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Middle East on fire

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posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 06:17 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Funding won't be cut, for sure.

Maybe you're right, maybe you're not.

reply to post by deccal

We both know that's not true, and for good reasons.


It seems as though those Iranian ships are being let through, so perhaps I should be turning that Simpsons photo in Israel's direction now

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posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 12:43 PM
Gonna follow the Events mostly here

Too much to cover. Hope Vitchilo comes back soon to update,he has more sources

posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by Eliad

What is not true? Sorry missed your point.

Right now i am so sad for poor innocent people of Bahrain

They need help immediaetly, but where is the damn UN?

posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 05:50 PM
It is very interesting that so many governments in the Mideast are being destabilized. The US and Israeli intelligence may have a big role. It would be better for Israel if these governments were worried about their own survival then united against Israel if something major happened. Possible attack against Iran or another big land grab could be in the works.

posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 04:33 PM
Palestinians protest against U.S. veto of resolution condemning Israel's settlement policy

RAMALLAH, West Bank - Palestinians staged an angry protest here Sunday against the United States' veto Friday of a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israel's settlement policy, with participants denouncing President Obama and predicting that the move would harm Washington's standing across the roiling Middle East.

The gathering, attended by about 300 supporters of the ruling Fatah party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Palestinian Authority employees, reflected broader public disappointment here with the veto, the first cast by the Obama administration.

In several interviews around Ramallah, the Palestinian seat of government, people said that the American move confirmed their view that Washington was not a fair mediator in the conflict with Israel. They accused the Obama administration of a double standard: supporting democracy in other Arab countries while backing Israeli settlement and occupation in the Palestinian areas.

"Our message to America, which says it supports freedom in the Arab world is: Where are the freedoms of the Palestinian people?," Raed Radwan, the local Fatah leader, told the crowd gathered in Manara Square. "Washington, where is the democracy you are talking about?"

Protestors chanted: "Listen Obama, listen, we're a people that won't kneel down! Obama out! Settlers out! Occupation out!"

Muhammad Khalil, another speaker, accused the U.S. of "raising its hand in a veto against the right of our people to an independent Palestinian state." He vowed that there would be "no negotiations in the shadow of the criminal bias" in favor of Israel.

Palestinians plan 'day of rage' after US vetoes resolution on Israeli settlements

Palestinians are planning a "day of rage" on Friday in response to the US wielding its veto against a UN security council resolution condemning Israeli settlements.

The US decision to use its veto has sparked a furious reaction in the West Bank and Gaza.

Anti-US rallies took place in the West Bank towns of Bethlehem, Tulkarem and Jenin this weekend after the 14-1 vote on the resolution, in which the US stood alone against the rest of the security council, including Britain, Germany and France. It voted in contradiction of its own policy.

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 07:43 AM
list of counties experiencing protests:
West Bank
Soudi Arabia (it was small but they got their demands met)

Did I miss any?

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 08:11 AM
reply to post by coffeesniffer


posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 08:49 AM
Stratfor Red Alert: Clashes In Tripoli

Things are clearly heating in Libya. Gadhafi and his clan have vowed to fight to the last man and bullet, so a peaceful outcome seems the more unlikely.

Looks like the s.o.a.b. Gadhafi is tasting his own "revolutionary" medicine. My best wishes go to the people of Libya, may this be quickly over with no more casualties. And may justice and freedom prevail.

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 03:54 PM
Sorry I didn't do updates in the last few days... I took a break... I think my first real one in about 6 years.

Also it was making too sick to report it... what Libya has done and is doing right now... was too much.

Anyway, latest news is that Muammar Gaddafi is about to make a speech.

Soldiers burned for allegedly refusing to shoot protesters – GRAPHIC

Still no speech...
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posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 06:42 PM
Libya :
Britain summons Libyan ambassador over violence

Qaddafi foes protest outside Arab League

Jumblat: It's Time for Gadhafi to Step Down from Power and Pave the Way for Real Change
Lebanon supports the people of Libya.

Europe should not export democracy to Libya, says Italian FM
So... we should let Gadafi bomb his people right?

