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Enir Nabu's take on things messing with your brain

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posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 02:39 PM
Silent Weapon for a Quiet War like Bill Cooper said.

You don't know to fight back when you don't even know a war is being waged on you. Apartheid never ended. The people who made Apartheid happen (the Debeers family among others) made it appear that all the "white enslavers" were toppled. No they didn't. They just took "faces" on. The same companies that ran that ran South Africa then run it now. Subversively that's all. It's family owned business. Has been forever. It's not stopping because a few million people are pissed. The "owners" just have to make it seem like they gave in and met the public's demand to stop the madness. Nelson Mandela is NOT as cool as you think he is. Do the knowledge on him immediately.

This is the same as what happens to us daily. Subversive war. You wake up and you're not allowed to have free thought. Or not as much as you should. You're bombarded by things the system that exists has had in it since before you were born. Bills. Money. Payments. Dollars. Illness. Worry. As most people say "everything in moderation". Yea...we all worry. But we've been bombarded with man made things to keep us subdues, preoccupied and worried all the time. It seems things are cool and ok because of sales at stores, good music, restaurants, etc., but you have to be aware that the whole time you're existing there ARE powers that be that are bigger than you, have been around longer than you, whose job it is to know what makes us tick, etc., and not all of these powers that be are particularly nice.

Awareness is better than foresight sometimes.

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 02:47 PM
reply to post by enir nabu

Sure. By now, thanks in large part to internet and the leisure via which to access it, most are aware that the movies are no reflection of real life

History also teaches 'same old same'

What to do about it though, is something else

Most are aware of the injustices going on all around them from as far back as they can remember, just as they learn that justice is in short supply as far as the average person's concerned and the situation will remain that way

You've told us what most of us know and thank you

But do you have any information to impart as far as rectifying the situation ?

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