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Middle East on fire

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posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 12:40 PM
Despite all the preening in front of cameras and microphones there is an attempt in the Muslim World to enact the Final Endgame. The destruction of Israel.

The strategy is to corner and enrage Israel s o it makes an attack. Then it will bet pummeled by the build up of Iranian proxies and maybe some neutral players will kick in.

The wild card aspects are how much the Americans, British, Russians, Europeans care what happens. Tens of thousands will die one way or another. Oil prices will skyrocket. A new equilibrium be established.

Then the tribalism and bickering will resume again.

Iran likes the power tripping and attention. Everyone fears they will get carried away and start a regional war that can't be stopped. Almost everyone, even the Russians would like to see them put in their place.

Question is do regime leaders hate Israel so much they are willing to risk their own existence in an attempt to exterminate it. So far the answer has been No.

posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 08:33 AM
More news...

00:25 Jordan King: Iran wouldn`t want nukes if there was Israeli-Palestinian peace (Ch. 10)

That and being threatened all the time. But then the Jordan King is opening a door, saying that Iran is researching nukes as a fact...

01:44 Iran`s atomic chief: Once exchange deal is made, we`ll stop enrichment process (DPA)

Let's hope it's just not words...

02:16 Syria signaling to Arab world readiness to fight Israel (Haaretz)
03:23 Leading Israeli author: Israel is becoming a mini-Iran (Haaretz)


09:33 Iran planning 10 new uranium enrichment plants in 2010-2011 (Reuters)

Reasons to bomb Iran +10

10:00 Iran says to unveil air defense equal to Russia system (Reuters)

Yeah somehow I doubt that unless Russia is playing a double game of saying no to Iran in public and yes to Iran in private... But it wouldn't be logic since it would make them lose money... Or maybe China, which supports Iran a lot, gave them a few S-300 to study...that's more likely.

"But our air defense experts and scientists found a way, and in very near future, we will produce an air defense system, which has the capabilities of the Russian S-300 or even more." it's not ready yet? We probably won't hear anymore about it... It's probably just posturing for the Iranian revolution anniversary.

11:28 Iran launches production lines of unmanned planes (AP)

I thought they already had a few ones?

13:53 Report: Iran has given letter to IAEA about starting uranium enrichment (Reuters)
14:25 Iran to IAEA: We will increase uranium enrichment (AP)

To 20% only hopefully, which they are allowed to do under the NPT.

15:42 Report: Russia urges Iran to fulfill uranium export agreement (Haaretz)

We'll see if Iran follow in actions what they said in words..

1:15pm President Suleiman: If Israel decides to launch war on Lebanon, it wouldn’t be an excursion for it.

Iran does not have capacity to make nuclear fuel

Iran does not have the capacity to enrich uranium to 20 percent for use in its research reactor, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said Monday, accusing the Islamic republic of blackmail.[/URL]
So then no problems?

posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 01:02 PM
As Ricky used to tell Lucy, " lookin good ".... or looking bad as your point of perspective may be, guess it all matters where your at....not so much location, but, where your head's at, these days....

posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 01:09 PM
Anybody, got a match????? Oh, wait, look's like it's already lit...thanks anyway

posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 01:40 PM
In the word's of " Burt Ward " from the 60's " Holy Cat@#$% Batman "

posted on Feb, 8 2010 @ 10:25 PM

Originally posted by freetree64

In the word's of " Burt Ward " from the 60's " Holy Cat@#$% Batman "

Any speculations on what this "punch" may be?

posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 07:22 AM
More news..

00:37 Qassam fired from Gaza strikes open area in western Negev; no casualties (Army Radio)
08:19 Iran starts enriching 20% nuclear fuel - state TV (Reuters)
09:14 China urges agreement on Iran nuclear fuel proposal (Reuters)
10:14 U.S. wants sanctions resolution on Iran `within weeks, not months` (Reuters)
14:00 Israel urges `crippling` sanctions now against Iran (Haaretz)
14:43 Russia security chief: Western concerns over Iran are valid (Reuters)

Israel conducts mock raids over South Lebanon

Again breaching the resolution...

posted on Feb, 10 2010 @ 11:14 AM
More news...

00:47 Clinton to visit Qatar, Saudi Arabia next week for talks (Reuters)

Preparing the terrain...

