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Middle East on fire

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posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 11:15 AM

Originally posted by mmiichael
Iran seems to get it's kicks playing chicken with the rest of the world. So the natural assumption is this is just more of the same.

Watching every world leader get on their knees to beg them to halt their nuclear program, watching ships and planes move back and forth every time they utter a veiled threat. Seeing Israel go into convulsion every time they drop a hint. Making the American Iraqi campaign degenerate into chaos.

It's hard to gauge the effectiveness of the mighty Islamic
Persian forces. Much smaller Iraqi forces kept them at bey for years. Their super-duper Revolutionary Guard 100 man task force got wiped out in Gaza. They howl about violations of their air space but their air force never responds.

Too early to tell how they're doing against the Saudis in Yemen.

But hard not to draw skeptical conclusions from their past performances.

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Here's an idea.

Leave them alone.

End of problem.

posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 11:20 AM

Star and flag.

nice information.. First I have even heard of it......

posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 11:47 AM

Originally posted by Sean48
Here's an idea.

Leave them alone.

End of problem.

Iran currently has forces working on destabilization in Yemen, Sudan, Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon and maybe even it's surrogate Syria.

So it is best to let them just assume control of any government wherever they wish so as not to upset them?

Great foreign policy. The Ayatollahs would be pleased.

posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 11:50 AM

Originally posted by mmiichael

Iran currently has forces working on destabilization in Yemen, Sudan, Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon and maybe even it's surrogate Syria.

So it is best to let them just assume control of any government wherever they wish so as not to upset them?

Great foreign policy. The Ayatollahs would be pleased.

ooo Forces at work, will then , we must kill them.

Had to read your post twice , to be honest.

I thought it read ' US currently has forces ....

posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 01:27 AM
I wonder if the Ethiopian plane crashing is linked to anything going on in the middle-east... the french ambassador's wife was onboard... Either a message to France... or a mistake... or an ordinary crash. This whole thing only a coincidence? Maybe... but the odds are pretty much against it but it's an Ethiopian plane after all... so the quality... We'll see..

You have a message. From : Israel. To : France. Don't side with Lebanon or we kill your wife's ambassador.

Reply : Message received.

Anyway, here's some news...

Israel 'Making Every Effort to Avoid War' as Ayalon Says Hizbullah Testing Antiaircraft Missiles

Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai said on Sunday that while Israel faced military threats from all sides, it has strategically chosen to make every effort to avoid entering in armed conflict with its enemies.
Vilnai said that Israel had its eyes on Hizbullah, which it believes is rearming in violation of U.N. Security Council resolution 1701.

Meanwhile, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon on Sunday told U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams that Israel viewed the alleged flow of weapons from Iran and Syria to Hizbullah as the greatest threat to the northern border.

Israeli media said Ayalon warned Williams that Hizbullah fighters were training in Syria and the Shiite party was receiving supplies of advanced antiaircraft missile systems.

The Israeli official also told Williams that Hizbullah fighters were testing surface-to-surface missile systems in Syria.

He also asked that the next U.N. report on Lebanon mention the training of Hizbullah militants and their rearmament, as well as other serious cases in which Hizbullah weapons were discovered in the country.

Big accusations there... Anyway, this just confirms that Israel, in the event of another war, will go all in and probably invade Syria... at minimum they will level Damascus...which may ``force`` syrians to go all in against Israel and launch every chemical/biological missiles they have. And IMO if it happens, Israel will use nukes. Yeah I know about he fallout, but they were about to use them in 73 against Egypt and Syria and in 91 against Saddam, just for a few scuds...but chemical ones.

If you have followed the war propaganda against Iran since 2006, you know that they claim that the ``bunker buster nukes are safe for civilians``...which is why they wouldn't mind using nukes...if they believe their own BS, that is.

And claiming that Lebanon could be a new Kursk is totally possible...But Israel probably thinks air dominance will change everything... as they did in 2006...if they still believe in this, they'll suffer massive casualties.

02:22 Israel`s ex-negotiator: Full Mideast peace deal impossible (Haaretz)
08:02 Lebanon police rule out terror as cause of Ethiopian air crash (AP)

The only wild card into this is false-flags and independent groups who want trouble. Not to mentions the russians in Syria... If war does break out, I HOPE TO GOD ISRAEL DOESN'T KILL RUSSIANS or it's gonna be a big freaking mess.

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posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 01:23 PM
I think if there is any conflict involving Israel this time, that israel will get beat, or it will result in israel launching a nuclear attack....

Their enemys are better trained and much more well equipped since last time they fought, eather that or it will cause the US to back up Israel if they get too much of a hard beating.

I think that is the main reason for Isreal shying away from conflict because THEY KNOW if they go into war they might not come out smelling of rosies this time around

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posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 03:13 PM
Yeah if it goes to war again, it's gonna be bad for everyone involved.

