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Starwalker Television show.

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posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 02:12 AM
Another memebr posted here saying he got accepted to the Starwalker television show, i got upset because i did aswell but did not recieve anything back.

Well, i just got an email saying i did get in. I'll post it up right now:

Congratulations! We have selected you to be an entrant in STARWALKER. This means that, subject to all normal terms and conditions of entry you will be a competitor in at least the first episode of our show. It will be entirely your efforts which will determine your progress tosubsequent episodes. Full briefing and all documents related to same will be sent to you by theDirectors of Operations at a later date. What you will receive at that timewill include amongst other things: 1. a medical questionnaire. THIS MUST BE COMPLETED, AND COMPLETEDACCURATELY. 2. an affidavit. THIS MUST BE SWORN OR AFFIRMED AND RETURNED TO US WITHINFIVE DAYS. scanning it and emailing it is fine. Otherwise post it toStarwalker c/o PO BOX 2232 TUGGERANONG ACT CANBERRA AUSTRALIA 2902 3. an information pack containing etiquette, onscreen behaviour, locationsand other mandatory information. For now we recommend joining with us on Facebook, visiting the blogfrequently for updates, and also checking in on the website although thislast is less important. You will soon see advertised "free entry on website" and "paid entry bymobile phone" for our programme. YOU ARE ALREADY SELECTED FOR ENTRY.Therefore do NOT re-enter. You are as of now fully under the terms and conditions of the show. Pleasebe aware of this, it is within the discretion of the Producers to excludeyou from the show at any time for any breach of the terms and conditions. Information relating to the episodes and challenges will gradually be madeavailable as part of a "teaser" process on the Facebook group. We wouldstrongly suggest that you join that group and visit often to get maximumadvantage. We can confirm for you immediately that Episode 1 consists ofthree filming days, four non-filming days covering the following content foryou: *** Offscreen:Executive Producer's Welcome*Final check of your certificate, affidavit, identity and bona fides*Legal clearances*Medical clearances*Training adviceInformation evening on how we will film youHints and CluesWho Are You? Defining Yourself To An Audience (Be Yourself) Departure - anyone too scared to continue may leave at this point. Onscreen: EPISODE 1 "THE SEARCH" DAY 1: THE RACEFilming of preparation, lecture and meet-and-greetFilming of interviews at discretion of Segment Director and Presenters21 kilometre "Half Marathon": Segment 1 "How Much Do You Want It?"After-Race InterviewsThe Cut (50% of entrants eliminated) DAY 3: BOAT CHALLENGEFilming of preparation, lecture and meet-and-greetFilming of interviews at discretion of Segment Director and Presenters"Boat Challenge": Segment 2 "Live Together"After-Challenge InterviewsThe Cut (50% of entrants eliminated) All safety, medical and referee supervision is provided by the show and isof professional standard. All medical and safety intervention is done byrelevant independent bodies, and not by the show. If the independentobservers call a halt to an activity for you, THAT ACTIVITY IS HALTED FORYOU. Allowance is always made for the effect such intervention, if itoccurs, may have on other competitors. As you can see, at the end of filming of the first Episode, we will halvedthe entrants group twice. Please try not to be upset if you are eliminated,the probability is high that the competition will be tough, physically andmentally. Even to compete is an achievement. *** There will be much more information for you closer to the date. At thisstage filming of Episode 1 "The Search" will take place worldwide in May2010. If you successfully pass to later rounds, you will need to beavailable May 2010 through April 2011 at the absolute maximum, inclusive. Finally, it is up to you and is your responsibility to get to the filminglocation for Episode 1 when you are informed of this location. Should youprogress past Episode 1 we will then provide the DIRECT expenses and travelassociated with the show. But for Episode 1- IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY toattend. However for now, please accept the sincere congratulations of the entireproduction team. Even having the determination and bravery to enter theSTARWALKER competition marks you out from the ordinary and indicates youhave a more than average degree of intrepidity. Celebrate that! Congratulations again, and best of luck to each and all of you! Sandy Lorenz, PA to Jonathan NolanOffice of Executive Producer,STARWALKER

It was spaced out in the email, but after reading it i am thinking that its just some hoax. can anyone clarify if this is real or not? and not just your opinion, i want someone that KNOWS!

If its real, sick im going to space!

(any words stuck together is due to the copy and paste, not bad spelling)

[edit on 20-1-2010 by gandhi]

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 02:52 AM
You should definately be able to contact the show to make sure it is not a hoax. Also, you might want to compare the response with the other member of ats if you can.
Good luck to you, I hope it's legit.

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 04:49 AM
reply to post by heyo

So your sure its going to be an actual show?

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