Thousands of anti-government protesters return to Libya streets (Reuters)

Report: Gadhafi touring Libya capital to rally loyalists against anti-gov't protests (AP)

Libya postpones planned Arab League summit in wake of persisting turmoil (Reuters)

Libyan opposition: Government arming African migrants to shoot at protesters (DPA)

East Libya city of al Bayda 'in the hands of people,' say exile groups (Reuters)

Turkey :

Turkey jails dissident journalists over links to alleged coup plot (AP)

Jordan :

Clashes erupt at 2000-person protest march in Jordan (AP)

Kuwait :

30 wounded, 50 arrested in Kuwait protests on Friday, say security sources (Reuters)

Oman :

Pirates seize four American sailors off Oman (Reuters)

Oman protesters call for political reform, pay rise (Reuters)

Djibouti :

Anti-government protests hit Djibouti (Reuters)

Lebanon :

Lebanon army court sentences man accused of spying for Israel to death (AP)

Israel Army: Hizbullah Might Attack Israel to Stave off Pressure in Iran

Tehran could activate Hizbullah fighters to attack Israel in an effort to stave off domestic pressure within Iran, according to assessments in the Israeli army's Northern Command.
"The concern within the army is that if the regime in Tehran feels under pressure due to anti-government demonstrations, it will try to initiate an attack on an Israeli target – either overseas or near the border – to divert attention from its own troubles," said The Jerusalem Post newspaper on Monday.

The Israeli daily said that Hizbullah operatives were assisting Iranian security forces in suppressing anti-regime protests.

Iranian opposition groups claimed that as many as 1,500 Hizbullah operatives are taking part in the clashes, said Israel's Ynet news site.

Yeah.... Thing is... Nasrallah is not a TOTAL puppet of Iran.

Jumblat Says he Visited Damascus Last Week
Miqati's Nephew in U.S. Amid Warning of 'Dangerous Consequences' of Hizbullah-led Cabinet

However, according to An Nahar newspaper, foreign decision-makers have warned a Miqati envoy that a Hizbullah-led government would have "dangerous repercussions on the future of the country."

Israel Plans Offshore Gas Field Defense from Lebanon

The Israeli navy is to present a plan for the defense of offshore gas fields that hold the prospect of greatly reducing the Jewish state's energy dependency, the mass-selling Yediot Aharonot newspaper reported Sunday.

Israel says the gas fields all lie in its waters, but Lebanon which remains technically at a state of war with the Jewish state, says one of them lies partly on its side of their un-demarcated maritime border.

The Tamar field, which Lebanon contests, holds reserves of natural gas estimated at 8.4 trillion cubic feet (238 billion cubic meters), while the Leviathan field is thought to hold twice that, around 16 trillion cubic feet (450 billion cubic meters).

So it's a big one.

U.S. Think Tank Unveils Alleged List of Hizbullah Members Named in Hariri Case

Hizbullah is greatly concerned about the prospect of public indictments in ex-Premier Rafik Hariri's assassination case, in large part because some of the group's senior members have already been named in the media as potential suspects, said the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.
The Hizbullah members include Qassem Suleiman, Hajj Salim, Abdul Majid Ghamloush, brothers Hussein and Mouin Khreis, and, most significantly, Mustafa Badreddine, the institute said in a report written by Matthew Levitt.

Badreddine is the brother-in-law of Imad Mughniyeh -- the assassinated chief of Hizbullah's external operations.

Syrian students rally in front of their country’s Beirut embassy

4:58pm Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin after meeting with MP Bahia Hariri: STL is an instrument of international legitimacy. Russia supports it and wants it to continue its functioning.

5:20pm UNIFIL Director of Political and Civil Affairs Milos Strugar to Central News Agency: Demarcating the maritime border requires the approval of the concerned sides and a request from the specialized circles at the U.N.

6:24pm Hizbullah in a statement: Any principled person in this world cannot and should not remain silent about the daily massacres committed by the Gadhafi regime. Oppression and terrorization cannot protect a regime built on corruption, arrogance and crime.

8:01pm LBC: Nothing gives the impression that the new cabinet will see light soon.

Saudi Arabia :
Report: Riyadh Sees Any Threat to Order in the Region as Gain for Iran, Syria, Hizbullah

The Saudis tend to see any threat to the established order in the region as a gain for their nemesis Iran, and its allies Syria and Hizbullah, said the newspaper.

Riyadh has grown increasingly worried that the Obama administration is drifting away from this perspective and supporting movements for change whose outcome cannot be guaranteed, it said.

