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TA-INDIVIDUALS: Sadr aide seized in war-torn Najaf

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posted on May, 26 2004 @ 04:50 PM
US-led forces killed dozens of supporters loyal to cleric Moqtada Sadr in a night of fighting in Iraq that saw one of his key lieutenants arrested in a raid on his home in the holy city of Najaf. Sayyed Ryad al-Nuri, is wanted in connection with the murder of cleric Abdel Majid Al Khoi in April 2003, and is being handed over to Iraqi authorities Nuri was arrested at his Najaf home at 4:00am (midnight GMT) without a fight in a series of coordinated raids on the homes of key Sadr aides. However, hospital sources in Sadr City said only one dead person and 20 wounded had been brought in overnight.
Top aide seized

Iraqi sources said Sayyed Ryad al-Nuri, a close aide to the Mehdi Army's leader, was taken without a fight during raids in the city.
But a battle raged through the night in Najaf's vast cemetery, with US sources reporting about 50 gunmen killed. In Baghdad, some 20 of Mr Sadr's armed followers are also said to have died.

US tanks and helicopter gunships sought out positions of the Mehdi Army (MA), who fought back with rocket-propelled grenades and mortars. A Sadr spokesman talked of a "true slaughter house" among the tombs.

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posted on May, 26 2004 @ 06:28 PM
Seems this story got lost in the attention to possible terror attacks, good news always gets ignored.

Al-Sadr Offers to Remove Militia From Najaf'
Fox News

Al-Sadr's Militia Has Fled Karbala, Fox News yesterday.

Seems the uprising is on the downhill slide, wonder when the rest of the media is going to figure this out.


posted on May, 27 2004 @ 12:17 AM
Note that the agreement was "negotiated" immediately following his ragtag "army" getting an industrial-sized can of whoopass dumped on them by our boys and girls over there.
I love it.


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