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The 911 web of intrigue

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posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 12:42 PM
Every time I look deeper into the fairy tale known as the OS it becomes more clear that this story some call a conspiracy one day will deemed "true". If it hasn't already to some based on the fallacies & untruths already uncovered. Below are some more less known but equally important problems with the OS.

Are we sure that we got all of the terrorists involved on 911?

A Saudi Military Flight Instructor Who Died Mysteriously On May 8 Had The Same Name as Two 9/11 Terrorists Who Lived At The Same U.S. Naval Air Base. Two other test pilots also dying with Saudi Air Force Major Ambarak S. Alghamdi were employed by Raytheon Corporation, which possesses technology capable of disrupting flight controls and taking down aircraft with a secret pulse-ray technology.

This, as reports revealed that President Bush's brother, Governor Jeb Bush, was on board the C-130 military aircraft that flew out of Sarasota airport the day after the attacks, carrying FBI agents who had collected criminal evidence--all the flight instruction evaluations, after-action reports, personality profiles, and financial records of all Arab terrorist flight students at Huffman Aviation School in Venice, Florida.

Remember some of the purported hijackers reported dead on 9111 are alive & well. It makes one wonder how many more are still out there, planing future attacks.


Justice Department attempts to shut down evidence of 911.

This action will permit Feinberg to force families to listen to his attempts to convince them to give up their lawsuits -- accepting his reduced financial offers, instead of taking their chances for fair compensation in court, but also for justice and accountability.

On June 20, Bush Administration officials quietly informed a New York judge of their intention to commence legal actions likely to be far-reaching in their constitutional, political, and individual rights implications pertaining to current lawsuits and government secrecy related to the attacks on September 11, 2001. The moves were revealed in a letter obtained from a confidential source, with two other sources corroborating its existence, adding additional information. U.S. Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division Robert D. McCallum, Jr. and United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York James B. Comey advised U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein, also of the Southern District of New York, that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will intervene to control access to all evidence and documents related to all private litigation before Hellerstein’s court regarding the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 -- citing “grave national security concerns” as their motivation.

Story here

CIA asset tied to bin Laden infiltrated FBI before 9/11.

Heneghan, a federal whistleblower, also confirmed Lance’s assertions that Ali was Osama bin Laden’s chief spy who infiltrated the CIA, FBI and the Green Berets at Fort Bragg, indicating that “Osama bin Laden [aka Tim Osman] has been a CIA asset ever since the 1980’s, having illegally purchased Stinger missiles from U.S. officials for use against the Russians in Afghanistan.”

Story here

The top 11 lines of inquiry of 9/11
By Kyle F. Hence

1) Deception: Why, when the Administration and the intelligence community had more than adequate intelligence regarding the precedent for, and the threat of, airplanes being used as weapons, did they lie to the American people and the world when Condoleezza Rice and Ari Fliesher said at the May 18th White House press conference that, "no one could have imagined…[etc.]"? Similarly, why in the immediate aftermath did they insist they had received no warnings of an imminent attack when in fact the intelligence briefing given the President on August 6th in Crawford contained just such warnings?

2) Air Defenses: Given detailed warnings (i.e. "domestic hijackings" by Al-Qaeda) from US and foreign intelligence, why did Air defenses appear unprepared, and in fact, did not respond per standard operating procedure and as required by Federal law to scramble jets to intercept the hijacked planes on the morning of September 11th? Why did V.P. Cheney, say on Meet the Press that the administration had decided to make the decision to intercept when in fact it is standard procedure followed as a matter of course?

3) Pre-9/11 Insider Trading: Short-selling experts (i.e. Phil Erlanger www. erlanger squeeze play. com) have estimated insiders with apparent detailed knowledge of the attacks netted billions of dollars in put option trading in United and American Airlines and other carefully selected stocks. Why has the SEC investigation launched in Oct. 2001 been completely silent and not been able to publicly identify and prosecute those who quite literally "made a killing". The anthrax investigation also lied dormant for months. Investigators determined that it the highly weaponized anthrax came from within the US; was that the case with the insider trading as well?

4) Money trail--FBI-confirmed wire transfer to Mohammed Atta: What was the nature and substance of the D.C. meetings held in the week prior the attack between high level US officials (Colin Powell, George Tenet, and Richard Armitage, and Marc Grossman) ISI Chief Pakistani General Mahmoud Ahmad? On the morning of September 11th, what was discussed between Porter Goss, Bob Graham (and other members of Congress) and the ISI Chief who was later implicated in the wiring of $100,000 to hijacker ringleader Mohammed Atta? [The insider trading money trail (see above) is a hotter trail and in all likelihood will lead to a larger circle of complicity moving far more money]

The rest here

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posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 03:15 PM
reply to post by mikelee

Star and Flag for you because you are asking questions and seeking the truth!

“They” always say, “Follow the money”. The people who call those of us who don’t swallow the official storyline, Truthers don't seem to answer all of the questions raised! These name callers poke holes in statements of eyewitnesses accounts, but they never seem to answer the why there is such a money trail before, during and after 911. Values raised, insurance increases, weird stock movements and lets not forget the stories of money including gold that was lost in those 3 WTC buildings complete collapse.

One of the best stories I personally have is the BBC report of WTC 7 collapse 30 minutes before it happened. I was on a flight from Heathrow to SFO and was force landed in Edmonton, Canada. My wife knowing I was in the air when 911 happened was very upset. She recorded the BBC news so I would be able to view it when I came home. The BBC reporter stated that WTC building 7 has collapsed. The sad sick joke was over her right shoulder you can see Building 7 still standing. It fell 30 minutes later! I only wish I could get that reporter to give me the winning lotto numbers for next week draw!

I am also bothered by the why EPA spokeswoman Christine Todd Whitman who made her statement about air quality after 911 and then our government turned their backs on these heroes’ medical expenses or compensation?

Lets not forget that there are eyewitnesses whose official statements are missing from the 911 Commission Report, why?

So many questions so little answers. I would like to believe my government was not involved in 911 but until all of the many questions are answered in a proper manner I cannot. My logic, which was developed by the American Educational System, will not allow acceptance without proper answers.

I will not write out my entire list of questions as it would be a waste of space and of course the Internet and ATS have many postings over these 911 outstanding questions. Regardless of your point of view on what was responsible for 911 there are far too many questions that remain unanswered and worse, nobody but the Truthers seems to want to know the answers.

I do know this, however, that the TPTB has always wanted a long-term sustainable war in which 911 has fulfilled their dream. There are now two wars going on with no exit strategy in sight. TPTB must be pleased. President Obama promised in an election speech that, he would, if elected, bring our boys home. Instead of doing this he has asked for more money to be made available for the war efforts. This, of course, leads to another question, how can a warmonger win a Nobel Peace Prize?

The truth can set us all free! I want to believe our government was innocent of any wrong doings over 911, but with the government resisting answering any of these questions I cannot even start to believe.

I am starting to see this abbreviation "OS" in ATS threads. I am at a lost to work out the meaning. I have searched Google and 99.9% of the answers is Operating System.... This, however, doesn't fit contextually. I would be extremely grateful if someone could give me a proper meaning to this "OS" and “Osers”! Thank you.

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by IceHappy

OS = Official Story. Or as I call it, Operational Suitability because the story fits the operation (911).

Great post also, star to you!!


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