Oooo Saudi Arabia is scared. Good. Also... notice that we heard nothing from the Saudi King since February 10... when there were rumors he had died from an heart attack... interesting uh?

Saudi authorities detain founders of new party demanding political reform (AP)

Afghanistan :
28 Killed at Afghan Government Office Suicide Blast

Clinton says Afghan's Taliban faces choice on al Qaida ties (Reuters)

Ya think they give a flying kitten about what people think of them?

Yemen :
AFP: Thousands join protest in Yemeni capital demanding president quit

Security forces abandon government buildings to protesters, looters in Yemen city (AP)

Grenade thrown at Yemen protesters, 8 wounded (Reuters)

One person killed by hand grenade thrown at anti-government protesters in Yemen (Reuters)

Iraq :
Iraq suicide car bomb kills 10 police
AFP reports Libya state TV, government offices attacked

Egypt :
Cameron to hold talks in Egypt

Egypt military says will not allow strikes to go on (Reuters)

Bahrain State TV: Bahrain crown prince calls for dialogue (Reuters)

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood: Peace treaty with Israel is up to the Egyptian people (Reuters)

Egyptian armed forces create Facebook page to reach out to youth (DPA)

Millions celebrating Egyptian revolution in Tahrir Square area (Reuters)

Bahrain :
Exiled Bahrain opposition figure to return to homeland

Mashaima is the leader of the opposition Haq movement, or the Movement of Liberties and Democracy.

Protestors chant anti-gov't slogans during funerals for victims of Bahrain rallies (AP)

Handful of Bahrain protesters return to protest site Pearl Square after army pullout (Reuters)

Bahrain police use teargas to repel protesters returning to protest at Pearl Square (Reuters)

WikiLeaks: Bahrain opposition received training from Hezbollah (Telegraph)

Yeah... and NOW this story is being published... sure.

Main Shi'ite bloc rejects Bahrain King's dialogue offer, opposition reports (Reuters)

Obama calls on Bahrain to exercise restraint after earlier calls were ignored (Reuters)

British Foreign Secretary 'alarmed' by reports of Bahrain soldiers firing on protesters (Reuters)

Report: German president to cancel Bahrain trip in protest of crackdown on demonstrators (AP)

Some 15,000 protesters gather in Bahrain for funerals of three people killed in clashes (DPA)

Palestine :
Sleiman says US’ veto was a negative step

Lebanon UN rep.: Since Israel's settlement freeze expired building has doubled (Haaretz)

Lebanon UN rep.: Quartet roadmap says all settlement activity must be frozen (Haaretz)

UN Security Council fails to adopt resolution condemning settlement after U.S. veto (Haaretz)

U.S.: We don't want UN veto to be misunderstood as support for settlement construction (AP)

You think we're stupid right?

British Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant condemns Israeli settlements in the West Bank (Reuters)

Aid to President Abbas: U.S. veto encourages Israel to escape obligations of peace process (Reuters)

Israel :
'Weinstein set to drop Lieberman bribery charge'

Charges against FM to include fraud, breach of trust, money laundering, obstruction of justice but not bribery, 'Globes' report says.

Please let this be the end of that piece of filth.

Israel Supreme Court rules Hebron Jews can't reclaim lands lost after 1948 (Haaretz)

Tunisia :

Royal sources say Tunisia's ex-president Ben Ali in hospital (DPA)

Iran :

Pro-Ahmadinejad supporters call for the execution of opposition leaders in Tehran rally (AP)

Jordan :

Anti-government clashes in Jordan injure eight people (AP)


posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 06:49 PM
CNN ME Blog with Updates Every few Minutes

Blogs of War Tweets From Bahrain/Libya

Reuters Videos about the ME

Exiled Opposition Leader to Return to Bahrain

A Blog from a Bahrainian

Guardian Slideshow of Protests Around the Region

Top Sunni Cleric says Army should Kill Khadafi

Live Audio Account from Western Journalist on Top of Roof in Tripoli

eneflavia RT @LibyanThinker: BREAKING NEWS! frm my Uncle: Megaphones in #Fashloom: "Get inside and close your windows and lights or else you will be shot." #Libya

Video of Libya

The Full Video of the Now Infamous Shooting in Bahrain

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 08:01 PM
Saudi Arabia :

Saudi Shi'ites hold small eastern province protest (Reuters)

Spreading from Bahrain. Which is what Saudi Arabia didn't want... and why they sent troops in Bahrain.

