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Middle East on fire

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posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by Ellen15

This is true, but remember as well that the army seems very divided right now. It's not clear which side they are going to stick with, as their actions are not consistent. Some are with the people, some are letting the thugs in unchecked. It's totally up in the air right now. Scary.

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 10:17 PM

Algeria removes Emergency laws (martial law) imposed since 1992

But still holds bans on protests

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 10:18 PM
reply to post by 00nunya00

yes agree their explaination "remain neutral" is alittle too much to accept

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 10:29 PM
reply to post by Ellen15

Exactly. Why are they even there if they're going to remain neutral? For entertainment? Obviously not crowd control.


AJELive: Our reporter says there is an "easy calm" in Tahrir Square, as protesters prepare for what they call "Departure Day"

6.02am: The New York Times reports that the US administration is in talks with Egyptian officials over a proposal for President Hosni Mubarak to resign immediately, turning over power to a transitional government headed by Vice- President Omar Suleiman. The White House has not confirmed the report.
3:23am Anti-Mubarak protester Nadine Shams tells Al Jazeera that protesters are trying to gear up for Friday's protests while securing Tahrir Square and keeping themselves safe. She tells us that protesters fear being attacked by armed men again.
2:01am Egyptian state television claims that some anti-Mubarak protesters are asking to be able to pass the barricades and leave Tahrir Square, and that that the Egyptian army has indicated that it's ready to help protesters leave the square. But Al Jazeera Arabic contacted some protesters, who have have denied the reports carried on Egyptian television.

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posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 10:32 PM

Originally posted by Chevalerous
reply to post by Vitchilo

I found a very good article about these hired "so called" pro Mubarak thugs who are roaming the streets in Cairo right now.

The use of these hired thugs is nothing new in the history of Egypt, and people who are interested can research this themselves by using Google.

These hired thugs are actually hired by the corrupt wealthy businessmen who are closly connected with the corrupt senior officials from Mubarak's ruling National Democratic Party and in some cases, with Mubarak himself.

They bring these hired thugs into Cairo with Buses/Microbuses from the Tourism industry of which many of these corrupt businessmen are involved and affiliated with as partners, owners etc.

Tactics exactly like that are used in western countries when protesters organise peaceful marches

Western Corporations/political influences are NOT immune in regards when it comes to protesters in the USA, Canada, UK, EU etc etc

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 10:41 PM

Man, I think the world is awake to the Governments actions..
Here's a new report from Australia..

Nine News reporter Peter Stefanovic says he is lucky to escape unharmed after being dragged from a taxi in Cairo by police and pro-government rioters.

No, just awake to how the Egyptian Government operates

I dont really think the masses will/have connect enough dots to realise the US Government and other World Governments have looked the other way KNOWINGLY when it comes to how the Egyptian Government (and other Governments) have operated

Remember what Hillary Clinton said last Thursday...Mubarak is a family man, we are friends, friends of my family, many other officals denying Mubarak is a rouge dictator (biden etc)

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 12:02 AM
What's this Free Egypt I keep hearing about? any info would be appreciated.Today we may very well see if all the talk we have heard over the years about the US government promoting freedom around the world is true but,I think we have the answer to that now don't we? with all the tepid support we have heard from Washington.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 12:02 AM
reply to post by Ellen15

Exactly and it makes me wonder why on cnn they are so anti mubarak...we know that they report what they are asked to so people knowing the truth here seems to fit their agenda somehow. It is strange as you mentioned hilliary clinton now all of a sudden condemning mubarak and his regimes actions and i believe biden now just said for mubarak to step down after previously supporting him? I cannot believe that cnn went with the plain cloth police so early and constantly reminding viewers that pro mubarak supporters are government sponsered.. I would of thought they would say the opposite...

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 12:22 AM

Originally posted by Bhadhidar
If the government and/or pro-government forces act with excessive brutality, would this not trigger a more wide-spread "backlash" amoung the general populace Against the government? .....

