.

We have all noticed the trend of late have we not?

I've lost count of how many posts i've read, that mentions the huge rise in anti-religious posts, or conflicts arising from religious postings.
Also, the 'troll' element is on the rise too. Mindless one or two liners, that contribute NOTHING constructive to the thread, but is obviously meant to disrupt conversation and ideas..most of these are the agencies at work.

We must NEVER forget, that these are not 'just ordinary' people. These are HIGHLY trained agents, well versed in propaganda techniques to the point that most unsuspecting people, would never spot them for what they really are.

I've NOTHING against the government READING or otherwise monitoring discussion websites...if that is as far as it goes, but incredibly they have admitted that they wish to suppress free expression and thinking!

What more does the US government have to do, before the American people (that's the real people, not the plastic charlatans in power) start to object en masse?

If they start putting people against a wall and blowing them away for calling the government out, will THAT be enough to motivate enough of you to take back your own determination and become the great country that you were only a short time ago?

Or are you going to sit back until America is beyond saving?

Drip, drip, drip, drip...slowly, slowly, catchy monkey.

That's how it's being done to you, and ultimately if allowed to continue, the rest of the world.

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 09:57 AM
Since the world became really shallow and the only ideas taken seriously are the ones that come with nice neat tidy packaging and over production.
Ideas have become second place to what will sell.Thats why you will never see another ledzeppelin or pinkfloyd.

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 09:58 AM

Originally posted by TarzanBeta
reply to post by XXXN3O

You really didn't realize that those videos are designed to fool you the same way that they teach you that others are?

Very interesting.

I said, the start of opening your eyes.

If your going to comment on someones post at least read it before you find it interesting.

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 09:58 AM
Hello blinkered America, it's already happening in the rest of the world. We have running water and electricity out here too, and did so before McDonalds arrived

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 10:09 AM
Revelations, great insight, problem solving and creativity in art, music etc occur a high majority of the time in an altered state of consciousness/awareness. Be this in a dream state, trance, deep meditative states, drug induced altered consciousness or indeed deep thinking.


"The structure of benzene (carbon ring) was deduced by a scientist who dreamed of a snake chasing it's tail). "

"Albert Einstein was working on the theory of relativity without success when he had a dream. Einstein dreamt that he was a young boy sledding down a mountainside, going faster and faster. As he flew down the hill he found himself watching the appearance of the stars change as he approached the speed of light. When he awoke, he knew he had the solution to his theory solved."

"Elias Howe had been working on inventing a machine that could sew with the same speed as the spinning and weaving machines (the loom and the Spinning Jenny). These two machines had been invented in the middle of the 1700's and had inspired the Industrial Revolution. The third element, a sewing machine that could keep up with them, was a problem that was being worked on all over the world. However, years had gone by without a discovery. Then Howe went to sleep one night and found the answer in a seemingly scary dream. In the dream he found himself being poked by natives with spears. As he repeatedly tried to get out of the boiling water, he found himself being pushed back by the spears."

"When he awoke from the nightmare, he found himself realizing that the spears had holes in their points. It was then, that he knew he had found the answer to the sewing machine. "


"Legend has it that the Vedic civilisation was highly advanced. The sages that oversaw its development, through their mystic insight and deep meditation, discovered the ancient symbols of spirituality: Aumkara and Swastika. They also discovered many scientific principles that they applied to develop a highly advanced technology. They gave the atom its sanskrit name "Anu". "


"The Beatles, an incredibly popular group during the '60s, admitted to having been under the influence of '___'"

Lets not forget how great their music was, along with others such as Jimi Hendrix. Would they have written such incredible music without mind altering substances? I would reckon not..

etc etc


Some deep thinking for you

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 10:14 AM

Originally posted by ThePublicSpirit
reply to post by CHA0S

I'm not going to argue with you.
50 paragraphs of hate, are 50 paragraphs of hate.
Regardless of how you are dressing it, prefacing it, or describing it.
Whether it was directed at Christians, Jews, Flat-Earthers, or Basset Hounds.
There is nothing "Deep" about it.
Which proves my point. That just because somebody wants to tell themselves that they are having sane, positive, rational, intelligent thoughts, does not make it so.

