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Middle East on fire

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posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 01:09 AM

Originally posted by Darce
Oh, you're right, Well don't mind me, the alarmist. There were reports of a crackdown coming after dawn and it looks like the sun is up in the square. Also, V reports threats of suicide bombings in the US if Obama doesn't aid the insurrection. Now that's really starting to scare me.

Well he's probably saying that because Egyptians will be pissed at the US for letting a US-funded dictator kill them... so for sure it's gonna stir up extremists in Egypt...

Egyptians who've been tweeting abroad to bring you news can't go back to #Egypt unless Mubarak falls or they'll be detained. #Jan25

WikiLeaks : Egypt: Abuse by Egyptian police and domestic secretive services

O' Egypt, our revolution is a siege sent down against tyranny; a people's uprising, to show the world your wonders. #Jan25

Egypt government tv : "Obama hails Mubarak's speech to the nation... Obama praises Egypt's youth and army... EU praises Mubarak..."


Aljazeera arabic: 5 killed and 15 injured many seriously from gunshots

RT @rania_hafez: Eyewitness from AP office reports: Protesters have just caught 10 army personnel who were shooting at anti Mubarak #EGYPT #TahrirSquare

My friend at the hospital has just confirmed 20 injured and 7 killed.Bullets r fired @legs to disable or head to kill

@JohnKingCNN: Obama admin official sees tipping point, next 24-48 hrs key & urges military to choose society over Mubarak.

The parliament of the wealthy Gulf state of Kuwait on Wednesday unanimously passed legislation to grant cash and free food to Kuwaiti citizens totalling over $5 billion to mark national occasions.

Scared of a revolt?

Protestors in tahrir square still demanding mubarak to leave despite many harsh tries to disperse them! aljazeera arabic

CNN : Mubarak is the last one to realise that the country doesnt belong to him

RT @shadyanwar Here's who paid for the #Mubarak thugs- El Enain (businessman&NDP executive) Safwat El Sherif (NDP Sec.General) #Egypt #jan25

JShahryar #Egypt: Captured Thug in Cairo: We Were Paid by MP to Beat Americans in Tahrir Square

acarvin RT @mosaaberizing: I kid you not. A group of us are practicing baseball with the stones they're throwing. Bats and all. Fun revolution

Khalid Abdalla on BBC 'in the face of a trained,orchestrated attack&we were here with peaceful intent & we remain peaceful in our intent"

Human Rights Watch calls for an immediate end to attacks on demonstrators in Cairo, Egypt

@RamyRaoof protesters are chanting: " The pple of Egypt want the butcher executed"

Egyptian State Television says anti-Mubarak demonstrators shot dead in Tahrir Square the result of a "random car shooting"

That is some epic BS!

@bencnn State-run Nile TV reports 4 dead, 829 wounded in battle of #Tahrir Square. Expect more upward revisions #Egypt #Jan25

Dima_Khatib Aljazeera: Molotov cocktails being thrown from rooftops at protesters. New clashes reported. Rocks & stones thrown too #jan25 #egypt

Desert_Dals Man donates blood even after losing his son in Friday violence. True #Egyptian spirit.

Eyewitness: Amount of people entering Tahrir Square in Cairo is growing rapidly.

reporting jamming devices used by government on communications

AJ : Tahrir square protestors are losing support due to Mubaraks willingness to institute constitutional efforts.

Human Rights Watch calls on the United States to immediately suspend aid to Egypt

RT @LaraABCNews - Reviewing our footage from last attacker with bad aim threw a Molotov, lit his own building on fire.

Now the news are up to date.
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posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 01:19 AM

Before I even found this thread, your username and Egypt kept appearing in my dreams and thoughts...

Makes me feel like following this intently.

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 01:22 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Hearing about children being hurt and killed is sad but I have to ask why the hell would you take children to a protest you know may turn violent??

That's stupidity....

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 01:40 AM

RT @LaraABCNews - Reviewing our footage from last attacker with bad aim threw a Molotov, lit his own building on fire.


posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 01:50 AM

Originally posted by backinblack
reply to post by Vitchilo

Hearing about children being hurt and killed is sad but I have to ask why the hell would you take children to a protest you know may turn violent??