Mubarak has just made the biggest tactical blunder in 30 years as President. The speech he gave last Tuesday had actually split the anti-Mubarak movement. He should just left things as is and he would come out ahead. But either because of senility or stupidity, he starts to unleash violent forces on the demonstrators, which re-unite them and made them even more resolute than ever. It's the use of physical violences that will bring him down in the end.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 12:25 AM

Originally posted by coolieno99

Originally posted by Bhadhidar
If the government and/or pro-government forces act with excessive brutality, would this not trigger a more wide-spread "backlash" amoung the general populace Against the government? .....

Mubarak has just made the biggest tactical blunder in 30 years as President. The speech he gave last Tuesday had actually split the anti-Mubarak movement. He should just left things as is and he would come out ahead. But either because of senility or stupidity, he starts to unleash violent forces on the demonstrators, which re-unite them and made them even more resolute than ever. It's the use of physical violences that will bring him down in the end.
No,it's stupidity and arrogance since the US was supporting him he felt he was given carte blanch to attack the protesters now he's gonna be going away one way or another.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 12:50 AM
reply to post by Eliad

Yeah i think you're right, about Suez being impossible to take. Thanks.

I was listening to BBC again last night, a very heavy editorial hand, asking why don't they just go home? Trying to paint a "balanced" picture, when the situation is so unbalanced. Almost every Egyptian caller was 100% Mubarak out, no compromise, no other demands, the regime ends now.
I enjoyed listening to the callers, these people understood what was happening around them, and why. The presenter was asking stupid questions, with no real "investigation" just a constant gentle pushing of the idea that Mubarak has every right to stay in power, until elections, and the suggestion that Egypt is really a very happy place, except for these youthful political upstarts.
The other concern i had while listening, was constant referals to food shortages in the region, they repeated the idea of food shortages and riots. Not happy news at all.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 12:50 AM
reply to post by mike dangerously

Isn't that exactly what the post you're replying to said?

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 01:15 AM

But still holds bans on protests

Only in the capital I heard...

Well sorry for the delay... had stuff to do.... more news coming up.

Egypt internet clampdown cost $90 mln, OECD says (AP)

PA breaks up rally in support of Egyptian people but allows pro-Mubarak demonstration (AP)

Mubarak to ABC: Egypt will be in chaos if I step down (Reuters)

International Monetary Fund: We will aid Egypt once situation becomes clear (Israel Radio)

Report: Egypt revolution sympathisers beaten in Syria (Reuters)

N.Y. Time: U.S. discussing immediate Mubarak resignation with Egypt (Reuters)

As I reported yesterday...

More flights are leaving with foreigners & Egyptians

Confirmed: Tahrir Square has more demonstrators today than yesterday

Iran two years from building nuclear weapon: IISS

Iran would need at least two years to produce its first nuclear weapon but is not involved in an all-out "crash effort" to build a bomb, a respected think tank said Thursday.

The report added: "If Iran wanted to produce the fissile material for a weapon as soon as possible, it could have moved more quickly."

Israeli army battles generals' scandals

Amid the turmoil sweeping Egypt that could threaten its 1979 peace pact with Israel, the Jewish state's military leadership is fighting a battle at home to preserve the reputation of the army over legal challenges against two of its top generals.

Younger officers, some of them untested at such levels, are being moved into top command positions at a time when Israel has threatened airstrikes against Iran's nuclear facilities, operations that could trigger a region-wide conflict.

Israel putting itself in danger here...

