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Middle East on fire

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 04:29 AM

11:46am Protesters set ablaze a vehicle that belongs to Al-Jadid television crew.

12:03am MP Khaled al-Daher from Tripoli: I urge March 14 forces to announce an open-ended strike in Lebanon.

12:05am Miqati garnered 68 votes.

12:06am Minister Butros Harb from Baabda: There is nothing new in my stance. I nominated Hariri. I call for keeping the confrontation within the constitutional norms.

12:14am MP Samir al-Jisr to al-Jazeera: We are sorry for the attack on the Jazeera crew. There is no armed presence of Mustaqbal supporters. I urge people to control their anger.

The big danger now is because of Tunisia and this... big riots and pro-western government being toppled all around the middle-east... Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria... if Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan get overthrown.... this could be a big game changer....

And even worse... if people start rioting in Saudi Arabia and destroy oil fields, then I don't even have to explain what's gonna happen.

RT @abdu: All communication with trapped journalists is cut off. There are 15 or so journos mostly from #aljazeera #Lebanon

12:26: NBN: Heavy gunshots were heard in Dohat al-Loss in Khalde

12:24am NNA’s reporter was beaten up in the Cola area by al-Mustaqbal supporters.

Nice folks you got there.

12:20am Al-Mustaqbal supporters tried to attack the office of Minister Mohammed Safadi in Tripoli.

Nice folks you got there.

BREAKING from #Lebanon: #AlJazeera correspondent in Tripoli leaves trapped building, angry protests fire at him; crew is safe.

12:39am The international highway was blocked after protestors blocked with burning tires the Mreijet-Chtaura road.

12:38am The army is seeking to keep protestors away from the Jammal Trust Bank building in Tripoli where Mohammed Safadi’s office is located. The Jazeera crew is also at the building’s rooftop.

12:35am Al-Jazeera: Protestors set fire to the entrance of the building where the station’s crew is hiding in Tripoli.

AL-Arabiya: e the Lebanese army commandos arrive at Nour Square to disperse the demonstrators

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 04:58 AM
And now news from Haaretz ticker.

Egypt deploys police for Tunisia-inspired rally (AP)

Anti-tank guided missile launched at IDF in southern Israel- no injuries (Ch. 10)

Protesters set fire to Al Jazeera vehicle in Lebanon (Reuters)

Report: Gunshots heard in Beirut as protesters take to streets (Ch.10)

Hariri loyalists protest Hezbollah prime minister nomination in Lebanon (Reuters)

Lebanese security forces prepare for anticipated anti- Hezbollah protests (AP)

Protests are still building up.

Oh boy....

Lebanon's prime minister has arrived in Turkey to oversee the signing of a series of cooperation agreements, including defense and the lifting of entry visas.



Protesters fire on the Army

Oh boy. Hopefully this is not true.

12:45am The army was able to rescue all journalists trapped at the Tripoli building.


12:56am National Liberal Party leader Dory Chamoun said he informed the president that he backs international legitimacy and Saad Hariri.

Doesn't matter, he lost.

on the wires now: significant firing of weapons in Tripoli

berri to address the people soon

NOW Lebanon’s correspondent in Tripoli: Mobs running, bullets fired

LBCI: Consultations for PM nomination close with final unofficial tally of 68-60 in favor of former PM Najib Mikati

A string of parliament members meeting with the President now saying regardless of the vote they only accept Hariri as the rightful PM

This will lead to civil war.

Tripoli mob torches Safadi’s office


Hezbollah on the move in Beirut

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 05:06 AM
It seems to me the actual protesting at the moment is very one sided, vocal and small with the impression that everyone watching from the sidelines.. and waiting for what happens next.

Which to be honest has me more worried that this situation runs a lot deeper and has higher chance of exploding into something really really nasty.

I hope I am wrong.. I really do.. as I really do not wish to see more death and destruction in our world.