05:03 Lebanese Prime Minister: I am worried by Israeli threats (Ch.10)

Who isn't?

09:32 Report: Iran says nuclear fuel deal `still on the table` (Reuters)


10:31 Report: Iran sanctions to target Revolutionary Guards (Haaretz)
18:13 U.S. imposes new sanctions on Iranian Revolutionary Guard affiliates (Reuters)

Damn that was fast.

15:10 Syria-based Hamas leader warns `there could be war with Israel at any time` (DPA)

We know that.

Hariri: We'll stand with Hizbullah

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Wednesday voiced concern about "escalating" Israeli war threats, and said his government will support the Hizbullah if a new war breaks out with the Jewish state.

Lieberman to Hariri: Hizbullah Killed Your Father, Israel to Fiercely Retaliate to Any Attack

"Hizbullah killed his father, former premier Rafik Hariri," added Lieberman.

Yeah sure. There's different opinions on that. It's either Mossad who killed him or Hezbullah...

posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 11:24 AM
More news...big ones.

Ahmadinejad to Syria: If Israel attacks, wipe it out once and for all

"If the Zionist regime should repeat its mistakes and initiate a military operation, then it must be resisted with full force to put an end to it once and for all," he told Syria's Bashar al-Assad in a telephone conversation on Wednesday. (Reuters)

It seems to me that the next big war in the middle-east will end up with Israel nuking everyone.

Ahmadinejad: Iran capable of enriching to 80% but chooses not to
80% is still not weapon grade...

VIDEO : FOX news: Israel threatens to use NUCLEAR weapons on Iran

Israel 'rejects' Mideast peace: Syria FM

DAMASCUS — Syria fired a new round in its war of words with Israel on Thursday, saying the Jewish state did not want Middle East peace and offering as evidence proposed tax breaks for Israelis living in the Golan Heights, captured from Syria.

4:30pm U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams ruled out an imminent war between Israel and Hizbullah and said that the latter is a major Lebanese party.

EU backs pro-democracy protestors in Iran

00:53 Report: Iran to shut down Google email service in country (Reuters)

03:02 Top UN officials to Haaretz: Security Council poised to pass Tehran sanctions (Haaretz)

That is if China and Russia agrees to it.

03:12 Sources: China unlikely to veto fresh UN sanctions on Iran (Haaretz)

Unlikely isn't 100% sure...

03:56 Report: Syria approves U.S. request to reinstate ambassador in Damascus (Reuters)

Syria interested in peace?

08:17 US Treasury: New US sanctions will target Iranian elites (AP)

Yeah sure.

12:43 Netanyahu to discuss Iran sanctions in Moscow next week (DPA)

Will he give him an ultimatum too? Agree to sanctions or it's gonna be war?

13:18 UN vents frustration over nuclear arms control failures (Reuters)

Maybe...just maybe if the arms control would have been equal for all there wouldn't be problems now...

17:31 Gordon Brown: World is ready to hit Iran with new sanctions (Reuters)

We'll see about that Browny.

18:31 Syria: Tax cuts for Golan residents shows Israel doesn`t want peace (Israel Radio)

IMO Syria don't want any deal if the Golan Heights are not included.

posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 11:57 AM
I'm sorry, I read through this thread and see a systematic attempt to further push the popular narrative that Israel is the cause of the unrest and conflicts in the Middle East.

OF course ignored is that these conflicts have existed for much longer than the existence of a Jewish State in the region. And they've been exacerbated by the discovery and the largest natural resource reserves in all human history. Populations have tripled in half a century, but the anticipated spreading of wealth, modernization, improvement of quality of life, have not materialized.

Ignorant corrupt leader and regimes cannot explain to their people why despite the vastly increased potential and opportunities, thing seem to always get worse, not better.

Thankfully there is this tiny strip if land full of Jews to blame. Then there's the Evil USA to blame. Never the gross mismanagement and bad planning of various Ayatollahs, despots, dictators, Kings, militarized warlords, etc.

Now the billions in oil makes it possible for a particularly crippled governance like Iran to play with the biggest toy of all - the nuclear weapon. They love the attention, the intrigue, the power it imbues on them.

I don't know if I'd want some rich kid in high school to have a weapon that could wipe out the whole town, and have to hope he didn't get into a hissy fit some day and blow his and everyone else's heads off.

The Middle East suffers from an anemia of responsible leadership.

