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Wife dreamed of lizards and I a dragon...

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posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 08:47 AM
Hello BTS,

Last couple of weeks my wife and I had two very strange dreams. My wife had told me about her dream about lizard people roaming the earth and eating people. Now my wife is not a sci-fi person, doesn't visit any forums like this, and is just a regular every day person. That's what got my attention when she mentioned her dream. She said these lizards were about 10 feet tall and had scales. She said they were not clothed and were going around hunting people. She said they were dark green and dark red.

About a week later I had a very vivid dream. One of those dreams were you think logically like it's real life. For some reason my wife and I were in the country in a small house. The house had a huge window in the living room right above the coach and next to the coach was the door. I remember looking at the window and seeing this dragon figure on top of a small hill. It was getting dark so I could only make out that it had wings and resembled a dragon figure.

Next thing I now I was trying to hide from it but my wife was using the restroom and she had the light on. So I knew I had to get her out of there and turn off the lights so it wouldn't find us. Then I remember grabbing a couple of knives from the kitchen and gave two big ones to my wife and two for me. My wife was on the coach and I was backed into a dark corner that faced the door.

Then I saw this wing pushing the door open very slowing like a robber would slowly sneak in. As the door opened more and it's body was in position I lunged at it with my two kitchen knifes hoping to kill it. I could not see what color it looked like but I do believe it had scales as well. When I lunged my breath was very deep and I woke up before I struck with very deep breath.

I have not watched, heard, read of any dragon tails, videos, or books before I had this dream. Anyone's opinion is appreciated on what they think of these dreams.

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