ETA: I understand the price of guns in Lebanon is at an all time high, which seems to happen just prior to nastiness kicking off

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 05:18 AM
I just called my countries biggest newspaper and cussed them out for not reporting on this.
Astonishing, media blackout?

I guess worthless celebrity gossip is more newsworthy....

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 05:19 AM

Schools are closed in Saida

Future tv: Saad Hariri will be speaking shortly

This could be the beginning of the civil war depending on what he says. Hopefully he backs down.

Apparently Hezbollah is appearing in the streets of Beirut heavily armed and lots of them.

1:15pm Parliamentary consultations end: Najib Miqati received 68 votes while Saad Hariri got 60.
1:11pm The army began deploying in Batroun and carried out patrols inside the town to avert any deterioration in the security situation.
1:11pm Speaker Nabih Berri arrived at Baabda palace after the end of parliamentary consultations.
1:07pm An emergency meeting is being held at Dar al-Fatwa.

NNA: Army cuts off Tayouneh at the Shatila-Kaskas roundabout to limit the spread of demonstrations

Speaker Nabih Berri arrives at Baabda Palace to meet with President Michel Sleiman

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 05:25 AM
Vitchilo, this is one of the best threads on this entire board. Thank you, heartily, for all of the time and effort you've put in to this, and for not letting it go. This thread is like a running timeline of the events leading up to what I fear will be disaster for the whole world. There's not a single country that isn't entrenched in this conflict somehow, with ramifications for everyone's national security in ways that there aren't enough posts in the world to be able to detail. You have done a great service to us here.

If you wouldn't mind, I would love to help contribute to this thread, with the breaking headlines that are applicable. I monitor many of the same sources you do, and I understand that's it's hard to shoulder the burden of keeping this up-to-the-minute all by yourself (there are some great contributors to this thread!). I'm up at odd hours, sometimes for a day or two at a stretch depending on what's going on in the world, so I can help fill the gaps when you're sleeping and whatnot, LOL. I don't want to step on your toes, though, so I will refrain from contributing in that fashion until you say it's cool.

Flagged, starred and subscribed. You rock.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 05:32 AM
Not good.

MTV: causalities in Naameh due to clashes between the demonstrators and the army

The first casualties.... Damn. Please let this not be the start of a new civil war, the Lebanese people have suffered enough.

Head of Israel Military Intelligence: Real question not if but when Iran will make bomb (Haaretz)

Oh boy, sounds like justification for bombing to me.

So for those who want to contribute, go ahead. A few sources...


Now Lebanon



Haaretz news ticker


Jerusalem Post

Last update before going to bed :

New tv: 2 injured (Amal) by attacks from March 14

AMAL is in the HEZBOLLAH coalition, March 14 is Hariri.

Hopefully this is not the start of a new civil war.
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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 07:22 AM
Najib Mikati has been declared PM through a majority of votes (68vs60 for hariri).

These protests really says a lot about the people who support Hariri. We have this expression in french "Mauvais Perdants", literally meaning "bad losers", who can't accept defeat. At least, Hariri's father, whether I liked him or not, was a real politician. He knew when to back down when defeat was near, and to prepare for a bigger comeback. He knew how to sign deals, and all around be a good POLITICIAN.

His son has none of his qualities. Saad could have at least went on T.V to calm the crowds down, because the way they're acting does not provide him with a good image, especially the part where they took innocent journalists HOSTAGE!

If what the opposition did was unlawful, I'd understand their anger. But it is CONSITUTIONAL! So tough luck, let someone else a chance at being PM. This isn't a dictatorship, we don't want an endless reign by the Hariri Family.

