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Middle East on fire

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posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 11:52 PM
October 22 :

Canadian minister: We have made no arrests in Dubai assassination case (Reuters)

Of course. Because you lick Israel's boots. Doesn't matter that most canadians don't... the government does.

U.S.: Like all countries, Venezuela must apply sanctions on Iran (Israel Radio)

All countries uh? Like China and Turkey ?

Party official: Egypt's Mubarak to run in election despite rumors of health troubles (AP)


Report: Berlusconi doubts effect of Iran sanctions (AP)

Well Turkey and China ain't cooperating.

Clinton: U.S. to seek $2 billion in foreign military assistance for Pakistan in 2012-2016 (Reuters)

While backing India at the same time uh?

October 24 :

Far-right parties oppose EU membership for Turkey (AP)

What a surprise.

Iran parliament rejects talks on uranium enrichment suspension (DPA)

And why should they? They've been getting away with it since 2006.

IDF chief defends decision to drop fighters onto ship during Gaza flotilla probe (Haaretz)

And of course he ain't going to jail ever.

Netanyahu: We expect Palestinians to stick to their commitment to direct talks (Army Radio)

Well that failed.

Fayyad: Saudi Arabia pledges $100 million to ease PA's financial crisis (Reuters)

Thanks for the help.

Ministerial panel rules Jerusalem must be considered national priority zone (Haaretz)

Except nobody in the world approves of Jerusalem being Israel's capital but Israel.

Deputy FM: Anti-Israel bishops have hijacked the Vatican (AP)

Ahahahahaha. Yeah sure. Stop doing war crimes and treating everyone like trash then maybe they'll stop critizing you.

Tibi: Proposal to make Jerusalem a national priority zone reinforces the occupation (Haaretz)


October 25 :

Yesh Gvul: Cancel appointment of IDF Chief of Staff Galant, a 'war crimes suspect' (Army Radio)

Not going to happen, but he's right that's he a war criminal suspect as pointed out somewhere on this thread...

U.S. promises Turkey it won't share NATO missile defense system info with Israel (Army Radio)

Yeah sure. Who believes that?

U.S. gov't sources: Israel chief negotiator Molcho not really trying to achieve peace (Army Radio)

US government saying the truth about Israel? What a surprise!

Lieberman orders 'day after' plans for tackling nuclear Iran (Reuters)

Nuking them?

Afghan president confirms receiving 'bags of cash' from Iran (DPA)

Which he also received from the US...

Karzai says his office gets cash from Iran, U.S. (AP)


EU diplomat: 'Difficult' to recommend Palestinians turn to UN (DPA)

Because the UN have been passing resolutions against Israel for decades and nothing ever came of it.

Erekat: Israel repeatedly undermined efficacy of UN (Haaretz)

As I said.

Israel infiltrated Lebanon's mobile company, minister says (DPA)

of course.

Iran set to load fuel to core of first atomic plant (Reuters)

So no more strike against Iran. Or total nuclear contamination and world sanctions against Israel.

October 26

Report: Turkish intelligence severed relations with the Mossad (Haaretz)

Should have done that a long time ago.

Syria to UN: Israel must stop drawing water from Golan Heights reservoir (Israel Radio)

Yep... or war is gonna ensue. War over water.

Iranian FM: Iran has not yet decided on nuclear talks (DPA)

So this time they haven't decided..

Israel ranks among Western world's most corrupt countries (TheMarker)


Syria: US creates "chaos" abroad (DPA)

Of course! But it's stricly business.

Iran acknowledges it funds Afghan government (AP)

The US too. But of course the US is to help Afghan children and Iran is to kill puppies. Right?

October 27

MK Ben-Ari: Islamic Movement in Israel becoming a threat, should be outlawed (Israel Radio)

Democratic country uh?

Rights group vows to appeal if Knesset okays bill allowing towns to reject residents (Haaretz)

Really democratic there too...

Turkey diplomats: American Jewish lobbies harming Turkey-U.S. ties (Ch. 10)

What a surprise! AIPAC being cutthroats?

October 28

U.S. condemns attack on UN Hariri assassination investigators in Beirut (Haaretz)

Shouldn't be US puppets then.

Report: Egypt FM heads to Ramallah to convince Abbas to return to peace talks (Ch.10)

That failed.

Report: U.S. preparing new offer for Iran nuclear talks (New York Times)

Still not reported as of November 23..

U.S. UN envoy: Syria displays 'flagrant disregard' for Lebanon's sovereignty (Reuters)

Ah! And the US/Israel don't? US with their puppet UN comission + Israel occupating Lebanese territory...

Jordan: Claims that Arab states must resettle Palestinian refugees are 'irresponsible' (AP)


Hamas official warns Israel against launching new offensive in Gaza (DPA)

That would be stupid and deadly for nothing.

Netanyahu: Direct negotiations are the only true way to achieve peace (Haaretz)

Except as the US government said, you really don't want peace.

Nasrallah: UN Hariri murder probe 'violating rights of Lebanon citizens' (DPA)

Well it should be a Lebanese investigation, not a UN one.

U.S. State Dept.: We are working aggressively to advance Mideast peace (Haaretz)

Sure you are.

October 29

Pentagon: Military contractors overstepped legal authority in Afghanistan, Pakistan (AP)

You mean killing and raping civilians wasn't legal?

UNESCO: Rachel's tomb is a mosque, Israel illegally excavating in Al-Aqsa mosque (Army Radio)

That is NOT GOOD for all.

Report: Israel to lease land from Palestinians in exchange for independent state (Ch. 10)

Crappy land or honest deal?

EU's Ashton: Iran ready for nuclear talks after Nov. 10 (Reuters)

They've been delayed to early December.

Egyptian paper Al-Ahram attacks Syria, Iran for 'acting against Arab interests' (Israel Radio)

And being US puppets is in Arab interests?

Netanyahu: UNESCO West Bank decision 'absurd' (AP)

And by absurd he means true.

October 30

Iran official: Nuclear sanctions have done nothing to hurt Iran's trade ties (Haaretz)

True in case of Turkey and China...

Report: Hamas, Israel officials hold secret meeting in Gulf state (Haaretz)

Israel created Hamas after all...

Turkey policy paper names Israel as central threat to Mideast stability (Ch. 10)


Iran Air plans to sue Western firms over aircraft refueling dispute (AP)

Finally it's confirmed uh... Western airports really screwed Iranians air companies... nice.

October 31

Wide-scale security drill to be held at Ben Gurion Airport on Monday (Ch.10)

More war preparations.

Report: Egypt planning regional peace summit (Israel Radio)

Maybe that can help things.

Saudi initiative receives cool response in Iraq (DPA)

Saudi shouldn't have funded all those terrorists in Iraq then...

Supreme Court judge criticizes Knesset for adopting 'racist attitudes' (Israel Radio)

Well that judge knows what he's talking about... how long before they call him a self-hating jew?

November 1

PM: Both sides will pay if Palestinians establish state unilaterally (Haaretz)

You gonna attack them?

November 2

British FM planning secret discussion on Iran during Israel trip (Haaretz)

Not good.

Lebanon sources: Hezbollah planning coup if charged over Hariri murder (Israel Radio)

And that source is the March coalition if I remember... they hate Hezbollah. Or was it Debka...

Barak: We expect progress in peace talks in the coming months (Haaretz)

In the coming months uh? Israeli governments always say that... We expect progress ``in the coming months``...peace is never achieved.

Chief of IDF Intelligence: Iran has enough uranium to produce 1 nuclear bomb (Army Radio)

Wow! Man the bunkers! Or something.

Knesset meets Wednesday to discuss PM's diplomacy, international isolation (Israel Radio)

Still have not kicked his coalition out... fail.

Netanyahu to head to China for official state visit (Israel Radio)

Probably going to threaten China again like he did before. ``Support sanctions or we're gonna bomb Iran and it'll be hell``.

November 3

Eric Cantor likely next House majority leader and highest-ranking Jew in congress (Haaretz)

Except he's not the majority leader.

AIPAC : Some of Israel's 'strongest friends and supporters' have won today (Haaretz)

Dammit. Lots more republicans/sellouts to Israel in congress = NOT GOOD FOR PEACE. Last time Republicans controlled the house was in 2006...the Lebanon War...

November 4

PA President: Iran sabotaging peace negotiations (Israel Radio)

Really? Where was Iran in the last meeting? Ah yes, he wasn't there.

Iran TV: Four 'U.K.-linked terrorists' arrested (Reuters)

More black ops inside Iran..

Attorney General will not charge Barak for his wife's hiring of illegal worker (Haaretz)

Of course. Barak is above the law!

Israel agrees to hold strategic dialogue with Britain in Jerusalem (Haaretz)

Strategic... like war?

Israel welcomes U.K. vow to amend law allowing arrest of Israeli officials (DPA)

Except about half of parliament is against it.

Egypt intel. chief to Peres: Mubarak concerned about Middle East's future (Haaretz)

You are too?

British Foreign Sec.: We haven't ruled out Iran military strike, but we don't promote it (Ch. 10)

Sure you don't promote it. Last administration did.

British Foreign Secretary: Iran is one of the major threats to peace of the world (Ch. 10)'re not promoting it... this sure looks like promoting it without saying it.

Egypt FM to visit Washington in bid to restore Israeli-Palestinian talks (Reuters)

That failed.

November 5

Saudi prince: Iran is on 'explosive' path in Middle East (Reuters)

Yeah they ate curry.

Ashkenazi: IDF is strong enough to deal with Iranian threat (Army Radio)

Of course you are. Iranian missiles are a joke. Israel got nukes and US backing.

U.S. State Department: Mideast peace will remain a priority for Obama (DPA)

Yeah we'll see about that when the US economy finally meet it's maker.