That's stupidity....

I do not condone bringing children to revolutions, but who are we to judge others who had been repressed for decades?

Adults love their kids, but kids love their parents as well, and would want to tag along to make a stand too. It's their future the adults are fighting for as well, and as much as i would voice out against the harm of violence, it is the kids right too, to protect their parents.

It was meant to be peaceful demostration against the tyrant, for they brought no weapons, and had hope the tyrant will have even a little bit of humanity in him when he sees even children against him, and will give it up.

But no. Instead he let loose his dogs upon his own people, even children to murder, maim and hurt. What else is required to wake fellow Egyptians and humanity up to tyrannical beasts in our midst and the continued support of such animals?

We are quick to condemn Al Queda when they suicide bomb innocents, but here we have a tyrant murdering his own people OPENLY, and yet we do nothing. This is not the first time mankind had remained silent over state murderers and have even wine and fettered them. China, Burma, Thailand, and now Egypt. By our silence lies the tacit accomplicity to the murders of our fellow brothers and sisters by divine creation.....
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posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 02:00 AM
I am speechless from what I've seen so far of Egypt's revolt, yet compelled to say something. I know little of the whole modern political climate structures in place surrounding all parties involved, but it is clear that the politicians in not only Egypt, but many other countries, don't feel compelled to follow the same rules. Understandable, yet there are laws that man adheres to that know no border or country. Morality is a good example of this, and religion's existence is evidence enough for that!

The internet is more evidence that there are laws that know no border or country, for the news brings to us coverage of such events daily. I say E*gypt so a Chinese reader may see what's going on... Unreal the control they can really have given the desire or perceived gain from such control.

Does news matter? Certainly history matters. And much would-be news can be so easily lost in history, with no consequence to the majority of the world. Mubarak's name is in a bigger history, he sees himself as consequential and evidently honorable. All honor was vanquished when he let his staff go, while assuring a productive last few months.

Oh much can be changed in a few months with the initiative an unsuccessful revolt would bring, but it wouldn't be effective. He fired staff. Evidently ran for his gun. Waiting for a stalemate, breaking the will of his own people for the sake of a MORE honorable transfer of power.

Ludicrous that there should be a more honorable transfer than revolution.

ETA: It dawns on me that the more glorious a revolution written, the greater will it be known by history.
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posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 02:45 AM

Proof of guilt of the "thugs" they are the police.

Christians protecting moslems during prayer.

Robert Fisk was there. 657.html

Watching this carefully, my heart is with them. Was listening last night as fighting broke out, sheer madness, criminal madness. The soldiers seem to be seesawing, apparently many women are begging them to protect their mother and sisters. Even the soldiers can see how single sided this is.

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 02:48 AM
reply to post by backinblack

Hearing about children being hurt and killed is sad but I have to ask why the hell would you take children to a protest you know may turn violent??

Well maybe they thought that it would be peaceful like all the other days... not to mention... they could have thought that if it turned violent, the cops wouldn't be crazy enough to hurt kids...

And there were reports a few days ago that security forces killed 2 kids in a mosque... aged 4 and 6...

Despite bloody night, more protesters demanding ouster of #Mubarak pour into Tahrir Square #jan25

El Baraidei: Mubarak provoking civil war

Buses carrying pro and anti-gov protesters heading to Cairo.

RT @3abdo0205 With #Mubarak holding his position as President, ppl in #Suez are threatening to takeover..and form a republic. #Egypt #Jan25

That would be epic.

The online group Anonymous said Wednesday that it had paralyzed the Egyptian government’s Web sites in support of the antigovernment protests.


UK tweet: When Mubarak comes to London we'll be ready for him.


20,000 protestors take to the streets in Yemen.

Pro-Mubarak supporters seen carrying knives, sticks moving towards Cairo's Tahrir square

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood demands Mubarak is 'overthrown,' calls for formation of 'national unity government' - Al-Jazeera

And the sickest of it all :

Tony Blair: Mubarak 'Immensely Courageous And A Force For Good'

Tony Blair took an adversarial stance this week by defending Egypt's autocratic president as "immensely courageous, and a force for good."