More news...

14:10 Iran opposition cleric Mehdi Karroubi acknowledges Ahmadinejad`s re-election (DPA)

16:48 Iran official: Bushehr nuclear reactor to be operational by year`s end (Ch.10)

21:16 German firm cancels deal to renovate Iran port due to Israeli pressure (Haaretz)

21:44 Merkel to Iran: Time for nuclear cooperation is running out (Haaretz)

22:23 France calls on EU nations to increase sanctions on Iran (Israel Radio)

posted on Jan, 26 2010 @ 01:05 AM
More news...

23:24 Lieberman: Iran is largest financer of terror in world (Army Radio)
04:36 FM: Clear that Iran isn`t developing nuclear capability for peaceful purposes (Agencies)

And an interesting article saying that Hezbollah will start the war by getting revenge for their leader assassination in 2008.

Israelis brace for Hezbollah's revenge
Me thinks that if Hezbollah gets revenge, Israel will claim it is ground for an offensive... We'll see, but the next few weeks are dangerous. If we are able to reach april 1 without any war, I think we'll be safe for a few more months at the very least.

posted on Jan, 26 2010 @ 01:18 AM

People place your bets, get your popcorn, the apocolypse is coming,
we can see tension building between china and the US after the exposure that
the USA has been responsible for the apparent cyber attacks 'from iran'
and has publically blamed the US for this.

Hilary Clinton is playing this down, but we are seeing russia possibly switching sides again.

There is even the possibility that Russia is only playing along as to find out future plans on Iran.

Hezbollah has re-armed, is now 100x stronger than the 2006 war, has more men, has better training, better weapons, and has access to russian intelligence via a naval base and spy outpost in Syria.

They have now found weaknesses in the IDF, and they know everything about the IDF.

Aljazeera news article

It is known that Hezbollah has received shipments of the S-200 from Syria and has received training in Syria.

Israel has reaffirmed its rights on the Gnolan heights (what rights I do know know :lol

and Has said to the palestinians it will never give up the occupied territories.

Which basically means there will never be peace.

The blame lands on Israels shoulders, and the peace of all the world relied on this decision which they failed.

.....grab your popcorn this is going to be a bumpy ride in 2 weeks.

posted on Jan, 26 2010 @ 04:46 PM
Bunch of news...

Nasrallah making his little speech praising state presence and international assistance... of course the US medias won't report about this since it's against their propaganda line that Nasrallah is nothing but a hardcore terrorist baby eater.

Nasrallah “highly values” state’s presence, international assistance

Israel Pressures Germany into Canceling Deal with Iran Port Over Hizbullah Arms

Murr Says 2010: Year of Lebanese Air Force

Lebanon is gonna have an airforce... nothing to scare anyone I bet.

Barak: UNSCR 1701 Failed to End Threat Coming from Border with Lebanon

Indeed, UNSCR 1701 failed to shoot down Israeli aircrafts violating the lebanese airspace.

From Haaretz:

22:41 Israel, Poland agree to upgrade ties (Israel Radio)

Poland, anti-russian, and Israel, who armed and trained georgian troops, upgrade ties... I'm sure Russia likes that.

22:38 Peres: Iran seeks to take over the Middle East (Haaretz)

Yeah North Korea seeks to take over the world, still won't happen.

17:30 Merkel: February will be a decisive month in West`s standoff with Iran (Haaretz)


14:46 Yemeni official: Iran and Al-Qaida funding Shia rebellion (DPA)

Isn't that interesting that they only say that AFTER their cease-fire with Saudi Arabia? Also Al-Qaida hates shias...but I don't expect any consistency in the propaganda...

11:37 Iran cancels nuclear negotiator`s Russia visit (Israel Radio)

Is Iran losing his support?

11:30 Ethiopian plane `ablaze` before Lebanon crash (AP)

This looks more and more like a missile/laser attack on the plane rather than an accident.

11:17 Iran to inaugurate missile projects in February (Reuters)

What does that means? What missiles are they talking about? Shahab-4/5?

10:03 IDF chief Ashkenazi heads to Brussels for NATO military conference (Haaretz)

What is the IDF doing at a NATO conference? Will they sign the first steps to be members?

posted on Jan, 26 2010 @ 11:43 PM
More news...

2010 will witness the most destructive wars in modern history

Real interesting read.

Israel's Next Hizbullah War May Escalate Into Fight With Lebanon

War with Lebanon Imminent

And now the North Korean are making noise again... probably because I didn't do a thread on their wonderful leader...

posted on Jan, 27 2010 @ 06:48 PM
Israel does it again... even with the little pause we had... it seems it's still on...

Israeli jets fly over Lebanese regions

The National News Agency reported on Wednesday that Israeli warplanes violated Lebanese airspace and flew over the regions of Hasbaya, West Bekaa, Arqoub and Rashaya at 10:30 a.m.