November 6

U.S. to Syria: Allow inspection of suspected nuclear plant (Army Radio)

Or else?

Report: Hezbollah obtains complete aerial array from Iran (Ch. 10)

We're all scared now...defending Lebanese airspace, oh noes!

Deputy FM Ayalon: Palestinian approach could destabilize the Middle East (DPA)

And yours of not doing serious talk for peace ain't?

Ehud Barak: Iran is a major threat to any conceivable world order (Reuters)

You were almost there... NEW world order... that's right!

Leading U.S. Senator: Consider taking out Iran's military capability (AP)

What about they parachute you in Tehran and you show them?

November 7

PM to reportedly express Israel's consent to withdraw from village on Lebanon border (Haaretz)


Peres: We must work to ensure that IDF continues to be one of most moral armies in world (Haaretz)

'___', it's a hell of a drug.

German FM says Palestinian independence declaration is 'not helpful' (DPA)

Israel's independance declaration wasn't either.

Anger at Israel flares in Jordan election campaign (AP)

Will Jordan join the Iranian side?

Lieberman: Hezbollah thwarted agreement with Lebanon on withdrawal from Ghajar (Haaretz)

Except it's been done now. Lieberman wrong again!

November 8

Biden: Our support for Israel must continue forever (Haaretz)

Even if the US goes bankrupt!

Biden: We oppose unilateral steps by either Israel or the Palestinians (Haaretz)

HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA Biggest joke ever.

Biden: No administration has done more for Israel's security than we have (Haaretz)

Giving them F-35s and missile shield funding sure is nice.

Biden: The door to diplomacy with Iran remains open (Haaretz)

Really? Where is it? Is it the game of the hidden door?

Biden: U.S. absolutely committed to preventing Iran from acquiring nukes (Haaretz)

...that's why the missile shield is being deployed uh? It's either for Iran acquiring nukes..or against China/Russia...what is it? Either way, you lied to someone.

Biden: We strongly oppose Hezbollah's policy of intimidation and threats (Haaretz)

You prefer American's style right?

U.S. says Afghan handover in 2014 is realistic goal (Reuters)

Sure. See ya in 2030.

Obama backs India's quest for seat on UN Security Council (Reuters)

Pakistan won't like that...Nor China probably.

Jordan and Iraq sign military training cooperation agreement (DPA)

Another thing Israel won't like..

Netanyahu at GA: Iran is menacing world without nukes, imagine what it would do with them (Haaretz)

Maybe you would be quieter? That would sure be nice.

Netanyahu at GA: No signs that sanctions are dissuading Iran from developing nukes (Haaretz)

It even gives them more incentive.

Netanyahu at GA: Hatred against Jewish people now directed against the Jewish state (Haaretz)

Oh no you didn't!

Netanyahu: We're ready to recognize Palestinian state as state of Palestinian people (Haaretz)

But just on your terms right?

Netanyahu to U.S. Jews: Israel must always be a place that each of you can call home (Haaretz)

Yeah a home where lots of people are in poverty. And where you have armed patrols everywhere all the time. And crazy medias fearmongering 24/7.

Syrian President Assad: Israel is the real obstacle to peace (Ch. 10)

Sure doesn't help.

Americans for Peace Now 'deeply concerned' over planned construction in E. J'lem (Haaretz)

Peace now... classified as terrorist group by ADL.

November 9

Iran Nobel Peace Prize laureate: Opposition to Ahmadinejad's gov't is growing (AP)

Yep it is.

Bush memoir reveals ex-president ordered to draw up plans for Iran nuclear strike (Ch. 10)

And we were all crazy in 2006 uh?

Canada PM: We will support Israel, regardless of the political cost (Ch. 10)

Well I hope you get kicked out at the next election. Because the canadian people hate those who support war criminal states. Remember those pro-Lebanon protests in 2006? Ah yes.

EU urges Israel to 'reverse' plans for new settlement construction (Haaretz)

Ah. When the Palestinians do something bad, all their aid is cut and a blocus is made. But when Israel does something bad, they get strong worded letters/statements.

Palestinians demand immediate declaration of state to counter Israeli 'unilateralism' (Haaretz)

Yep. Shake things up.

Egyptian security fire shots at opposition supporters (DPA)

Great american democracy right there.

November 10

Turkey PM: We are weary of waiting for entry to EU (Reuters)


IDF: Hezbollah refused Hamas request to bomb Israel during Gaza war (Haaretz)

So Hezbollah is a complete Iranian puppet uh?

Obama sees 'enormous obstacles' for Middle East peace (Reuters)

Yeah it's called Netanyahu.

Cabinet Sec. Zvi Hauser: Israel media exaggerating rift with U.S. (Israel Radio)

Yep. US is still licking Israel's boots.

Sen. Kerry to Peres: The window for a regional peace deal is starting to close (Ch. 10)


Report: Top France official says Israel prepared for Lebanon attack if needed (Ch. 10)

Not very encouraging report.

November 11

Ahmadinejad to visit Saudi Arabia, meet King Abdullah (Ch. 10)

Israel and the US sure won't like this at all.

Hezbollah will not accept any accusation in Hariri's assassination (DPA)

Ya think?

November 12

Livni: Netanyahu's government is politically schizophrenic (Haaretz)

And yours invaded a country... Israel is run by maniacs.

November 13

U.S. lawmaker unfreezes money for Lebanon's army (Reuters)

To fight Hezbollah of course and make the civil war way more bloody.

Erekat: U.S. should pin blame for failed peace talks on Israel (Haaretz)

The US government admits that Israel doesn't really want peace so yeah.

NY Times editorial: Netanyahu cares more about his coalition than peace (Haaretz)


November 14

Likud MK: Further settlement freeze never was and never will be an option (Haaretz)

And you're the alternative choice to rule Israel? Damn.

Edelstein: Building freeze was a mistake, a new freeze must be fought (Haaretz)

Yeah that'll help things.

Rightist MK hits out at 'spineless' Netanyahu during debate on U.S. freeze offer (Haaretz)

Because Netanyahu isn't rightwing enough? Ok I'm scared now.

Palestinian PM Fayyad rejects demand to recognize Israel as Jewish state (Ch. 10)

Which Israeli themselves don't want.

Iran state TV: 5 days of air defense war games to begin later this week (AP)

At least they know where the threat comes from... should also drill for anti-submarine warfare...

November 15

Netanyahu poised to win razor-thin support for West Bank freeze (Haaretz)

Didn't pass I think..

Diplomat: U.S. deal would allow some Israeli construction in West Bank (AP)

What a freeze!

Arab League likely to reject three-month Israeli settlement freeze (DPA)

As in not enough or what?

Erekat: We will return to peace talks only if Israel halts all settlement building (Haaretz)

Not going to happen.

Clinton: Netanyahu settlement-freeze plan is a 'promising' step (Reuters)

That didn't bring anything so far.

Sources: U.S. deal says allows Israel to finish hundreds of West Bank (AP)

Nice uh.

November 16

Israel Police: New settlement freeze will be harder to enforce (Haaretz)

Of course.

Lebanon PM: Army to get assistance from Russia (AP)

Yeah... 1960s T-72..

Turkey wants partial command of NATO missile defense system (DPA)

Israel doesn't like that.

Study: Stuxnet worm was made to target uranium enrichment equipment (Reuters)

Ya think?

U.S. Defence Secretary: Strike against Iran would create consensus for nuclear arms (Reuters)


Jerusalem Mayor: Netanyahu never approved East Jerusalem house demolitions (Haaretz)


Iran: NATO missile defense in Turkey would solely be to defend Israel (News Agencies)


U.S. State Department: We will do whatever possible to bridge Israelis, Palestinians (Haaretz)

Like you did before? Good one.

Government source denies tension between Israel, U.S. over written Obama proposal (Haaretz)

Yep. It's not a total freeze, they would get free F-35s worth 3 billion $... very good deal.

Jerusalem rabbis tell Arabs: Nothing personal, but West Bank belongs to Israel (Army Radio)

Yeah... it did... 5000 years ago. Now? Not so much.

November 17

Clash with U.S. administration stalls cabinet vote on settlement freeze (Haaretz)

So no vote yet...

Minority Affairs Minister: We must accept freeze to prevent international isolation (Israel Radio)

Yep. Not to mention it's a very good deal and it might bring you peace. It's win win win.

Likud MK Levin: Freeze dangerous, settlement not a currency to be traded away (Israel Radio)

Will you expand till you are the ``Greater Israel`` or what?

Former U.S. Mideast envoy: Obama must be both bitter and sweet with Israel (Ch. 10)

More of the bitter side please.

MK Katz: Based on my conversations with U.S. officials, PM is lying to cabinet (Ch. 10)


Kuwaiti paper: Israel committed to U.S. not to attack Iran in the foreseeable future (Ch. 10)

What's the definition of foreseeable future? As long as Obama is president?

Israel okays withdrawal from Ghajar on Lebanese border (Reuters)


Social Affairs Minister Herzog: Violence in Israeli society reaching unprecedented levels (Ch. 10)

Society comportment reveals what a nation truly is...

Israel and U.S. close to draft agreement on temporary settlement freeze (Army Radio)

Still not voted.

IDF chief, at Pentagon: F-35 deal with U.S. still under negotiation (Haaretz)

Really? Why not buy F-16i instead till 2015-2016 or when F-35s are really avaiable?

November 18

U.S. army chief: Iran is on a path to achieve nuclear capability (Haaretz)


Likud MK: Not approving settlement freeze proposal will lead to conflict with world (Israel Radio)

You could say that.

Peres: I hope new settlement freeze will renew peace talks (Army Radio)


Iran tests upgraded Russian air-defense missile (DPA)

Which they don't have for real... unless they had outside help...