ShereefAbbas Got thru to frnd in Hilton. They're safe, news of police/thugs inside are false. 20 journos in 3 rooms. Hotel wants them out, no action yet.

acarvin AP: Greece's Kathimerini says reporter was stabbed in leg, treated and released. Another staffer beaten; no word on their condition. #jan25

john_hooper RT @bbcworld: Egyptian security seize BBC equipment at Cairo Hilton in attempt to stop us broadcasting #Egypt

hamish6PM Hotel management just slipped a note under the door. "evacuation procedures". Our hotel is surrounded by demos and gunfire #Egypt #6pm

Petrol bombs being thrown off buildings in Cairo.

shawncbc RT @todayshow: RT @washingtonpost Our #Cairo bureau chief and photographer have reportedly been arrested

acarvin Jean-Francois Lepine CBC/RDI was attacked by thugs, rescued by army. "Without them, we probably would have been beaten to death." -ap #jan25

Al Jazeera reporter: Three people shot in head by snipers using laser sights

That is the army...

Reuters: VP Umar Suleiman is to invite the Muslim Brotherhood to take part in his negotiations with opposition parties. #jan25

@evanchill: Tank with a bulldozer just rolled down 6th of October bridge firing .50 cal machine gun into the air, sending red tracers

hamish6PM omar suleiman (vice president) on state tv, saying the violence could be the result of foreign influence. #egypt #6PM

"New VP Omar Suleiman on TV, says Mubarak "forced to ask army to take up its duties." Ominous."

That will force even more the army to divide.

Suleiman: we have decided to suspend the parliament #egypt #6PM "we need at least 70 days if not more"

Meaning elections before September?

Hackers Take Down Government Websites in Egypt and Yemen

JShahryar #Egypt VP: Operatives who tried to carry out sabotage must be penalized.

Meaning... mass arrests/killing will happen once the protests stop. (probably even if there's a new regime in)

Omar Suleiman "What happened in Meydan Tahrir was a conspiracy. People love Mubarak & stability so they went to demonstrate"

Omar Suleiman "The pro stability & pro Mubarak protesters went on their own will. No one pushed them or paid for them"

FREAKING LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omar Suleiman "When there are many people in one place no one can tell what everyone's agenda is. People with foreign agendas as well."

Again with this foreign BS?

ITwitius #Egypt Death toll from clashes in square now ten. Doctors say

ishta_dreams Cameras & phones disappearing from journo hotel rooms in the Semiramis hotel! We're locked inside by staff who says its orders from outside.

Omar Suleiman "If they continue with their protests the country will be in paralysis. There are significant financial losses"

Omar Suleiman "A third of the income of the country is affected. One million tourists left Egypt in 9 days. You do the math"


eniedowski RT @nytimesworld: Both Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya say they are currently unable to provide live images of Tahrir Square #egypt less than 20 seconds ago via TweetDeck

Omar Suleiman (About the Friday of Departure) "This is a strange story, these are not Egyptians who say this. We respect our father Mubarak"

Omar Suleiman "Mubarak sacrificed a lot for this nation. Mubarak will leave when his time is over. His family will not run for office"

Mubarak's gonna be killed. In Egypt or abroad, doesn't matter. Him and his son will be killed in the future.

fpleitgenCNN More protesters on tahrir square tonight then yesterday. Fairly quiet now. #egypt.

Omar Suleiman "How can other countries interfere in Egypt's business? It is unacceptable!"

Yeah right. While you accepted tens of billions from the US... give me a break.

1707: Reuters reports 10 people have died in clashes in Tahrir Square on Thursday, and a doctor at the square told the agency: "An hour an a half ago, two people were rushed to me with gunshot wounds to the head. They were gasping and died."

Omar Suleiman "Some friendly countries (Qatar) have unfriendly channels (Al Jazeera). I am sad for this animosity. It should not be so"

Omar Suleiman "Whoever was responsible will be punished. The police did well on Jan 25th, they love the people. It was self defense"

Yeah...self defense... right...

Omar Suleiman "We will need time to go back to the pre Jan 25th era. All prisoners must go back to jail"

So back to Mubarak?

estr4ng3d Just arrived back home. All areas surrounding #Tahrir completely locked down, army & locals let neither vehicles nor pedestrians back in.

