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Middle East on fire

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posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 11:11 AM
Hezbollah, allies to nominate new Lebanon premier

Hezbollah secured the support from a majority of parliament Monday to nominate its candidate for prime minister, putting the Iranian-backed militant group in position to control Lebanon's new government.

Billionaire businessman Najib Mikati, a moderate politician and former premier, was set to clinch the nomination after Hezbollah and its allies got the needed backing of at least 65 of the 128 parliament members as voting on the candidate began Monday.

Anti-Hezbollah protests in north Lebanon

TRIPOLI, Lebanon — More than 500 people gathered on Monday in Lebanon's northern city of Tripoli to denounce the impending appointment of Hezbollah-backed candidate Najib Mikati as prime minister.
Supporters of acting Prime Minister Saad Hariri, whose government collapsed earlier this month, gathered in a town square chanting "Out with Najib!" and "Hezbollah, party of the devil!" as gunshots were heard in the area, an AFP correspondent said.

The demonstrators vowed they would return in force on Tuesday at the urging of local Sunni Muslim sheikhs.
The billionaire Mikati, a native of Tripoli, was tipped to replace Saudi-backed Hariri after Hezbollah and its allies named him on Monday as their candidate for the premiership.

Hariri, a popular Sunni leader, has said he would not take part in a government headed by a candidate chosen by the Shiite militant group.

The appointment of a Hezbollah-backed premier has sparked fears within the international community, notably Israel, of Iran gaining further influence in Lebanon and has prompted comparisons with Gaza, ruled by the Islamist group Hamas.

Iranian-backed Hezbollah on January 12 brought down Hariri's pro-Western government after a long-running dispute over a UN-backed tribunal probing the 2005 murder of ex-premier Rafiq Hariri, Saad's father.
Hezbollah, blacklisted as a terrorist organisation by Washington, had been pressing Hariri to disavow the tribunal, which it believes will implicate Hezbollah members.

Sounds like SHTF shortly!

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 01:21 PM
I'll just say one thing that's pissing me off a bit. All these quotes from news sources are being very biased. They keep saying "Hezbollah took down the govenment" and "Hezbollah will rule the new government" bla bla bla. But that isn't the truth. Only 2 ministers of Hezbollah resigned, the rest were of the FPM (5 of them for example), Tashnag, Amal, etc.

Kudos to vitchillo for the updates, but I listen to Lebanese news sources (I'm from there) and I felt like making this statement clear.
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posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 01:23 PM
More news soon... sorry I slept way more than I should have.

7:34am MP Elie Marouni to VDL (100.5): We all know that the new cabinet would not abide by its international commitments and bring back faces from the Syrian era. We hope Hariri would be the premier tomorrow.

U.S. may cut economic ties with Lebanon if Hezbollah-linked PM chosen (Haaretz)

May? Sure thing you mean?

8:32am MP Oqab Saqr to VDL (100.5): Miqati’s nomination shouldn’t have come this way. Hariri has the exclusive right to be Lebanon’s premier.


MK Ben-Ari: Leak of Mideast negotiations documents proves no chance for peace with Arabs (Haaretz)


Iran fully to blame for nuke talks failure: France

And so the blame begins.

Gemayel: Syria is seeking to take control of Lebanon with the help Hezbollah

Hariri refuses to join govt led by Hezbollah named PM

Of course.

Hariri: any talk of a compromise candidate is an attempt to throw dust in the eyes


Israel's Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom has said that the formation of a Lebanese government led by Hizbullah would be a "very, very dangerous development."

More for Lebanon than for you.

Hariri: There is no consensus candidate to head the government and refuse to take part in the government led by the March 8

March 14 refuses to join the government, and March 8 is happy to run the government without March 14.

But no March 14 at all in the government = total control of the government by Hezbollah = likelyhood of war with Israel is up.

Hariri seen leaving the Presidential compound

Mikati (Hezbollah candidate) arrives at the Presidential compound

Hizbollah nominated Mikati: "hariri should join hands for the sake of lebanon"

Indeed. If he joins, war likeness decreases, but not by a lot.

'Israel considers war on Lebanon'
If they are just attacked probably.

Turkish PM says Turkel C'tee report has 'no credibility'
Relations taking another dive.

Livni in Palestine Papers: 'We're giving up the Golan'
That's gonna hurt Livni politically.

