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These countries will usher in NWO.

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posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 06:45 AM

There is a lake in Antarctica that is more than 2 miles below ground. It is 250KM long and 50KM wide. The lake has been coverd by froven water for over 400,000 years, although it is still an unfroven lake. Because of the long isolation, it's believed that Lake Vostok could contain new lifeforms, and unique geochemical processes. because of its millennia of isolation from the rest of the world, it cannot be explored without introduction of microbes from the outer world.

Operation High Jump was performed by the United States and was an exploration of Antarctica which established a postal service there in the late 1940's. So the question is what did Admiral Byrd see? When he returned to the US he mentioned that he saw UFO's and now believes in them. He was soon forced into a mental hospital. So what was the overall goal of this mission? What did the US postal service want to keep secret about his trip?

So we know that the Nazi's evacuated the from the Baltic Sea just before they lost the war and sent many scientists with them, notably an anti-gravity scientist. So they built their base in New Schwaubia. Now the US went there and then left for about 10 years then went to Antarctica again. So the Nazi's have had a base there for a long time and have been experimenting with anti-gravity technology and supposed UFO's.

This states that the UFO's are intentially trying to warn us of the Illuminati's plans for world totalitarianism. The UFO's are fighting against the Illuminati to try and save our lives but we refuse to listen.

So here is my conclusion after analyzing the data. The Nazi's made contact with UFO's back in the 1930's, they apparently got 'friendly' with the aliens and told them about their plans for a New World Order that will be usherd in. At the time the United States was blind to Hitler's power in Europe and his searching for occultist information all around the world. This lead the Nazi's to colonize New Schwaubia in Antarctica. They built up their base there as a hiding place in case Hitler's plan (A) turned sour and they lost the war. When they knew they were losing they sent their top scientists to New Schwaubia to colonize and continue with their top secret technology building. In the late '40s the United States did operation High Jump to establish a postal service in Antarctica around New Schwaubia. Then after their trusted Admiral Byrd learned of some of the secrets happening there he talked of UFO's which he was soon locked up into a mental home. Nobody heard from him since then. So the United States stayed away from the Antarctica for 10 years as the Nazi's continued with their build up in New Schwaubia. They had to keep the world distracted for a very long time from the thoughts of the Nazi's so the world had to establish a huge rivalry which would keep everyone anxious not of Nazi's but of the Cold War. Then when Eisenhower was president we launched the Vietnam war and around that same time we returned to Antarctica after the British were already there. There are exactly 31 countries with a base in Antarctica; Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China,
Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russia, Belarus, South Africa,
South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay. Now lets analyze these countries.
G20: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States. These are 14/30 countries with claims in Antarctica.
EU only: Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden. 8/30 countries are in the EU(excluding all other international organisations).
WTO: Chile, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, South Africa, Ukraine, Uruguay. 8/30 countries are in the WTO(excluding all other international organizations).
Only 1 country is not part of any of these organizations and that is Belarus, but note the only base they have is shared with Russia and they are part of CIS.
All of these countries are part of inergovernmental organizations other than just the UN. Which leads me to believe that these countries are either participating or know about the plans of the NWO. So you are probably asking what Lake Vostok has to do with all of this. Well they said it could have bacteria and other organisms that have been seperated from the rest of the world for around 1 million years. So they have had time to evolve into potentially dangerous materials which could be used for many types of purposes that we can't even imagine. So the Nazi's have been working with the American's and Russian's to dig down to the lake. Why the Russians too? Because Lake Vostok is located on Russian territory in Antarctica so they would need Russia's permission to research the site. Now the US has known about Nazi's being located there for years and used a war that was used to distract people from what the Nazi's could be doing and worry about what the Americans are doing and Russians could be doing. So when the Soviet Union collapsed it was planned because the threat had to change because people were beginning to lose touch with the fear of Russia and America in the '80s. So after Russia collapsed Al-Qaeada entered our world and we had 9/11. This set the stage for another worldwide distraction in the West. Who were we trying to distract the west from? Russia and China. We were distracting the people of the west so that we could build up the Russian and Chinese economies by allowing the Chinese to suck up all of our debt and send all of our jobs and companies over there and allow the Russians to tap into their vast oil reserves without panick from the west.

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posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 07:10 AM
Continuing from my first post...

As the Russian, Chinese and even Indian economies grew we expanded the G8 to the G20. In the west we have been able to keep China and Russia in the fear category but also able to keep them only in the back of our minds as we send them our jobs and we fight the terrorists. So in New Schwaubia the Nazi's are currently working on their own UFO technology as many of the UFO's we see are actually fake. The MSM, scientists, and government continue to mock the idea of UFO's and aliens as conspiracy theories to make sure that people never actually try and listen to their warnings that they post in the crop circles. They are warning us of our future hell on earth where these 31 countries will dominate the world, or atleast the EU, US, and all others in the G20. These countries are currently working with the Nazi's to develope devestating bacteria that who knows what it might do if unleashed. They are all working for the Illuminati and are the controllers of the world.But that leads to the question why are Nazi UFO's so important to the NWO? They will usher in the project blue beam instead of satellites in space. They will lift people up in mid air and will basically try and brain wash the masses. They know not everyone will fall prey so they have the plan to tag us like cattle. There are secret prisons waiting for people who reject their ideas. But before they can usher in their Illuminati plans they will have to kill off millions of people with the bacteria they find at the bottom of Lake Vostok. For their plans to work they will need complete control of the population while also keeping us blind to this control. They will deprive the world of water and will alter our climate so that they will have a reason to implent tight control over the world. But they will surely have serious bumps in the road since not all countries know of this secret world takeover and will not play into their games. They have been testing their projects for decades now and no person actually knows if they are still decades off from being able to impliment their takeover or only years. First they will need a world war that will kill millions and will give an excuse for a new form of deadly disease that will come from advanced weaponry. They will proclaim they don't know how it happened but that it is from war. As the world war wages on they will unleash their biological disease to the world in an attempt to lower the population to a more controllable level for when they do a mirror immage of project blue beam. By this time it will probably be to late to save ourselves as they impliment the New World Order with the G20 as the controller of the world. Notice that the G20 countries have all of the resources we need to survive? This is absolutely necessary when hundreds of millions die if not possibly in the billions. To help back up my thoughts of a NWO and huge disease after WW3 and during WW3 respectively.
The Swine Flu was not in anyway their attempt to produce a serious disease. The disease that will be put upon people in WW3 will be the worst in human history. They need excuses to cause wars and the greatest excuses are natural disasters which leaves one to wonder. Is all of these natural disasters that are now happening man made or just really good timing for the establishment of WW3.

I would definitaly love a compelling argument and any extra information that you can add to this thread.

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posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 07:47 AM
I forgot to mention. If you have the time read through all of these websites to help with this theory

posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 07:48 AM
I have known about this for years, but I don't buy into your hyperbole on lake vostok, for russia has been the only one trying to develop the lake so

posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 07:52 AM
reply to post by Misoir
If you want to know anything about the nwo and things like the UN, Nato, league of nations, federal reserve, imf, world bank, etc, just google it along with the Rothschilds. You'll be reading for years!

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