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Middle East on fire

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 05:31 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Is anyone talking about what the people want? What is the impact of finding Hezbollah guilty on the Lebanese people's support of Hezbollah?

If Lebanon goes into elections today, will Hezbollah still have 68 seats?

Things are really going haywire...

You can't blame the U.S for the fact that people are being shot down in the street.. You think that if Egypt was anti U.S it would have reacted in a different manner? They would act the same way, only all the pro Israelis would crawl out of their holes and go "Here, see, the Arabs in action", do you really want to be narrative driven like that?

I'm not sure it's only the U.S and Israel that are looking for a civil war.. Don't forget it was Hezbollah that blew up the government, and is now arresting the opposition.. Something is brewing up, the question is to what end.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 05:48 PM
reply to post by Eliad

Is anyone talking about what the people want? What is the impact of finding Hezbollah guilty on the Lebanese people's support of Hezbollah?

Not much, people won't change their mind. People in the area already know they did it. So... what it would do is a create a war.

If Lebanon goes into elections today, will Hezbollah still have 68 seats?

Probably not.

You can't blame the U.S for the fact that people are being shot down in the street..

Well the US put and supports Mubarak in power. Gave them weapons, money, ect... that keeps it's regime alive. It's like saying the US wasn't responsible for Saddam gazing the kurds. Come on.

You think that if Egypt was anti U.S it would have reacted in a different manner?

Probably not.

I'm not sure it's only the U.S and Israel that are looking for a civil war.. Don't forget it was Hezbollah that blew up the government, and is now arresting the opposition..

Hezbollah would only want a civil war to kill the opposition... IMO they don't want a civil war because it would divide their forces and invite an Israeli attack because of their weakness.

Something is brewing up, the question is to what end.

Probably one side finishing off the other for a very long time. I believe that if Syria-Iran get involved, WMDs are gonna be used. Nukes/Chemical weapons/biological weapons and all hell will break loose, everyone will lose.

And now because of the western support of all those dictatorship for decades, once the revolutions happen, it will be anti-western governments that will take power.

Palestine papers: Israel and PA planned joint hit on Hamas man in 2005 (Haaretz)

Just before the election. That will stir up trouble.

Sources say three dead in Egyptian protests (Reuters)

Tunisian army disperses protest, man burns himself (Reuters)

The middle-east has changed a lot since the last two weeks...and it's just the beginning.
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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 06:02 PM
Egypt :

# Protestors fainting! Many badly injured! half a minute ago via Mobile Web

# Am injured so backed out, cloud of white over Tahrir square, ppl not backing down! 2 minutes ago via Mobile Web

Riot police lined behind R building in Maspiro,guarding main #Egypt TV bldg.Officer tells men: "if they attack,kill them" #jan25” vor 18 Minuten via Twitter for iPhone

1 anti-riot soldier dead. 4 officers injured 35-soldiers injured.

Hearing shooting coming from tahrir area. not clear what it is. could be tear gas. #jan25

Gas being fired on corniche under 6 October bridge, chaos in central cairo. can hear ambulances, chanting from behind egyptian museum #Jan25

the relative restraint shown by police earlier in the day is well and truly over. vigorously putting down protests in central cairo. #Jan25

not sure if anyone will get this, but "people are now heading towards ramsis square from mohamed farid's square in downt#Egypto#Jan25ypt #Jan25

LabibaLaith “@ahramonline: #Egypt Twitter blocked on all ISP's in Egypt

2 anti-riot soldiers dead in Suez-Egypt protests.Most aggressive protest! History repeats itself

fustat R @Sarahcarr Al Jazeera cameraman suffers rubber bullet injuries, taken to hospital #Jan25

Madness in #Cairo. Restraint thrown to the wind. Complete crackdown on all protesters. Blasts from multiple directions. #Jan25 #Egypt

Mass demonstration breaks through security barricade and heads towards Shubra Cairo

3arabawy Protesters in Shubra are trying to head to Tahrir Square. Protesters in downtown Cairo climb firetruck and destroy water cannon. #Jan25

01 :53 Protestors attack police in Suez following reports of citizen dying after police fired live bullets New

01 :48 Mass demonstration breaks through security barricade and heads towards Shubra Cairo New

UPDATE : Reports of live bullets being fired on protesters by special forces.

Security arrests Mohammed Shaker Al-Jazeera correspondent and Husam Yahia, along with large number of journalists covering protests New

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 06:36 PM
More Egypt news.