March 14's Christians Plead to Arab League, Security Council for Protection
Calling for UN troops to invade uh? Doing that in the US would mean treason.

Sakr slams Mikati’s candidacy as “treacherous”
Sounds like civil war rhetoric to me.

Miqati Reportedly Blessed by Syria, France, Qatar: Opposition Demands Him to Stop STL

Siddiq Says he Owns 7 Tapes that Implicate Top Syrian Officers in Hariri's Murder
Run for your life.

Iran's defense minister says the Islamic Republic plans to unveil a number of space and missile projects during the Ten Days of Dawn celebrations.
Old stuff reharshed again?

Now that Hezbollah will take power... there's fears that the part of the army owned by Hezbollah might defect and join Hezbollah.

Wouldn't surprise me that the day after it's confirmed Hezbollah has taken power, the flow of arms from Syria will increase several folds.

Also, since they have taken power...will Hezbollah allow any Israeli flight over Lebanon?

Saudi Arabia and Egypt are pissed... and there's talks of a Egypt-Saudi UN force to get Hezbollah...

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 01:26 PM
reply to post by Fixedmental

You're totally right. It's not ``Hezbollah`` taking power, it's the March 8 COALITION. Hezbollah have only 12 MPs...The Amal Movement have 13 MPs, the FPM, 18 MPs, the PSP 7 sided with March 8 I think...

But of course, the western medias say all day long that HEZBOLLAH took over... not the March 8 coalition... you know, for propaganda purposes.

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 01:29 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Yeah I know it's for propaganda purposes, just thought I'd make it clear, as I didn't see anyone saying it. If you did mention it before, then my apologies

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 01:48 PM
Even more news coming up.

Future Movement official Mustafa Allouch told MTV on Monday that any premier named by Hezbollah will be submissive to the party and its conditions.

Probably. But again, wasn't Hariri pretty much controlled by the west?

Sfeir: Situation in Lebanon reached “dangerous intersection”

Obvious is obvious.

Geagea to Nasrallah: You are waging war on the 70% - 80% of the Sunni community?

Civil war words.

geagea : "the people remain attached to the cedar revolution"

1:39pm LF leader Samir Geagea in an open letter to Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah: We urge you to become part of the judicial process like us in order to find the killers of Rashid Karami and Bashir Gemayel.

Nice move there.

Sarkozy: France is mobilised on Lebanon and is making every effort to resolve the political crisis

Siniora: we will not participate in a Mikati government

Siniora: We want a mutual respect between all parties to face Israel.

That would be neat.

protestors rioting in Ramallah - trying to smash the Al Jazeera offices after the leaked papers

Yeah they are pissed. Probably Abbas sending his men to do this.

BREAKING: parliamentary consultations to name the next PM have been stopped

March 14 is saying doesn't matter how many votes the March 8 coalition nominee get, they will not take part in the government. They even refused to consider another candidate than Hariri. Not really helping the situation...

3:15pm MP Jumblat told Agence France Presse that Miqati has secured a majority number of votes to head the next Cabinet. "It's Miqati for sure," he added.


4:04pm OTV: A shooting took place at the Baranieh neighborhood in Tripoli over the hanging of posters of former PM Miqati.

Oh boy.

4:07pm The Mustaqbal bloc denied to NBN that it was behind the incident at Tripoli over the hanging of a poster for Miqati. Army units immediately headed to the scene and deployed throughout the city to control the situation.

4:17pm Jumblat and the six accompanying MPs voted for Miqati to head the premiership. He also announced the end of the Democratic Gathering and the formation of the National Struggle Front.

New party?

The residents of Dinniyeh blocked some main roads in the region in protest over Hizbullah’s tactics against the Sunni sect in Lebanon

Large number of people gathering in the streets of tripoli in support of Hariri

MTV: Tires have been set on fire in Tripoli and a number of cities in Akkar

Qalamoun highway connecting Tripoli to Beirut has been blocked by Hariri supporters

Hezbollah wins enough votes to name new Lebanon PM

Hariri supporters say they believe the military will defend them

Oh boy.

Embassy source: US expects next cabinet to support STL
Of course.

Jumblatt: Mikati is next PM for sure
Siddiq: I will hand over new evidence to STL
Could be real interesting.