EDIT: to add this

The appointment has sparked widespread anger within the Sunni community, who view it as a bid by Iranian- and Syrian-backed Hezbollah to impose on them the Shia group's choice for the premiership. But Mikati, a political moderate with good ties to Lebanon's former power broker Syria, has said he was a centrist and emphasized that he intended to include all parties as he forms a government. "This does not signal the victory of one camp over another," Mikati said. "This is the victory of consensus over difference. "Nothing justifies the refusal of any political party to participate" in the next government, he added. "My hand is extended to all Lebanese." To read more: Only 25% of a given NOW Lebanon article can be republished. For information on republishing rights from NOW Lebanon:

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 11:24 AM
LF regrets media attacks during Lebanese protests

The Lebanese Forces issued a statement on Tuesday voicing regret over assaults against media crews during the nation-wide protests against the nomination of former PM Najib Mikati as Lebanon’s new prime minister earlier in the day.
“Any assault against the media is a violation of their profession,” the statement said, voicing support for the people attacked during the gatherings.

ETA a few updates from Naharnet:

6:59pm MTV: The army has deployed reinforcements to Tariq Jedideh and it is trying to disperse gatherings on the internal streets.
6:56pm U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that a Hizbullah-controlled government in Lebanon would "clearly have an impact" on ties with the United States.
6:45pm STL Prosecutor Bellemare appointed Sophie Boutaud de la Combe, a French national, as his Spokesperson and Senior Public Information Officer.
6:35pm Delegations have started arriving at the Martyrs Square to take part in the sit-in called by the March 14 forces.
6:26pm MTV: A number of youths blocked the coastal road at the town of Jiyeh and army units are working on reopening it.
6:10pm Al-Arabiya: Calm has been restored in Tripoli.

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 11:39 AM

MTV: Hand grenade explodes near restaurant in Bekaa town of Taalabaya

Update from Naharnet:

7:20pm MTV: Two hand grenades exploded between the towns of Saadnayel and Taalbaya, causing no damage.

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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 12:45 PM
I am assuming that amidst the chaos there are people on both sides, and outside elements like Israel, the US and Iran, that are hoping that this escalates into a civil war.. If that is the case, and it probably is, a civil war is unavoidable, especially since the tribunal findings are going to be released regardless or what Hezbollah does...

It seems like some kind of human excrement is about to hit a rotating blade of some sort.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:19 PM
reply to post by Eliad

Iran doesn't want a civil war, they want a stable country so they can smuggle in whatever they want. Syria too. Those who want a civil war are those who don't want Hezbollah's coalition to be in power. That would be the US-Israel-Europe.

Hamas tells Palestinian refugees to protest over Palestine papers (AP)

Hariri calls for calm in after his supporters take to streets to protest Hezbollah (Reuters)

Lebanon President Michel Suleiman appoints Najib Mikati as prime minister (Reuters)

New Lebanon PM says he wants to form a unity government (AP)

IDF Intelligence Chief: Iran could have nuclear bomb in one or two years (Haaretz)

Protesters call for end to Hosni Mubarak's government in Egypt's capitol (AP)

Nasrallah: Hezbollah supports Mikati, calls on him to form national partnership government (Reuters)

Ireland upgrades status of Palestinian mission to embassy (Haaretz)

PLO denies reports of arrests in Erekat's office on suspicion of leaking documents (Ch. 10)

Clinton: Hezbollah-dominated Lebanon would affect U.S. ties (Reuters)

White House: Hezbollah has used coercion, intimidation, threats to achieve goals (Reuters)

Chief PA negotiator Erekat says Al Jazeera's 'Palestine papers' put his life in danger (Reuters)

Two Qassam rockets land in open area in Negev, cause no casualties or damage (Ch. 10)

Two Egyptians die during anti-Mubarak protests in Cairo (Reuters)

People are postesting in Egypt... just look at that pic :

More news coming up.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:44 PM

Originally posted by Vitchilo
reply to post by Eliad


IDF Intelligence Chief: Iran could have nuclear bomb in one or two years (Haaretz)


Didnt they say 5 Years a few Days ago...?
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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:53 PM
reply to post by Shenon

Yes but another person in the government did, anyway, just after he said ``not before 2015 at least``, Netanyahu forced him to change the date so it would be closer. Seriously, Israel have been saying Iran is getting nukes next year since at least 2005. This is ridiculous.