Vice PM: None of inner cabinet believes in chance for peace this generation (Ch.10)

Well that's encouraging...

Egypt rejects U.S. meddling in its upcoming parliamentary elections (AP)

Good one.

November 19

Report: U.S. deploying M1 Abrams tanks to Afghanistan for the first time in the war (DPA)

Why now and not before? Me thinks this is a buildup either against Iran or Pakistan. No way this is for the Talibans.

Dutch director: I saw Ariel Sharon kill 2 Palestinian children in Lebanon (Haaretz)

Ariel Sharon being a war criminal? What's new?

Obama: NATO leaders agree on missile defense shield (Reuters)

The missile shield... ultimate target Russia/China and a first strike.

November 20

Report: Internal document shows NATO to begin Afghanistan pullout early 2011 (DPA)

Sure... that's why they've brought all those tanks in uh? To pullout? Ahahahaha.

Pakistan says US seeking to expand drone strikes (AP)

Of course they are.

NATO plans to hand full control to Afghan forces by the end of 2014 (Reuters)


Hezbollah: Despite Israeli withdrawal from Ghajar, arms still needed to resist Israel (AP)


November 21

National Infrastructure Minister: 'We will never return to 1967 "Auschwitz" borders' (Ch. 10)

1967 Auschwitz borders? Really? That's an insult to all those who died in Auschwitz... and a big fat one at that.

MK Tibi: No jail for soldiers who risked life of Gaza child degrades value of Arab life (Haaretz)

Yep. When war criminals don't pay for what they've done, it degrades the value of ALL LIFE.

Supreme Court accepts recommendation to allow gender-segregated buses (Army Radio)

That some freedom there...

Netanyahu, Livni to meet, discuss Kadima possibly joining government (Army Radio)

Instead of one crazy bastard, we'll have two... nice.

Israel approves five-year renovation plan for Western Wall (AP)

Ah the wall of apartheid..US taxpayer money funding this.

Israel to begin construction of Egypt border fence (Haaretz)

Another apartheid wall.

November 22

Coalition chair: Issue of settlement freeze won't dismantle government coalition (Israel Radio)


Azerbaijan frees Hezbollah agents arrested for plan to bomb Israel embassy (Israel Radio)

Which Israel won't like. Could Israel fund Armenia/Armenian terrorists in return? We'll see soon enough.

Tzipi Livni: Kadima will not support land concession referendum bill (Haaretz)

Well it passed, so fail.

Netanyahu: Israel will not let Hezbollah take over northern part of Ghajar (Haaretz)

So... you won't let Hezbollah take over LEBANESE TERRITORY? How you gonna do that without starting a war?

EU's Ashton: Israel failed to deliver on easing of Gaza blockade (DPA)

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. They never intended to! But you knew this of course. And if you really didn't you need to be fired and work for McDonald, that'll be at your level.

November 23

Palestinian negotiator: Referendum law shows Israel scoffs at international law (AP)


Lieberman: Direct negotiations more important than U.S. freeze proposal (Haaretz)

What? I agree with that piece of filth Lieberman? The end is near!

Syria rejects Israeli bill requiring a referendum before returning territory (AP)

Yep. Because since the population will never accept this, diplomacy is doomed to fail... and that ups the odds of war.

IAEA report: Iran temporarily stopped low-level uranium enrichment in mid-November (Reuters)

Hit by stuxnet?

Italy FM: Mideast peace will curb Iran's influence (DPA)

Obvious statement of the day.

U.S.: IAEA report underscores Iran failure to comply with international obligations (Reuters)

And IAEA report not available when it concerns Israel...why is that?

UN tribunal on Hariri assassination: New CBC media report endangers lives (DPA)


U.S.: Iran still supporting Afghan insurgency with weapons and training (Reuters)

Better bomb them then.

Iran parliament moves to impeach Ahmadinejad
Iranians...more guts than Americans... Bush was never impeached...nor is Obama for all their crimes...

Top ministers convening as tension escalates in Lebanon

Netanyahu concerned Hezbollah may try to 'take over' Lebanon after release of report implicating the group in the 2005 murder of former Lebanese PM.

The war is approaching.

That's it for now. I'm tired now.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 11:36 AM
Excellent updates Vitchilo!

Very important Wikileaks leak of US Embassy Cable regarding Iran:

Wikileaks Cablegate US Embassy Cable regarding Iran that appears to reveal Iran's Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Khamenei has terminal leukemia and has months to live:


From the Link:

¶1. (C) Summary: A XXXXXXXXXXXX businessman who represents the XXXXXXXXXXXX company XXXXXXXXXXXX shared with us a discussion he recently had with a XXXXXXXXXXXX he described as close to Rafsanjani. The XXXXXXXXXXXX claimed Rafsanjani told him Supreme Leader Khamenei has terminal leukemia and is expected to die in months. As a result, Rafsanjani decided to stop challenging Khamenei, and instead is preparing the ground to have himself appointed Khamenei's successor. If he succeeds he will dismiss Ahmadinejad and call for XXXXXXXa new election, according to the XXXXXXXXXXX.

Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani is a powerful, shadowy and rich figure in Iran and is Ahmadinejad's big rival and has been known to be manoevering himself to be Supreme Leader (thus succeeding Ayatollah Khamenei) for years.

Reports at the time of the protests post-Iranian election last year suggested Rafsanjani was gearing up to have Khamenei removed by the powerful The Guardian Council of the Constitution in order to try to pacify the protests, but he strangely seemed to halt doing this.

Rafsanjani, according to other US Embassy Cables, is reported to be corrupt, whilst Ahmadinejad, to his credit, is known not to be corrupt, merely conservative. This would suggest that Rafsanjani would not be popular with conservatives, who for all their faults, because of their religious beliefs dissaprove of corruption, but also seeing Rafsanjani as a reformist, which they distrust.

Rafsanjani becoming Supreme Leader could cause internal conflict within Iran's ruling elite.

We could see trouble arising in Iran, and soon.

¶4. (C) Khamenei has cancer: XXXXXXXXXXXX told XXXXXXXXXXXX that Rafsanjani remains vehemently opposed to Ahmadinejad but is biding his time because of a serious health crisis affecting Supreme Leader Khamenei: a terminal case of “blood cancer” (leukemia). XXXXXXXXXXXX told XXXXXXXXXXXX that he heard from Rafsanjani that Khamenei is likely to die within a matter of months. As a result, Rafsanjani has stopped campaigning within the Assembly of Experts to challenge Khamenei, and now is focused on “letting nature take its course.” Following the Supreme Leader's passing, Rafsanjani will try to mobilize the Assembly of Experts to appoint him as the new Supreme Leader. If he is successful – though clearly he would face stiff opposition from Ahmadinejad allies in that Assembly – he would then invite Ahmadinejad to resign and call a new election. Because Rafsanjani, Mousavi, and their close supports are anticipating this scenario, they are currently “laying low.” XXXXXXXXXXXX told XXXXXXXXXXXX that he did not expect to see opposition leaders calling for any further demonstrations or provocative activities in coming months that might undercut Rafsanjani's efforts to position himself as a future Supreme Leader.


Potentially huge news if it's true about Khamenei having a terminal illness.

One other Wikileaks leak:


Details of Israeli FM Lieberman meeting Russian FM Lavrov in Moscow.

From the Link:

¶9. (C) Lavrov expressed Russian interest in reaching a
negotiated solution to the crisis surrounding Iran's nuclear
program, and the need for the West to normalize relations
with Tehran, a close Russian neighbor with which it shared
the Caspian and its resources. He raised Russian concern
that an Israeli attack on Iran would cause instability in the
region and an influx of refugees into the Caucasus. Fuchs
said that Lieberman responded that Israel "was not talking
about such a response" and understood that an attack would
cause a "chain reaction" within the region. Lieberman made
similar statements suggesting that Israel was not considering
attacking Iran during his press conference.

Do you think Russia believes Lieberman? No, me neither.

¶10. (C) Lavrov reiterated that Russia and Iran had signed a
deal to provide S-300s, but that Russia had not transferred
any weapons. The GOR did not intend to provide regionally
destabilizing weapons, but also had to take into account how
it would be perceived by others if Moscow failed to fulfill
its contract with Tehran.


¶11. (C) Lavrov expressed Russian appreciation for Israeli
steps to limit arms sales to Georgia to defensive weapons,
but raised concern that other countries were supplying
offensive weapons. He was also concerned that the recent
military exercises Georgia conducted with NATO might push
Tiblisi to undertake "another adventure".


Provides more insight into why Iran has not received those S-300's (reportedly) and what Russia got in return. We suspected that Israel (as well as the US) may have halted military aid to Georgia, looks like we were right about Israel, and we are probably right about the US.

This, as well as the Israeli Drone deal with Russia which will see Israel train Russians in the use of Israel drones also sweetened the deal seemingly at the expense of Iran.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 12:07 PM
Some more on the stalled S-300 deal I've just found in another US Embassy Cable:


From the Link:

S-300s: Still Yellow Light on Transfer

¶5. (C) On the issue of the S-300s, Mustafabeily reported
that the Iranians had strongly criticized delays in the sale.
Specifically, the Iranian Ministers of Trade and Economic
Development summoned Shmatko to discuss the S-300s and
threatened legal action against the GOR to resolve the issue.
According to Mustafabeily, the Iranians reminded Shmatko
that they had already paid a considerable amount towards
delivery of the system and they expected fulfillment of the
contract. While Moscow was not considering a refund, GOR
officials recognized the gravity of the issue and that Tehran
was likely waiting for Russia's decision on sanctions before
carrying out its threat of legal action. Baranov said the
decision on the Russian side would be made at the
Presidential level, implying that the MFA was not involved in
the discussions. He did note that some in the GOR believed
transferring the S-300s to Iran would increase stability in
the region because Iran would feel more secure without
developing nuclear weapons.