They are still shooting at us from the bridge lots injured.

Tank fired from main gun in the air to chase off pro-Mubarak people off the bridges

Firing from the main gun? Crazy.

theflonky‎ Reports of Egyptian Army tanks opening fire on pro-Mubarak supporters... some of whom are police. Does this count as a civil war yet?#egypt

All opposition partys still say NO to dialog until mubarak leaves

Still. Good.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 02:01 AM
Omar Suleiman, the new guy, all friendly and stuff?


What gets me is how any reasonable person could believe any of these lies that he is now telling. This is why the US won't act, they want him in, because they can trust him to murder for them.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 02:06 AM
reply to post by harryhaller

Al Jazeera has live stream back up...finally!!

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 02:33 AM
reply to post by Canadianpride420

This is the live update blog, i'm finding more stable than the live feed, which is quite difficult to follow at times. Someone had a webcam up, but that seems to have gone down too.

I saw 1 rumour including "airforce" and "mustard gas" from a reporter with an interpreter. It is entirely feasable that mubarak will just kill everybody there. Don't think the soldiers would be happy though. Depends on how delusional mubarak really is, he apparantly thinks he is god, this situation is more akin to the pharoes of old than anything in our modern systems.

A quick lesson in colloquial Egyptian Arabic: Innaharda, ehna kullina Misryeen! Today, we are all Egyptians!
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posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 02:34 AM
More news coming up.. but indeed there's a lot less... since almost all reporters were arrested/cameras destroyed...

@sultanalqassemi: BBC News: British Foreign Secretary William Hague "Gamal Mubarak is not in Britain. I have spoken to him on the phone from Egypt"

Hague "I have spoken to ... Gamal & said if it turns out that there was state-sponsored violence here, that would be catastrophic for Egypt"


Alshaheeed JP says tunnels between Gaza & Sinai are now used to send vital food supplies to Sinai not the other way round. #Jan25

Crazy when Egypt is in more need than Gaza...

acarvin On AlJaz too. RT @Beltrew: Reports say that 10 people have been killed, 1000 have been injured on #Tahrir Square #Jan25

AymanM Two dozen journalist unaccounted for, arrested, attacked in #egypt on thursday #jan25 #tahrir

a total of 21,000 Saudi citizens had left Egypt, returning to Saudi Arabia on a total of 75 airplanes since the start of the unrest in Egypt.

protests in Algeria, Yemen, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell: "US officials say that the next 48 hours will likely decide the outcome of the protests."

Indeed it will. Either a bloodbath or Mubarak is gone... or both.

# Mononopoly_hat_normal mcwbr RT @marwame: Friend's neighbor's family just received the corpse of their son, arrested a few days ago. #jan25 Welcome to Mubarak's #Egypt

He did not die in the protests, HE WAS ARRESTED. They MURDERED HIM.

RT @Gsquare86: Americans from New York doing a solidarity march in Tahrir chanting 'free free Egypt' #Tahrir


ABC list of all the journalists who were threatened, attacked or detained in Egypt

Al Jazeera: The Washington Post says its bureau chief, photographer, and translator have all been arrested.

Al Jazeera: "And the reason why we're not showing you live pictures as we have from downtown Cairo as we have from the past few days is that a lot of our equipment has been stolen. It's very difficult to get broadcast-quality pictures out of Cairo at the moment."

RT @allisonkilkenny: RT @AlArabiya_Eng: The Pentagon said it had no plans to halt weapons deliveries to Egypt


Aljaz reporter from Tahrir square, saying a stage set up and speeches being given about those who dies last night #Egypt #Mubarak #Jan25

Police attacking foreigners NOW all over the city

BBC to a girl in the street : Suleiman new speech divided the people because some of them want to believe what he said

That's what his goal was...

