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Middle East on fire

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posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 07:01 PM

Originally posted by nickoli
reply to post by backinblack

They always get rid of the useful idiots,history proves this. Time will tell but I am right,not arrogant,I got alot of time researching my theorys and I changed my mind,I wont do a thread. I dont have to,I gave you the key if you'll just do the research.

Ohh I said it was all planned DAYS ago..
The responses from many leaders didn't sound right from the start...

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 07:03 PM
reply to post by nickoli

You're talking as if this kind of thing has never succeeded before, but it has, in many places around the world.

You could be right (you could also be a bit less obscure.. Also a full stop here and there would also be appreciated
), he could just be manipulating everyone into positions, but, A- He hasn't resigned yet, and B- There's still no telling how far the people would go to *ensure* that they get the kind of government they want.

Whether or not they get fooled by that government into another autocratic regime, or Mubarak finds a way to turn everything around in his favor is a different story, but it might not be as easy as your think for these elements to sabotage the democracy.

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 07:09 PM
More news coming up after this...

Israel's IDF reports of a drill
drill in southern Israel, IDF infantry, artillery, tank and air forces simulated taking control of an enemy village

Already scheduled or ?

Organizers at Tahrir square announced that throughout #Egypt 8.000.000 (8 mio !!!) people are protesting right now. #jan25

@StateDept from @AJELive : All US citizens advised to leave #Egypt #Jan25

Now that Mubarak has done it's speech, we know why... HE WON'T LEAVE TILL AT LEAST SEPTEMBER... if at all... that means lots of violence coming up.

Jordan: Muslim Brotherhood opposes newly elected PM

Well yeah the new guy appointed by Abdullah is not a guy who will do reforms, he was already there 4 years ago as PM.

John Kerry calls for Mubarak to go - "stability of country hinges on willingness to step aside to make way for new political structure"'.

Richard haass leader of council of forgein relations in washington: Mubarak days are numbered

Now if even that piece of filth neo-con says Mubarak must go... you know that the US elite wants him to go so they can put another puppet in.

Dima_Khatib: Revolutionary tourism! @Tharwacolamus AJE Correspondent: Many western tourists among protesters, joining hands, chants #jan25 #Egypt


Alexandria hospitals overloaded.

250,000 protest in Sinai.

Al Jazeera English Washington correspondent: "Well I can tell you that administration officials have been watching our channel very closely to find out what's going on..."

Al Jazeera rocks!

Reports that in Alexandria the length of the protestors is 6 km.

Admin Official: Obama "not ruling out legitimacy" of Muslim Brotherhood for New Egypt Gov't

Opposition groups led by Al-Baradei set ultimatum: Mubarak has to make clear his position before Friday

8 million + protesting around Egypt!

That is some crazy stuff.

Israel deploying more troops on the border with Egypt

Drills today and tomorrow. And to prevent infiltration.

Protests in Jordan : People chanting, holding signs, flags, calling for cancellation of peace treaty with Israel

After all there's lots of Palestinians in Jordan... and they see what Israel is doing to their fellow Palestinians...

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says the international community must demand that any future Egyptian government that takes power respects the 30-year peace treaty with Israel, the AFP news agency reports.

Paranoid much?

Lara Setrakian of ABC News tweets: " More people pitching tents in Tahrir Square. I've seen volunteers hand out tea and food, pick up trash #Jan25"

They ain't leaving!

#Egypt: The nationwide curfew has been extended from 13:00 to 08:00 local time #Jan25

The BBC's Jim Muir in Tahrir Square says: "Hours after dark, and despite the curfew that theoretically started at 1500 local time, the big square and the spaces around it are still full of people chanting slogans calling on Mr Mubarak to leave."

over 10 arabic channels from whole ME broadcasting aljazeeras feed in protest of Egypts censorship!


Calls for protests in Gaza & the West Bank

News The Guardian: Israel had previously expressed confidence that Mubarak would face down the protests but it seems as though that confidence may be ebbing.

Majority of Israelis support the Revolution. RNN keep talking about Netanyahu and Liebermann. maybe 40% of Israelis support them now. 60% support the Egyptian Revolution


RNN | News Al-Jazeera: The Egyptian Interior Minister announces the escape of about 17,000 prisoners, some of them accused of terrorism

Yeah terrorists uh? I bet they reported on how Mubarak was a tyrant and were branded terrorists.