Adm. Mike Mullen arrives in Gulf region to underscore U.S. strategic ties with allies (Reuters)

Like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait and Jordan who beat the hell out of protestors?
Egypt :

Cairo court okays establishment of political party trying to get licence for 15 years (Reuters)

Egypt to lift emergency laws within six months (Reuters)


Report: Egypt to stage limited cabinet reshuffle (Reuters)

Egypt banks re-open after three-day close caused by worker strikes and protests (Reuters)

Egyptians gather in Alexandria to support Libya anti-government protesters (Reuters)

Egypt releases 108 political prisoners following prime minister's pledge (Reuters)

2800+ left to release.... and that is just from the unrest against Mubarak.

Egypt appoints first opposition member to government post (Reuters)

Report: Egyptian cabinet reshuffle includes several opponents of Mubarak (Reuters)

Egypt PM: Streets to be named after 'martyrs' who died in protests (Reuters)

Senior U.S. official William Burns arrives in Egypt for talks with interim government (Reuters)

British PM visits Egypt, refuses to meet with Muslim Brotherhood (Reuters)

In Cairo, U.S. envoy calls for lifting emergency law (Reuters)

Palestine :

U.S. restricts staff movement in Palestinian areas, day after veto of UN draft on settlements (AP)

Scared of something...

Abbas: No cut ties with U.S. over veto of UN settlement resolution (DPA)

Peres calls Abbas to discuss stagnation in peace process (Haaretz)

Both sides won't move. And it's ``going forward`` since Palestine is still set to announce their statehood in September, wheter Israel likes it or not.

Americans for Peace Now express disappointment for U.S. veto of settlement resolution (Haaretz)

This group is hated by AIPAC...

PA expected to call urgent UN session over settlement resolution veto (Haaretz)

Which could override the US veto if they use a resolution from 1951.

Clinton calls Israeli settlements 'illegitimate' shortly before U.S. veto at UN (Ch. 10)

Double talks and lies are totally not transparent.

Deputy Foreign Minister calls UN a 'rubber stamp' for Arab countries (Ch. 2)

Now that's funny, considering that the US stopped said ``rubber stamp``...and that most of the world thinks Israel is on the wrong side on this issue.

Palestinians plan demonstrations in West Bank on Friday to express anger at U.S. veto (AP)

Palestinian PM offers to form unity government with rival Hamas militant group (AP)

Yeah that'll happen.

Hamas orders male hairstylists out of lady salons in Gaza (AP)

It seems ``the ghey`` is in Palestine too and Hamas doesn't like it.

Saudis slam U.S. veto over UN condemnation of settlements (Reuters)

Iran :

UN nuclear body may highlight Iran military concerns (Reuters)

But no word on Israeli nuclear arsenal which is openly for military use...

Iran releases two Germans convicted of spying (Reuters)

Some other sources it says they were journalists.

Former U.S. officials urge Obama gov't to take Iran dissident group off terror list (AP)

The group is MEK, which was put on the terror list in 1997 as a goodwill gesture towards Khatami... nice move there Clinton. Putting a pro-democracy group on a terror list to be gentle with a dictator. Real nice. And there's still people out there who worship Clinton... sick.

Netanyahu: Israel takes grave view of Iran naval ships (Reuters)


Netanyahu: Iran warships in Suez is attempt to broaden regional influence (Reuters)

And Israel putting nuclear subs off the coast of Iran is friendly I suppose?

Ahmadinejad presents Iran budget bill in bid to reduce social inequality (Reuters)

Hopefully the budget really does that.

Daughter of former Iran President Rafsanjani arrested for attending opposition protests (Reuters)

Egypt Suez Canal officials: Passage of Iranian warships through canal delayed by 48 hours (Reuters)

Now scheduled to Wednesday 6AM... because of weather.

Israel monitoring Suez-bound Iran ships, but sees no real threat (Haaretz)

Finally admitting the truth : NO REAL THREAT.