1:35pm Hariri: I thank all those who abided by democratic rules and condemned the hegemony on our national decision. However, I totally reject all forms of riots that tarnished national objectives.

1:37pm Hariri: I urge all citizens to abide by calm and not to be dragged behind suspicious calls.

1:39pm Hariri to his supporters: You are responsible for Lebanon’s safety despite your anger. I understand your feelings and cries of anger. But we resort to democracy in expressing our political opinion.

Minister Safadi: Gunmen burned my office in Tripoli

IDF Navy conducted manoeuvers all day long off the coast

France says it is worried about the stability of Lebanon

Just now really?

Al Jazeera: 20 injured in Tripoli

LBC: Open demonstration happening at Kola and Kaskas, protesters wont leave, even after Hariri' speech calling for an end to riots

Al Jazeera: Protesters attack the crew of Al Jazeera English and seize their equipment in Beirut

New clashes between the army and Pro Hariri protesters in Beirut

More gunfire in Tripoli

Israel are upgrading their security posture

Whatever that means.

Nasrallah: These days are decisive in our country's history

And during his speech, he's pissed. Screaming at one point : WE WILL NOT BE HUMILIATED! Sounds like a war cry to me.

Also spoke about martyrdom and blood and revenge... which is presented on Israeli MSM... which will make him look as a religious nut who must be taken out.

Israeli media carrying Hezbollah speech live

Gee NOW they are suddendly talking about it in the Israeli MSM uh? Preparation of the population for war.

Army used tear gas on protesters in the Qasqas

More news coming up.
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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 04:06 PM

Gunfire near the home of Mikati

0TV: clashes between army and protesters in beqaa

Clashes between the army and March 14 in Kab Elias, injuries reported

More & more protesters are fighting with the army

Two military-use projectiles fired from Gaza landed in the Sdot Negev Regional Council, home to ~8,000 residents. about 1 hour ago via HootSuite

Protests Turn Violent in Lebanon: Demonstrators Torch Al-Jazeera Van, Smash Windows

Army under gunfire in tripoli, few injured

Nasrallah: The Baalbek valley is important because that is where the Resistance started

BBC reporter & other media attacked by stones in Beirut

Nasrallah insulted Gilad Shalit..he called him murderer and he deserves to be captive

And this is on Israeli tv... looks like he's almost baiting them into attacking.

Masked men attacking army in Qasqas

Nasrallah Accusing US VP Biden to have called MPs and said to them to support Hariri and calls it intervention in lebansese internal matters

Nasrallah: many foreign countries interfered in the parliamentary consultations

Nasrallah: If the tables were turned foreign countries would've interfered and condemned today's riots

Nasrallah : Nasrallah calls west hypocrits for not respecting the democracy because they won and because if it was hizbollah supporters rioting they would be called dissidents...but now west is supporting the riots


Syrian nationalist party in Lebanon has fired on Hariri protesters

Nasrallah: we're simple people, we want to become martyrs, let us die with bullets that hit our chest and not our backs

Nasrallah: We will stand by the Palestinians fighting with them to achieve victory, don't be afraid of the zionist Israel, we are ready for them

Syrian National Party members are shooting at the protesters

Nasrallah: failure of STL, just like the 2006 war

Nasrallah: what protects Lebanon is the deterrence force that has been created by the resistance

AFP: Lebanon must form government without outside 'interference', says France

Basically a message aimed at Hezbollah.

The whole Nasrallah speech aim was to piss off Israel...

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 04:17 PM

Lebanese army clamping down hard on any protester going out of line.

Huge amount of army barricades throughout Lebanon

Army arresting March 14 members

Army searching cars for weapons & explosives

Half the landline phones in Israel not working today


Israel Radio reports that the Israeli telephone company, Bezeq, is clueless
as to the source of a nationwide problem with communications with Bezeq

Half of the landlines are currently not working.

Preparation for war? Tests?