From ABC interview: MT @camanpour Mubarak said: I am fed up. After 62 yrs in public service I have had enough. I want to go. via @HalaGorani


BBC Arabic: Three protest leaders have disappeared while on their way to Meydan Tahrir #Jan25

Reuters: "Fed up" #Mubarak tells ABC Network he would like to leave office but cannot #Egypt #Tahrir #Jan25

Cannot? WUT?

RT @ShawkattRaghib: Flash: CSF Chief refused orders to impose live ammo into mass protesters in #Tahrir. #Egypt #Jan25 #FF

Speaking to ABC President Mubarak says he wants to leave office but fears Chaos

A group of angry Egyptian men carjacked an ABC News crew and threatened to behead them today in the latest and most menacing attack on foreign reporters trying to cover the anti-government uprising.


RT @camanpour: Mubarak “I told Obama ‘you don’t understand the Egyptian culture & what wud happen if I step down now.”

Freedom? Fact is, even if the army takes over, it won't be worse... since the army already rules it all. Basically, he's full of it.

The whole report on her interview with Mubarak

Sarahngb Sarahngb Translation RT @waelabbas: Urgent and confirmed: Army soldiers are the ones stopping and detaining Journalists and photographers. #jan25 2 minutes ago via YoruFukurou

According to ABC's Amanpour: Mubarak remains in presidential palace with family, heavily guarded by armed troops tanks & barbed wire #jan25 half a minute ago via web "

Al Arabiya: Draft US Senate resolution urges Mubarak transfer power via @AlArabiya_Eng

"The chairman of the panel that controls foreign aid (is) prepared to stop all US financial assistance to Egypt unless Mubarak steps aside"


U.S. Lawmakers & Members of Congress Call for Halting Egypt Aid to Push Mubarak Aside

About a week too late.

Cnn reporting that the State Dept has information suggesting that the Egyptian Interior Ministry is onvolved in rounding up journalists

Al Arabiya: Eleven youth leaders have been arrested by police on their way back from visiting El Baradei

RT @HowardKurtz: ABC's Brian Hartman threatened w beheading in Egypt. Fox's Greg Palkot severely beaten, Anderson Cooper, Christiane attacked. Extremely ugly

CNN "Senior judge calls yesterday's Cairo clashes “massacre” & tells us regime should face war crimes tribunal."

Mubarak to ABC: Muslim Brothers will come to power if I leave now

First this is false, and second, the MB is not that bad.

100's of INFRA RED SMALL CAMERAS are given to Tahrir protestors to record any attack at night on Tahrir

People have to pay police at every turn to get to the airport... one report saying paid 3500$US just to get IN the airport


People have routed power from the street lights and are charging their cell phones in Tahrir #Egypt #Jan25


"This is a losing battle and they have all the weapons, but we will continue fighting until we can't," Salen wrote. "I am heading to Tahrir right now with supplies for the hundreds injured."

Protesters in Tahrir are protecting themselves. Army disappeared

what sounds like fairly sustained gunfire coming from direction of #tahrir just started up

Australia protests at treatment of foreigners in Egypt as diplomats, journalists are targeted

RemounSays: RT @mosaaberizing: A militiary officer informed us they are setting up wires to prevent thugs from going into Tahrir. Will see... #Tahrir

Finally helping...

In #Suez: gangs of thugs leave the demonstrators, and start quarreling with each other for they paycheck. | via @gamaleid | #Jan25 |

MariamAbouward: RT @cnnbrk: CNN personnel are seeing wounded being carried into #Cairo’s Tahrir Square from the Museum entrance to square

"Tahrir Square is calm for the first time in days. At least 250000 are camped out preparing for the "Day of Departure."


evanchill Before I went out tonight, I concealed my AJE ID (anti-govt folk want to see it) and left behind my Qatari ID (thugs wouldn't like it).

State TV:Claiming protestors in Tahrir Square want to leave but can't get out because Muslim Brotherhood holding them hostage


And Lebanon is still quiet... it seems people have dropped everything to watch Egypt...