Blair is really a big freaking steaming pile of horse poo.... and a war criminal.

I would hope Obama or any country for that matter would invite him in their country and ARREST HIM FOR WAR CRIMES.
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posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 03:01 AM

Know 5 journalists AT LEAST who got beat up and equipment stolen in the past hour only. Be ready to run, or don't go at all.

There's renewed talk of leaving the square and heading to the Presidential Palace.

bencnn : Heard in Cairo: "#Egypt military may replace the president, but will never replace the regime, never accept civilian rule."

VP Suleiman looking to resign after the violence


Dialogue between VP and opposition party has begun.

Hopefully no more violence and Mubarak goes once Suleiman resigns.

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 03:05 AM
Getting in line for a revolution
Movements for democratisation are springing up in many Arab countries - one by one the queue increases.
Sharmine Narwani

What is interesting about the tsunamis of change cascading through the Middle East this past month is that the "dumb, undeserving-of-democracy" Arab masses have turned out to be magnificently saavy, efficient, focused and determined in flipping over longstanding dictatorships.

And it turns out they are polite too. Arab populations from North Africa, the Levant and the Persian Gulf have now, quite organically it seems, devised a wait-your-turn system for overthrowing the Middle East's iron-fisted leaders.

Opposition groups and ordinary citizens have taken to the streets in Yemen, Jordan, Palestine, Bahrain and Algeria recently to air their grievances and demand change. But they are not going full throttle quite yet. First, they are waiting for their brothers and sisters in Egypt to finish, as Egyptians did when Tunisians were focused on overthrowing the 23-year-old dictatorship of now deposed president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Which leader is next is anyone's guess, but I bet that every subsequent uprising will be leaner and smarter than the last. The Arab masses are learning quickly: when the Egyptian security forces sent thugs onto the streets to foment chaos and turn folks against the protesters, Egyptian bloggers and commentators hit the media and social networks to warn about these tactics - quickly pointing out that Ben Ali's presidential guard had attempted the same a few weeks ago.


Let the bought and paid for thugs come it's far to late now The Revolution has taken hold in the region.Mubarak is a dead man mark my words he won't get out alive.I think when the end comes he and his backers will try and destroy the nations infrastructure since they have failed to retake Liberation Square.

PS:Give Me Liberty or Give me Death!!! Via la Revolution!!!

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 03:06 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Tony Blair took an adversarial stance this week by defending Egypt's autocratic president as "immensely courageous, and a force for good."

I'm the last person to defend Blair, the guys a criminal..
But that quote was taken out of context..
Don't use it and be made to look foolish..

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 03:20 AM
President Mubarak's most honorable, possible next move? A helicopter lift to the Presidential Palace for an official debate, with an opposition leader, or two. Well that would be impressive.

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 03:32 AM
reply to post by smthngmssnghr
I want him thrown off the helicopter right in the middle of Liberation Square..Let's see how he would fare all alone.

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 05:29 AM

Fresh violence feared in Egypt: A day after Mubarak loyalists assailed against pro-democracy protesters, Tahrir ...

Incredible scenes of heroism and defiance in #tahrir makeshift clinics, frontline reinforcements arriving, this is the battle for #egypt

Supporters, opponents of Mubarak pelt each other with rocks as Cairo violence resumes #alarabiya #cairo #jan25 #FREEEGYPT #Internet #25jan

Yes, that's an anti-government catapult manned by the Tahrir protesters. Medieval warfare in the square.

Pro-mubarak supporters now intimidating pro-democracy supporters by cutting off supplies and rations being carried into #tahrir #jan25

Army now acting more in favor of anti-govt protesters. A tank just rolled forward on 6th October overpass to push pro-Mub rockthrowers away.

Still mad at you, army.


I've added captions to most of the photos from last night behind the Tahrir Square anti-government barricades.

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 05:45 AM

cordon of soldiers facing anti-Mubarak protestors. CNN

CNN Fighter jet flies low and slow over center of #ALexandria.

Fatah official calls for revolt in Gaza accuse Hamas of "implementing a Zionist-Iranian plan."

A zionist-iranian plan? Are they serious?