I am a basset hound. So what is wrong with us? We eat meat every day, we never take wine like our masters do, we do not smoke at all - but we do bark every Friday from 9 to 5.

I think you ATS folks may not realize it soon, but the Great Hound Face is going to save us all this summer!
It has shown up last year millions of times! Enough for me to learn to type with my paws...

Have you ever wondered why was it that it was four dogs that wrote the New Testament of Light Barking twenty years ago?
No four elephants or four turtles (even though they live long)?

Cheers to our Masters who - retarded as they are - still believe in a HUMAN god... I think we might have our DAY this summer some time...

Bow Wow!

(If you get my drift... that is...)

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 10:39 AM

Originally posted by Trying Times
reply to post by atlasastro

"Deep thinking is not deep thinking if you need drugs.
That is drugged thinking.
It may feel deep.
But so are coma's.
So is psychosis."

May I remind you that the structure of DNA (double helix) was discovered whilst Francis Crick was high on '___'. This is certainly one of humanities greatest discoveries and not to me to be merely dismissed as "drugged thinking".

Lets actually look at that.

It was discovered via a process of science.
It was Cricks work on the back of many other scientists, Including Watson.
He did not take '___' and suddenly envision DNA as a totally new concept never pondered or thought of before.
The discovery was the structure. How it was structured. Scientists had long known there was a DNA molecule, they just did not know what it looked like, how it was structured.
Pauling had discovered the helical structure of amino acid chains which flowed on to the helical structure, the double helix, of DNA. Schrodinger and Pauling's theory on covalent bonds in molecular biology paved the way for Crick and everyone else racing to find what it looked like.
This theory showed that the model and structure of what we know as DNA was possible.
Cricks techniques in X-ray techniques that proved helical molecules in early research were pioneered by others. Crick used these. Watson and Crick also used Franklins x-ray works, that were unpublished at the time. Sven Furburg had also published work which Watson and Crick sited in their own work and this included base models before Crick and Watson. Furburg also included the exact combinations in base pairs, again before Watson and Crick. Edwin Chargraff experimental ratios was also a key facet for Watson and Crick. Chargraff actually worked with them and this led Watson to pioneer the models of base pairs and the ratio's. This was also supported by the earlier a helix work by Pauling and Donohues likely structures relating to nucleobases.

So when you say Crick popped acid and discovered DNA.
I hope you mean, he researched and studied extensively with fellow scientists and built a model upon previous scientific technique, data and research by many, many other scientists.
And he also took '___' and discover DNA.

'The mind is like a parachute, its best when it's open'

Yes. Remember to always keep an open mind when you leap out of planes.
But ask skydivers if they take '___' when jumping!

Crick and '___' are a story. Published by a News papers and written by a reporter who claims Crick told him but would sue if he printed any of it.
But hey why let the truth get in the way of deep thinking.
Find me just one first hand source other than Alun Rees that quote, detail or record Cricks '___' taking.
Just one other that does not uses this article as a source.

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 11:22 AM
i have tripped numerous times on '___'.
it does not change my perception of life itself but gives me another view of it. i have done way too many "drugs" to be smart, is what critics say
and....that puzzles me!

i have a clear view of this:
that is ALL
the bad is bad and the not so bad is "good" if you were looking at it from the other point of view.
I have survived cancer and had many questions to that even happening to me....
but i think that it is a necessary event to mold my brain and cognitive thinking skills.
the brain functions as a tool to multiple capabilities with no end to what it could do.
I have been ridiculed for my ideas that the brain gives off waves as you think. there IS a way to transmit energy from it to another receptor, like another human brain.
electric impulses throughout the brain show massive amounts of energy that is with held within and goes no where.
if its all theory anyways
MY question is... what makes people think that just because you have done '___' that they are allowed to discredit your theories and ideas??