Hezbollah and Iran’s power in Lebanon will grow, Israeli official predicts

Crowds mobilize in North Lebanon against Mikati
And so it begins.

Western military fleets are heading to Lebanon & Israel’s army is on full alert

Thousands of people from all over Lebanon protesting and chanting and burning things for Hariri... Hezbollah supporters starting to activate too.

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 02:01 PM
Even more news coming up.

Turkey says it's complying with UN sanctions against Iran (AP)

Sure they are. Mwahahaha

Lebanese Druze leader backs Najib Mikati, giving him majority to lead gov't (Reuters)

Hariri backers call for 'day of anger' after Hezbollah wins support to name new Lebanon PM (Reuters)

Oh boy. You know... in western democracies... we accept those who won.

high security area declared around the home of President Najib Mikati in Tripoli

5:39pm MTV: The security forces have cordoned off Miqati’s residence in Tripoli and there is information that Syrian Socialist National Party members have gone on alert.

fire near Lebanese university in tripoli

MTV: gatherings in Iqlim al-Kharroub in the Shouf region and the Barja-Jiyyeh road has been blocked with tires.

protests around the center of the Syrian National Party

6:01pm Popular gatherings protesting Miqati’s nomination spread to Sidon and the Iqlim al-Kharroub towns.

Mikati statement : calls on the people of Tripoli to be wise and his supporters not to get dragged into emotions

Too late.

Word is there will be larger protests tomorrow in Tripoli

Army deploying heavily in Beirut

Alloush: If March 8 Candidate Wins, He'll Find Himself in a Confrontation with the International Community


Not final vote...but final vote for today : 59 miqati - 49 hariri (they need 65)

Final vote tomorrow.

Gunfire in Barja & Tripoli

Amid North Lebanon protests, Mikati calls for “patience”

Protesters by the thousands increasing by the minute... all across the country. Most protesters are pro-Hariri. Not much Hezbollah protesters for now... Hezbollah is seen more and more with violence so far.

There is a fear that if Hezbollah gives the word, the army breaks apart...but that would mean civil war probably...

Rumor that Syria have mobilized a force to be used ``to help Lebanon`` at the invitation of the Lebanese government``.... probably true... but that would create a big mess. Israel would call back reserves and invade for sure.

Also talks of moving politicians of both sides to secret areas.

And Israel being quiet on this is very scary.

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 02:25 PM

strike in tripoli planned for tomorrow to protest against mikati

More roads closed by pro-hariri protestors south of Beirut (Ketermeya) and in North Lebanon (Kalamon)

OTV: riots in Tripoli

Roads blocked by Hariri supporters in Cola and Tariq Al Jdide sections of Beirut

That's where there's lots of Hezbollah people.

coastal road Al Jiyeh- Barja is blocked by Hariri supporters

March 14 planning large protest in downtown Beirut tonight

Mustafa Alloush announces open-ended strike and sit-ins starting tomorrow

Heavy deployment of the lebanese army in the Mar Elias Street

protests expanding in Dahieh

Protests in Hezbollah stronghold Dahieh

ALERT: Beirut Airport Road (Madine Riyadiye/Jnah) closed

And all those retards who were still going in Lebanon for tourism... clueless bunch.

Aloush calls upon all Lebanese to protest until Hariri is announced PM again

Yeah that's gonna end well.

Stones thrown at cars on the Beirut-Khaldeh-Na'meh highway

MP Kbara: Insulting the Sunnis is not allowed, tomorrow is public anger day

Army trying to open up roads

a large pro Hariri demonstration planned in Nour Square Tripoli, 10AM tomorrow


Lebanese army deploying in large numbers to control situation

MP Khaled Daher: We call on those who reject the Persian scheme in this defiant Arab country to stage a sit-in tomorrow at 10:00 a.m

judge of the Criminal Court this morning issued Lebanese Order of impeachment against Najib Mikati

Hezbollah won't like that. Imagine if congress had done this when Obama was elected? Yeah.

Cars burning in downtown Beirut

Foreign journalists asked to take shelter for their own safety in Beirut

NBN: March 14 members detaining people

Ok that ain't good.

NBN: some people are being held as hostages

NBN: Riots and random gun fire in Khalde

Reports of armed and masked men on the streets- reports of firing

Hezbollah coming out?

This is getting out of hand pretty quickly...

More news coming up.

