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Obama increases threat level against Israel

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posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 10:12 AM
Check out the last few Paragraphs - I find this sort of interesting
it is weird thats for sure but so is the times in which we live....
maybe someone here might be able to put this into prospective....

by Emanuel A. Winston,
Middle East Analyst & Commentator

It has been reported that American President Barack Hussein Obama has
threatened Israel with a cut-off of aid and a cut-off of loan
guarantees unless Israel bows to Muslim Arab Palestinian demands - in
addition to Saudi demands.

This is too reminiscent of the threats by then President George
Herbert Walker Bush and his Secretary of State James Baker III, when
Yitzhak Shamir was Prime Minister. Bush and Baker threatened to
withhold the loan guarantees to help absorb the million or more
refugees from the Soviet Union. (Remember that loan guarantees are
not gifts of money but, just "guarantees" enabling Israel to gain
funds on loan from banks as somewhat lower rates of interest.)

The Bush/Baker plan was to push Shamir out of office because he
refused to accept another Muslim Arab Palestinian State within
Israel’s heartland because Shamir correctly viewed that as too great
an existential threat to Israel’s survival and sovereignty.

In addition, the U.S. President and Arabist State Department wanted
an Israeli Prime Minister who would easily bend to U.S. demands that
Israel accommodate Yassir Arafat. The U.S. then and now are using
threats to force Israel to abandon strategic Land from our ancestral
homeland, gifted to the Jewish people in perpetuity by G-d - as well
as Jerusalem, our Eternal, Holy Capital.

Bush/Baker had selected Yitzhak Rabin as their designated Prime
Minister who, along with Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin (all three
long known as Labor Party Leftists), gave the U.S. the Oslo Accords.

Now it is Obama playing the same game of betrayal and pressure
against current Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, not known
for his will to resist pressure from Washington Arabists. Today’s
threat comes through U.S. Special Envoy to the Middle East, George
Mitchell, who happens to be Lebanese.

There are some reports that Mitchell/Obama are downplaying this
"implied" (but stated) threat. However, given Obama’s obvious
hostility to the Jewish Nation/State and his efforts to bow to and
placate the Muslim Terrorist States like Iran and Syria by
threatening Israel, it is hard to believe any such denials of threat.

Moreover, prior threats to Israel, under both George H.W. Bush and
George W. Bush to accept the so-called Saudi plan for Israel to
withdraw to the 1967 "border" (which were actually the 1948 Armistice
Lines) tells a different story.

Israel was then (and perhaps now) threatened with a cut-off of
aviation fuel, spare parts for aircraft bought from the U.S.,
technology - despite the innovations Israel had given to the U.S. -
for aircraft, armor, artillery and more. Israel was threatened to
force her obedience despite the existential risks to her safety,
security and sovereignty.

It seems that Obama and his advisors - like James Baker III, Zbigniew
Brzezinski, Brent Scowcroft, among the other hostiles on his staff,
such as Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, wish to promote a complete
severence between America and Israel. Presently, Obama is backing
away from even minor sanctions of Iran and continues his delaying
plans, pushing Israel to make the strike against Iran’s Nuclear
operations. (If you want to eye-ball the Nuclear R&D sites in Iran,
just view National Geographic’s August 2008 issue and its excellent
map with those sites labeled clearly. A few new ones, formerly
"secret" like at Qom, need to be added.)

Iran’s nuclear threat would be catastrophic to Israel but, also to
the 300,000-500,000 Americans based in the Middle East, Europe,
Russia and even America by submarine or plane. Then, when Israel is
forced to take out Iran’s Nuclear sites, Obama can castigate Israel
for whatever retaliation Iran can muster - even to the point of
severing relations with Israel, terminating paid for arms shipments
and blaming Israel for what Obama should have done - but, he wimped

I hope it doesn’t turn out that Netanyahu is a co-conspirator in this
plan so he can claim he has no choice in evacuating 300,000 Jewish
men, women and children from Judea and Samaria, plus 40,000 from the
Golan Heights - the Jordan Valley, and 300,000 from Jerusalem. (G-d

All of these pointless sacrifices of Jewish blood, sweat, savings and
tears will only endanger the Jewish Nation/State - both in Israel and

These have been favorite targets of the radical Leftist, Israel’s
current Defense Minister Ehud Barak. If I was looking for the
fingerprints of Israeli Leftists who deliberately practiced
subversion against the Jewish Nation/State, I would check the
documentary evidence (computers, emails, phone records, etc.) of
Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, Yossi Beilin and, lastly PM Netanyahu (who
I hope would not be so implicated).

Obama needs a battle he can win through pressuring Israel under the
false illusion that the Muslim Arabs, be they Palestinians, Fatah,
Iranians, Syrians, Saudis, Hezb’Allah or Hamas will never cease
assaulting Israel under their mandate of Koranic Law.

Obama confirms to the World that Allies had better watch their step
when relying upon the promises of Obama to keep even the past
treaties they have signed in good faith.

On the mystical level, many believe that the rise up of a people with
evil motivations in their religion, like the radical Muslim
Islamists, is a punishment for what the nations have done to the
Jews. If that is a fact, Obama has tracked this filth into his own
House and to America who didn’t deserve the catastrophes visited upon
her innocent citizens.

I refer especially to the financial meltdown, the extreme weather,
freezing oranges in Florida, earthquake in Eureka, California,
tornadoes, hurricanes, swine flu, ‘et al’. Perhaps not so strangely,
each time American and Europe join Islam in bashing Israel, terrible
things happen to their countries: Money goes bad; crops are either
frozen or killed by drought; disease becomes rampant, mutating into
more virulent forms (and the vaccines have built-in dangers). Perhaps
it is all "coincidental" but I wouldn’t bet on it.

As Obama plans his attacks on Israel, up crops Yemen as another
Afghanistan and Obama doesn’t know what to do. Perhaps he can send
George Mitchell as an envoy to Yemen to talk-talk-talk to Al Qaeda.

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posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 10:27 AM
At this this hoax came from a credible source....

...oh wait...

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 10:30 AM
What a crock....Israel/Zionist's own the U.S. and Obama is a puppet.

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 10:32 AM
Bah! The Jews are always crying about getting "their" money and the world trying to prevent them from continuing their genocidal attacks against innocent Palestinians. I hope to God that Obama IS, in fact, cutting of their aid and loans. It would be the one good thing he will have done as President so far. I will keep an oeye on this one. Thnaks for the info.

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 10:34 AM
Yeah -- Israel-hating Anti-Semite Obama is an Israeli Puppet.

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by Anti-Evil

If Obama withdraws aid to Israel,God will punish the United States.
Our support of Israel is what is protecting us right now.

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 11:04 AM
If helping Israel is the only thing keeping "God" from punishing the U.S then that is a God I can live without. As for Israels entitlement is concerned I say baloney. The U.S is sovereign and should decide for itself who gets aid. God should have nothing to do with it.


posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 11:10 AM
reply to post by Anti-Evil

You sounding as spokes person for Israel using ATS for your purpose.

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 12:44 PM
Taking the words right out of Obama's mouth our government is "Acting stupidly." They can whine all they want about Israel but at the end of the day they are still the good guys Israel not our government lol.

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 12:51 PM

Originally posted by mamabeth
reply to post by Anti-Evil

If Obama withdraws aid to Israel,God will punish the United States.
Our support of Israel is what is protecting us right now.

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 06:22 AM
reply to post by thebulldog

Have you ever heard this?When speaking about Israel,I will bless those
that bless you and curse those that curse you.Would you prefer the blessings or the curses? I choose the blessings.

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