thanks goes to "CHAOS" for bringing this up

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 12:11 PM

Originally posted by CHA0S


Maybe it's God...but who knows?'re spot on...that's my problem with religion...we really can't know anything for sure...and as another poster stated...the bible has been changed so much over time...even if it was the word of God in the first place there's just now no way of pulling truth from the lies...and therefore we can't trust any of it...yet people go around claiming their religion is THE right one and has all the answers and could help save yor soul...I could go on forever...but before you reply...please read this thread to understand my entire view on religion:
Are you familiar with the concept of "Remote Viewing"? Remote Viewing, in practice, is basically just a matter of the viewer working with "Faith". Of sorts.
They don't even really know what they are looking for. But, they open their minds, and they find it.
They are presented with a blank template, and when successful, they end up finding what was being searched for.

A brilliant physicist and Christian taught that "belief" is most of the battle. IF you can get around the ego, and the negativity, and the clutter. Believing that the correct result will manifest itself right from the beginning.

This should also be utilized in study of the Bible. Somewhere, at it's core, as with many other spiritual texts, there is a truth, and a tool. And, no matter how much of a mess exists in it's vicinity, with the correct method and mindset, the truth will find it's way out.

Like "Remote Viewing".

And it does. I mean, think about it. Every day, millions of people find it in there. In the Bible. And, they manage to alter something in themselves, and their worlds, regardless of the evil that has surrounded it. Regardless of what man has tried to do to it.

And, chances are, it has to do with something that is deeper than the text, or the people distributing it. But, if that's not for you, that's cool.

I just think it is a shame for people to have their views and emotions manipulated by other people. And, when I hear a person saying that fear and the actions of other people are keeping them from looking for truth with an open mind, and keeping them in a state of negativity and bitterness, and stopping a person from even stepping on the path, it makes me think that there really is something "Dark" at work.

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by atlasastro

May I remind you that the structure of DNA (double helix) was discovered whilst Francis Crick was high on '___'. This is certainly one of humanities greatest discoveries and not to me to be merely dismissed as "drugged thinking".

So when you say Crick popped acid and discovered DNA.

Did i say that? I urge you to re-read what i actually said.

I hope you mean, he researched and studied extensively with fellow scientists and built a model upon previous scientific technique, data and research by many, many other scientists.
And he also took '___' and discover DNA.

This we agree on.

'The mind is like a parachute, its best when it's open'

Yes. Remember to always keep an open mind when you leap out of planes.
But ask skydivers if they take '___' when jumping!


Crick and '___' are a story. Published by a News papers and written by a reporter who claims Crick told him but would sue if he printed any of it.
But hey why let the truth get in the way of deep thinking.
Find me just one first hand source other than Alun Rees that quote, detail or record Cricks '___' taking.

Yes it was reported by Alun Rees. And is was published in the Mail on Sunday after Crick died. I don't see how this makes it untrue, especially as the entire situation is backed up in Wendy Cook's Memiors; "Peter Cook: So Farewell Then". Also entities such as the BBC have discussed this in programmes and no one has been sued. Maybe because it is true?

She reports it first hand but does use Rees as the source.

Crick probably said he would sue either as a joke, or for fear of him being discredited as a scientist.

It is reported not just Crick but many scientists of that era used theraputic doses of '___' to enhance their powers of thought for some deep thinking. Considering it wasn't illegal then this is highly likely.


Anyway this aside,

"Deep thinking is not deep thinking if you need drugs.
That is drugged thinking.

I can understand why you might think that with your experience as a nurse. And believe me i don't advocate drug use but there is some ample evidence that it can provide great insight. I believe that used properly and respectfully they can provide many benifits. Including insight. The Ra materials talks about how '___' increases our vital energy. This is however another discussion.

Perhaps they could and can

I like this open mindedness more than your previously closed-minded statement.