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 02:43 PM
Israel, US to steal Lebanon gas

Could be why Iran is sending ships to defend offshore gas reserves to prevent Israel from stealing it!

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 02:46 PM

random shooting at supporters of the future movement in Khaldeh

Not good.

Hezbollah, armed out in force in Beirut.

Army forces out in the street

Hariri supporters: Hezbollah is carrying out an Iran-backed coup of Lebanon

clashes reported in Beirut

Lebanese forces and Mustaqbal (hariri party) is out n the streets in zahle

heavy gunfire in Mazraa (Beirut)

MTV: Karami backs Hariri against Mikati

OOOOOooo that's a crazy development right there.... Karami being the guy Hezbollah claimed was great just yesterday!

NBN: Sources close to ex-PM Karami denied that his supporters have sided with Hariri’s supporters


NowLeb: protesters are holding signs reading: "Where is my vote?"

albaladfrench reporting confrontation between Sabra residents & Future Movement at Tariq el Jdideh

Hezbollah rally in Baalbeck

Reports of Jumblatt pictures being burnt by his own party members!


NBN: Mustaqbal supporters are trying to block the al-Mazraa highway while the army is trying to prevent them

Army reinforcing their positions and numbers all across the country

Hariri supporters burning tires and stoning cars in Beirut, Tripoli, Sidon, and Bekaa

Aren't they jeopardizing their image there?

NBN: army chief warns protesters

8:24pm NBN: MP Khaled Daher is roaming the Akkar areas in an armed motorcade and inciting citizens to protest.

How long before he's arrested?

8:45pm The Army Command warned in a statement against messing with security and violating the rules of peaceful protest

Commercial planes are still landing in Lebanon.

What a bunch of fools.

Army using tear gas

Protesters throw rocks at the army, getting more violent

Minister of State Ogassapian from downtown #Beirut: We will not accept anyone for PM except Saad

Egyptian opposition hopes for Tunisia-style protests

MTV: Tripoli municipality chief announces closing of all municipality offices in the city on Tuesday because of protests

Future Movement denies its supporters carried weapons

Attempts to attack the Army in many areas

Arab and Western embassies have warned their citizens of possible deterioration of the situation in Lebanon, asking them to take caution

Just now? Fail.

Army APC's (Armoured personnel carrier) moving in the streets

The lawmakers drafted a statement which said, "Hizbullah is instigating a coup in an attempt to bring the office of prime minister under Iranian control. Anyone who receives an appointment of prime minister from Hizbullah will be considered a traitor."'

Oh boy.

LAF working to extinguish fires on Beirut roads

And not ONE MSM is reporting this...not even in Jordan...not much in Syria... not much in Israel... nothing in Western news.

TV stations in Lebanon dividing people... Hariri TVs saying that Hezbollah want to control every religious sects which they never did before and Hezbollah TV trying to say what a Hezbollah victory means to Lebanon.

Now it's almost 1AM in Lebanon...

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 02:49 PM

UNCONFIRMED REPORT: Israeli troops entering Lebanon

PLEASE I hope it's not true!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lebanese army: Israeli troops cross the fence a couple of minutes and then went back

Lebanese Army: an Israeli patrol crossed the technical fence in the Kafr Shuba area & then withdrew

This is provocation.

Washington warns of the repercussions of a growing role for Hezbollah in Lebanon

Arab embassies plan to issue a warning to prevent its citizens from traveling to Lebanon, and they are considering the possibility of evacuation of citizens who are in Beirut, Lebanon

Just now? Really?

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posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 03:10 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Where did you read that Israeli troops had crossed the fence into Lebanon for a few mins?
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posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 03:41 PM
reply to post by john124

Source here :In Arabic.

Official news service of the Lebanese government. It was also on twitter from several twitters... Should be on several english news outlets in a few hours.

Albalad news: Oppostion (hizbollah and allies) says it will not respond in anyway because it is the armys job to protect the security of the citizens

Moral high ground uh?

Future- Tripoli: Hizbullah's moves intolerable precedent

Tomorrow is gonna be crucial.

US Embassy in Beirut issues warden notice advising US citizens to be alert and vigilant about personal security

Bahraini foreign ministry warns its citizens in Lebanon about the situation

Breaking :

New tv: Explosion heard in Tripoli

Egypt puppet government is afraid : Egypt to face its first Tunisian-inspired protests

CAIRO – Egyptians planned to mark a holiday honoring the much-feared police with protests on Tuesday, spreading the word through Twitter and Facebook, where 80,000 Egyptians have posted their support.