Israel and Chile cooperated to spy on Iran, WikiLeaks reveals (Haaretz)

Lebanese security official blames delay of Iranian warships' arrival on stormy weather (DPA)

Al Arabiya reports Hezbollah helping Iran authorities suppress protests (Israel Radio)

No doubt about that... but the source is still from Saudi Arabia.
Bahrain :

Bahrain crown prince calls for national mourning amid country's unrest (Reuters)

Yeah, give the order to kill protesters... then call for national mourning. Real class right there.

WikiLeaks: Bahrain FM planned to meet Israeli officials in support of peace process (Haaretz)

This won't help calm the protests.

White House keeps up pressure on Bahrain, supports 'restraint' by the monarchy (DPA)

Bahrain opposition leaders discuss strategy for possible talks with country's rulers (AP)

Group of Bahraini protesters delivers manifesto demanding ouster of entire ruling monarchy (AP)

Good luck. The US and Saudi Arabia will oppose to this.
Libya :

Britain condemns 'horrifying' violence in Libya (Reuters)

Report: Libya protesters return for sixth day of demonstrations (AP)

U.K. Foreign Secretary urges global leaders to condemn Libya crackdown on protesters (Reuters)

Opposition criticizes Italy PM for failing to condemn violence in Libya (Reuters)

Berlusconi, a piece of filth in all he does. Hang him already.

Libya threatens to halt EU migration cooperation over support of pro-democracy protests (Reuters)

UK Foreign Secretary urges Libya to begin dialogue with protesters and implement reforms (Reuters)

Witnesses: Libya army says Benghazi 'liberated' from pro-Gadhafi forces (Reuters)

A part of the army is on the side of the people at least.

Libya delegate quits Arab League to protest 'oppression' against protesters (Reuters)

Clashes erupt in Tripoli between protesters and pro-Gadhafi forces (Reuters)

Lebanon accuses Libya of jamming its TV stations (AP)

EU ministers call for end to Libya bloodshed (AP)

U.S. concerned by reports of violence against protesters in Libya (DPA)

Son of Libyan leader promises reform after violence (Reuters)

Yeah, we can totally believe him.

Report: Libya ambassador to India resigns in response to gov't's crackdown on protesters (Reuters)

Hundreds of Libyans attack S. Korean run Tripoli construction site injuring 4 foreigners (Reuters)

Report: Central government building in Libyan capital is on fire (Reuters)

Ex-Libyan official speaks out against leadership (Reuters)

Human Rights Watch reports 332 dead in Libya since start of protests (Haaretz)

Oil company BP prepares to evacuate staff from Libya (AP)

Arab League demands end to Libya violence (Reuters)

Turkish businesses looted in Libya, Turks evacuated (Reuters)

Anti-government protests break out in Libyan town of Ras Lanuf, site of oil refinery (Reuters)

Libya justice minister resigns to protest 'excessive force' against demonstrators (Reuters)

AJC calls to suspend Libya from UN Human Rights Council (Haaretz)

Senior Venezuela source denies Gadhafi coming to country (Reuters)

Two Libyan fighter jets land unexpectedly in Malta (Reuters)

Libya's UN mission cuts ties with Gadhafi, warns against genocide (AP)

Gadhafi's son denies government forces bombed Tripoli protesters (Reuters)

Denying war crimes won't work, boy.

Clinton condemns violence in Libya, demands protester rights be respected (Reuters)

But when one former CIA guy protest you, you make your goons beat him up and arrest him right? You stinking witch.

Austrian plane with EU citizens stuck in Libya, airspace 'blocked' (DPA)

Peres: There will be a Libya without Gadhafi (DPA)

Hundreds of Libyan guards reportedly pull back from Egypt border (Reuters)

Berlusconi condemns 'unacceptable' violence in Libya (Reuters)

After the opposition called him on his BS.
Gadhafi remains defiant in brief TV appearance

Libyan leader says he has not left the country, signaling that he will attempt to remain in power despite country-wide calls for his ouster.

So the turd made his speech and he won't leave. Me thinks he's on a whole another level as Mubarak. He will truly need a bullet in his brain to stop.
Egypt army: Libya border under control of 'people's committees'

It was unclear whether forces replacing border guards were members of opposition, or loyal to Gadhafi.