According to the statement, two Israeli warplanes entered Lebanese airspace at 10:12 a.m. and encircled Lebanese territory before leaving at 11:40 a.m.

The army added that four other military warplanes entered Lebanese airspace at 10:20 a.m. and left at 11:50 a.m.

So they flew near the Lebanon-Syria border... WHAT THE HELL IS UNIFIL DOING?

Egypt's Abul Gheit Stresses Cooperation with Hariri, Warns Israel against Attacking Lebanon

A communique issued by Hizbullah's Media Relations Department denied the media report published Wednesday by Al-Liwaa Lebanese daily mentioning that a high ranking Hizbullah delegation was scheduled to be on board of the Ethiopian crashed plane.

Maybe it was true, maybe it wasn't...

Peres Lashes Iran for 'Destabilizing Lebanon'

Israeli President Shimon Peres has accused Iran of destabilizing Lebanon and said Hizbullah's arms are a danger to Lebanon not just the Jewish state.[...] Speaking after talks with Peres, Merkel said that the theme of sanctions would be tackled next month when France holds the rotating chair of the U.N. Security Council. "I think February will be the crucial month," Merkel said.

Report: Paris Refused to Provide Lebanon with Surface-to-Air Missiles

Paris has rejected a request to provide the Lebanese army with French-made anti-aircraft missiles, a French military expert told Le Figaro newspaper.
The French source said the Lebanese military is seeking to arm itself with anti-aircraft equipment to confront continuous Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace in contravention of U.N. Security Council resolution 1701.

Yeah France wants to defend Lebanese infrastructure from the Israeli army...but they won't sell defensive weapons to Lebanon... Yeah France, as always, licking Israeli boots.

Larijani: Iran 'Proud' of Supporting Hizbullah and Hamas

Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani said Wednesday that Tehran is "proud" of supporting Hizbullah and Hamas adding that U.S. President Barack Obama has "failed in his policy on the Palestinian cause."

Larijani also told a news conference in Kuwait that Arab states in the Gulf should not allow the U.S. to launch attacks on the Islamic republic from bases in the region.

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posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 03:34 PM
More news...

First from Haaretz...

05:18 Obama: If Iran continues to ignore its obligations, there will be consequences (DPA)

War? Sanctions?

07:09 Sec. of State Clinton: World is ready to implement new sanctions on Iran (Army Radio)

Yeah we'll see about that...

02:34 U.S. business groups: Expanding Iran sanctions would harm U.S. economy (Reuters)


10:58 Iran opposition: Ahmadinejad will be ousted before end of his four-year term (Reuters)

We can only hope that it will happen and that it's the iranian people that will take over and not a US puppet...

12:44 Russia official: No obstacles over Iran arms deal (AP)

Does that means that Russia will finally go forward and deliver the S-300 to Iran? Wouldn't that be interesting...

Barak Reassures Mubarak: Israel Doesn't Intend to Attack Lebanon
Well then, all is solved!

Oh boy...
Israeli threats against Hizbullah are threats against Lebanon itself, Prime Minister Saad Hariri stressed during a visit to Cairo on Thursday.
He's setting himself up for criticism and possibly war...

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posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 03:40 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Can't speak for others sir

but I am reading your thread

Excellent job.


posted on Jan, 29 2010 @ 03:06 AM

More news..

Mideast impasse raises new uprising threat

Mounting Arab-Israeli tensions over Jerusalem, Israel's refusal to halt settlement building in the West Bank and a general sense of frustration at the continued failure of the peace process has raised fears of a new third Palestinian intifada, or uprising.

Yet it's still all the big old muslim terrorists fault... I mean, palestinians have GOT to accept living like prisonners otherwise they are just a bunch of terrorists!

The Israeli army develops something really cool...
Israeli soldiers get odour-free socks
Finally something useful to humanity and not to war! [sarcasm]I say this invention alone is worth the billions we give them! [/sarcasm]

02:06 U.S. Senate approves sanctions on Iran`s fuel suppliers (Reuters)

And so it begins...

03:38 Netanyahu to U.S.: I`ll free hundreds of Fatah prisoners to boost Abbas (Haaretz)

The corrupt Fatah... being lapdogs of Israel and the US...

05:34 Clinton: Iran is forcing the world to apply penalties against it (AP)


08:08 Hamas: Israel assassinated senior Hamas military commander in Dubai (Reuters)
10:49 Hamas vows revenge for killing of top operative in Dubai (AP)

And so it begins.

And on another front... while claiming Iran is so evil...

04:36 Afghan government says Taliban to be invited to peace talks (Reuters)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS SO SICK. Who almost invaded Afghanistan in 2000 because the Talibans were causing trouble on the border and doing drug trafficking? IRAN.