Anyway Peace.

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 12:34 PM

Originally posted by Echtelion
but Christians are hardly deep thinkers, in the way that anyone who thinks deep enough will realize that the beliefs preached in the gospels and the Bible are hollow and have been recycled from past religions.
Ha! How unbelievably arrogant. To think that you know enough of people, Christianity, and "the mind", that you are qualified to make a statement like that.
Do you know how much thought goes into a serious study of Christianity?
Do you realize that true students of Christianity ALSO study other beliefs, and "non-belief systems"?
Do you realize that "science", in many fields, have found answers and clues in the Bible, the same as they have found answers and clues in other spiritual texts?
Do you realize how many scientists have become Christians later in life, after full scientific careers, after they study the Bible for strictly academic reasons?
Do you know how many well known, world-changing scientists, writers and leaders are, or were Christians?
I can go on and on. But, the point is, do you realize that you may not be correct?

I mean how can one be a deep thinker and never question the very idea of a "God"? And not wonder why is He called the "Father" if he is superior than any human form, and should not be of any gender? And what about the issue of defining Good and Evil? I'm not gonna start a lengthy diatribe on that, but there are for sure many fundamental question regarding Christian faith that simply do not seem to be asked by believers. And that completely makes sense like that, since when you are simply believing into something, you're just asserting, and imposing this "opinion" on ourself and the world around you.. but you are never questioning your own beliefs, values and concepts. You cannot doubt while asserting. You're just following what you've been told to believe in, as it is presented by authorities of your religion, whatever who that is.
Of course we question it! We are only "people". Even the most devout Christians will question and wonder and study, and try to figure this all out.
The teaching of "blind faith" is just a tool. There is no such thing. It's akin to "ignorance is bliss". And, in different forms, it is taught in other religions as well.
It is basically saying, "Hey! You aren't going to get anything concrete today. No evidence either way. You might as well DECIDE to believe, and give yourself a break. Just take it easy, and stop trying to control everything, and know everything."

A lot of what is taught, has been twisted by people. There are several reasons for many statements and actions, and symbols, etc, that one might see in most religious texts. A lot of it has to do with surviving. Finding peace in crazy times. Not getting crushed by "the world".

What I see a lot of, especially on this site, is the fact that people who have no in-depth study of the Bible, are acting upon hearsay, and viewing symbols and statements on face value alone. So much is actually metaphor, metaphysical symbolism, and even just little tricks and exercises a person can use to help themselves. I almost NEVER see any type of dialogue or communications acknowledging or showing any kind of "deeper" appreciation for, or understanding of these concepts.

And, just so you know, there are NO authorities of our religion. There are people that are twisted, and try to become "Authorities". And, there are people that are labeled, or focused upon as "Authorities" by people like yourself. But, that is all false.

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 12:38 PM
Those replies, Chaos, are very, very indicative of the level of intelligence that most people in our society have. You either have to accept it, or walk around perpetually pissed off.

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 01:18 PM

Originally posted by SpeakerofTruth
Those replies, Chaos, are very, very indicative of the level of intelligence that most people in our society have. You either have to accept it, or walk around perpetually pissed off.

I think I am going to found a new forum site soon...
The name is: Above Pissed Off...

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 01:41 PM
I would like to leave you with some questions and ideas. These questions are based on observations of how this thread flowed, who seemed to be chiming in, and with what perspectives.

Please note that this is not meant to be negative. And, it is not meant to create any sort of debate based on trivial details. Let's not "lawyer" this to death.
Just try to take in what I am writing, and chew on it a while.

1. Take a look back through this thread, and try to get an idea of the age groups that are present. Would you say that there seems to be a lot of younger people?

2. Would you agree that most of the younger members seemed to be on the same page? A distaste, if not a down-right hatred of all things Christian.

3. Would you agree that a lot of these members seemed to be stating extremely similar ideas, and even used similar wording?

4. What would be at the core of such similarities? Could it be similar sources, statements, topics, over and over, seeping into their minds?