Protestors call on citizens near Tahrir to join demonstration and help cordon security forces

tylorspa: chases going on between security forces and protesters near the center of the field of Ramses

Violent clashes between security and protestors in Tahrir and vehicles set ablaze

Ghad Party leader Ayman Nour confirms son arrested and taken to unknown destination

ElBaradei condemns US support of regime and urges backing of Egypt's protestor

Yes, UN ElBaradei.

SPIEGEL: Do you believe that the protests will truly lead to change?

ElBaradei: They mark the beginning of an historic process. The Egyptians have recognized that they must take their fate into their own hands. For the first time in the country's recent history, they are really prepared to take to the streets. The culture of fear that the regime cultivated has been broken. There is no turning back now. Activists anticipate the biggest demonstrations in decades. These protests are a snowball that could turn into an avalanche.

Protestors detained in front of Opera House as forces block off road to Qasr el Nil bridge hurling tear gas canisters at them New

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 06:41 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Huge protest occurring just now in downtown Cairo, Egypt

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 06:55 PM
Saudi-Arabia is next then...there is no way around that anymore,i think. Any Info from there?

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 07:46 PM
reply to post by Shenon

Not yet.

# Insider sources from police forces soldiers are exhausted both physically and morally
# More and more people going down the streets.
# In AlTahrir people were organised and peacefull, they didn't destroy or burn anything. They were even collecting their garbage.
# Unconfirmed news Ministry reform within hours.
# People gathered in front of Ministry of internal affairs building and unconfirmed news they are taking control over the national TV building. (They were airing some show about dolphins an hour ago)

LabibaLaith "@3Beee: rt @Mabusharkh People now at the foreign ministry, shubra tunnel, talaat harb sq. And 26th of july-boulaq

Dima_Khatib 7 rubber coated steel bullets found in AJE freelance cameraman's two arms + forehead

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 08:02 PM
Vitchilo,thank you for all your hard work,you deserve an applause,this is what makes ats great.

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 08:53 PM
It's been a long time I don't log in but,
I always come to see your excellent threads.

You're doing an excellent job Vitchilo !

Thank you for taking the time to keep us well informed.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 06:07 AM

Originally posted by Vitchilo
There was also news a few days ago that lots of gold was leaving Egypt... exactly like the Tunisian dictators did a few days before fleeing...

Good call. Found some stuff on that:

That's a lot of gold leaving Egypt

Tunisia's gold and Egypt

Gold intercepted leaving Egypt

Of course, all from blogs----no hits from the news.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 09:03 AM

CAIRO (AFP) – Egypt's interior ministry on Wednesday banned demonstrations and warned that protesters will be prosecuted, as activists called for a second day of anti-government rallies. "No provocative moves, or protest gatherings, or marches or demonstrations will be allowed," the ministry said in a statement. "Legal measures will be taken against anyone (in contravention), and they will be transferred to the prosecution," the statement continued.

Egypt bans demonstrations

(Better updates in a minute when my daughter takes a nap, LOL)

ETA: Updates from LebanonNow (backwards in time----I'm too lazy to format them like Vitchilo does; I'm sure he will come and make them look nice when he wakes up and comments on all the headlines):

15:56 Mikati is Hezbollah’s candidate, says Siniora
15:19 Development and Liberation bloc denounces sectarian statements
14:32 Sleiman has not yet determined nature of upcoming cabinet, says source
14:28 Saida schools to reopen on Thursday
14:25 Turkey urges restraint in Lebanon
14:21 Sleiman satisfied with Lebanon’s return to calm
14:17 Marouni: We will watch March 8 carefully
14:00 March 14 calls for daily rallies in Martyrs Square
13:54 Hariri meets with Mikati in Beirut
13:53 Berri: This stage requires responsibility
13:32 Sami Gemayel to March 14: Stop making concessions
13:14 LDP calls for a cabinet that includes all party leaders
13:10 Mikati meets with Siniora

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posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 12:58 PM
Some Haaretz breaking news:

20:28 Thousands march in anti-Abbas protests in Gaza (AP)
20:03 Tunisia's government issues international arrest warrant for ousted President Ben Ali (AP)
19:57 Chief Palestinian negotiator Erekat admits some of the Palestine papers are accurate (Army Radio)


19:04 White House says it's monitoring Egypt situation closely (Reuters)
18:15 Egyptian police arrest 860 demonstrators protesting Mubarak's government (Ch.10)
18:07 Chief Palestinian negotiator Erekat: Palestine papers put my life in danger (Ch. 10)
17:23 Palestinian negotiator Erekat: Al-Jazeera is inciting against me and putting my life at risk (AP)

What is everyone's opinion on this whole conspiracy theory about Al Jazeera vs. Erekat? Does it hold water? Very hard to tell sometimes.