GOR = Government Of Russia.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 01:03 PM
Thanks for your updates! More news coming up in about 10 hours about Lebanon.

October 22 :
Azerbaijan doubles defence spending
Azerbaijan is an ally of Iran... will they use that military to help Iran or just for the Nagorny Karabakh region/war?

October 24 :
Iran, Iraq set to boost ties
Israel-US won't like that.

October 25 :
Shia party surges in Bahrain election
Iran will like this.

Al-Quds demolition orders spark clashes
Of course, it's the future Palestinian capital and Israel wants it...

Spain mulling arms deal with Saudi
More weapons to Saudi Arabia, the biggest funders of terrorism... nice.

Karzai: Blackwater behind terrorism
Ya think?

Le Figaro: Israel behind attacks in Iran
You don't say!

October 26 :
Saudis Interested in Russian Nuclear Power
Of course. Here comes the Saudi nuclear weapon.

October 27 :
The US Treasury Department has imposed unilateral sanctions on more than three dozens of Iranian companies and five individuals related to the country's shipping industry in Europe.

Berlin invests €10mn to buy off Taliban
Bailing out Talibans are we?

Gorbachev says Afghan war unwinnable

Israel violates Lebanon airspace again
Another day....

October 28 :
Russia denies arms deals with Syria

Media reports claiming Russia will deliver MiG-31 fighter jets and supersonic anti-ship missiles to Syria are false, the head of the Russian arms export agency said.

Ain't that interesting...

Israel seen as prime cyberattack suspect

EU approves of fuel sales to Iran
Good for them.

Afghanistan delays ban on security firms
Afghan government bowing down to US contractors? What a surprise! NOT!

'Israeli commander admits Gaza crimes'
Finally some people speaking out.

October 30 :
'China hails Iran-Turkey ties'
China doesn't want Iran to be bombed.

'Europe Iran oil imports twice as 2008'
With the depression still hitting... corporations are hurting so they need to sell to whoever.

Iran to help Bolivia develop N-program
Bolivia needs power too.

ElBaradei: Egypt despotism not to last
We all hope...

October 31 :
Republican election gains likely to embolden Israeli PM

'Iran neighbors not in favor of sanctions'
Of course... who do you most trade with? Your neighboors.

Iran stores 900mn tons of goods
Caches for war?

November 1 :
Iran poses no threat: Turkish FM
Yep. Their army suck. A lot.

November 2 :
Israel bulldozes Gaza village

US deploys fourth submarine in PG knows.

Israeli aircraft hovering over Beirut
Violation number XXXX

PA: East al-Quds, capital of Palestine
Yes, East Jerusalem should be your capital.

'Iran welcomes Chinese investment'
Of course, China is one of the few not enforcing sanctions...

November 3 :
Iran says nuclear swap must be based on Brazil-Turkey deal
I doubt the US-Israel will accept that.

"It will be much bigger, much wider in scope, and with many more casualties," added the former Israeli Air Force general.

(the next war)... as you all said time and time again before.

Israeli drones fly over Lebanon
Another day...

November 6 :
Israeli plane spies on Lebanon
Another day...

A Hezbollah representative in Lebanon's parliament says new documents indicate that Israel is setting up over 20 spy posts along the Lebanese border.

Wouldn't be a surprise. After all, I'm sure Hezbollah have spy posts on the border too.

Iran's hydroelectric capacity set to rise
So nuclear energy is all about nukes uh? If you want your economy to grow, you need power...nuclear/hydro... and to finance that, you sell your oil, you don't use it for power.

November 8 :
Israel delays deployment of 'Iron Dome' anti-rocket system
No defense against missile = MAD = less chances of war.

NATO Defense Shield In Turkey May Threaten Iran, Russia

November 9 :
Israel's military says it will put its much-touted Iron Dome air-defense system in storage and deploy it only if Hezbollah or Hamas unleash major rocket bombardments.
So they still need to work on it uh?

November 10 :
Iran offers new dates for nuclear talks
December 5+...

'Israel gearing up for attacking Lebanon'
Well yeah, Israel is all about preparing for war 24/7/365

Turkey: No talks before Israeli apology
And apparently, Israel apologized in secret to Turkey a while ago.

November 11 :
US to boost weapons stockpile in Israel: report
Another obvious war preparation.

Israeli jet crashes, two feared dead ‎
And what happens when that kind of stuff happens over Lebanon? Yeah.

Hizbullah: We are ready for another war with Israel
Israel is ready too.

Lengthy US-Israel talks fail to make Mideast headway
Yep... talks fail.

November 22 :
Russia 'gives Iran top new radar'

If Russia has provided Tehran with a new radar system, which Stratfor says reportedly went through third-party intermediaries Venezuela and Belarus, it is likely to have been one that would enhance Iran's air-defense network rather than merely add to it.

As we said on this thread, Iran couldn't have improved their anti-air system WITHOUT OUTSIDE HELP... well I guess we were right again.

Israel launches naval military drills
More war training... let's all forget that Lebanon nor Hamas have any navy...

November 25 :
Very important information....
Oil pipeline bypassing Hormuz is completed

Construction of a pipeline from Abu Dhabi's largest oilfields to Fujairah, allowing crude to bypass the Strait of Hormuz, has been completed.

The pipeline to the Arabian Sea promises greater security in the event that the narrow waterway is closed, and promises to help cut the costs of exporting oil from the UAE.

That is a big key in a future war against Iran... and now it has been completed....

November 28 :
Saudi king urged US to attack Iran: leaked US documents
Not a big surprise there.

US considers military options against Iran

"We've actually been thinking about military options for a significant period of time," Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff said in an interview with CNN.

Mullen said he doesn't believe that Iran's nuclear plant is for civilian use "for a second."

No kidding you want war.

Israel warned US engagement with Iran pointless: WikiLeaks
Another surprise there... NOT.

Europe, Israel, Arabs urge US to halt Iran threat: WikiLeaks
Not a surprise there either.

US drone attack kills three militants in Pakistan: officials
Only a question of time before Pakistan is overthrown.

November 29 :
Iran obtained missiles from North Korea: leaked US documents
Not a surprise there either. What's funny is that last week I was reading newswire from the early 90s...and it reported how Syria and Iran were giving arms to North Korea... where's the truth really?

Iran warns 'enemies' after top nuclear scientist killed
Assassinations is not nice.

Iranian diplomats to Iraq vetted by US: Wikileaks
Yeah great Iraq democracy there...

posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 03:32 AM
Sorry for the delay... school you know...Korea crisis...

November 24

U.S.: IAEA report stresses Iran's continued failure to comply with nuclear obligations (Haaretz)

Israel too.

Hanegbi: Coalition government possible, Netanyahu and Livni not far apart (Israel Radio)


Arab press: Turkish PM to meet with Hezbollah parliamentarians during Lebanon visit (Ch. 10)

Which Netanyahu-Obama won't like.

Arab League condemns Israel law requiring referendum for land concessions (Haaretz)

Yeah because it's stupid. No way you'll get peace that way. But then again, do you really want peace?

Dozens of Iranian lawmakers demand Ahmadinejad be summoned for questioning (AP)

Iranian lawmakers... more balls and less corrupt than US or even Europeans lawmakers.

Italian FM: Israel, Palestinians are Hamas hostages (AP)

Hmm no. Those who keep people hostage are those who have the most power over the lives of people... and who's the most powerful in the region? Ah yes.

Israel catches 188 would-be infiltrators at Egypt border over course of 24 hours (Haaretz)

Failed attempt at terrorists attacks inside Israel?

November 25

Lebanon PM voices support of UN-backed probe of his father's killing (Reuters)

Well of course.

Barak: If this government cannot move forward, other parties could be invited to join (Haaretz)

Because more people in the government will simplify things? Especially when they don't agree with each other...

November 26

Lebanese PM: Netanyahu does not believe in peace (Haaretz)

Duh. Even US officials said so.

Syrian FM: Israel's evasion of peace may lead to war (Ch. 10)

Well yeah. You are either going towards peace or towards war.

Arab League chief gives Israel, PA two months to renew negotiations before turning to UN (Ch. 10)

And hopefully manning up and declaring a Palestinian state. The UN created Israel... what about the UN creating a Palestinian state? Payback time!

Report: Abbas may bow down to pressure and give up on settlement freeze renewal (Ch. 10)

Keyword : may. He has not done it yet.

Report: Indictments in Hariri murder case to be served next week (Ch. 10)

December 2.

Indian president continues Middle East tour in Syria (DPA)

India being a big ally of Israel...

Hariri: Cooperation with Iran indispensable for Lebanon (DPA)

Well yeah. If you want to be able to talk with Hezbollah...

November 27

U.S. Military chief: Iran aims to put nuclear weapons on missiles (Reuters)

And Israel already done it... 43 years ago.

Iran foils hijack bid on Tehran-Damascus flight (Reuters)

And of course Iran says it's Israel agents. Might be, might be not.

Iran rejects call by Egypt FM not to intervene in Arab affairs in Iraq, Lebanon, Gulf (Israel Radio)

Yeah basically, stay in your country and don't talk to anybody, don't trade with anybody... yeah sure.

Al-Aqsa Brigades: If negotiations fail, we will return to armed struggle in territories (Ch. 10)


Iraqi PM Maliki says to form government by mid-December (Reuters)

Yeah... after about one meeting in the last 10 months! What a success!

India's president says she supports Syria's right to the Golan Heights (Ch. 10)

Israel will not like that.

