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I have important information for you

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posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 08:58 AM
That was fantastic OP.
You made me choke on my cig.
Thanks for the laugh.

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 09:00 AM

Originally posted by woodwardjnr
The fact you claim to be a semi divine being, automatically leads me to believe you are deluded, therefor any in formation you have to provide, will be highly suspicious. but go ahead and enlighten those foolish enough to believe anything you post.

[edit on 18-1-2010 by woodwardjnr]

Yes, I have to agree, if the OP were in "tune", he would know that we are all Divine in Essence, no exceptions. Nothing "semi" about that Divine Spark. I cannot deride, or flame though, I remember when it all came to me too. The sudden rush of higher intelligence seems to flatter one into thinking they are THE Divine, instead of being of the collective of Divine. Many high level scientists come to a point where they begin to think of themselves as God. Nothing wrong with that, it will come, as everything does. As more and more people awaken, we who have awakened already must not push the newcomers away, or force them into a corner. Unity is the key here, and Balance in all things. We are all struggling to get free, are we not?
This sums my thoughts up well, give a listen.

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 09:09 AM
reply to post by endisnighe

there... boom... I give it back to you.

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 09:10 AM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Could you please tell me The Colonel's secret flavor recipe of 11 herbs and spices that creates the famous "finger lickin' good" chicken?

It's easy- chicken, flour, salt, pepper, MSG, and a darn good pressure cooker.

Bow before me, mortal!

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 09:15 AM
reply to post by SvenTheBerserK


I believe the people who run ATS believe that I am hoaxing...

Now why would they think that? And why is my thread hoaxing when they allow someone like Universal Light to say that they have some specialized form of insight into the human condition...

I cry foul! or Fowl, if you'd like, as there is a subthread about KFC in this thread.

In any case, I sense a double standard... who's with me?

What makes Universal Light more qualified to expound end time eschatology than me?


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posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 09:16 AM
Sorry, wrong thread.

[edit on 06/10/2009 by jinx880101]

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 09:19 AM
Ah, this made me smile. Tell it like it is!

I made the error of trying to engage one of the "knowledge-bearers" in a friendly dialogue regarding some of the information they were bringing to the table. Since my questions were sincere and I approached the poster with respect, I figured I'd have a shot at some clarification. Unfortunately, I believe I was lumped in with those who were dishing out personal attacks, and subsequently, my inquiries were flatly ignored. Damn the luck!

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by kenochs

I am amazed sometimes at what gets the pass and what doesn't. However, you must really be on to something to have received a message from TBTB!

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 09:38 AM
Satire rules.

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 09:39 AM
reply to post by Elepheagle

Exactly my thinking..
The Emperor has no clothes.

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 09:40 AM
reply to post by yzzyUK

You have no idea.

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by kenochs

I don't object to the sarcasm!

I love sarcasm!

And as for your post.

[typicalresponse]Oh no! The world is going to end soon! And you talk to aliens? Damn! You must be like... special or something. I've always wanted to be abducted by aliens! Why doesn't this happen to me?
Please tell us more so we know how to prepare!!
Everyone is a reptilian!
Are we all going to die?
Oh! And I saw a light in the sky last night that sounds suspciously like a helicopter, but it wasn't! It was a UFO!
Does this mean it's starting? [/typicalresponse]

EDIT to add sighting

[edit on 18/1/2010 by Ayana]

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 01:19 PM
Maybe if the OP would have been in BTS Jokes, Puns & Pranks to begin with, some of the comments may not have been so accusatory.

That being said, I still want the time back.

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 03:17 AM

Originally posted by yzzyUK
OOOhh you are SO going to get abducted tonight and snogged by a big fat alien!! NFL draft

you guys are so funny

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