17:09 Egypt markets crash due to countrywide protests (Reuters)

Not surprising, but yikes---watch out global markets.

16:53 Lebanon faction urges sit-in against Hezbollah (AP)
16:19 Ahmadinejad slams rivals in parliament, says they 'interfere' in his government's business (Reuters)

Heating up there too.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 01:09 PM
A little more fire-stoking from Israel:

Netanyahu wants Iran condemned on Holocaust day

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the world on Wednesday to learn the lessons of the Holocaust and to act against Iran. Speaking to parliament ahead of international Holocaust Remembrance Day, he accused the "regime of the ayatollahs" of inciting a new "genocide" against the Jewish people.

Facebook reported inaccessible in Egypt

A website that monitors internet traffic was receiving reports Wednesday that Facebook was inaccessible in Egypt, a day after Twitter was blocked amid anti-government unrest, AFP reported. Twitter and Facebook were among internet social networking services reportedly being used by protesters to share information and coordinate activities. Twitter confirmed late Tuesday that its website had been blocked in Egypt, in an apparent move to thwart protesters using the social network in the campaign against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Naharnet headlines:

8:18pm A hand grenade explosion has rocked the Soueiqa area near the Abu Ali river in Tripoli.
8:17pm National Struggle Front MP Alaeddine Terro to LBC: Let us await the developments and I don’t think ties between Jumblat and Hariri will be severed.
8:00pm Mustaqbal bloc MP Mohammed Kabbara to MTV: The protests were planned for one day and any new action depends on the political developments.
7:57pm Head of Tripoli Municipality Nader al-Ghazal to OTV: What happened yesterday is condemned and it doesn’t reflect the true nature of Tripoli’s residents.
7:47pm U.S. Secretary of State Clinton after meeting her Jordanian counterpart: We expressed our hopes that it will be the people of Lebanon themselves, not outside forces, that will sustain the independence and sovereignty of Lebanon.
6:34pm MP Mohammed Safadi condemned Tuesday’s Tripoli riots: The office that was burned was one that presented services to the residents of Tripoli and the North for more than ten years.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 01:50 PM
Here are some videos of the streets in Egypt.

I think it is still a big if whether the Mubarak government will fall, but if it does it would be a game changer. If Egypt could fall why not Jordan, Saudi Arabia, or any other US backed dictatorship. Will Israel goto war to prevent radical political changes in the region?

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 03:51 PM
Thanks a lot to all of you who provide updates!!! Continue your good work!

Lebanon :

Tense Calm in Lebanon after 'Day of Rage' Left 45 People, Including 35 Soldiers, Wounded

An-Nahar newspaper on Wednesday said among the injured was 35 Lebanese army soldiers, two policemen and 8 civilians.

I hope no more people will get injured...

10:32am National Liberal Party leader Dory Chamoun to MTV: The participation of March 14 forces in the next cabinet hinges on Miqati’s proposals.

Word is that many people are willing to give Miqati (March 8-Hezbollah pro-Syria/Iran candidate) a chance... which is good.

The only thing people fear, with good reasons, is what foreign countries are gonna do, sanctions or invasion.

I've read the newspapers in Canada today... nothing about Lebanon. A small article about Egypt.

Saudi Arabia have just officially announced that all of their citizens should refrain from visiting Lebanon. Those already in the country should consider leaving as soon as possible.

2:01pm March 14 urged supporters to hold sit-ins at ex-Premier Rafik Hariri’s grave at Martyrs Square every day starting 6:00 pm.

Naharnet: A mortar left behind by Israeli troops was discovered on the outskirts of Khirbet Rouha town in Rashaya

an informed diplomatic source told al-Liwaa daily that several Arab and Foreign embassies asked their citizens to be cautious during their presence in Lebanon.

Some Arab embassies even took quick measures to help VIPs leave Lebanon in the next few days, the source said.

Al-Liwaa also reported that it received a copy of an advisory issued by the U.S. embassy. It claimed that the document advises U.S. citizens to be cautious and avoid peaceful gatherings that could turn violent.

Mikati visited Hariri, but Hariri refused to talk to him. Mikati left after few minutes

Not good.

March 14 Secretary-General Fares Soueid: We will not participate in the next cabinet

Former President & leader of the Kataeb Party Amin Gemayel has postponed his visit to France

Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati’s future actions will show whether he is unbiased or not, but looking at the current circumstances, Mikati is actually Hezbollah’s candidate, Lebanon First bloc leader MP Fouad Siniora said on Wednesday following his meeting with Mikati.