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 03:11 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo
Mubarak really thinks he's a Pharaoh!! as does his son!!!
.Suleiman's interview yesterday shows just how much of a puppet he is,if he becomes president I guarantee he will be following orders from Mubarak.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 03:25 AM
The big march on the palace, if it takes place, will probably take place after the big protest at 1PM Egypt time/6AM EST...

No cameras + no journalists... bad bad bad news.

And now the Egyptian government seems to have created Twitter accounts to do propaganda against anti-Mubarak protesters.

AJE correspondent reports that despite a "high number of peole" at Tahrir Square that a tense, quiet atmosphere prevails.

VP #Biden urged that credible, inclusive negotiations begin immediately in order for #Egypt to transition to a democratic government

And a few days ago : Mubarak ain't a dictator uh?

Ppl are sleeping curled next to each other. Heads on laps. When alarms sound they run to protect entrances. They wait patiently.


Loudspeakers inside Tahrir are playing patriotic & real oldschool Egyptian songs. Can hear people clapping along even from here

New Coalition group : National Association for Change, made up of El Baradei and several opposition group leaders from various political parties

blafrancia: RT @rassdwehda: More than 200 000 protestors @ AlTahrir Square: Musims, Christians, Boy, Girls, Grandpas and babys!!! #Tahrir #Mubarak #Egypt #jan25

HSBC (at least) has today halted (globally) currency exchanges from and to Egyptian Pounds!


WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama's attempt to abruptly push aside Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in favor of a transition government has sparked a rift with key Arab allies Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, which fear the U.S. is opening the door for Islamist groups to gain influence and destabilize the region.

Screw Saudi Arabia.

ASLANmedia #YEMEN: Foreign min. says unemployment the cause of protests, warns that outside interference would be counterproductive

.A column of at least 6 troop carrier trucks loaded with personnel are lined up facing the protester barricades in Tahrir Square. #Egypt

RT @MennaGamal: People on night watch, Army Forces telling poeple to take extra care and thoroughly check EVERY car. Tell your troops. #Jan25 #Egypt

ABC : Egypt's Torture Victims Describe Beatings, Electroshock, Rape Threats

RT @soniaverma: What's worse about being detained 3 hours by Egyptian army? Watching a 4 year old girl being detained with you even longer.

RT @blogdiva: cc: @AnonOps ...heh #joking RT @RiverDryFilm: We need help shutting down the State television. Anyone know any great hackers? #jan25 #egypt

muiz Our power lies in occupying Tahrir for the longest duration with more people. Very obvious how it's driving the regime crazy

elhelwy #Egyptian Rights Center May Refer Attacks to International Court - Bloomberg

NYT : Network Anchors Leave Egypt Amid Crackdown

RT @oxfordgirl: BBC - man in Tahrir sqaure saying number of ppl there are twice as many as yesterday

Obama is preparing a proposal for Mubarak to resign immediately and hand power over to Vice President Soliman in conjunction with the Army.

Suleiman uh? The guy who likes to torture people? Obama you're a dumb freak. Saying this will only piss off the Egyptians against America.

US admin. seeks to secure Suez canal & Camp David Accord. They dont care about Democracy. #Jan25

Well saying Suleiman is next in power sure is saying that.

RT @saelz8: Suleiman & Mubarak are two sides of the same coin. The NDP will remain in power if Omar is designated, which changes nothing. #egypt #jan25

NicRobertsonCNN Streets are quiet here in Alexandria, smell of burning fires in the air, the occasional army vehicle drives by

Hisham_G: If Reuters dispatch is right then US are de facto staging a coup d'état. Obama has no mandate 2 negotiate on behalf of Egyptian ppl!


