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Middle East on fire

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posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 01:58 AM

Tahrir Square is starting point for today protests #Egypt #Jan25 #Jan29 #Cairo #Arabrevolution

Deputy governor of Afghanistan's Kandahar province killed by suicide bomber, NATO source

First this...

Iran hangs Dutch woman arrested after 2009 anti-government protests (Reuters)

Then this :

Iran calls on Egypt to not use violence on anti-government protesters (Ch.10)

Now that's ironic.

Paraguay joins wave of Latin American countries recognizing Palestinian state (Reuters)

Philippines says concerned about safety of their nationals in Egypt (DPA)

Egyptian army secures Cairo antiquities museum protecting from looters (AP)

Israel fears radical takeover in Egypt

Extremist takeover in Egypt would put Israel in ‘wholly different position,’ security official warns

Another concern voiced within Israel’s defense establishment has to do with Egypt’s advanced army, which includes thousands of tanks, hundreds of fighter jets, and dozens of vessels.

“This is a Western army in every way and it enjoys US aid,” one security official said. “There is no doubt that should we see an extremist regime over there controlling such army, this will place Israel in a wholly different position.”

Indeed it would. Let's say, Syria + Hezbollah + Iran + Egypt + Jordan (after being overthrown) + Hamas attacking Israel in 2-3 months... IMO Israel would be forced to use nukes... because the US wouldn't be able to gather new troops fast enough to help Israel in a conventional war.

Tahreer square. Cairo is on fire. burnt army vehicles in Tahreer square and several buildings are on fire.

Cell phones coming back on line in Egypt, internet still seems to be out as of an hour ago. #Jan25 vor 11
Minuten via Echofon

Army deployed across the streets of Cairo on Saturday, especially protecting the HQ of state TV vor 28 Minuten via Echofon

Signs of knowledge transfer from Tunisia protests to Egypt - advice thru fb & email on how to deal with tear gas, armored vehicles

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posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 03:10 AM

It took just four days for protesters to push Mubarak govt to the brink of the abyss. FOUR DAYS.

Update: Mobile phones > Restoring now. Mass Protests > Started Again.

Al Jazeera: Experiences on the street: the army is with the people. But there are doubts as situation is chaotic

Al Jazeera: NDP HQ still on fire

Al Jazeera: at least 35 dead in cairo, 15 in suez, 23 in alexandria

Total 73 deads... and of course this number will be nowhere to be seen on western MSM.

Should be front page news. EGYPTIAN DICTATOR MUBARAK REFUSES TO GIVE UP POWER : 73 FREEDOM FIGHTERS PAY THE PRICE... should be the headline everywhere today.

Of course it won't be...

AL Jazeera: Police firing at Tahrir Square

AJArabic: Qasr Al Ainy Hospital has hundreds of injured and are in need of BLOOD DONATIONS ! PLZ SPREAD

conversation with millitary senior in Suez : "whatever order will come, we will not shoot at egypt people. mubarak has to leave"


Also Al Jazzera reporter visited a hospital in Cairo this morning and said they saw bodies stacked on a loading dock many with multiple gunshot wounds.

Special forces killing protesters during the night while people are sleeping uh... sickos.
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posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 03:19 AM
I've been retweeting as much as I can. I feel like I'm supposed to be there.

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 03:22 AM

conversation with millitary senior in Suez : "whatever order will come, we will not shoot at egypt people. mubarak has to leave"


Awesome, means with the military on their side, the people have a damn good chance of true can only hope!

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 03:28 AM
I think this news tells us more than thousand words...

Israeli embassy staff evacuate Egypt

Israel is totally surrounded when Jordania falls in to path of democracy too...

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 03:36 AM
reply to post by JanusFIN

Israel is totally surrounded when Jordania falls in to path of democracy too...

THAT'S what worries me..

Israel will NOT go down without taking many with them..
They simply don't care if it's friend or foe...

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 03:37 AM
reply to post by JanusFIN

From your link:

Reports also said the Israeli ambassador, himself, has fled Egypt after the discovery by Egyptian security of a Mossad spy network in the capital Cairo.

Wow, busted!

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 04:03 AM

Al Jazeera: Eyewitness in Suez reporting live fire from ruling NDP party thug tycoon (owner of showrooms) guards at protesters

Heavy clashes in Ismaliya between protestors and police

Bulk of the police are holed up in the interior ministry - they are shooting live ammo at anyone coming near.

No police in Cairo streets, only military

al arabiya: About 8000 demonstrators in Tahrir Square in central Cairo

Egypt mobile phone network resumes in capital

@DominicWaghorn reporting for sky from #Egypt, authorities appear to not be in control of Cairo, protesters commandeering military vehicles.

I hope this is true.