5. In all honesty, is it possible, or probable that these younger members do not have all the facts, experience or studies that one should have, before adamantly taking such negative stands against a belief or a group?

6. Looking at the topic of this thread, and seeing where it ended up, and the hate that bubbled up once this specific "hot-button" was triggered, and viewing the lack of open-mindedness, tolerance and seeing how immovable the anti-Christian mindset is: Isn't it fair to assume that the anti-Christians showed a very strong aversion to opposing "Deep Thought"?
Let's really look at this.

7. With the breakdown of religious systems, and lack of moral guidelines, the loss of tradition and the way the spirits of young people have been ground down over the last 20 years, with no answers or leaders to fill in the gaps, do you really think things are BETTER for it?

8. Finally, to you younger members: And, this has nothing to do with Christianity... Do you really not realize that you have been getting a "Spiritual Lobotomy" from the powers that be? Your will, your heart, your compassion, seeping away. And, it wasn't always this way.

9. What if, you are being led away, and distracted from, or simply turned against all things that might be able to stop this process?

10. Since man first stood up, what things gave him Fire? Inspiration? Strength, hope, character? How did people become "Heroes"? How did they manage to accomplish impossible tasks? How were we able to think beyond our logic and reality?

Personally, when I was younger, I would have wondered about all of these things. And, I despised evidence of ANY type of manipulation.

Question EVERYTHING. Even the "Questioners".

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 02:08 PM

Originally posted by Aeons
Most people have never thought much about anything but their daily lives. This isn't a new phenomena. Quite the opposite. Thinking about things is the new phenomena.

There you have the one major reason why UFOs have been actively buzzing us for half a century--to get us thinking. To get a critical portion of us to accept a multitude of unthinkables: acknowledging ETs, ending nationalistic wars, building an ideal world government, the honest appraisal of our restrictive and repressive religions, etc.

What we need, what we--or at least, the younger folk--you folks--are coming to expect is a transformation, a New Age. Yes, I know, a corny and hackneyed term, but it best describes what needs to happen here on Terra. Any other thinking today is unduly influenced by what we can call "old world" thinking. Been there. Done that.

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 02:14 PM
reply to post by CHA0S

I feel ya Chaos. You make a very good point.

I'm a proud Christian, deep thinker, and I've been put in a so called "mental institution" twice. Believe it or not, the people that were there when I arrived that were supposedly mentally ill as well, were the sanest and smartest people that I have ever met in my life and I was happy to meet them.

There wasn't a thing wrong with those people, there wasn't a thing wrong with me.

After arriving at the mental institution, I investigated the reason why we were there. After talking to others, it was obvious the reason and I was shocked.

We were placed in that institution for believing in God basically. That's why we were there, for believing in something good.

Christians aren't being persecuted some say? Well I'm living proof that they are. After all, there is more than one way to be crucified. To crucify means to treat cruelly, that's why the good always die young in this world.

Well, here I am today. I'm stronger than ever, I'm still a Christian, I think deeper than I ever have, and still believe in the one and only true God.

Yep, I've been in a "mental institution" and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

People hate deep thinking Christians because we have a direct line to God, and we always figure things out. The other side hates us for that very reason.

The Christian bashing on this web-site is ridiculous. Bash me all you want it won't change a thing.

~ Zeus

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by CHA0S

He may have generalized a little bit...

He “may have”? A “little bit”?

not all Christians are the way he describes...but from what I can see...the VAST MAJORITY of them are PRECISELY how he describes...

There are billions of Christians on this planet. What is evidence supports his claim?

and he was in fact examining everything,

No he wasn’t. If he examined everything he wouldn’t have even made the claims.

not just the attitude of Christians, but what the bible teaches and how it has effected the world...

What the bible teaches humanity or what the bible teaches a specific group of bible in a specific time? What the bible teaches humanity or who humanity interprets the bible? Which is it?

and he WAS doing it without a emotional attachments and biased opinions...