RT @ArabRevolution: Dear @BarakObama @StateDept: from now on, the people who appoint and dismiss are the #Egyptian people. Stay out of it. #Egypt #Jan25

RT @zoomarang: @maddowblog #maddow Egyptian govt went open season on journalists of all stripes.The policy of proppin up tyrants ends in 2011 #jan25 #Egypt

YEAH RIGHT!! Maddow lying again for her boyfriend Obama!

RiverDryFilm: Once again, Ahmed Seif, human rights lawyer renowned for pro bono defence of injustice, is arrested and missing

RT @naglarzk: cnn: coalition to come together right now, #mubarak to get out of the way #jan25 #Tahrir #egypt

Former US Ambassador to Egypt Edward] Walker described the Egyptian counterpart, Suleiman, as “very bright, very realistic,” adding that he was cognizant that there was a downside to “some of the negative things that the Egyptians engaged in, of torture and so on. But he was not squeamish, by the way”

Say what? You sicko! Suleiman is PURE SCUM!!!!!!!!!!

Al-Wafd party announces that it won’t participate in the dialogue with VP Sulaiman on Thursday #Egypt #jan25


AJELive Photographer "Mohammad" tells Al Jazeera that he left Tahrir Square because it felt "completely unsafe to be there"

TeaWithCarl @acarvin Up till today, always had 6-7 tweets per minute. 50% from Tahrir, LIVE. NOW, after suppression, stone cold - suddenly weak.

RT @alihabibi1: #Mubarak waiting in his palace and the #US deciding about his fate! What a shameful end of a dictator! #Egypt #Jan25 #Tahrir

TeaWithCarl #EGYPT Inside #Tahrir Square, a welcoming community is forming, w/ foodstuffs,medical aid shared w/ all protesters

ASLANmedia #JORDAN: King #Abdullah meets with Islamist opposition, promises "serious steps" for reform

Christopher Dickey on CNN saying he feels the govt going to move in next few hours and clear #Tahrir square w/ force #egypt

RT @safeworld4women: R @tweetminster: Amnesty International confirms two of its workers are under arrest in #Egypt - BBC

camanpour In response to my intv w/ #Mubarak, US State Dept told us "the longer this situation remains unresolved, the danger [...] increases."

Ya think?

IvanCNN Dozens of troops wearing riot control helmets now deployed at different corners of Tahrir Square. Opposition playing patriotic anthem

IvanCNN Convoy of 9 blue police troop carrier trucks just made a pre-dawn drive past Tahrir Square.

IvanCNN 2 men leaving Tahrir Square approached troops in riot control helmets with arms raised. Troops made them lay flat on pavement, searched them

IvanCNN As of 6 AM Friday, haven't heard gunshots for hours from around Tahrir Square. Let's hope it stays that way.


AlanFisher Morning all - busy day ahead with #Egypt protestors planning 'Day of Departure' demonstrations across the country

AJE Gunfire forces army to mediate clashes

RT @mand0z: Army officer telling protestors:"I'm here to protect you, and if I die the barbed wire behind me will protect you" #Jan25 RT@mohamedelgarhey

AlArabiya_Eng The US military's top officer says Egyptian army leaders "reassured" him they will not fire on protesters

TeaWithCarl RT @BloggerSeif #Mubarak thugs around Qasr El Nile waiting for protesters (via Younis)

RT @CarneRoss: #UN Sec Council President #Brazil has revealed that not one member has requested discussion of #Egypt inc US, UK, France, Germny etc #Jan25

THAT IS TELLING.... Bunch of freaking hypocrites.

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 03:53 AM

@litfreak Pls RT ! Muslim Brotherhood announced #Tahrir sound system they don't wish to run for power If true,hope news gets spread. #jan25


LaraABCNews Egyptians keep asking us to pray for them, how this all turns out...say it's a historic day in their country. Air is thick with intensity.