President Obama is calling Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and his other top national security advisers to the White House this afternoon for a meeting on Egypt, a senior U.S. official said. Officials say the protest movement in Egypt is in the midst of a decisive moment.

Troops mobilising in Jordan

In response to Mubarak soon to be overthrown (they think) so they are prepared if another big protest to overthrow the government is done in response.

BBC Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq appears on Egyptian television without a shirt and tie - an unprecedented event. He says he is worried, but is confident that he can make the country stable again.

Yeah right.

The internet search giant, Google, says its marketing executive for the Middle East, Wael Ghonim, has been missing in Egypt since Thursday, according to the Reuters news agency.

He was at a conference

NYT: Obama has told Mubarek not to stand for re-election.

NYT... you really did an article on that?

Morocco, Jordan, Syria speeding up for positive changes in order to avoid higher food prices creating an uprising similar to Egypt.

The BBC's Jim Muir in Tahrir Square says: "The temperature is dropping here, as is the number of protesters. The crowd is about a third the size of what was in the square earlier. But the message remains clear - the demonstrators want President Mubarak to go immediately. The people I spoke to said they were not willing to compromise and allow him to step down after September's election."

About 2,000 people attacked Tunisia’s interior ministry today, the interior minister says #Tunisia #BenAli

Yemen's president, facing demands that he resign, has called for a meeting of parliament and the consultative council, as the opposition has declared that it is "too late" for dialogue and that he he must go.

BBC: The United States has no plans to redeploy troops or ships in response to the unrest in Egypt and Tunisia, the head of the US Central Command, Gen James Mattis, says during a visit to London.

The BBC's Magdi Abdelhadi, outside the presidential residence in the Cairo suburb of Heliopolis, says: "Nationalist songs are being broadcast on state radio, interspersed with communiques. One has just announced that a group of subversive elements trying to come between the Egyptian people and their armed forces have been arrested. The songs and communiques are a reminder of 1960s and 1970s, when Egypt was still at war with Israel. The regime is clearly trying to whip up nationalist sentiment in an effort to convince the public that foreigners are plotting against Egypt. To our right, traffic slows, as a crane lowers massive blocks in front of Hosni Mubarak's residence. It is this part of Cairo that the protesters in Tahrir Square are planning to march to demand that the president step down."

Lots of pics

Bolton: If Mubarak falls in Egypt, Israel should bomb Iran
God this guy is full of poo.

So just after Mubarak's speech saying he'll stay and crackdown hard on the ``anarchists`` and ``foreign agitators``... people are freaking pissed and are screaming across Egypt. Screaming LEAVE LEAVE!!!

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 07:12 PM

n the next few months that are remaining of my current term, I will work very hard to carry out all the necessary measures to transfer power to the authorized legitimate.

"Egypt's youth are its most valuable asset and looting of public and private property, destroying what we have built, is not the route to follow ...

"I will defend Egypt's safety and stability and its people's wishes, for that is the responsibility and the trust endowed in me when I swore an oath in front of God and the nation to protect it."

Mubarak is great

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 07:12 PM
reply to post by flk1331

This is much bigger than Mubarak he was a useful idiot too,his time has passed,now he must go or die. This is the NWO on the march,my theory is, that his son had other ideas that didnt suit the NWO. Either way, this is a color revolution, fomented by the left. The glourious brave people of Egypt have been played,I'm sorry I too thought it was something else till I looked deeper,its not

The main number one organization behind this is called april6 I know who the key player behind this is. The main organizer,I know his name. I will not say it here or anywhere because he is a targeted man and I dont want his blood on my hands. You have to do the homework I wont do it for you. This site is heavily monitered you can believe that and I can prove it,yet I wont, as its far too dangerous. I'll say this,a big wrench was thrown in this color revolution today and things will change now,big time,just watch. They are right now,its over now,Mubarak will go,in time,useful idiots will be killed,just the leaders/organizers, and the world has changed.

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 07:20 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Israel's IDF reports of a drill drill in southern Israel, IDF infantry, artillery, tank and air forces simulated taking control of an enemy village

I think it's the annual showcase thingy.. I wouldn't get too exited about it...

Well yeah the new guy appointed by Abdullah is not a guy who will do reforms, he was already there 4 years ago as PM.

Are they opposed to him because of reforms, or just because he's secular?

Paranoid much?

In all fairness, wouldn't you be?

Bolton: If Mubarak falls in Egypt, Israel should bomb Iran

lol WTF?

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 07:28 PM
OK look at this,look close,draw your own conclusions but I think its abundantly clear to those who would see.


