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TNIV to be discontinued. NIV update in 2011.

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posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 08:16 PM

A revision of the New International Version of the Bible will be available in 2011, according to a joint announcement Sept. 1 by Zondervan, Biblica and the Committee on Bible Translation. The revision will mark the first complete update of the NIV since 1984.

Zondervan also said the new translation's publication will mark the end of the TNIV, the controversial version released in full in 2005 with gender-neutral language.

"The new 2011 NIV is all about maintaining and enhancing the original values of the NIV for today's readers. We're looking for a translation that is above all accurate, that says what the original authors said in a way they would have said it had they been speaking English to the global English speaking audience today," Moo said.

"Whatever its strengths were, the TNIV divided the evangelical Christian community," Moe Girkins, Zondervan's president, said. "As we launch this new NIV in 2011, we will discontinue putting out new products with the TNIV."

Randy Stinson, president of The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood -- an organization critical of the TNIV's changes -- applauded the move to discontinue the controversial translation.

Girkins said Zondervan's goal is for the 2011 version to be a unifying translation among international readers, and she noted that when the publisher changed its products from the '78 version to the '84 version, the transition took about two years to complete.

"Again, there will be a transition period. I don't know how long that will take. I imagine a couple of years, but we do not intend to continue to publish the '84 or the TNIV editions in the long term," she said.


also here is the company's website about the NIV 2011 update.

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