Lebanese PM Hariri arrives in Tehran seeking help with Hezbollah (DPA)

Hopefully it helps lowering the tensions.

Iranian envoy to Beirut: Iran supports unity among Lebanon's political factions (Ch. 10)

Well yeah, they don't want Lebanon into civil war otherwise Israel/US would go in and destroy Hezbollah.

November 28

Assad to visit Paris at Sarkozy's invitation (Israel Radio)

Sarkozy the neo-con will probably make threats to Assad.. do peace or else..

Physicians for Human Rights condemns building detention center for illegal immigrants (Haaretz)

Ah Israel and human rights...

Peres: Mideast peace could aid moderate Arab nations to fend off Iran's influence (Haaretz)

Ya think?

Netanyahu: Israel most likely won't be central focus of new WikiLeaks report (Haaretz)

Well if out of 250 000 documents there's not at least a few dozen about AIPAC/ADL/Mossad operations in the US, something stinks to high heaven.

Jordan king opens parliament with pledge of support for Palestinian state (DPA)

Well good.

Hezbollah: Evidence held by Hariri court is worthless (AP)

Well they won't accept the evidence Hezbollah as brought up... so being fair and impartial just went out the window.

WikiLeaks report: Saudi donors chief financiers of terror groups, including al Qaeda (Reuters)


WikiLeaks report: Saudi Arabia pressured U.S. to bomb Iran's nuclear program (Haaretz)


WikiLeaks report: Iran may be using N. Korea arms as building blocks for missile program (Reuters)

Keyword : MAY. Not to mention, from documents in the 90s, it was Syria and Iraq that were giving missiles to North Korea and not the other way around.

WikiLeaks report: Egypt says only way to damage Hamas is return of PA to Gaza (Haaretz)

...And start a civil war. How nice of Egypt.

WikiLeaks report: U.S. diplomats say Turkey's Erdogan is 'ill-informed' (DPA)

Really. Because he's not 110% on Israel's side?

November 29

Report: U.S. complained to China over North Korea's nuclear trade to Iran (Reuters)

And who again provided the nuclear reactor to North Korea? Ah yes, THE USA.

Iran blasts killed nuclear scientist, wounded another - local press (Haaretz)

According to Debka he was the top scientist against Stuxnet.

Interior Minister: Israel will be lost if phenomenon of infiltrators isn’t stopped (Israel Radio)

Yeah sure. Phenomenon of infiltrators? Really?

Rights groups say Egypt official vote turnout of 25% was actually much lower (Reuters)

American backed democracy... what a success...

Egypt opposition reports heavy election losses (AP)

Gee what a surprise when it's rigged.

Netanyahu: Israel wasn't damaged at all by WikiLeaks report (Haaretz)

Not yet, but if after 250 000 documents it's still the case, something is up. I mean, we heard about freaking Kazakhstan in Wikileak...who the hell talks about Kazakhstan? Nobody. Israel is a major ally and there's no documents about them? Yeah sure.

Report: Israeli, Lebanese, UN officials meet to discuss border after Ghajar pullout (Haaretz)

Well good more talks.

Ahmadinejad: Enemies caused 'limited problems' for nuclear sites' computers (Reuters)

So Stuxnet did hit...

Egyptians riot, burn cars, claiming vote fraud (AP)

Well yeah. You live under a puppet government... just figured that one out?

Karzai's brother 'corrupt drugs baron' US says: WikiLeaks`
Not a surprise to anyone reading the news.

November 30

Israeli offshore drilling strikes first hint of major gas reservoir (TheMarker)

And Lebanon/Hezbollah said they would go to war if Israel drilled into Lebanese waters.

Rights groups' report: Israel failed at its commitment to ease Gaza blockade (Ch. 10)

Duh. They never intended to.

U.S.: We are dismayed by Egyptian election process (Haaretz)

Sure you are.

EU's Ashton to hold talks with Iran next week (Reuters)

Maybe they can have a deal.

Jerusalem officials demolish unpermitted buildings in eastern neighborhoods (Army Radio)

I bet it's arab houses.

Ashkenazi: Even if charged with Hariri murder, Hezbollah unlikely to strike Israel (Ch. 10)

Ya think.

Chief of Northern Command: Missile defense system for IDF bases, not civilians (Ch. 10)

So where again the civilians signed a contract where they wanted to die? Because military people did.

U.S. announces new Iran sanctions

Russian arms unlikely to bolster Lebanon
Duh. They are giving them crappy stuff and not a whole lot of it.

'Sarkozy the American' mulled troops for Iraq: WikiLeaks
Well duh. Anyone who followed Sarkozy election and support (it all came from neo-cons) at least suspected this.

Mubarak told US to allow dictator in Iraq: WikiLeaks
And he wasn't the only one. How many in the US were saying the same thing? A bunch.

December 1

Report: Iran's Revolutionary Guard behind killing of Tehran nuclear scientist (Ch. 10)

Really? If this is true, maybe he was giving secrets to the enemy.

WikiLeaks report: Pakistan president fears being 'taken out' by country's army (DPA)

Well I bet he is. And if he wasn't, he's be delusional.

Politicians’ power stops at Tribunal’s door
Yeah unless you want to start a civil war in Lebanon..

WikiLeaks: Qatar allowed US to attack Iran from its territory
What a surprise... Not.. Iran just aimed a few missiles at Qatar now.

Assad in leaked memo: Iran won't attack Israel with nukes
Well duh.

Islamist Prime Minister Erdogan says that Hezbollah had nothing to do with Rafik Hariri’s death.
We'll know soon enough when the judgment is served and what happens AFTER.

Eleven Israeli warplanes breach Lebanese airspace
Another day... but this one is a big one.

Roknabadi: STL an Israeli Plot to Sow Discord, Prepare Ground for Israeli Attack
We'll see what happens after the ruling.

WikiLeaks blows cover off Israel's covert Gulf states ties
Well it seems Wikileak did have info on Israel.

Assad, Iran's Larijani stress support for Hizbullah
Well yeah.

Al-Akhbar: Hezbollah to take action if STL issues indictment in December
As in not bending over? How bad of them!

Future News: Karam planned to inform Israel of Nasrallah’s location
So there were real ``traitors`` inside Lebanon working for Israel...

Qassem: Hariri must solve Lebanese crisis
Yep otherwise trouble awaits.

Iran backs Saudi-Syrian bid to defuse crisis

Al-Manar: Turkey and France working to postpone STL indictment
Really... well it's supposed to be release better hurry up.

posted on Dec, 2 2010 @ 03:36 AM

Hamas: Abbas has become a spokesman for the Zionists (Israel Radio)

He's been their puppet for YEARS... he's really corrupt... and you just figured that out?

Livni: Iran threat doesn't exempt Israel from solving conflict with the Palestinians (Haaretz)

It even increases the incentives to do so...

U.S.: Sanctions costing Iran billions of dollars in potential energy investments (Reuters)

Which the chinese are taking at cheaper prices.

U.S. Undersecretary of State: WikiLeaks disclosure has hurt U.S. diplomacy (Reuters)

Diplomacy? Ahahaha. You mean economic/military bullying?

U.K. moves to restrict ability to charge foreign nationals with war crimes (Reuters)

More protection for scum like Bush, Blair, Kissinger, Obama, Netanyahu and his ilk... yeah UK, great move there, showing your true colors.

Pland announced to build 625 new homes in Pisgat Ze'ev in E. Jerusalem (Army Radio)

More colonisation of Eastern Jerusalem uh?

Palestinians hope to get U.S. reply Thursday on renewing peace talks (DPA)

And it'll be like always, bow down to Israeli demands or else!

Hamas leader in Gaza calls to resume Shalit talks (Israel Radio)

Hopefully Israel agrees to that one.

New WikiLeaks revelations show Ireland blocking U.S. arms to Israel (Haaretz)

Yay Ireland.

Hamas will accept referendum on peace deal: Haniya

Karzai may 'burn his bridges' with NATO over leaks: memo
Sure he will... sure.

La Liberation: Indictment to be Based on Telecom as Evidence
Oh boy. Hezbollah will not accept it then.

High-ranking Hizbullah Official Rules Out Indictment Soon
Yeah it seems it was delayed or will come out in several parts.

Iran Ready for Nuclear Talks, But 'Without Concessions'
Why should they...

'Israeli troops open fire on Lebanon'
Waiting for a confirmation from another source.

Documents released by WikiLeaks indicate Russian experts have refuted US claims that Iran has or is seeking missiles capable of targeting European capitals.
Well duh.

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 09:18 AM

Abbas: Israel snubbing peace talks with new plans for East Jerusalem (Reuters)

Well duh. He doesn't give a flying pig about peace talks. He just wants his precious.

WikiLeaks: Egypt would consider nuclear arms if Iran gets them (AP)

Of course. And the US might even give it to them. But of course that plan could backfire if there's a revolution against the puppet dictatorship or Egypt could turn into Pakistan 2 : let's protect our dictatorship no matter the cost!

Saudi Arabia says al Qaida planned to kill officials with poisoned gifts (Reuters)

Taking cues from Asterix uh?

Abbas: As a last resort, I will dissolve Palestinian Authority, hand West Bank to Israel (AP)

Really? What a traitor you are to your people.

Egypt slams Israeli settlement expansion in Jerusalem (DPA)

But does nothing about it since it's a US puppet.

Clinton says Iran FM ignored her at Bahrain security conference (Reuters)

Is she gonna cry?

Iran claims full control over making nuclear fuel (AP)

Good for them. Self-sustainable... or as NKorea says... Juche!

Iran says WikiLeaks is US propaganda ploy (Reuters)

Abbas expecting U.S. proposal for resumption of direct talks (DPA)

Does he also expects that his money trees are gonna grow?