No, the fact he generalized showed his bias.

this guy was merely putting forward an out-of-the-box idea which I fully agree with...if there is such a thing as Satan,

There is nothing “out of the box” or deep about what he was saying when the bible specifically talks about the kind of people he was talking about.

Christians are surely following him without even realizing it...

There you go generalizing just as your friend.

just remember this: If you start telling me I'm going to burn in Hell for eternity...if Hell does're the one going there...if you even begin telling me I'm living my life totally wrong, and need to change how I can just go to Hell...

Are you speaking in general or speaking to me specifically? Clarify and I’ll address this.

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 02:27 PM
I'm just talking about America here in the last couple of centuries,but "religion" used to bring people together.

Seems like it's the "evolution" crowds and New-Age believers that brought the division. Aided by the media and every other distraction known to man.

Though there were some pretty wide variables in belief systems,there was a general belief in God,an understanding of Right and Wrong,and a belief in there being consequences for sin,(here and in the hereafter).

The division we see now is sharper than ever.Now it's those who believe in God versus those who don't. Those who believe in Jesus as the Savior and those who don't.

When I think of things people have been taught, from the educational system and other schools of thought ,that all require "faith" to believe (such as the faith in the now-proven "global warming" scam) can any of the supposed "intellectuals" claim to be better Thinkers than those who believe in God?

It's just downright arrogance if you ask me,and Satan must be so proud to know what he has done! It means that many more souls destroyed and kept from the love of the Creator.

So,Christians are called the "crazy people" today if you think about it. So "behind-the-times" and all.

Call me crazy then! My faith will survive,but "knowledge" is ever-changing and being replaced with whatever "new and improved" ideas come along,often with a hidden agenda accompanying it.

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 03:48 PM
Call me crazy...

But concerning "Christian Theology". I wonder if many christians had consider this:

After God had created the "Angel Race" he created the most perfect being, the "Adamic Race" (Adam). And all the Angels was commanded by God to bow down before him (Adam). But one Angel disobeyed the divine mandate to bow down before him. His name was Lucifer (Satan, Samael). Lucifer had always been the closest Angel to God and he loved and adored God so deeply and intensely that he could not bring himself to bow before anything else, and because he refused to bow down to something inferior to him (since he was made of fire, and man from clay). It was from that moment on he and one third of the Angels fell from Heaven to Earth.
And God left Lucifer so he became separated from his love.

Lucifer felt betrayed by God and the cost of this was a "War of Angels" of such violence that it ultimately ended the Jewel of Earth's ability to sustain life. Lucifer made war against the throne of God. God commanded Michael to resist Lucifer. Michael and his Angels fought with Lucifer and his Angels. Lucifer tried to overthrow Heaven but was defeated and was forced to return back to earth. Lucifer fell like a bolt of lightening. The Angels that rebelled with Lucifer were hurled back to earth. God had commanded Lucifer to watch over this earth and Lucifer had not yet been relieved of his duty. the story goes.

But Christian people say that Lucifer and his followers (Fallen Angels)
are EXTREMELY EVIL and wants to corrupt and destroy mankind. It could be so (If your a Christian).

But this dosen't have any philosophical or rational ground.

If I may, I would like to compare this (story above) to a man who own's a amusement park. An inside this park children are happy, eats candy, laughs and enjoys life etc. But suddenly the owner of the amusment park opens the front gate to let the crulest and most evil criminals of this planet to enter into this park to do evil. Then when they are all inside the owner closes the gate to the park for good. So is this owner of the park a good person?
- No, he must be an extremely evil person indeed.
Well, so must God also be evil to throw Satan and his companions down to earth, to do evil things among the inhabitants of the Earth.
- Thank you God for that!

So to all Christians, Jews and muslims, YOUR GOD IS EVIL (Just read the Five books of Moses.)

..nuff said.

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 04:16 PM
All of my freinds and family think im crzy because I like to think and talk about how things work.

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