Protesters getting more violent with the Army in Beirut

50.000 protesters in cairo alone and even more in alexandria

16:49 Al-Arabiyah: Brutal clashes in Al-Jadida road

Al-Arabia: The Lebanese army arrested Houssam Al-Traboulsi, Saad Hariri's head of security

Army making more arrests of march 14

military curfew tonight is possible

More than 30 injured due to protests, gunfire

Aoun: The choice between Hariri and the sedition is not democratic, they have gone too far and we have endured much!

OTV: Security forces arrests 3 Future Movement leaders in Beirut

14 of March: We call all people to come back to the Martyrs' square and prevent the inauguration of Iran's Supreme leader candidate with the preservation of democracy to defend the republic and its sovereignty

March 14 fear more arrests of its leadership

There's definetly March 14 supporters and leaders being arrested. Word is that it's the Hezbollah controlled branch of the military doing that.

The government is scheduled to form on Thursday.

More high level security meeting in Israel.

More news... coming up.
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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 04:27 PM
Hezbollah-backed Mikati named Lebanon prime minister

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 04:36 PM

Army deploys snipers

Registrar of the Court: the announcement of the names of suspects in the Hariri case within weeks

Aoun declares that the new majority rejects the STL

New TV: bomb thrown on the Army near Cola

Egypt blocking internet sites (facebook/twitter)

March 14 throwing cocktails molotovs at the army in Beirut

0TV: Army makes March 14 arrests, finds weapons & explosives

Future Movement is on the offensive, attacking the army in Beirut

STL: The new Lebanese government should cooperate with us

Good one.

Albalad: Arab diplomatic sources say Saudi Arabia has been deceived by Syria

Which means this has regional implications. Egypt-Saudi Arabia Vs Syria-Iran-Hezbollah.

Future Movement: With all due respect to Mikati, the way he was elected does not make him a consenses PM but an imposed one by Hezbollah

Future Movement: the democratic system cannot be improved under the pretext of weapons which is why we should return to democracy and the STL

UN tells Lebanon's non-essential personnel not to go to work tomorrow

Hopefully this is not a sign of an incoming war.

Palestinian factions urge North Camps residents to limit their movement outside camps

They don't want to be involved apparently.

Hilary to speak on Lebanon soon

There was also news a few days ago that lots of gold was leaving Egypt... exactly like the Tunisian dictators did a few days before fleeing...

Al-Arabiya: Calm has been restored in Tripoli.

“If Hezbollah is behind the government,” said Mr. Eiland, now a senior research fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University, “it will be much easier to explain to the international community why we must fight against the State of Lebanon.”

Oh boy.

20 000 military-police surrounding Mubarak palace to protect the petty dictator

Israeli media focused on Lebanon coup

Not good news.

People in Egypt, Lebanon are having trouble accessing web sites, online services

Police in Alexandria Egypt open fire on protesters. Live ammunition.

6:59pm MTV: The army has deployed reinforcements to Tariq Jedideh and it is trying to disperse gatherings on the internal streets.

6:56pm U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that a Hizbullah-controlled government in Lebanon would "clearly have an impact" on ties with the United States.

As predicted, Hillary promises of respecting the new Lebanese government didn't even last a day!

MTV: New PM Mikati says he will protect Hizbollah & its weapons


NowLeb: sign at downtown Beirut rally reads: "Hezbollah get out of Lebanon"

protesters throw grenades in Bekaa

grenades explode in saadnayel, no one injured

March 14 attack Press TV reporters in Beirut

Mobile phone networks are being taken off completely. Very very limited network coverage in Cairo now. Protesters are doing a sit-in in Tahrir square... They need food and blankets urgently.

explosion near a restaurant in Taalabaya

NNA: Army arrests dozens of armed men who were preparing to carry out attacks

March 14.

Protesters trying to attack the BBC in Tripoli

Sound of a shell landing in Jabal Mohsen

Politics - Qatar "respects" designation of Mikati NNA - Qatar said on Tuesday that it "respects" the decision to designate Najib Mikati as Prime Minister, calling on the Lebanese to "solve their issues of dispute by sticking to democratic discourse."