Things that make you go,hmmmm.
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Edit I just cant seem to get the image up,its in my pictures in my profile find it there if you care.
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posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 07:53 PM

Mubarak : I will deploy police against protesters

Basically analysts saying that his speech just inflammed Egyptians even more and that it will lead to disaster.

This is lining up like a civil war...

Forces :

Pro-people = about 60% of the army (280 000 soldiers) + protesters
Pro-Mubarak = about 40% of the army (184 000 soldiers) + 344 000 police + 100 000 secret police...+ air force.

So it would be bloody as hell. Since the army is full of conscripts, most of the army would side with the people in time...and lots of police would probably resign/go with the people. The secret police however..

People chanting in Alexandria : REVOLUTION UNTIL DEATH!!!


The crowd is chanting in Cairo that Friday they'll storm the palace

+1... the army should use the artillery tanks they have and shell Mubarak's palace. They have enough range after all.

Thousands going out from their homes to join protests against his speech! aljazeera live

BBC : Crowds shouting at Mubarak : you're a zionist and a US collaborator!

Obama and his BS, saying ``there must be reforms`` and Mubarak should make a transition of power, is seen by the Egyptians as US SUPPORT FOR MUBARAK.

If Obama continues his BS and Mubarak stays in power and start killing people, you can bet that Egypt is gonna have a Iran like revolution!

The BBC's Mark Mardell in Washington says US officials now believe that Mr Mubarak standing aside in September is no longer enough. Western diplomats have come to an agreement with the US state dept that Mr Mubarak must go now - there can't be reform while he is still at the helm, he says.

The BBC's Jim Muir in Tahrir Square says some people are calling for an even bigger demonstration on Friday - while others are saying "No - tomorrow".

People breaking bottels and bring knifes and sticks LIVE on aljazeera

Armed group of ``security forces`` attacked peaceful demonstrators... army shoots live bullets over the heads of the security forces

Two groups squaring off in Mahatit Masr Square in Alexandria. Portesters calling on army to protect them. #Jan25

Civil police with GUNS comes out after army withdraws in Port Said!!

AJazeera Arabic claims men in civilian clothes with knives attack protesters in Port Said after army pulls out.

PRO-Mubarak moving in to Tahrir square

2 Thugs holding National Democratic Ruling Party ID Arrested In Portsaid By Protesters And Handed Over To Army #jan25 #jan28 #egypt #cairo

ALjaz reporter on Streets on Cairo now reporting small group in cars honking horns and saying ;we love you Hosni", #Egypt #Tahrir #Jan25

al jazeera english: pro-NDP thugs reported in tahrir square, cairo now too. clearly this is an organized attack.

BREAKING: 5 stabbed in Alexandria as thugs attack protesters #Jan25

It appears the the confrontation, in Alexandria, was between 2 neighborhood watch groups. They worked it out. #Egypt

About 300 Armed pro-mubarak forces arrive in Alexandria and Cairo chanting : Mish 7ayemshi .. He will not leave... #clashes #Egypt #jan25

"Mubarak is seen as Pro-Israel/Pro-US by the Egyptian people. They are tired of this, and want him to step down."

The BBC's Steve Kingstone in Washington says Mr Obama's speech gave mixed messages but was more or less supportive of President Hosni Mubarak - for the time being.

NicRobertsonCNN: Doctor at scene in #Alexandria's Martyrs Square says 12 people treated for injuries

Hania Aswad From friends in Cairo and Alexandria: Immediately after the end of Mubarak's speech, the Army started to withdraw, the Police forces began to arrest members of the Neighborhoods committees who have been protecting the people of the country for days, and thugs started attacking the demonstrators and people in the streets

That's the army support? I call that BACKSTABBING.

BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen, in Cairo, says: "I don't think the protesters are going to believe President Mubarak's promises at all. I think things have gone too far now - they want him out. Tonight and tomorrow, the opposition will be assessing their tactics. I expect there will be more marches. I think this coming Friday, after the noon prayer, will be another big focus as it was last week. I think Egypt is going deeper now into a period of danger and uncertainty, but we can be sure that this is a period of profound change right across the region."

Egypt state television is reporting that dozens of supporters of President Mubarak gathered in central Cairo after his speech on Tuesday night. Pictures showed one banner reading "Yes to Mubarak".