Al Arabiya: VP Omar Suleiman says that he will investigate the Meydan Tahrir violence as he begins talks with opposition parties today

Yeah right. I'm sure he gave the orders himself.

El Baradei to BBC Arabic: the person in charge of authorizing opposition parties is the NDP secretary general. Mubarak didn't mention that.

Opposition crowd growing. Many thousands. No longer festive atmosphere like previous days. People very angry. Men, women. No kids

Army dispersing people on 6th october bridge!/aljazeera arabic

Al Arabiya: Egyptian Govt spokesperson denies it is behind the attack on protesters in Meydan Tahrir

U.N. to evacuate 350 staff based in Egypt - AP

Witness: Egyptian army creates buffer zone to separate pro-, anti-Mubarak protesters in Cairo - Reuters

prime minister will hold press conference - expected to resign #Egypt #Jan25

Report that a policeman tried to set fire to the National Museum in Cairo - Al Jazeera

Sudan widens crackdown on opposition by arresting 10 journalists ahead of anti-government protests expected Thurs. - Reuters

Egypt's #ElBaradei tells #Reuters rejects offer from PM to talk, says Mubarak must step down first

FLASH: Sarkozy, Merkel, Berlusconi, Zapatero, Cameron say worried about deteriorating situation in Egypt - joint statement.

People carrying knives, metal bars, sticks and swords out in force in Cairo, situation may be getting worse than yesterday - NBC News

RT @waelabbas: Blood needed in Nasser Institute Hospital

Tension escalating in Tahrir Sq, progovts probing side roads, hurling bricks, trying to enter sq. Antis bang steel shutters as alarm

Talking to fishermen in #Alexandria who say fighting in Cairo a national humiliation, angry with anti#Mubarak supporters

Egypt anti-government protestors say they detain 120 people carrying IDs linking them with police or ruling party -Reuters

Fatah official calls for revolt in Gaza

France, Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain call for transition to begin immediately.

RT @jonsnowC4 Media hotel suffering #Mubarak thugs attacking all our attempts to get out to report.

Hundreds of anti-government protesters gather at university in Yemen's capital Sanaa - CNN

Mass rally on Yemen 'day of rage': More than 20,000 anti-government protesters gather in Yemen's capital, Sanaa,...

Weapons outnumber the population in Yemen three to one, raising concerns a power vacuum in the unstable state may unleash unbridled violence.

People from whole of Cairo marching towards Tahrir to support the besieged people

RT @Nefermaat: RT @mowj_aden Yemen : Heavy gunfire to disperse demonstrators in the city of Aden, South Yemen #Yemen #Egypt #jan25 #Tunisia #JR_Yemen

NicRobertsonCNN Activist in Alex tells us his friend in Army warns him to stay off streets Friday because army may get new orders

Goverment thugs breaks the lines of seperation at tahrir square

BBC: the army will retaliate if any attacks are carried out.


Opposition protesters say they will never give up. "If we do, we'll all be tried for high treason and be executed"

BBCWorld: Pro-government protesters break through army cordon in Cairo and throw stones at anti-Mubarak protesters, from AFP

RT @free_egypt25: Heavy gunfire to disperse demonstrators in Aden, South #Yemen

Please RT and SPREAD: Mubarak's forces plow through the crowded streets at least two killed

Doctors in Egypt say 7, not 5, people killed in clashes between pro, anti-Mubarak protesters - Al-Jazeera TV

RT @monasosh: Mobarak's thugs are occupying most of kasr el nile bridge, searching ppl & throwing any food supply in the nile

RT @Zeinobia Ahmed Shafik is not going to resign , hear him on BBC Arabic

From a friend in Sanaa, Yemen : protestors and pro gvt groups are fighting with real weapons. Ppl are advised to stay at home.

Tanks disperses crowd briefly before they swarm forward again

Prime Minister, Ahmed Shafiq, live on BBC arabic: I did not and will not resign

Pics of Yemen protests

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 06:14 AM
Many photos of Tahrir square here :

AJA: Reuters and AFP confirm that the Army is helping push away the thugs from #Tahrir. #Egypt #Jan25

Everybody loved hosni ... /articles/2011/02/01/everybody_loves_loved_hosni?sms_ss=twitter&at_xt=4d4a922223f4c188,0

Don't world leaders look the absolute scum of the earth? They all have this "sick" look about them.