Gunfire & explosions in Jabal Mohsen

More news coming up.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 04:51 PM
More news coming up...

Red cross: 51 injured

Lebanese army arrests Hossam Al Traboulsi, Harriri's Security officer!

Fresh explosions & gunfire in Tripoli

7:45pm Military sources to Al-Manar: All roads have been reopened and we will be strict from now on regarding any attempt to block any road.

7:20pm MTV: Two hand grenades exploded between the towns of Saadnayel and Taalbaya, causing no damage.

International Hackers Anonymous has begun to hack the Egyptian government websites!!!

al-Fajr members coming out in Saida with guns (al-Fajr is a Hizbullah affiliate)

RT @Zeinobia: Protesters in Alexandria are being attacked violently

Lebanese army soldiers taking off uniforms and joining the protesters

Oh boy. The breakup of the army has begun. Not good.

Taalabaya office of the FPM(Hariri)attacked

Hariri's Tripoli office also attacked

Israeli radio: developments in Lebanon will not affect the situation on the northern border

Army arrests 3 who attacked church

RT @alshaheeed: Police in Alexandria Egypt open fire on protesters. Live ammunition. Our correspondant has been hit with a bullet in his head.

Army units loyal to Hezbollah arresting more March 14 people, army leaving Hezbollah people armed alone

lot of fighting in Jabal Mohsen

Mikati will meet Hariri at 1:15pm tomorrow

Hopefully to make a unity government so they can avoid civil war.

The IDF has reported no incidents at the border in the past several days, but soldiers are on alert. By coincidence, several brigades of soldiers are in the midst of training in the Golan Heights.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 05:02 PM

9:04pm Miqati: During a dinner banquet Friday evening, I told the invitees that I would vote for Saad Hariri, but later some developments happened -- which history will reveal – and made me take the decision of nominating myself to rescue Lebanon.

"Mikati also said that he will seek to form a cabinet with the Future Movement and its allies."


2 killed, dozens injured in Egypt protests

Schools closed tomorrow in Beirut

NBN: Mustaqbal gunmen have deployed in Tripoli.

That is pro-Hariri forces. Not good.

Egyptian security officer dies in a protest at central Cairo square - Reuters citing state TV

Future Movement (Hariri) deploying more fighters in Tripoli

Army is exchanging fire with March 14 affiliates

The jet with Mubarak, his family and 97 pieces of luggage on board left for London on Tuesday from an airport in western Cairo, according to the US-based Akhbar al-Arab.

That would be epic if Mubarak was toppled.

Protersters in London in front of Egyptian embassy, small for now but growing in numbers

some Mar 14 figures are now saying they should join a unity govt when invited tomorrow to avoid further violence and to make sure they have some stake in government. Hariri and key supporters still opposed

Al-Jadeed: Calm has prevailed in the areas of Sports City, Tariq Jedideh and Cola, but it is being interrupted by sporadic gunshots who...

Mikati: I will not reveal whether Saudi Arabia accepted my nomination or not, however I did the necessary contacts concerning this matter

10:46pm Acting Environment Minister Rahhal to Future News: The riots that happened are unacceptable, but they weren’t prearranged; houses were not stormed contrary to what happened on May 7, (2008) and (ex-)PM Hariri has not described this day as “glorious.”

military all over beirut, having control


Minister of the Interior issued a decision to fire on any rallies after 11.15 pm


In Egypt :

Police shooting live on people watch live stream you hear gunshots

Watch here

That's a nice pro-US regime you got there uh? Shooting live bullets, tear gas and rubber bullets. After the shooting, sounds of ambulances, people have stopped chanting.

Mass murder LIVE ... and it's nowhere in the MSM... because it's a US supported dictatorship.

So now it's 1AM in Cairo and Beirut... shouldn't be much more news, unless something big happens, like Mubarak gets ousted, ect...
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