But let's blame Israel and the Evil US for that.

posted on Feb, 12 2010 @ 10:22 AM
More news...

Deputy Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad: We expect a new war next summer (it's in arabic)

Meshal: War to Spread to the Entire Region

Hamas leader Khaled Meshal, who is based in Damascus, spoke out warning that another war with Hamas will not be limited to Gaza, but will spread to the entire region.

05:42 China urges Obama to cancel meeting with Dalai Lama (AP)

This could affect China's decision about Iranian sanctions..but according to Robert Gibbs, the US-China relation is mature enough that it won't happen... yeah we'll see about that.

10:40 U.S. shoots down ballistic missile with laser in test (Reuters)

Kinda good.

12:00 French FM: Iran incapable of producing nuclear weapons (AP)

Well duh.

12:34 Iran nuclear chief: Our atomic technology more sophisticated than Pakistan`s (DPA)

Are they doing those provocations on purpose or what?

16:44 IDF: U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to arrive in Israel Sunday (Haaretz)

The Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is the highest military man in the armed forces... IMO they will prepare plans what happens if a war break out between Israel and it's neighboors...and an Iran war plan...or possibly set a deadline...or ask the Israeli what their deadline is... We'll see.

What the Chairman does from wiki :

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) is by law the highest ranking military officer in the United States armed forces,[1] and the principal military adviser to the President of the United States, the National Security Council, and the Secretary of Defense.[2][3]

So he's really important in the planning of wars.

2:23pm Minister Murr from Washington: The U.S. decided to grant Lebanon military aid worth $267 million.

Interesting...a little pay-off? Or will this be used against Israel? Mixed signals here... Anyway you can't buy lots of stuff with 267 million.

Iran will 'quicken nuclear work if US threats continue'

"Even if US President Barack Obama dares to repeat threats of tougher sanction against us as much as ten times, we will still be determined to pursue our enrichment program, but with a much faster pace," said Ali Larijani on Thursday.

You can expect the US to stop threats. Nor Israel. So Iran will accelerate the enrichment.

Think tank: Israel faces global delegitimization campaign

Well just maybe if they stopped their genocide against the palestinians it would stop. Not to mention all the false-flags they did over the years, and the corruption of fatah, and all the shenanigans about Hamas over the years.

posted on Feb, 14 2010 @ 10:59 AM
More news...

Another day, another Israeli violation of the resolution...

Lebanese anti-aircraft guns opened fire Sunday on Israeli warplanes flying at medium altitude over Rashaya as well as western, eastern and central Bekaa and Iqlim al-Tuffah. State-run National News Agency said Israeli troops were seen patrolling the border off Mtelleh, Shebaa Farms and Ghajar.

Yeah Lebanon is SO MUCH A THREAT they can't shoot down an Israeli warplane...

05:47 Report: U.K. lawmaker fired for comments on alleged Israel organ trade (Haaretz)

Yeah except that the organ trade is true.

And the preparations for the war on Iran starts..

12:35 U.S. military chief Mullen discusses Iran with Egypt`s Mubarak (AP)

15:28 U.S. Secretary of State Clinton begins Gulf tour in Qatar (DPA)

18:26 Clinton: Iran leaves world little choice but to impose `greater costs` over nukes (Reuters)

16:38 U.S. VP Joe Biden expects China to support Iran sanctions (Reuters)

Biden...wrong so many times in a year... probably wrong again there.

posted on Feb, 14 2010 @ 01:21 PM
More news...

Possibly a game changer...

US officials hinted that Saudi Arabia could help in that effort diplomatically by offering Beijing guarantees it would meet Chinese oil requirements, a step that might ease Beijing's reluctance to impose further sanctions on Iran.


No reason to stall Iran missiles deal, Moscow says

Russia sees no reason to stall on the sale of its S-300 anti-aircraft systems to Iran, the Kremlin's powerful Security Council said Sunday, hours before the premier of Iran's adversary Israel was due to visit Moscow.

Another game changer there...

posted on Feb, 14 2010 @ 03:01 PM
Of course as anyone whose followed political events of the past 4 decades knows the press pronouncements made by politicians reveals virtually nothing about what's going on in the background. Lame explanations are offered to the public as deflections from actual intent.