Resident cheer as mass #demonstrations against Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak march past #president #2space

AJELive Our producer says there's a security build-up at Tahrir Square, troops in riot gear next to tanks

The Arab revolution and Western decline

There are no excuses for the contradictions. How can it be that Bush's America understood the problem of repression in the Arab world, but Obama's America ignored it until last week? How can it be that in May 2009, Hosni Mubarak was an esteemed president whom Barack Obama respected, and in January 2011, Mubarak is a dictator whom even Obama is casting aside? How can it be that in June 2009, Obama didn't support the masses who came out against the zealot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, while now he stands by the masses who are coming out against the moderate Mubarak?

There is one answer: The West's position is not a moral one that reflects a real commitment to human rights. The West's position reflects the adoption of Jimmy Carter's worldview: kowtowing to benighted, strong tyrants while abandoning moderate, weak ones.

People are gonna be pissed about that article...

Ban on live reports from Tahrir square

mosaaberizing The army has taken over October bridge and issued a warning they'll shoot if thugs come back. Finally. #Jan25


Spread the word: Trustworthy friend: Some people spreading poisoned food to the Militias, claiming to be supportive. Be WARY #Jan25 #Egypt

allawati Lots of journalists leaving Cairo today. Army has been deployed all around Tahrir

Noooooo !!! Needs reporters otherwise there will be a bloodbath!!!!!!

Abbas Al Lawati allawati Taxis are either refusing to go to Tahrir or charging a killing. 100 pounds for a 1km drive. Too risky to go on foot


ashrafkhalil Senior Human Rights Watch official told me their researcher Daniel Williams, longtime Washpost and LA Times reporter, still in custody

AJELive Our reporter tweets:"Dozens of police trucks in side streets around Pres Palace.Yes thats right police!Haven't seen them in a while.

Government document captured from Egyptian thugs, Topic: Plan to address the mass demonstrations

Iran cracking down on Iranian access to outside website...they want to shut down ALL OUTSIDE INTERNET in Iran

Coming from an Iranian citizen...

Egypt's defense minister and other top army officials are currently visiting Cairo's Tahrir Square, according to a defense ministry source

Yeah right...

arwasm Extremely tight security checks in multiple points at the entrance to #tahrir. Women were caught with knives

They want to defend themselves...

RulaMatta‎ RT @litfreak: As a Muslim, I'm most disgusted by the imams whose silence has been bought. You're a disgrace to your religion and people. #Egypt #Jan25


MuslimNewMedia‎ RT @nadiae: I can see some foreign journos with video cams. So glad they made it in and r safe #egypt #jan25 @pressfreedom

aymanscribbler‎ Buying supplies yesterday near Tahrir Sq, an old man started insulting me and said "let them go hungry" about the protesters. #jan25 #Egypt

vallie‎ RT @Dobroyeutro German Chancellor Angela Merkel says #Egypt's security forces must guarantee protests are 'free and peaceful' - BBC #jan25

Yeah right!

RT @ianinegypt: Tahrir Square is like a "green zone" for journalists. Everyone was friendly


; RT @litfreak: Man on phone from Luxor says they still fear crackdown. Ppl threatened. All mosques telling ppl not to protest. #Egypt #Jan25

Imams backstabbing people...

BBC: Prime Minister David Cameron says Egyptian government has so far failed to meet 'aspirations' of its people for 'credible' transition

What kind of weak BS is that?

LaraABCNews‎ New chant in Tahrir Square: 'change, strength, nationalism, and justice.' #Cairo #Egypt #Jan25

ProducerMatthew Reuters: Iran says the United States faces "irreparable defeat" in the Middle East.

DailyNewsEgypt 500-meter long queues waiting to get into Tahrir through checkpoint from Qasr El-Nil Bridge.

AlArabiya_Eng Witnesses and security sources confirm the launch of 1 RPG at the headquarters of State Security

Oh boy...

What could happen when Mubarak is gone... is that pro-western government could be pissed...and stop helping us fighting ``real terrorists`` because yes they exist... and we'll see terrorists attacks...and we'll go to war again in the middle-east...

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