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Bank Of America customers PLEASE READ!

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posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 09:13 PM
Hello all,

I just wanted to give a heads up to any members who have Bank of America as holder of your home loans. Please review your escrow account summeries!!! My wife and I got our new statement for the up coming year and we were shocked to see our home loan payment had jumped from $1743 to $1998 after careful inspection we noticed Bank of America had paid our county taxes 3 times in one year out of our escrow.
And had sent us a bill for 1,100 dollars to update our escrow. I know there are some people who would have just paid this with out inspect. Please watch your accounts with this bank. If we hadn't looked over this they could have just cashed out an extra 1,853.00 in "county taxes" and if your not watching your accounts they could have just pocketed that cash. They also failed to get the correct tax information on our house and property as our value declined as did our property tax and BOA just increased the escrow without doing their home work on tax values in our area. Be aware!!!!

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