Inspired by the popular revolt in Tunisia, organizers have dubbed the protests planned for Cairo and Alexandria "the day of revolution against torture, poverty, corruption and unemployment."


Lebanon consultations Day one: Mikati 59 , Hariri 49 votes

Made in Syria

The Syrian leadership reportedly informed the envoys of Hezbollah and Amal of its decision to nominate Mikati Saturday night, according to local reports .

MTV reported last Saturday that Hussein Khalil, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s political aide and MP Ali Hassan Khalil , Amal Movement leader Nabih Berri’s political aide headed to Damascus , Syria secretly Saturday afternoon to meet with the country’s officials.

According to reports the Hezbollah led opposition had requested Mikati to agree to implement a five-point plan before agreeing to Syria’s decision to name him as their premiership candidate

The five point plan calls for:

1- Withdrawing the cooperation protocol between Lebanon and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon STL) .

2- Withdrawing the Lebanese judges from the STL

3- Halting the funding of the tribunal

4- Referring the false witnesses file to the Lebanese judiciary council

5- Bolstering Lebanese-Syrian ties

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posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 08:17 PM
reply to post by Vitchilo

Thanks for all the info if it wasn't for you I wouldn't of even known about this

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 12:33 AM
reply to post by Canadianpride420

Well thanks. Yeah the MSM ain't talking about this at all. I've been following this for over a year.

IMO they'll only talk about it when missiles fly... if there's ``only`` a civil war in Lebanon, they still won't report it unless the US plans to enter the war... then you'll see big propaganda on the MSM saying Hezbollah did a coup.

7:37am MP Alain Aoun to VDL (100.5): Sectarian incitement is like playing with fire. There is a democratic process that the March 14 forces should abide by.
7:25am MP Samir Jisr to VDL (93.3): We responded to the people’s demands and annouced a strike today. People expressed their anger because they witnessed a coup.

Egyptians inspired by Tunisia riots plan to demonstrate Tuesday to protest corruption (AP)

Mubarak must be pissing his pants in fear.

IAEA chief: We cannot be sure Iran isn't developing nuclear weapons (AP)

Are we even sure we exist? I mean, using ``we can't be sure`` as a reason, you can justify whatever the hell you want.

U.S. official: Palestine papers may make an already bad situation worse (AP)

Worse...for the liars. But yeah, the negociations are over now and for a long time.

Voice of Lebanon (100.5): Lebanese army units deployed in force along the coastal highway from Naameh to Saida

Jumblat Declares Democratic Gathering End, Resurrects National Struggle Front

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat on Monday announced the end of his Democratic Gathering parliamentary bloc, after four MPs of the 11-member gathering decided not to back his candidate for the premiership.
Following binding consultations with President Michel Suleiman at the Baabda Palace on naming a new PM, Jumblat said that his bloc will now be renamed to the National Struggle Front.

Huge protests from the March 14 camp (pro-western Hariri) planned for today. Could be big trouble, depends on what Hezbollah does...

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 12:42 AM
reply to post by Canadianpride420

Same here, keep up the good work, V!

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 02:43 AM
reply to post by Darce

Well thanks.

9:47am MTV: Masses gather at al-Nour square on “day of rage.”

10:04am MP Mohammed al-Hajjar to VDL (100.5): The gatherings are spontaneous. Participants at the “day of rage” in Tripoli should abide by the law.


10:07am MP Elie Marouni to VDL (100.5): We hope that Suleiman would be the arbiter to prevent a civil strife.


10:18am MP Ahmed Fatfat to Future News: The international tribunal would be cancelled only on our dead bodies.

That some heavy talk right there.

President Michel Sleiman begins second day of consultations on PM nomination at Baabda Palace

Berri Calls for National Salvation Cabinet

Speaker Nabih Berri has called for a national salvation government in which parties from across the political spectrum would take part.
"A national salvation cabinet in which everyone takes part without exception should assume its national responsibilities in confronting fateful challenges," Berri told As Safir daily in remarks published Tuesday.

Berri circles told An Nahar newspaper that his AMAL movement and Hizbullah agreed not to confront al-Mustaqbal movement supporters on the streets, stressing that the Lebanese army should deal with the situation.