Time for Egypt to invade and seize the oil... kidding.
Growing number of Libya officials join rebellion against Gadhafi
Pro-Gadhafi forces fight bloody battle as protests sweep Libya

At least nine towns in the east were reportedly under the control of protesters loyal to tribal groups; witnesses: Air force bombing protesters in Tripoli; death toll from violent clashes said to have reached more than 600; witnesses:

600!! Crazy!
Qaddafi's Son Warns of 'Rivers of Blood,' Calls For Dialogue

Feb. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Muammar Qaddafi's son called on protesters in Libya to engage in dialogue or face a civil war that risks the country's oil wealth, as a widening revolt posed the most serious challenge to his father's 41 years of rule.

"Instead of weeping over 84 dead people, we will weep over hundreds of thousands of dead," Saif al-Islam Qaddafi said on state television. "Rivers of blood will flow."

Muslim cleric issues fatwa on Gaddafi
BREAKING: Protesters burn down Gaddafi’s house in AzZawiya!
This was two days ago, but hopefully it's true.

9:46pm: Confirmed - Ali al-Essawi, ambassador to India, has resigned. He has accused the government of deploying foreign mercenaries against Libyan citizens

And I was watching Al-Jazeera today and some guy said that a doctor had tested the blood of one of those mercenaries that was captured... and there were drugs in his system. Crazed mercenaries on drugs killing civilians. Real classy.
Iraq :

Iraqis protest for political reform in Kurdish region, capital (Reuters)

Afghanistan :

Report: U.S. entering direct talks with Taliban in Afghanistan (Reuters)

NATO forces in Afghanistan kill 51 civilians, 13 Taliban militants in past 3 days (DPA)

Yemen :

Shots fired at Yemen protesters as demonstrators gather for ninth day of protests (Reuters)

Report: Yemen separatist leader arrested in Aden hospital by 'military group' (Reuters)

Yemeni teenager killed and 4 wounded in clash with soldiers (Reuters)

Yemen president rejects demand to step down, renews calls for talks with protesters (AP)

Morocco :

2,000 Morocco protesters urge curbing of King's powers and government corruption (Reuters)

Hundreds take part in Morocco 'Day of Pride' demanding political reforms (DPA)

Five dead in Morocco unrest after protests calling for reforms (Reuters)

Moroccan king holds firm after call to cede power (Reuters)

Jordan :

Jordan: U.S. veto will increase Israel's obstinacy on settlements (DPA)

Tunisia :

Tunisia police arrest 40 Italy bound youths in attempt to curb recent migration wave (Reuters)

Tunis demands extradition of former president Ben Ali (DPA)

Kuwait :

Kuwait parliament speaker urges desert nomads to end protests demanding citizenship (AP)

Pakistan :

Suspected U.S. missile strike kill 4 in Pakistan (AP)

Israel :

Likud MKs growing increasingly opposed to inquiry into leftist NGOs (Haaretz)

Netanyahu cracking down on the opposition... typical fascist behavior.

And little news from Zimbabwe :
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Turns 87 Amid Rumors of Ill Health, Rising Tensions

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe marked his 87th birthday Monday amid lingering reports of increasing health problems and mounting calls for him to resign.

The SOB shall soon die.

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 08:19 PM
Libya :
Several Libyan cities held by protestors, rights group says

Several Libyan cities, including Benghazi, have fallen to demonstrators opposing Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi's rule after army units defected, the International Federation for Human Rights said Monday.

Al-Jazeera: Libyan authorities cut off all communications in country

Libya says it is targeting “terrorists”

Libyan security forces have launched an operation against "dens of terrorists" in a sweep that has killed a number of people, state television reported on Monday.

Took some advice from the American tactic or the Israeli tactic or the Mubarak tactic??

Italian air bases on high alert over Libya unrest

Italy on Monday put all military air bases on maximum alert after two Libyan fighter jets apparently fleeing unrest in the North African state landed in nearby Malta, ANSA news agency reported.

The report, citing official sources, also said that "a significant number" of Italian navy and air force helicopters had been ordered to move to southern Italy. The report did not give further details on the deployment.

The sources said: "The alert level has been raised to its maximum.


Qatar condemns violence against Libyan protestors

Witnesses report “massacre” in Tripoli

Residents of Tripoli told AFP by telephone on Monday there had been "a massacre" in the Tajura and Fashlum districts of the Libyan capital, with indiscriminate shooting and women among the dead.

"What happened today in Tajura was a massacre," one resident of the district said. "Armed men were firing indiscriminately. There are even women among the dead," adding that mosque loudspeakers were putting out appeals for help.

