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USWGOs site almost taken down by Obama supporters and hacker attackers

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posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 10:16 AM
This was an email sent to me by my host with certain information blacked out to prevent more problems.

Through being polite and nice (even though I was hell mad) I manage to get my account unsuspended for now but that shows you the elite wants me dead and gone because my sites like the new drudge report.

Yes another truth website/blog was taken down and yes it is my special site including the Hyipo Network.

Obama worshipers did tore down USWGO, host sent me a email claiming I sent massive spam or bulk emails.

I am trying to ask them to let me backup my accounts data and if not I will contact the BBB and the attorney general.

The Obama worshipers are at it again!

Now is gone forever
f them I justwanna beat them up. That is the exact reason I wanted to compare Obama to Osama is because his worships intemidate and attack like Al Qadea followers.

This is a sad day for truther history. I gave up a lot of good opinions and view points and even tried to protect an autistic boy from being a felon.

THIS IS AWFULL!!!! I feel like crying being treated like scum.

This is the email from my host:


Dear Brian Hill,

The hosting account listed below has been suspended. The reason for suspension is also listed below.



Account Status:

Suspension Date:

2010-01-18 23:36:24

Reason for Suspension:
Sending SPAM/Bulk emails is NOT ALLOWED on ******'s servers. Account suspended.

Please contact us at ************* or by replying to this email ASAP to resolve this issue.

Thank you for choosing ********,

****** Support

Sorry I have to black out the hosts name for security purposes and so Obama worshipers won't start complaing to my host.

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 02:39 PM
This isn't a simple attack. This attack has been coordinated because this attack against me has been several days after I planned to have more volunteers helping me on the site and rebelling against the establishment system.

Before then as I was building the web forms with scripts and form processors and using recaptcha to prevent spam within 30 minutes even with security software I received the smit fraud trojan out of nowhere and started bringing down my computers, harvesting my passwords, and emails and possibly sending viruses to everybody I ever contacted. I did restore my computer and then I got my web hosting account suspended. I did get it unsuspended but they won't let me back in my cpanel. Somebody is playing games with me at my host and it was probably an obama worshiper because I battled several foreigner friends I had because they been brainwashed to worship Obama and when I told them I didn't think Obama did a great job and worked to get rid of file sharers and didn't want me downloading anime or anything that person called me a f stick and left me because I didn't like Obama back then for working with RIAA executives.

So I have been making many foreign and domestic enemies since I started attacking Obama too and lost many of my friends and friends that stuck by me and went to college had obama worshipping roomates and then they got brainwashed to think I'm a loony and left me and ignores any messages I sent them even my ex girlfriend that is easily influenced by friends and peer pressure.

My web hosts entire support system is based in India or another country that has probably been aided by U.S. forces which is why I am scared that Obama is helping haidi because now they will turn on me since they are being helped by Obama Bush and Clinton. More and more foreigners are acting like Obama is the messiah like he is the new Jesus Christ but he is a false Christ. He is the anti-christ just like Bush, Hitler, Stalin, Mai, and other anti-christs apart of the organizations against Jesus because Jesus was a freedom loving peaceful man that did not believe in violent revolutions and they killed him just like Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr which I talked about in my website before it got shut down.

I have been attacked since I went against Obama for wanting the ACTA passed.

Before then my website went offline from time to time and now even after my web host reinstated


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