Berri is part of the March 8 coalition, which is the coalition Hezbollah is part of. This is likely to fall on deaf ears since Hariri vows to not participate in any March 8 coalition government... which is sad really.

Hundreds head to Tripoli for “day of rage”
Could be big trouble there.

Prime ministerial consultations set to finish Tuesday afternoon
So we should know if the March 8 coalition heads the government alone or with the March 14 coalition by around 9-10AM EST...

10:35am Miqati: Hariri is like a brother to me and we are members of the same sect. No one can create differences between us.
10:33am Miqati on behalf of the Tadamon bloc at Baabda palace: I urge Tripoli residents to exercise self-restraint and not be dragged into any clash.


10:38am MP Hadi Hbeish to OTV: The March 14 forces have expressed their opinion democratically on all occasions. We never objected to the March 8’s resort to the street peacefully. We only objected to armed presence on streets.

Democratically on all occasions? Really? Like... we'll protest and strike until Hariri is named PM doesn't matter who wins the vote? That's democracy?

Army reportedly breaks up pro-Future demonstration in Iqlim al-Kharroub
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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:39 AM

10:48am NBN: Al-Mustaqbal protestors forced shop owners in Tariq al-Jdideh to shut down.

10:54am Al-Jadid: Gun shots were heard in the area of Cola-Cornish al-Mazraa.

10:57am MTV: Protestors blocked the road at Sidon’s entrance with burning tires.

11:00am VDL (93.3): The Qab Elias road was blocked with burning tires.

11:02am Al-Manar: Al-Mustaqbal postponed its sit-in in Tripoli for more than an hour because of lack of crowds.

11:04am Al-Jadid: The road was blocked at the Cite Sportive.

11:06am MP Ahmed Kabbara: From Tripoli I announce a day of rage against the Syrian-Iranian interference in our internal affairs.

11:17am The Lebanese army is trying to open the road at Tariq al-Jdideh.

AFP: Najib Mikati clinches winning majority of 65 MP votes for PM nomination.

11:18am Al-Mustaqbal official Mustafa Alloush on the day of rage: The Faqih rule soldier is seeking to impose his own leader. We won’t let Lebanon be moved to Persia.

Jumblat Holds Hariri Responsible for Street Protests: Democratic Game was Your Choice

U.N. Stresses Dialogue but Remains Mum on Political Makeup of Lebanon Cabinet

U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon's acting deputy spokesperson rejected to comment on attempts by the Hizbullah-led alliance to form a new government in Lebanon, saying cabinet formation should be done through dialogue.

Yeah I bet he's gonna change his stance real soon.

PRESSTV reporting that Mikati have won...
Hezbollah-backed candidate wins majority

Hezbollah-backed candidate former Prime Minister Najib Mikati clinches majority for premiership, as Lebanese parliamentarians headed for the second day of consultations to elect the country's new prime minister.

Big news.
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posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 04:04 AM
It seems to have hit the fan.

It seems to have hit the fan.

Army units broke up a demonstration on the main road in Siblin in Iqlim al-Kharroub by force on Tuesday morning, NOW Lebanon’s correspondent reported.

The army units beat Future Movement supporters, the correspondent quoted eyewitnesses as saying.

Al-arabiya: Heavy clashed between protestors and Army in central beirut

Media outlets in Beirut and North Lebanon are being attacked.

Oh boy, hopefully this is not true.

11:46am Protesters set ablaze a vehicle that belongs to Al-Jadid TV.

Press being attacked uh?

Reports of journalist beaten up in Beirut an Tripoli!!

Not good.

11:39am Pro-Hariri protesters attacked a car that belongs to Al-Jazeera television channel.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 04:19 AM

Hariri demonstrators attacked the office of member of parliament Safadi

UK official off record : Lebanon has fallen into the abyss

shooting is heard in Kornish Al-Mazraa and Barbour

Army shoots in the air to scare protesters in Beirut.

Khaled al-Daher from Tripoli via LBC: There is a coup exercised by force of arms to conquer all the Lebanese , and we demand Prime Minister Mikati not to be the candidate of the “party of arms.

Mikati to the US: I am the most appropriate candidate

I doubt they will agree.

Today there's massive protest in Egypt planned by the opposition...what a coincidence uh?

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