Libyan envoy accuses Qaddafi of “genocide”
Indeed. And as always, the UN and the world does nothing just say ``it's bad``!

International Arrest Warrants are said to being prepared for Ghadaffi and his sons by International Criminal Court.

Please be true.

URGENT | #Libya | R.N.N: Planes bombing the houses of the Libyan officers who refused to obey orders.

bencnn: What I haven't seen are signs yet of widespread looting. Even properties known to belong to Qaddafi family seem to have been spared. #Libya

Video purportedly shows slain Libyan soldiers who refused orders

#libya unconfirmed stories of Govt goons raiding blood banks - locals desperate for more for transfusions, thousands wounded...#redcrescent

That is sick if true.

NOW in #Tripoli #libya some cellphone are working fine. Also the internet is working through Proxy!


Some of the #US Defense companies trading with #Gaddafi & #Libya incl. Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems & Raytheon International Inc.

Of course.

Man on CNN says some of the mercenaries are from Zimbabwe

bencnn: Leader of anti-Qaddafi movement told me Libyan army in the east has sided with revolt, in consultations with anti-Qaddafi forces. #Libya

PM refuses to return Gaddafi award in face of calls from civil society

In response to growing calls from Turkish society on Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to return the Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights he received last year, the Prime Ministry said yesterday that “returning the award is out of the question.”


Al Jazeera: #Gaddafi has no plans of stopping his massacre of unarmed #Libyans as a new plane of mercenaries has landed in #Tripoli.

And word from Egypt. Tomorrow they gonna have big protests so the current Egyptian PM, Ahmed Shafiq, steps down. Him and his cabinet were appointed by Mubarak and the cabinet reshuffle was a joke. So there could be action in Egypt tomorrow.
Egy pt: army promises Hosni Mubarak he will not be prosecuted

Egypt's military have promised to protect the ousted President, Hosni Mubarak, from prosecution and to allow him to live freely in retirement in his Sharm-el-Sheikh holiday home, sources have told The Daily Telegraph.

That is disgusting.

EU source: Mubaraks' assets not on freezing list

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not requested that the assets of ousted president Hosni Mubarak nor any of his family members be frozen in European Union (EU) states, an EU source revealed.

Disgusting. Crooks covering other crooks.

And in Bahrain, the regime don't care. Just shoot at the protesters...

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posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 09:09 PM
African Mercs Keep People Fearfully in Homes(Audio Recording from Tripoli One Hour Ago)

Video of African Mercs on Streets

Mother Jones:Libya Explained

indi_gp RT @ShababLibya: oh lovely news from @AJArabic the libyan army officers issue a statement calling upon entire army to join the people #Libya #Feb17 30 seconds ago · reply

Lets hope that is true.

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 09:46 PM
The Iranian ships are about to start their crossing of the Suez Canal finally... starting in about 15 minutes.

We shall see if that's the case in the next 12 hours as they reach the other side.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 09:54 AM

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posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 09:55 AM
Libya Live Report(Several Hours Ago)

Benghazi Under Protester Control

Libyan Commanders Must Face Consequences-Human Rights Watch

Hold Gadafi Responsible!

Sign Petition to Ban Ki Moon for the UN to Act

Walid RT @iyad_elbaghdadi: Unconfirmed reports that Tunisia opened its borders & offering protection for refugees fleeing #Libya. #Feb17 22 seconds ago · reply

ariyassomad #Libya Many women are raped,but most of them are fighting for thier better life in there. the public can defeat them I hope. 29 seconds ago · reply

Gadafi Speaking Live Now

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 10:16 AM
link me please...can´t understand this insane Rambling of his...does he like making Enemys? And i thought Mubarak was bad...

WTF????? Did he just declare War on America and Europe?

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posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 10:37 AM

Confirming info from the early weeks after the stolen election, he says :
- the Supreme Leader & his entourage were ready to leave Iran for Syria.
- In a breach of the Iranian constitution : Foreign fighters were brought in.
- There were rapes in Iranian jails.

He says there's no other way than to fight this out. They have nothing to lose & will do whatever is necessary to prolong their reign.

#Iran Deserting Head of Supreme Leader's Security Logistics reveals behind the scenes secrets

Source - Someone translate please

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