Army tanks movinng into East Beirut's christian areas

Albalad: Assad told Sarkozy that he wants to delay the tribunal process

Turkish Foreign Ministry: The escalation of tensions would harm the people of Lebanon and might lead to instability in the whole region

Naharnet: The body of an unknown man in his thirties was found in an abandoned building in Dora

Killed yesterday? Or no connections?

Albalad: a judge of the International Tribunal: the absence of genuine government in Lebanon complicate matters

Oh boy.

March 14 to start a 'tent city' protest

Syrian Semi-Official Daily Voices Support for Miqati

10:05pm Miqati: No one can count on Israel’s “good behavior,” but I stress that Lebanon and the Resistance won’t be the reason behind a new war.

A sect seizing the prime minister, the president and the speaker’s positions has never happened in Lebanon’s history, March 14 General Secretariat member Samir Franjieh told Future News television on Wednesday.

“Hezbollah controls President [Michel Sleiman’s actions] through threats, is [present] in the parliament through Speaker Nabih Berri, and [now Najib] Mikati was appointed as a PM.”

“What Hezbollah did is a coup against the country’s [foundations]. No one will accept that one party controls the country,” Franjieh added.

Israeli minister says Iran taking Lebanon “hostage”

"The international community must do everything to stop Hezbollah and Iran from taking Lebanon hostage," Shalom told Israeli public radio.

Not good.

Source: U.S. Plans No Military Response to Lebanon Developments

The reports said that the IDF was also on high alert, increasing patrols on the border while keeping a wary eye on Hizbullah installations in south Lebanon. Speaking last week, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that Israel needed to be "prepared for every scenario.


New tank rounds for Israeli troops
What a timing for this news uh?

IDF Head of the Intelligence Corps, “Hezbollah won’t take over Lebanon”

Israel intelligence on alert over Lebanon

Kabbara: Situation escalation depends on future events, stances

Samir Franjieh: Hezbollah now controls premiership, presidency, and speakership

Lebanon First bloc MP Khaled Zahraman said on Wednesday that Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati will withdraw from his appointment as a premier.

What? From sources on the ground, that statement is credible... he would give up if he can't form his unity government with March 14, which seems to be happening. He thinks civil war will happen if there's not an unity government. No final decision yet.

50-50 chances he leaves power. Of course doing so would plundge the country into more protests and big trouble.

UN will continue the STL whatever the regime in Lebanon.


It seems that in Egypt Facebook and Twitter are still off-line. Those that still use these are working via telephone lines to servers outside Egypt.

Egypt markets crash due to countrywide protests

An Egyptian man in The Hague, Holland, tried to set himself on fire, which was prevented.

"At least 1,000 opposition activists arrested as Egyptian protests continue"

Egypt's National news: President Mubarak is working hard to find solutions to the unrest in Lebanon and to help things to settle

Egypt protesters set fire to govt building in Suez

Palestine :

"Chief Palestinian negotiator Erekat admits some of the Palestine papers are accurate"

Erekat blames US, British citizens for document leak

And it's kind of funny that Obama praises the Tunisian people in his SOTU, but no words about Egypt or Lebanon because both those regimes are US puppets?

And a reason why Israel has not attacked Lebanon yet... doing so right now would mean for sure a revolution in Egypt, and the Muslim Brotherhood taking over... the SUEZ CANAL...

Palestinians protesting against Abbas...Hamas saying Fatah has lost legitimacy...

More news about Egypt coming up... now dozens of dead reported.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 03:57 PM
I will shift from a thread I started about Egypt over to here. I have still not confirmed if Mubarak son has actually left the country, but rumors abound.
A day with egypt's protesters- al jazeera
Op ed: Mubarak, your plane is waiting
Website with realtime tweets from the ground

Some more tweets.

AkioTakemoto RT @Port_Sa3eedy: UNCONFIRMED: Airport security saying unannounced presidential emergency jets are leaving Cairo #jan25 #egypt #Revolution 25 seconds ago · reply
Amandareckonwth profile

kirbstr RT @migheille: if u are being censored in egypt - you can email images to and they will be auto-tweeted n aggregated #jan25 17 seconds ago · reply
franki_kuka profile

franki_kuka RT @Jnoubiyeh: UPDATE: Two more unarmed protesters have been murdered in #Cairo, bringing the death toll in the uprising to at least 7. #Egypt #Jan25 14 seconds ago · reply

TeaWithCarl RT @Sandmonkey: Reports that bolaq abulella protesters just set the NDP (party HQ) office

moselim‎ #Suez is under siege! Egyptian Army takes over from the Police Forces! #Egypt #Mubarak
Twitter - 2 minutes ago