All of this is really about oil prices. In the heady days of 2008 when oil futures were selling in the $100-150 per barrel range and $200 was predicted, Iran budgeted itself at $90 per barrel. Then the bottom fell out. Iran's overspending has put their economy on the brink of collapse. Ditto Russia.

So we get all the gamesmanship with the Russians playing along to create an anxiety syndrome in the hope of escalating those oil prices.

In the serious talks among the key oil dependent players they basically try to thrash out ways to humour Iran. No one, not even the Russians, take the current regime seriously. They just fear a misstep that will provoke on a regional war.

In actual fact Iran doesn't really give a damn about Israel, it's just a useful button to push to alarm everybody.

Signs are everyone is starting to get tired of the endless rhetoric and posturing. China included.

The Saudis have put out the word it's time to do something about Iran. They want Israel to do the heavy lifting and be the bad guys.

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posted on Feb, 14 2010 @ 10:56 PM
You know what,

I hope something BIG happens in the middle east. Something BIG BIG BIG.

It has been so boring lately.

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 05:30 PM
More news...

07:47 Iran: We won`t hesitate to block the Strait of Hormuz if threatened (Israel Radio)

Yeah I'm sure China will be thrilled about that...NOT.

08:03 U.S. congressman: U.S. should break Israel`s blockade of Gaza (AP)


10:14 Clinton: Iran becoming military dictatorship (AP)

Yeah and the US ain't?

20:35 Clinton: return to 1967 borders is a U.S. condition for Mideast peace (Haaretz)

Finally Clinton sees that Israel cannot achieve peace with Syria if they do not concede the Golan Heights.

23:37 Saudi Arabia: Efforts to rid Mideast of nukes must apply to Israel (AP)

No double standards? How dare they!

Syria is no different from Hamas or Hezbollah

Aka if a war starts, Israel will wage war on Syria/Hezbollah ( the whole of Lebanon) and Hamas.

Hezbollah will defend Iran, Syria if attacked, official says

Yep, if war breaks out, it will be a regional one.

Ex-Mossad chief: Israel can hit Iran without U.S. OK
Mmm, we already knew that...but you do care since Obama stopped you from bombing Iran back in June 09.

Are Lebanon and Israel Headed for War?

On the road between Damascus and Beirut, residents tell of unusual military activity, all night construction work, army flat bed trucks moving around with their lights switched off.

Defense analysts report the retraining of the Syrian army. Out of armored brigades burdened with Soviet era tanks, and into small commando units armed with hi-tech anti tank rockets used to such deadly effect by Hezbollah fighters in 2006.

Well well well. Syria knows that if another war breaks out, they will probably be targeted, so better prepare.

Russia tells Netanyahu it will hold off on Iran arms deal

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday assured Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that it would hold off on its contract to sell an advanced air defense system to Iran.

So...will he sell them to Iran or not?

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 05:40 PM
Dubai release's photo's of suspected killer's

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 05:59 PM
Video originally posted by moonsouljah in " European " thread here, showing Dubai hotel during murder....

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 06:14 PM
wrong thread - sorry.

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posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 12:42 PM
More news...

Israel mulling a spring or summer war: Ahmadinejad

We'll see about that, but yeah all wars Israel has been, except one, happened in the summer.

U.S Army Chief: “Iran attack option on the table”... “We would operate all our forces for Israel”
Yeah the US is totally not Israel's puppet...

13:29 Russia won`t exclude new nuclear sanctions against Iran (Reuters)

New NUCLEAR sanctions, not economical sanctions...

15:15 Iran says still willing to accept West`s offer for nuclear fuel exchange (Reuters)
20:02 Netanyahu: Israel is not planning a war (Haaretz)

8:06pm Nasrallah: If Israel strikes Dahiyeh, we will strike Tel Aviv.They think that they can demolish Dahiyeh's buildings as we barely "puncture their walls." But I tell them today: You destroy a Dahiyeh building and we will destroy buildings in Tel Aviv

8:12pm Nasrallah to Israelis: If you bombard Rafik Hariri Beirut International Airport, we will bombard Ben Gurion International Airport.

8:20pm Nasrallah: We had a lot of exposed targets before us to assassinate one of the Israelis, but we didn't make use of that because we want a revenge that is at the same level of Imad Mughniyeh's martyrdom.

Will they get Netanyahu or Lieberman? Avidgor wouldn't be a big loss for humanity since he's just a racist warmongerer scumbag.

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