From an Egyptian activist :

It is 02:00 am now in Egypt. I have just talked to the people in the streets. The Mubarak speech caused a strong case of depression. In Tahrir & Alexandria thugs are everywhere trying to harass the people to push them to go home. Activists expect that the upcoming 48 hours are going to be critical. The regime is breaking down, and is desperate, they might try anything. Violence is expected to erupt. We need more media pressure. We need more lobbying on Egyptian embassies around the world. NDP is spreading rumors that the people are being kidnapped by protesters. NDP is spreading rumors that the army is on its side. There has been several incidents where NDP thugs were shooting at people. I ask everyone outside Egypt to be the voice of the people in Egypt. We are afraid, we fear violence for the next 48 hours because the regime is not happy that it is falling apart. We are asking the international community to intervene and do something. United states said it does not supporting Mubarak anymore, but at the same time they are not helping us or protecting us or supporting our cause. We need a strong solidarity stand form the European parliament & all MPs of the EU

So it will just heat up from here.

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 07:55 PM
reply to post by Eliad

In all fairness, wouldn't you be?

Meh, I'm confident Israel can wipe out anyone who attacks them, even Egypt. Since the Egyptian military has no training and are very corrupt.

lol WTF?

Yeah Bolton is a neo-con warmonger criminal. No press should listen to him. And to think that sicko was the US ambassador to the UN...

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 08:05 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

It could go that way Vitchilo it very well could. Yes this is very very dangerous now,if he gets that few months,if he takes the fire out of the protests with his promise to leave the organizers are doomed. Good take on it.

Edit to add: Obamas cronies are behind this,they failed when Elbarabei was not embraced he is the nwo puppet they hoped to install and he wasnt accepted,this is the doom of the movement. The organizers are few the people are many,thier will cant be swayed,this is a failed color revolution now,its breaking apart,the attrocities begin now.

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posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 08:14 PM
That speech was the most pitiful thing have I ever seen.Mubarak is hoping that by the time September comes around The Movement would lose steam.I have a feeling that's what Obama was hoping for as well until he saw the reaction from the people.I think he's done.

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 08:18 PM

Originally posted by Vitchilo
reply to post by Eliad

In all fairness, wouldn't you be?

Meh, I'm confident Israel can wipe out anyone who attacks them, even Egypt. Since the Egyptian military has no training and are very corrupt.

lol WTF?

Yeah Bolton is a neo-con warmonger criminal. No press should listen to him. And to think that sicko was the US ambassador to the UN...

Bolton is still living in neo-con dreamland.He's delusional it's funny!
He's been demanding that Israel and the US bomb Iran for years and he's rightly ignored.

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 09:47 PM

Originally posted by nickoli
Dont spin this,the radical left is behind this, yet Clinton Carter Democratic congresses are just as guilty of supporting Mubarak for years too.

Wait, I'm confused---are you referring to the Egyptian radical left or the American radical left? know that all presidents and congresses, both Republican and Democrat, since Carter's admin have supported this, right? It's not just Carter and Clinton. It was Reagan, Bush, and Bush as well. It was Gingrich's congress as well as Pelosi's. It was all of us.

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 09:57 PM

Originally posted by nickoli
Edit to add: Obamas cronies are behind this,they failed when Elbarabei was not embraced he is the nwo puppet they hoped to install and he wasnt accepted,this is the doom of the movement. The organizers are few the people are many,thier will cant be swayed,this is a failed color revolution now,its breaking apart,the attrocities begin now.

edit on 2/1/11 by nickoli because: sp

Man, please start your own thread for this kind of stuff. This thread has managed to stay pretty clean of sniping, fighting and rants. Let's not bring a bunch of unprovable conspiracy opinions into an otherwise very important discussion on the state of world affairs. We can debate facts and even suspected lies, but to start with the "Obama cronies" BS and trying to claim credit for a revolution that we didn't even believe was possible is just going to ruin this thread. And plus, if you'll read back a few pages, we've already gone down that road and this is just not the place for it.

So please, start your own thread. I know you said you weren't going to because it was too much research, but seriously, if you're going to make these kind of far-out assertions, you'll really need to back them up. And this thread is not about your opinion or research into who might possibly be "behind" the Egyptian people taking their freedom back. It's about Vitchilio keeping us up-to-date on the facts coming in so we don't have to constantly monitor eighty news sources like he does. Let's leave it at that and start our own threads for our theories.