Turkey, Israel draft agreement to mend ties over Gaza flotilla raid (Haaretz)

And Turkey blinks, even if Israel attacked Turkey's sovergnity when they attacked that ship...nice.

German FM: We are willing to cooperate with Iran on civilian use of nuclear energy (DPA)

Well good.

UAE looks to upgrade missile defense systems (Reuters)

Wasn't it UAE that said ``the US can launch an attack on Iran from our land? Ah yes it was.

Iran lauds China ties as 'fantastic' ahead of new nuclear talks (Reuters)

Yep. China is not enforcing the sanctions and even helping them in their anti-ship missile buildup.

Six world powers to hold nuclear talks with Iran for first time in over a year on Monday (AP)

Well good.

Egypt's opposition wins a handful of seats in parliamentary run-off (DPA)

Let's give a few pieces to the sheeple so they don't revolt...

Egyptian NGOs call on Mubarak to dissolve new parliament over alleged election fraud (DPA)

Yeah good luck with that. Never a US puppet gave up control without having his head blown off or overwhelming revolution so he would be forced to flee..

Senior officials of six world powers say Iran nukes may be source of instability in region (AP)

But Israel nukes aren't right?
Make it all nuclear free or leave Iran the hell alone.

Egypt's ruling party crushes opposition in vote (Reuters)

Gee. It only matters who counts the votes right?

Argentina, Uruguay to recognize an independent Palestinian state (Haaretz)

Well good. Enough with the BS talks.

U.S.: Egypt needs to take steps to ensure that future elections are free and fair (AP)

You can't be serious?

Jordan protests Israeli far-right conference depicting Jordan as Palestinian homeland (DPA)

Well yeah. Who wants millions of refugees... not to mention Israel trying to rewrite history... What about zionists move back to Germany where most of Israeli jews come from anyway? People are wiser more holocaust. And if you're afraid of that what about you arm yourself?

WikiLeaks: U.S. blocked Iran candidate election on UN climate body (Reuters)

Gee what a democracy you got there!

Iran to P5+1: Nuclear talks would be more fruitful without sanctions (Reuters)

Of course.

U.S. official: Nuclear talks with Iran were difficult (Reuters)

As in ``China were backing them`` or ``we don't have any consistency or credibility even when it comes to nuclear issues``?

Iran seeks more trade via Turkish ports to reduce dependency on Gulf (Reuters)

Duh. Also easier to smuggle stuff.

U.S. State Dept. suggests it is Israel that has been too busy to end crisis with PA (Army Radio)

Too busy building in East Jerusalem?

Foreign Ministry sources: Apologizing to Turkey means surrendering to terror (Haaretz)

What about you shut the hell up Lieberman?

Palestinians seek unilateral statehood recognition (AP)

20+ years talks have failed. Enough is enough.

Kadima MK Mofaz: Israel should seek an interim agreement with the Palestinians (Haaretz)


U.S. to meet with Israeli, PA officials in bid to save peace talks (Haaretz)

Yeah that'll work...

Guardian: WikiLeaks reveals Saudis wanted U.S.-led Arab force to crush Hezbollah (Israel Radio)

Well that's a better plan that Israel doing it.

WikiLeaks: Ashkenazi said Hezbollah involved in attack against Israel embassy in Jordan (Haaretz)

I bet Hezbollah also stole his lollypop when he was 5.

MK Mofaz: If political deadlock continues, there will be military conflict in Mideast (Israel Radio)

Ya think? Elect that Mofaz as PM!

Erekat: U.S. should declare Netanyahu as responsible for failure of peace talks (Ch. 10)

As the US state department has said...

Palestinians: Israeli obstinacy made Washington give up negotiations (Reuters)

And Washington doesn't have balls to stand up to Israel because the US government is infested by ``let's sell our soul to Israel`` people...lots of those in the White House too.

Washington could have cut the funding of Israel. They could have put war crimes lawsuits against the Israel leaders. They could have said at the UN that they have proof of Israel nukes (which they have since 1963).

They could have done lots of things to force them. But noooooooo.

Egypt's leading democracy advocate calls for boycotting 2011 elections (AP)


Brazil recognizes Palestinian state on 1967 borders
Which Israel doesn't like.

Israel 'saddened' as Brazil recognises Palestinian state
Boohoo. And how many were ``saddened`` by the recognition of the Israeli state in Palestine?

US concern as Iran declares nuclear 'self-sufficiency'
Time for war?

Israelis brace for missile firestorm
This is an interesting military analysis of the next conflict... a key quote...

"The enemy has achieved aerial supremacy without even having aircraft,"

Report: Mossad tried to assassinate Ahmadinejad in Lebanon
Yeah about that... thing is the source is an Iranian one... and as the Israelis said it...Ahmadinejad is doing more damage to Iran than Israel could ever do...

U.S. drops push for Israel settlement freeze
There goes the peace talks.

Direct Mideast talks collapse as US freeze bid fails
Yep. Over.

Israel has chosen to reject peace: Palestinians
Yep. If Israel won't listen to the US, why the hell would they listen to Palestinians? This is ridiculous.

Syria's Assad plays the security card
Differences emerging with Iran because of Lebanon... might be...might be.

Syria's fresh interference in Lebanon and its increasingly sophisticated weapons shipments to Hezbollah have alarmed American officials and prompted Israel's military to consider a strike against a Syrian weapons depot that supplies the Lebanese militia group, U.S. and Israeli officials say.
Oh boy.

Hezbollah has 50,000 rockets: report
Up from 40 000... still most of them are worthless.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 08:47 AM

Egypt: World should push toward establishment of Palestinian state (Reuters)


Germany Foreign FM says 'very concerned' of Middle East peace stalemate (DPA)

Ya think?

Livni: Netanyahu needs to resign due to State Comptroller report (Ch. 2)

Not just because of that.

U.S. official: Continued Israeli settlement is unacceptable (Haaretz)

Ya think?

Despite collapse of peace talks, Mitchell to arrive in Israel next week (Ch. 10)


Barak to meet UN Chief Ban Ki-moon in N.Y. Thursday (Haaretz)

He will probably say : Please don't allow a Palestinian state... or else!

U.S. Secretary of State Clinton to meet Israeli negotiator in Washington on Thursday (Reuters)

Hopefully, if planets align, to tell him to go back to talks or a Palestinian state will be backed by the US.

U.S. House of Representatives approves allocation of 205 million to Iron Dome system (Haaretz)

Gee... what a surprise. Congress passing more money for Israel...while America is bankrupt... nice.

Report: Abbas to turn to UN Security Council over declaration of Palestinian state (Ch.10)

And the US/UK will likely block it.

Poll results show 88% of Israelis think political parties are corrupt (Army Radio)

Only 88%?

MK Ben-Eliezer: Stopping Palestinian negotiations is a disaster for Israel (Ch.10)

Ya think?

Opposition activist El Baradei calls for Egypt presidential vote boycott (Reuters)


Palestinians weigh options as US concedes talks defeat

As Washington admits it has failed to find a way to salvage direct peace talks, the Palestinians are looking at alternatives, boosted by diplomatic support from Latin America.

Over the past few weeks, Palestinian officials have been talking up their options if peace talks with Israel totally collapse -- one of which is seeking recognition for a unilateral declaration of statehood.

And this week, that option took another small step towards becoming a reality as Argentina announced its recognition of an independent Palestine on 1967 borders, just days after a similar move by Brazil.

Argentina's statement was quickly followed by a commitment from Uruguay to do the same in 2011.

Time to do it!

The late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat first issued a declaration of independence at a meeting in Algiers in November 1988.

Since then 105 countries have recognised an independent Palestinian state on 1967 borders, which encompass the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including east Jerusalem, territories which were occupied by Israel in that year's Six Day War.

See ? You already have the majority of countries backing you up.

UN: Israel obliged to freeze settlement
Yeah forget about it, they won't listen.

France 'will recognize' Palestinian state
That would be neat.

Israel launches strikes, warns on Gaza

Israel launched retaliatory air strikes on the Gaza Strip Thursday hours after its top soldier warned troops to be prepared for possible "wider action" on the enclave's volatile border.

Oh dear.

posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 01:17 PM
Just had to post this tidbit..

For now, the Hariri tribunal seems to have been delayed... again...

But more pressing, Hamas has been warned through back channels that if they don't stop the rockets, Cast Lead 2 would likely happen. That's why Hamas a few days ago called for all militants to stop rockets on Israel... but they didn't listen and just today launched 3 rockets at Israel.

Now... At the end of November, Turkey said that they would not stay silent if Israel attacked Gaza or Lebanon...

We shall see.

posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 05:12 PM
S&F, amazing work, keep it up.

I doubt Israel's going to be entering Gaza so soon after the first Cast Lead, but if it does there's zero percent that Turkey, of all countries, would attack Israel.

posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 11:56 PM
Dec. 9

Ahmadinejad: Suspending uranium enrichment is non-negotiable (DPA)

Which they can do under the NPT.

EU's Ashton applauds Israel for allowing exports out of Gaza (DPA)

Assad: Peace will be possible only after full Israeli withdrawal from Golan Heights (Ch.10)

Which won't happen under the current government.

Israeli, Italian air forces conduct joint training exercise (Haaretz)

Of course to strike Iran.

Dec. 10

Barak: Israel-Turkey rift hurting Middle East stability (Haaretz)

Yeah well, shouldn't have attacked Turkey sovereign territory by boarding and killing people on that Turkish ship.

Barak: Mutual distrust, not settlements, is cause for peace talks stalemate (Haaretz)

Both sides screwed the other plenty of times before, that's why.