N-TV: "hooligans" rioting in gizeh, clashes with tourists reported

Crowds In Cairo Call For President To Quit: Several hundred demonstrators have gathered in a central Cairo square

Egyptian cabinet expected to submit formal resignation soon

Al Jazeera reports 53 dead in Egypt on Friday

Egyptian army asks people not to congregate, it's an ominous sign #egypt #jan25

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posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 04:19 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Thanks to you Vitchilo, my old friend
- You still do this 100% guaranteed news- analysiswork here in ATS!

What it now looks like, peoples are starting riots around Cairo at these moments, by Al Jazeera stream - only military presented there. I think this day will be very interesting, like yestarday too. Its too early make any deeper analysis from happenings - I see situation is still in the edge, and what Army does, seems to decide where we are heading - not only in Egypt, but in whole Middle East.

Thanks again, and I will stay tuned here in your great thread!

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 04:28 AM
Yeah this thread have been going on for more than a year now... I thought something big was going to happen in the middle-east... in regards to Lebanon/Iran... but it seems it's now mostly Egypt/Lebanon/Tunisia.

big protests in Alexandria right now

From a friend in Cairo: "Just back from Tahrir square, spirit is defiant, protests still going on

Egyptian cabinet meeting at the moment (Al Jazeera)

500 thousands in the streets of #Alexandria now. Aljazeera: 500 thousands last night #jan25 #egypt 1 minute ago via web .

Aljazeera: 23 bodies in #Alexandria most of young men in their 20's and 30's #jan25 #egypt 4 minutes ago via web

Aljazeera: 30 bodies in one hospital in #Cairo including 2 kids #jan25 #egypt 3 minutes ago via web .

Kids were apparently killed when security forces attacked inside a mosque... which was used as a shelter for kids and old people from the violence.

Al Jazeerra is reporting that the police are still in control of outlying towns and villages and live ammo is being used

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posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 04:31 AM
Whats most interesting in coming hours - Army has to decide very fast what is their stance towards people - Tanks are useless without safety zone around their posts - most sophisticated tanks are vulnerable to cheap molotoffs, if surrounded by angry crowds. There is no use for military presence, if its own safety is not guaranteed!

If they will make those safety zones near their posts, that will provocate masses against them... Very difficult for commanders, but they have to decide before dawn, what is their stance - with the president against public, or withdraw because threat against their own safety - ...or start to make preparations for bloody civil war.

We are living interesting moments - so far military is just there - and I dont see these most important orders making place by now... Soon we see!

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 04:34 AM

10:19am Caretaker Minister Jean Oghassabian to Future News: We haven’t received answers to questions we asked Miqati. It’s good that he didn’t consider them as impossible, but it’s interesting that he said that the March 8 camp’s demands were the exact opposite.

I'm thinking more and more that Miqati will resign.

10:32am A meeting is underway between PM-designate Miqati and President Michel Suleiman at the Baabda palace, where the premier is informing him of the results of his consultations.

11:35am Miqati left Baabda palace without making a statement.

No statement after the meeting with Suleiman... I think he's gonna resign soon.

8:59am Mustaqbal MP Ghazi Youssef to VDL (93.3): The March 14 camp, the Mustaqbal bloc in particular, won’t participate in the next government.

8:58am Caretaker Minister Hasan Mneimneh to VDL (93.3): March 14 won’t participate in Cabinet as it’ll be a base for eliminating STL. March 8 camp hasn’t announced that it will deal with the March 14 forces the same way the previous government has dealt with the opposition.

Implying that Hezbollah will round up/ignore/kill March 14 or what?

Egyptian state media: Army warns people to obey curfew

ElBaradei: Mubarak must go, protests will intensify

Egyptian Cabinet submits resignation
And now Mubarak will appoint a new puppet government.
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posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 04:42 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

BTW - I took off from work yesterday to follow situation more closely, and I have stay tuned in Al Jazeera English - but are there any other streams to follow, or is it Al-Jazeera again "the news" from area, like in Gaza war?

After yesterday, Al Jazeera looks most neutral and best channel for latest news --- But in Gaza we had Ramadan too... So whats your live channels from ground zero?

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 04:45 AM

Originally posted by JanusFIN
reply to post by Vitchilo

BTW - I took off from work yesterday to follow situation more closely

You're very dedicated and so is Vitchilo whom I thank very very much for the coverage that he is providing.

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 04:45 AM
reply to post by JanusFIN

Good sources are Al-Jazeera... and twitter... and even The Guardian... and some reports from CNN.

For once the MSM is doing their job.

Al Jazeera: Steel factory workers in #Suez start strike that they say will continue till regime is toppled #egypt #cairo #25jan #jan25

Breaking: Suez workers call for open strikes until mubarak leaves!