Here is the crux of the matter:

RT @JPBarlow: "We know that if we give up and leave the #Tahrir Square, they will hunt us one by one. So, if we must, we will die here."

WARNING URGENT RT: All journalists keep eyes open systematic arrests by police make way to safety &avoid hotels #tahrir #jan25 #cairo #egypt

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 06:31 AM

UPI : Japan says exchange of power in egypt must happen peacefully

Guardian reports that the army will protect dissidents today, may move on #Mubarak tomorrow

Hospital refuses to give a body to his family unless they sign a statement that he died in a car accident.

Say what?

Protester:"We not just doing this for Egypt. Its for the entire Arab world. Egypt is catalyst for change in region"

After landing in Cairo a Dutch cameraman was taken away after they taken all his camerastuff from him at the airport, that happened around 02:00 am. Since then they haven't heard from him.

Al Jazeera: Reuters: European Union's foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton asks the Egyptian Army to protect citizens

Al-Qaida supporters on the web are urging Egyptian demonstrators to "close the Suez Canal" in order to remove the "Western-backed dictator

Oh boy..

Friend was trying to deliver medical supplies, they smashed his car and he had to turn & run away

#Egypt In make shift hospital. 100's of wounded. some stab wounds, most head injuries from stones. Blood everywhere Volunteer nurses and drs

RT @forsoothsayer: friend on haggag st near #tahrir confirms ongoing rock battle under bldg and pro-mubarak locals looking for foreigners.

Thousands in alexandria protest against mubarak and in support of tahrir square people

RT @5hadz RT @Sarahngb | Group of young doctors on their way to Tahrir now with medical supplies

Al Jazeera called on the Egyptian satellite company Nilesat to resume broadcasting its signal or face legal action

RT @foreignproducer #Cairo: army plays patriotic songs on loudspeakers over square

Western media not allowed in to the PM's press conference

Israel's Ephraim Sneh calls for Israel to retake corridor separating Gaza and Egypt

Israeli military maneuvers in Syrian Golan Heights

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) launched wide-range military maneuvers in Syria's occupied Golan Heights, the Damascus Press news website reported Thursday.

The IDF Wednesday started live-ammo land drill as hundreds of tanks and thousands of soldiers, backed by helicopters and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, massed to drill simulations of war.

Obvious message to Hezbollah and Syria to do nothing...

RT @ashrafkhalil soldier who saved us from crowd now keeping us in walled courtyard for safety. Found crew of other journo also hiding here

Egypt not planning to resume banking until Sunday.

witnessed a foreign tv journalist being carried along the road in front of our hotel by an angry mob. not sure where to

Massive protests erupt demanding Mubarak steps down in Mansoura

Al Jazeera: Port Said activist speaking calls on Egyptian people not to be fooled by Mubarak speech, to continue protests.

Hearing Egypt war songs coming from Tahrir Square. Crowds are coming alive and the energy is increasing. Some military presence in order

Fierce street battle on Mo. Haggag street outside my building, thugs re-taken the underpass but protesters holding ground

BBC Arabic: reports major protests in Alexandria. Protesters shouting "No to dialogue with regime"

BBC News reporting violent clashes on the streets in Alexandria.

Powerful blast in Turkish capital collapses 2 stories of factory, kills at least 3 people, injuring some 30 others

Yemen protests estimated at 200,000 now


Confirmed: Hisham Mubarak Law center is being attacked right now. The center is an active supporter of human rights

RT @bbclysedoucet: On edge of Square heated arguments pro & anti Mubarak. Some holding sticks, tree branches, iron rods. So far only shouting #jan25 #egypt

Egyptian state TV claiming #jan25 protests are Israeli-Muslim Brotherhood-Qatari plot #egypt

Yeah right. Nibiru is more possible...

Army soldiers and tanks pushing mubarak supporters away from tahrir square!/AJA from Reuters and AP

Twenty-six-year-old Ali Abdel Mohsen is an Egyptian reporter with the local independent daily Al Masry Al Youm. During last Friday’s “Day of Rage,” he was arrested, beaten and detained by Egyptian police.