WikiLeaks cables: Diplomat estimates Mubarak to stay in power for the rest of his life (AP)


Turkey FM lauds 'new page' in relations between Turkey and Israel (Israel Radio)

Deputy FM: Apologizing to Turkey for Flotilla raid is legal risk (Reuters)

Because that would admit your crime.

U.S.: Responsibility to end Mideast conflict rests with the parties themselves (Reuters)

Yeah, the US has no part in it uh? All that money, arms and support at the UN has nothing to do with the conflict uh?

Dec. 11

Biden to Hariri: U.S. committed to Lebanon’s sovereignty and stability (Haaretz)

Right... just like when the US gave more weapons and ammo to Israel during the 2006 continue the bombing of civilians critical infrastructure...

U.S. says recognition of Palestinian state premature (Reuters)

Really? Negociations have been tried for 20+ years... nothing has's even worse in Gaza. Time for a different solution.

U.S. official: Universal human rights standard applies to Israel (Haaretz)

Mwahahahahahaha... good one.

Clinton: The occupation is unacceptable and unsustainable (Haaretz)

Your actions really don't mirror this view...not to mention, you're perfectly fine with the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq...

Clinton: A Palestinian state through negotiations is inevitable (Haaretz)


Barak: The world is no longer willing to accept our control over another people (Haaretz)

So admitting it uh?

Obama aide says Iran may face more nuclear sanctions (Reuters)

What more can you sanction, really?

Barak: Two-state solution the only option for Zionism (Haaretz)

Or Zionism could go away or change radically? Zionism was crazy talk in the early 1900s... it could be so again.

Report: Turkey seeks normalization in ties with Israel by June 2011 (Army Radio)

Egypt plans to build first nuclear plant by 2019 (AP)

Need energy...or is that a cover way to give Egypt nukes?

Australian FM Rudd: Time 'running out on peace' in the Middle East (DPA)


Dec. 12

Turkish officials: Iran has the right to hold nuclear weapons (Ch. 10)

Have the right to defend themselves...

Barak: J'lem should be divided according to Clinton plan (Israel Radio)

Barak seems the only one not that crazy in the Israeli government.

Egypt democracy advocate: Opposition will unite (AP)

Hopefully... so they can kick Mubarak's butt.

Labor ministers threaten to leave government if peace talks are not renewed (Israel Radio)

Hopefully happens and that bastard Netanyahu is kicked out.

Hundreds protest in downtown Cairo against parliamentary election results (Reuters)

Because of course it's rigged.

Livni to ABC News: U.S.-Israel relations are existential to the future of Israel (Haaretz)

Ya think? Without Us money, US arms and US support at the UN, Israel would be gone.

Kadima MK Mofaz: If Hamas shoots long-range missiles at us, we will topple its regime (Ch. 10)

Like last time?

German envoy to Israel: If there is no peace deal in 1 year, EU will recognize Palestine (Ch. 10)

Of course he backtracked...

Jordan's King Abdullah urges a greater EU role in Mideast peace talks (DPA)


WikiLeaks: Berlusconi said Israel may strike Iran if it feels an existential threat (Haaretz)

Didn't need Berlusconi for that.

Dec. 13

Livni: Israel at a strategic disadvantage for failing to renew peace talks (Israel Radio)


Germany denies media reports they would recognize Palestinian state within a year (AP)

Weak... post-Holocaust thinking again uh? Will Germany lick the boots of Israel till the end of times or what? I mean they can be friends and all, but supporting the war crimes of the Israeli government is another thing.

Ayalon: Iran, Venezuela axis of nuclear terror threatens the world (Haaretz)

Sure they do...

Jordan, Lebanon ink military cooperation agreement (DPA)


Dec. 14

Palestinians welcome EU condemnation of Israeli settlement (DPA)

Except condemnation does nothing concrete...

Ben Eliezer: Arab world to turn more hostile if Israel doesn't solve Palestinian problem (Haaretz)

Ya think?

Iran: Dismissal of foreign minister won't affect nuclear policy (AP)

What a surprise... not.

Dec. 15

UN envoy says 2011 critical for Mideast peace process (AP)

Duh. We'll have war, not peace.

Netanyahu agrees to discuss core issues in indirect talks with Palestinians (Haaretz)

Ambassador to U.S. Oren: Israel still interested in 20 F-35 fighter jets (Army Radio)

Well they can pay for those. Of course they want them for free.

Norway to upgrade status of Palestinian representation in the country (AP)


Lebanese army claims to have discovered two Israeli spy cameras (AP)

Arab FMs against Mideast talks without U.S. stance on borders of Palestinian state (AP)


Nasrallah: Hezbollah ready to repulse any Israeli attack on Lebanon (AP)

Of course.

Explosion heard off the coast of Lebanon near Sidon (DPA)

Israel destroying evidence of spying.

Dec. 16

PLO's U.S. mission disappointed by U.S. House opposing unilateral declaration of Palestine (Haaretz)

Of course. AIPAC runs the US congress.

Dec. 17

UN official: Israel to pull out of northern part of Ghajar in the coming weeks (Ch.10)

Hasn't been done yet...

U.S. State Dept.: We will continue to engage parties in Mideast peace process (Haaretz)

With a massive bias...

Lebanon to file complaint with UN over alleged Israeli spy devices it uncovered (Army Radio)

Ended up with nothing.

PA asks EU envoy to recognize Palestinian state on 1967 borders (DPA)

Good luck...

Report: Lebanon suspects citizens aided Israel in planting espionage cameras (Ch.10)


Deputy FM: Peace possible only if PA recognizes Israel as a Jewish state (Army Radio)

Which even the Israelis don't want. I still cannot understand how a scumbag like you can become FM...

Report: France to give Lebanon 100 anti-tank missiles (News Agencies)

Which are quite good and could be reverse engineered.

UN chief to Israel: Halt building of settlements in West Bank and East J'lem (Army Radio)

Except Israel doesn't care.

Bolivia recognizes Palestinian state within 1967 borders (News Agencies)


Dec. 18

U.S. military chief: Iran is still trying build a nuclear bomb (AP)

And Israel has them since 1967...

New Iran FM: Relations with Saudi Arabia a top priority (DPA)

Yep, that would counter the US and Israel move.

Likud MK: Hezbollah is continuing to strengthen and arm itself (Haaretz)

Why they shouldn't be? Every army in the world is doing this. They are the ``real`` Lebanese army after all.

Palestinian PM: Plan for state by 2011 on track (AP)


Ahmadinejad: Brazil, Iran to host nuclear talks after Istanbul (DPA)


Iranian president announces start to food and energy subsidy cuts (AP)

Sanctions hitting.

Gazans say experiencing gas shortage after Israel failed to supply sufficient amount (Ch.10)

Yeah well. You're in prison.

Dec. 19

Arab states preparing UN resolution against Israeli settlements (Haaretz)

Ooo that's gonna stop things... not.

Abbas: Turning to UN isn’t our only option for declaring statehood (Ch.10)


Human Rights Watch: Israel prevents Palestinian development in West Bank (Reuters)


Dec. 20

Turkey reprimands Israeli ambassador over Israel-Cyprus gas exploration deal (Army Radio)

That won't help Turkey-Israel ties.

Report: Assad sees no partner for peace in Israel (AP)

Not with the present government, that's for sure.

Twice as many children suffer abuse in Israel than in U.S., study finds (Haaretz)


WikiLeaks cable hints at U.S.-Israel cooperation to overthrow Hamas (AP)

Duh. Hamas were democratically elected and apparently cannot be corrupted... not like the Fatah.

Brazil's Lula demands end to U.S. 'guardianship' of Middle East (DPA)

That'll only happen once the US goes under financially...which shouldn't be long now. 2 years max.

Dec. 21

Former MI chief told U.S.: 'Evil' Syria regime would collapse in war with Israel (Haaretz)


Knesset to water down bill barring Arabs from Jewish towns (Haaretz)

Ain't that nice... sounds like Nazi Germany...

Carter: We cannot count on U.S. alone to bring peace (Israel Radio)

Or peace will not happen.

Iraq to vote on new government after 9-month gap (Reuters)

More problems for the US there.

Chilean senators urge FM to recognize Palestinian state (Ch.10)


Barak: The Israeli public supports the idea of two states for two peoples (Haaretz)


IDF chief: Anti-tank missile from Gaza penetrated Israeli tank for first time (Haaretz)

Scared yet?

Turkish PM Erdogan blames Israel for deadlock of Mideast peace talks (AP)

Well yeah they ain't helping that's for sure.

Knesset Speaker to Lithuania PM: Iran a threat even without nuclear bomb (Ch. 10)

What does Lithuania have to do with it?

Livni: Israel must defend itself against attacks from Gaza (Haaretz)

But of course your army said that the anti-missile shield would not be for civilians, only to protect military bases.. ain't that nice?

Turkey slams Israel-Cyprus deal demarcating sea borders (AP)

Won't help relations.

Livni: Calls to not rent apartments to Arabs are contrary to Zionism (Haaretz)

More like nazism.

Dec. 22

Netanyahu urges Israelis to refrain from taking law into their own hands (Haaretz)

Good one there. The Israeli government can do it, but not the citizens right?

Dec. 23

Report: Ex-Iran diplomat admits Iran is working toward nuclear bomb (Ch.10) much was he paid?

Israel to push UNESCO to declare the kibbutz a world heritage site (Haaretz|)

Really? Nice scheme to protect your annexation of territory.

Israeli rights groups want to force Shin Bet to record interrogations (Haaretz)

+1 good Israelis!

Uruguay FM: We will formally recognize a Palestinian state (AP)


Mitchell: Lack of U.S. involvement in Mideast could lead to outbreak of violence (Haaretz)

And ending up with Israel nuking people.