"people are unimpressed with Mubaraks offer of reform and a new government. The only reform they are interested in is Mubarak to go and free and fair elections not another government appointed by Mubarak"

Al Jazeera doing interview with Egyptian government minister : bulk of the dead are cops dressed in civil clothes


Widespread looting reported to have taken place last night in #Alexandria and #Cairo business districts

Breaking: People hand over police that loots to the army!


Heading over soon to join the solidarity protest at the Egyptian embassy 12 noon South St SW1 #egypt

In London.

Live fire at protestors in alexandria!

Saudi stock exchange tumbles on Egypt protests (AP)

“Tomorrow is going to be the day of the intifada,” said a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood here in Egypt’s second largest city, who declined to give his name because he said he would be arrested if he did.

Shares of tanker lines soar on Suez crisis fears

The growing political turmoil gripping Egypt has sent shares of tanker owners rocketing on fears that the protests will lead to the Suez Canal being shut down.

On Sky News there was a report interviewing protesters on the street... some were angry because they were fired on with rubber bullets and tear gas, all made IN THE USA.

And the reason why there's almost no cops in Cairo : most cops resigned yesterday... MWAHAHAHAHA Good for the people!
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posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 05:06 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Many ways this crisis looks like, that its not made outside Egypt, but "enough is enough" - mood has taken the power - true will to democracy, as we can say. No sign of "colour" revolt in there!

Maybe that is the reason for MSM doing their job, this is not in the agenda, and this was surprise for leaders - like it has been said hundreds of times in Al Jazeera, and they were not ready.

After Gaza war I have waited this - public anger towards their leaders in Arabic countries havent dissapeared, but still fueled by the end of peace negotiations in Israel and Palestine.

Elite is maybe more naked in front of public demands, that we can even assume? Democracy in arabic countries will devastate balance of power in region, thats for sure!

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 05:17 AM

Breaking: 3 police killed by hand grenades in rafh thrown in to the police station source: aljazeera arabic

SkyNews : 1500 protesters, 750 policemen hurt in voilence

CNN : 24 of the top Egyptian military and security (police) officials were in the US when the riots broke out - on a "shopping" trip for equipment.

Farrah3m: Around 50 thousands protesters are now in Dumyatt #jan25 #egypt

Update on the two kids who were killed by Egyptian security forces : they were 4 and 7 years old... seriously, how sick those people must be to shoot to kill CHILDREN of 4-7 years old.

RT @dougald: UK students form human chain around British Museum in #solidarity with Egypt -

Thousands protest in Jordan - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Hundreds of protesters moving towards Ministry of Information. The Army isn't letting them near. #egypt #jan25

3000 heading towards the TV station

Baradei live on aljazeera: ONLY solution the the protests is mubarak leaving and a new constitution

RT @AlArabiya_Eng: Protesters attack Rafah security HQ, 3 dead: witnesses #Egypt #Jan25 #Mubarak #Protests #Revolution #Tunis

Al Jazeera reports death toll in Egypt protests at least 95.

50 000 people in Tahrir (freedom) square in central Cairo

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posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 05:26 AM
Police is totally pulled out from Cairo, by Al Jazeera - only army is now in the city!

Police made chaos yesterday, lets see what is the outcome with army today. I think pulling out police is only way to avert fighting, shooting between these forces. We are in the great edge. If army go side with public - that will 100% sure fuel more revolts around Middle-East - it means that "fear factor" is then pulled from elites hands.

--- Curfew is coming in 2 and half hours! - 4pm local time.

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posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 05:30 AM
Just a thought, what if whomever takes over is worse? This is an awesome thread, but what if a new nightmare emerges in the coming days?
Idle speculation. . . .

posted on Jan, 29 2011 @ 05:33 AM
reply to post by JanusFIN

It seems the army is not doing much to help the protesters. Most cops in Cairo have resigned, which is good.

Al-Jazeera : Another curfew imposed in Egypt at 4PM

Yeah people are soooo gonna obey that. NOT.

Newly released WikiLeaks cables show that from the moment it assumed power, the Obama administration specifically toned down public criticism of Mubarak. The US ambassador to Egypt advised secretary of state Hillary Clinton to avoid even the mention of former presidential candidate Ayman Nour, jailed and abused for years after running against Mubarak in part on America's encouragement.
Al-Jazeera, telling it like it is.

Saudi Arabia's stock exchange tumbled by over 4 percent on Saturday, setting the stage for other regional markets to drop as concerns mounted about the violent protests in Egypt that presented the most serious challenge to President Hosni Mubarak's roughly 30-year rule.

Just a thought, what if whomever takes over is worse? This is an awesome thread, but what if a new nightmare emerges in the coming days?

Nuclear war?
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