State TV has created a state of panic by their "foreign infiltrators" in Tahrir reports. People randomly attacking foreigners in Cairo.

RT @NadiaE: Just met british journo who was told by police he'd be shot if he filmed from his hotel balcony over tahrir #egypt

RNN : Tomorrow is the day of Cowds, The Friday of departure. The Youth for Egypt calls all youths, activists and Egyptians to join the protestors in At-Tahrir square

Egyptians from different backgrounds are joining the demonstrations in At-Tahrir; Muslims and Copts. Muslim Brotherhood, Kifaya, April 6th and National Assembly to change. From all ages; children, youth and eldery people. Both males and females. From different social classes. All of them are calling for the "ONE EGYPT"

5m Egyptians now on Facebook. Have created 32000 groups, 14000 pages in last 2 weeks #egypt #jan25!!


Human chain of soldiers has run away from the barricades. Pro-Mubarak thugs just unleashed a barrage of rocks.

10 000 pro-Mubarak around Cairo...attacks mostly outside of Square where there's no cameras

2 visiting NYT journalists been arrested

150 000 protesters in Tahrir square and more by the minute

Army bringing in lots of journalists into protective custody

Lots of reports from journalists on the ground that some army units are actively blocking them from reporting also stopping pro-democracy groups

The army seems to be splitting....some army units stopping pro-Mubarak protesters...and some army units arresting journalists (for their own good of course) and blocking democracy groups... not good.
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posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 06:38 AM

Aljazeera Talk Reporter : About 200,000 Protester in Tahrir Square and more people still flowing

Confirmed: Hisham Mubarak Law center is being attacked right now. The center is an active supporter of human rights #Cairo #Egypt #Jan25

RT @DailyNewsEgypt Mobs of people attack two of our reporters in Dokki for being 'foreigners' We are all fine after army intervention #jan25

Raafatology First time I see a police officer in Alex. They are back #egypt

RT @peterstefanovic: Hotel security just confiscated our second camera. They don't want any crews taking them to their rooms

Shahira Amin, top Egyptian journalist, resigned yesterday and is now in Tahrir Square

Sitting in hotel lobby figuring out a way to move. Not safe here anymore. Journalists being attacked and arrested everywhere.

Shahira Amin's been threatened, intimidated "I refuse to be a hypocrite. I feel liberated"

She's the gal who left the state tv because of the propaganda. She received death threats...

Nile Sat reporter resigns, tells AlJazeera: "i cant be part of the propaganda machine." "I will be on the side of the people."

50 yr old little lady: I stopped coming to demo after Mub's speech - but yesterday's attacks were so horrible I am now back"


Larger numbers of pro-mubarak groups forming on the outskirts of Cairo

So #Yemen is out on the streets too.. President promises he will not stand again in 2013 but protesters want him out now!

IN 2013? Nuts!

Urgent : army and police storm hisham mubarak law center and arrests activists now !!!


This is getting very dangerous... a part of the army is now with Mubarak's forces... civil war here we go.

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 06:43 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Short of military intervention, one way or the other, closing Suez is only possible win for freedom fighters.

Is it even possible? And would the military intervene?

THAT would get mubarak out instantly, already it's only friendships with western leaders thats kept him in office.

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 06:56 AM
reply to post by harryhaller

Is it even possible? And would the military intervene?

From what I've read earlier.. the US military said they would intervene. So yeah.

HEAVY gunfire coming from qasr el nil in cairo close to tahrir square!

all journalists being ordered to leave hotels close or in tahrir square

AP: Egyptian Military rounding up Foreign Journalists

Al Jazeera caller Ziyad Olaimi says that a number of journalists are being held hostage by regime thugs

RT @BBC Egyptian military rounding up foreign journalists near Tahrir saying its 4 their own protection

"Reports that an #alarabiya crew is under attack next to state TV building. Al Arabiya is appealing on air for help from military #egypt"

Vodafone on orders of Mubarak sends out mass sms calling for pro-mubarak protests

The army is definetly broking up.

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