CaireneGirl‎ RT @adhamhass: RT @A_MgDee: Please retweet to the world. We are being beaten up to death, arrested for free expression #Jan25 #Egypt #Mubarak #Cairo #cnn
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posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 04:20 PM
Egypt Protesters Accounts

Domino Effect? Revolt in Arab World

Anonymous Reprisal for Egyptian Crackdown

More tweets

Nsibai RT @abzzyy: RT @drjosephedward: HELP, AT SUEZ THEY TOOK dn CELL phn OPERATORS, WE HAVE NO CELL phn COVERAGE.I BELIEVE THEY WILL PUNISH US #Suez #jan25 15 seconds ago · reply

Ahmedfouad ALL THE NEWS AGENCIES ARE blocked FROM ENTERING SUEZ #Egypt #jan25 #25jan WHAT THE # IS THIS 22 seconds ago · reply

Libyus RT @shadihamid Egyptians call for million man march on Friday http://(link tracking not allowed)/glmRKn momentum now w- protesters #jan25 #Holy# 24 seconds ago · reply

alieninbeirut RT @Mlsif: Americans, as u watch #Jan25 revolt in Egypt, know that we give $1.6B/yr to Mubarak regime. Your tax dollars at work. Time to change? 12 seconds ago · reply

ganzeer RT @arabist: TBC RT @moselim: Unconfirmed reports that the Egyptian Army has descended on #Suez streets. #Egypt #Mubarak 23 seconds ago · reply

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posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 04:34 PM
Guardian Reporter Beaten along with Protesters

At least 1000 Arrested

Obama's Impossible Position

?maboulazm? RT @justicentric: SPREAD SPREAD SPREAD: After Friday prayers we r marching from mosques to all public squares to bring down the regime #EGYPT #JAN25

Nails_McFugger? Seems RIGHT NOW army have locked down #suez and are firing live rounds - internet cut off- people dying #egypt #jan24 #jan25Twitter - seconds ago

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 04:44 PM

Egypt protesters set fire to government building in Suez (Reuters)

Egypt trade minister cancels trip to Davos World Economic Forum (Reuters)

Egypt; According to CNN reporter Abdelfattah...police is provoking protesters and is shooting with real bullets..dozens killed. vor 12 Minuten via web

AFP: Demonstrators managed to open one of the side gates of the Ministry of Foreign Bulaq Abul-Ela area in central Cairo, and then broke into the security room

Hafez Salama, the leader of Egyptian resistance in Suez 1973, is still ALIVE and is leading the masses in #Suez right now

the police won't let people take the bodies of the dead from the morgue, so that the funerals won't be focal points for protest

Curfew in place in Suez, police out in force

Reporters from Suez, Al Jazeerah, Dream and Al Mehwar were prohibited from entering Suez to enforce a media blackout on the subject #Jan25

– “Latest is that they are going to start shutting off the electricity and enforcing a curfew in certain areas of Cairo. It’s still calm in my neighborhood but heading out now to a proposed larger protest.”

“Randomly found a group of 300 protestors and it we were immediately attacked by a mob of plain clothed policemen with sticks. Witnessed the police beating people. Scariest moment yet. I’ve decided to stay inside for the rest of the night. People on the street told me that small protests are sprouting up everywhere.”

#Suez is under siege! Egyptian Army takes over from the Police Forces!

No stopping of protests until Friday We can protest in shifts Some of us go home New ppl come They r tired & outstretched #Jan25 #Egypt

6th of October Bridge, #Cairo, is off limits as of now!

"Washington--The United States bluntly urged Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Wednesday to make political reforms in the face of protesters demanding his ouster, marking a pivot in its stance toward a key Arab ally."

All the mobile phone networks in Suez are reportedly not working

UNCONFIRMED: Airport security saying unannounced presidential emergency jets are leaving Cairo #jan25 #egypt #Revolution

Apparently it's ministers and their families... not Mubarak.

More protests planned for January 27.

Me thinks the US is forcing him to stay in power. Otherwise he would have left like all his other friends.

The western world cannot afford to lose the Suez Canal.

Palestine :

US, Jordan seek resumption of Mideast peace talks (AP)

You're the only ones really.

Thousands march in anti-Abbas protests in Gaza (AP)

Iran :

Medvedev: International community has no proof Iran is developing nuclear weapons (Army Radio)

HUGE blow to the US-Israel right there.

Tunisia :

Tunisia's government issues international arrest warrant for ousted President Ben Ali (AP)


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