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 10:04 PM

"nancyelattar Protesters are giving #mubarak a chance to leave till Friday. If not, they will march and storm the palace to send a message. #jan25 #egypt less than 20 seconds ago via web"

RT @brit_newsman: #Egypt 'Police stabbed protesters in Alexandria as terror campaign mounts. Threats 2 families & widespread intimidation' - aljazeera #jan25 4 minutes ago via web

Iraq operating 'secret prison': Human Rights Watch

Security forces linked to Iraqi premier Nuri al-Maliki are operating a "secret detention site" and elite teams are torturing detainees at a separate facility, Human Rights Watch charged on Tuesday.

That's democracy for you!

Can Iraq's new military hold the line?

Iraq is seeking to acquire advanced weapons systems for its nascent air force but it is becoming apparent that the country's new-age military isn't likely to be able to maintain security on its own when U.S. forces complete their withdrawal at the end of the year.

So it's likely that some U.S. Air Force fighter squadrons will have to stay on in Iraq for several years at least.

The new Iraqi air force won't have any of the Lockheed Martin F-16IQ Block 52 jets Baghdad has ordered until 2016 at the earliest and military experts say it takes three years at least to "train personnel to make these aircraft a functional and effective air defense force."

So the US will stay in Iraq till AT LEAST 2019... nice.

Israel 'needs F-35 to stay on top'

"Equipping the Israeli air force with the F-35 has strategic importance in terms of deterring the enemy from starting a war and in terms of maintaining Israel's qualitative advantage in the arena," the assessment observed.

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by 00nunya00

Vitchilo has done an admirable job, agreed and I dont have the time to keep up a proper thread like it needs maybe some flag/star hunter will,thats not me.

My points are on topic and if you'd read my posts and followed up on my leads you'd know I am right but your too lazy and you want me to do it for you. Do your own research, Soros,CFR is definantly behind this, its easily verified. ElBarabei the flown in puppet,(classic color revolution tactic) is easily verified CFR but you want me to hand it to you on a silver platter,c'mon google is your friend. Wikipedia color revolutions dude,oh by the way in case you dont know this one is the jasmine revolution and it was organized by a group called april6,now get to work.

Look here for some help. tumult-in-egypt/

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 10:48 PM
reply to post by nickoli

LOL, that's like the Unibomber saying "I'm right about the government being evil and me needing to bomb people, I'm not going to hand you my defense on a silver platter, go do the research yourself!" Or, conversely, it's like the prosecution of the Unimbomber saying "seriously, he's the guy behind all this, we did a lot of detective work and we know it to be true, so the jury needs to do their own research, we're not going to hand the prosecution to them on a platter!"

See, those who are making assertions bear the burden of proof. Otherwise, they are just ranting. Present all this proof you've got if you want us to believe what you're saying. If I Google "soros" I get about 186,000,000 hits. Sorry, but I've got much more important research to do than slogging through a bunch of rantings citing evidence from Fox News.

If you don't care if we believe you, then stop repeating your Glen Beck BS. If it doesn't matter to you if we know about the "truth" or not, then quit bringing it up. If you haven't proved to us your Soros stuff is true, you're just asking us to listen to your ranting. This is not your thread. If you want to rant about Soros, who has no proven link to anything this thread is about, then make a thread to do that. You don't even need to keep up with a thread----just create a thread so you can post your evidence somewhere separate from this thread, and then we can discuss the veracity and strength of your theory there, and if Vitchilo feels like it's a valid link, then he can give the go-ahead to turn this into Soros-Hating Central. Until then, this is not the place. This thread is about news from the Middle East, not news from Murdoch Headquarters.

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 10:54 PM
reply to post by 00nunya00

Guess you didnt bother to do niether did you? You didnt read the link and you didnt look up color revolutions did you? No you didnt,dont lie for if you had and you cant make the connections then you need to take some reading comprehension classes.

I dont give two craps if you believe my viewpoints thats your choice but at least argue against them leave Beck out of it,I didnt mention Beck.

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 10:56 PM
Yeah this is a thread about news in the middle-east... if you want to start a thread with ElBaradei-Soros-MuslimBrotherhood behind it all, go ahead... but not here.


posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 11:03 PM
reply to post by nickoli

I read your article which only mentioned Soros once, in a context that had no citation, and then rambled on about color revolutions, which I'm not sure you understand correctly seeing as you're taking them as some nefarious plot. I also noticed other Soros-hating articles in the links on the side.

I looked up the WP entry on "Colour revolutions" and even read the Discussion page on it. It tells me nothing about Soros and Egypt or the Middle East, only about Eastern Europe.

Go away.

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