Who's population loves the west? Iran. Who's population hate the west? Talibans.

So, let's make peace with those who hate us the most...the Talibans! They are alright now... but Iran is baaaaaaaaaaad... this is SICK.

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posted on Jan, 29 2010 @ 06:17 PM
More news...

From Haaretz..

18:07 Iran, IAEA say a nuclear proposal is still on the table (Reuters)

19:14 Clinton: China risks isolation unless they help keep Iran from developing nukes (AP)
00:26 Report: China voices outrage over U.S. arms sales to Taiwan (Reuters)

Yeah except you piss off China by selling weapons to Taiwan... (I'm for Taiwan BTW)

21:22 Turkey offers to resume Israel-Syria mediation (Reuters)

Peace attempt...

23:07 Obama aide: Iran may lash out at Israel due to pressure over nukes (AP)

lol..nukes...that don't exist.

Jerusalem Post: Israel Could Invade Bekaa in Any Future War with Hizbullah

Well of course, most of their overflights of Lebanon are over the Bekaa Valley.

posted on Jan, 30 2010 @ 06:41 PM
Good Thread


I am positive i read somewhere that Germany has recently sold a nuclear
sub to Israel but i cant seem to find the source now, if anyone else has
it post it..

Also i find this news may have some relation to what is going on,
looks like Britain wants to start preparing for something, Maybe...

UK Troop Death Rates 'Could Rise Markedly'

The document points out that defense spending has increased by 10% in real terms over the past decade but predicts the cost of equipment alone will rocket by 80% in the next 10 years. And it is not only hardware that will have to develop; the type of soldiers recruited and the way they are trained will also have to change, according to the discussion paper. There will be more use of reservists in front-line roles and changes to pay and conditions to attract the best personnel.

UK Troop Death Rates 'Could Rise Markedly'

posted on Jan, 30 2010 @ 08:13 PM
Yes Germany did in fact supply Israel with 3 dolphin class submarines, which are the top of the line.

Israel also put an order for 2 more...

More news...

"The US plan will definitely undermine China-US relations and bring about a serious negative impact on exchanges and co-operation in major areas between the two countries," said Mr He in a statement.
Now China won't support the US on Iran and North Korea, so the prospect of a strike just went up since no sanctions = Israel have to act...

17:31 Ahmadinejad: Whoever controls the Middle East controls the world (Haaretz)

No kidding?

21:03 U.S.: Ambassador to Syria will `help change Syrian attitude in the region` (DPA)

US trying to win over the Syrians...

Now this is important... It's debka, which is usually full of it...

The Obama administration took the unusual step Saturday night, Jan. 30, of leaking word to major US media that the United States, Saudi Arabia and Gulf allies - the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain - have accelerated the deployment of new defenses against possible Iranian missile attacks. They are preparing for Iran, or its surrogate Hizballah, to hit back for a possible US or strikes on Tehran's nuclear facilities.

But this is confirmed by Haaretz...

22:16 U.S. to expedite installation of defense system against Iranian missile attack (Haaretz)

And now Washington Post..

But eh, Debka is big zionist propaganda wanting war on all arabs all the time...

And also... important...

03:13 Report: Thailand seized arms shipment from North Korea to Iran last month (Reuters)

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posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 03:15 AM
Has anyone considered the possibility that neither the Israeli government nor the Iranian government are pushing for this conflict to escalate? There are dire consequences awaiting both governments if they decide to launch large-scale military strikes on the other nation.

Now, who would truly benefit from such a conflict? Probably those not directly involved in the actual fighting but rather pulling the strings and telling the puppets and their followers to eradicate the other.

The potential for a large-scale Holy War between Islam vs. Christianity vs. Judaism is not something to be taken lightly. WW3 could very well be the War that ends all Wars - and all life for that matter too...

posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 09:02 AM
More news...not a lot...but important...

10:15 CIA boss secretly met defense, Mossad chiefs in Israel last week (Army Radio)

Coordination of attack or US trying to stop an Israeli attack?

11:50 Official: U.S. concerned over Hezbollah armament and possible Israeli attack (Ch. 10)
16:22 U.S. fears Hezbollah armament signals plans for war with Israel (Haaretz)

Looks like they haven't been able to convince them...

Earlier today...

11:30am Israeli fighter jets overflew Jezzine and Iqlim al-Tuffah.

Violations continues...or preparations?

3:40pm Israeli commandos kidnapped a Lebanese shepherd, identified as 17-year-old Rabii Zahra, as he was tending a herd of sheep near Kfar Shouba inside Lebanese territory. Zahra was taken to the Israeli military position of Zibdin.¸

When Hezbollah ``kidnaps`` an Israeli, it's all big news here... but when it's a big deal...

We'll see what a few hours, the iranian revolution holiday starts... this could be the start of the Israeli operations just to give the iranians a big finger...

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