Dec. 24

Report: Treasury OK'd US business with Iran (AP)

Of course they did. That's how you build enemies.

Kissinger apologizes for comment on U.S.S.R. sending Jews to gas chambers (Haaretz)

You're still a piece of filth, Kissinger. You committed hunreds of war crimes.

Dec. 25

Ecuador recognizes Palestine as independent state (AFP)


Dec. 26

Turkey wants peace with Israel, insists on apology (Reuters)

Good luck with that apology.

Labor Party: Lieberman is isolating Israel and distancing it from peace with PA (Ch. 10)

Ya think? That guy is a nutjob.

Kadima: Lieberman's words prove government has no policy or leadership (Ch. 10)

Yep or they would have kicked his butt a long time ago.

Prime Minister's Office: Lieberman's comments reflect his personal views only (Haaretz)

Sure he does...

Dec. 28

Report: Egypt finds munitions stockpile, antiaircraft missiles destined for Gaza (Army Radio)

How dare they defend themselves against aircrafts..

Report: Shin Bet tortures prisoners, denies access to lawyers (Haaretz)


Islamic Jihad says Israel planning another attack on Gaza (Ch. 10)

Well yeah if you don't stop rockets.

New survey: 44% of Israeli Jews support rabbis' letter forbidding rentals to Arabs (Haaretz)

What a nice bunch of people.

Reform rabbi Gilad Kariv: Israeli society falling into abyss of racism, xenophobia (Haaretz)

Indeed. And that is sad.

Dec. 29

German council head: Jews must move beyond role of victims in society (Reuters)

Only in Israel they do that...

Deputy PM: West has three years to stop Iran nuclear program (Haaretz)

According to the Mossad head, it's 4+ years.

Kadima's Roni Bar-On: Netanyahu government turning Israel into ostracized country (Haaretz)

Yep. So...what are you waiting for to kick his butt?

Livni: PM's happiness about passage of budget is joy of political survival (Haaretz)

Yep, unfortunately...

Dec. 30

Report: 2010 saw drop in number of rocket and terror attacks from Gaza (Ch.10)

And Israel didn't go to war in 2010... stop treating them like crap and they may stop shooting at you?

U.K. cable in 1980 said Israel ready to use bomb (Reuters)

Of course they are. They said, if anyone uses chemical or biological weapons on Israel, Israel will respond with nukes.

Netanyahu: My government's goal is peace, but Palestinians are evading negotiations (Haaretz)

Sure it's peace...

Hezbollah says they used 2010 to strengthen their defense against Israel (Ch.10)

Without concrete, that's hard to believe.

WikiLeaks' Assange: Senior officials in Arab states cooperate with the CIA (Ch. 10)


Dec. 31

WikiLeaks: U.S. diplomats believe Egyptian military is in decline (AP)

Oh yes, it is. Too much corruption.

Abbas: Draft UN resolution on settlements designed to win U.S. backing (AP)

Might help.

Jan. 1

Abbas: Recognitions of Palestinian state will push Israel to peace deal (AP)


Arab press: U.S. in secret talks with Syria over peace accord with Israel (DPA)


Jan. 2

Iran says it has shot down two 'spy planes' over Persian Gulf (Israel News)


Labor Minister Ben Eliezer: If peace process does not advance in months, we'll quit (Haaretz)

Do it now.

Netanyahu ready to be 'locked in a room' with Abbas until peace deal achieved (Israel Radio)

Do it now.

Jan. 3

MK Mofaz: Government leading Israel to another war, which will be far worse (Israel Radio)


Government plans for emergencies with evacuation plan for 400,000 residents (Israel Radio)

The others can suck it uh?

48 MKs want a boycott of Israeli firms helping to build new Palestinian city of Rawabi (Ch. 10)

That's so nice.

Livni: Netanyahu isn't trusted because he says different things to different people (Ch. 10)

And because he's surrounded by insane people.

Jan. 4

Sexual harassment cases in Israel's civil service rose 40% in 2010 (Haaretz)


WikiLeaks: Iranian hard-liners blocked UN-backed nuclear fuel swap deal in 2009 (AP)


U.S. State Dept.: White House will review Netanyahu's letter on Pollard (Haaretz)

Basically : release the Israeli spy.

Jan. 5

Iran's new foreign minister visits Iraq to cement ties (AP)

Not good for US.

WikiLeaks: Israel aimed to keep Gaza economy 'on the brink of collapse' (Reuters)


Lebanon to UN: Protect our natural gas reserves from Israeli drilling (AP)

Not gonna happen. We could see a skirmish from that.

Police to investigate two Israeli Facebook groups for allegedly inciting racism (Haaretz)

Just two?

Poll: More than 60% of Turkish citizens support freezing Israel ties (Army Radio)

Not good for relations.

Jan. 6

Israel calls on EU to help stop weapons smuggling into Gaza (DPA)

Gaza should be able to have anti-air weapons and anti-tank weapons. After all, it's all for defense.

Mubarak: Israeli attacks on Gaza risk destabilising region (DPA)

Ya think?

More Israeli companies want to build new Palestinian city despite threat of boycott (Israel Radio)


In 2010, Jewish settlements grew at twice the rate of the rest of Israeli society (Ch. 10)

Of course. To piss off the Palestinians. And what was Netanyahu saying again... Israel want peace...?

Jan. 7

Outgoing Mossad chief: Iran won't have nuclear weapons before 2015 (Haaretz)

Meaning what stages of nuclear weapons in 2015? Tested a nuke? Being able to mount it on a missile? What?

Report: Chile formally recognizes Palestine as independent state (Ch.10)


Jan. 8

Violent clashes in eastern Jerusalem-area village between police and Palestinians (Haaretz)

So what are the police doing there?

Iran increases stockpile of higher enriched uranium (AP)

And by higher enriched they mean 40kg of 20%... which is probably not enough for even one nuke when enriched to weapon grade level... if they can even do that.

Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr urges Iraqis to peacefully resist U.S. presence in country (DPA)


Jan. 9

Israeli forces begin work at East Jerusalem hotel to make way for Jewish neighborhood (Haaretz)

MK Peretz: Israel losing deterrence advantage near Gaza border (Haaretz)

Because one tank was penetrated?

Mexico expected to declare recognition of Palestinian state (Israel Radio)


Hamas urges militant groups to stop attacking Israel (Reuters)

Backchannel telling them... stop or war.

EU's Ashton raps Israel for latest demolition in East Jerusalem (DPA)

Clinton says new settlement project in E. Jerusalem undermines peace efforts (Reuters)

Except just saying things doesn't stop anything. All empty talks, no action from the EU and the US. Want Israel to listen? STOP THE $$$.

Jan. 10

PA FM al-Malki: Most countries in the world will recognize Palestinian state (Israel Radio)

+1 People worldwide are sick of Israel's war crimes.

Palestinian FM: We will go to UN for recognition in September (AP)


PM's bureau: Government wasn't involved in demolition of East Jerusalem hotel (Haaretz)

YEAH SURE. The freaking Israeli army was there... but the government wasn't aware of it!

Livni on bill to probe Leftist organizations: A bad spirit is sweeping over Israel (Ch. 10)

Indeed. Netanyahu is a NUT.

Pentagon must prepare Iran strategy, Congress says

Congress is demanding that the Pentagon prepare a “national military strategic plan” for countering Iran’s nuclear and conventional arms build-up, and to brief lawmakers on it.

Israel destroying chance for peace: Palestinians

Israel is destroying any chance of a return to peace talks by carrying out demolitions in annexed east Jerusalem, a spokesman for Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas said Sunday.
“By doing this, Israel has destroyed all the US efforts and ended any possibility of a return to negotiations,” Nabil Abu Rudeina said in a statement after Israeli forces demolished part of a former hotel in east Jerusalem. The Hotel Shepherd is being partially demolished to make way for 20 new homes for Jewish settlers in the east Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

Destroying peace for 20 homes... epic freaking fail.

Iran scientist's 'killer trained in Israel': report
Wouldn't surprise me.

Iran says can make own nuclear fuel plates, rods
Good for ya.

Syria to Iran: We won’t attack Israel in retaliatory strike

The Syrian leadership in Damascus told a senior Iranian delegation to Damascus last year that it would not assist Iran in retaliating for an Israeli strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, according to an American diplomatic cable published on Wednesday by WikiLeaks.

“We told them Iran is strong enough on its own to develop a nuclear program and to fight Israel,” the Syrian official was quoted as saying in the cable. “We’re too weak.”


Lebanon holds its breath over leaked revelations

Julian Assange may claim that WikiLeaks' disclosure of US documents is for the good of the world, but in Lebanon they have had an incendiary effect. The Hezbollah party is using the cables as proof of UN involvement with Washington – and thus, by extension, with Israel – and politicians are desperately denying that they gave intelligence information to the Americans about Hezbollah's secret communications system.


Israel general drops defense bombshell

Maj. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, commander of Israel's northern front, has dropped a bombshell by disclosing that the anti-missile systems the defense industry has developed are intended to protect the country's military installations, not its cities and civilian population.

Basically screw the civilians!

Rudd urges Israel to allow nuke inspections
Not gonna happen.

Iran, Turkey boost ties despite Western pressure

WikiLeaks: Israel Believes Hizbullah-Leb. Army Cooperation a 'Matter of National Policy'
Well yeah, because they know it's their only chance to defend Lebanon against Israel annexation of more territory and the Litani river.

Hariri : First part of the indictment to be given to the Tribunal on January 15.

posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 06:10 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

IDF chief: Anti-tank missile from Gaza penetrated Israeli tank for first time (Haaretz) Scared yet?
MK Peretz: Israel losing deterrence advantage near Gaza border (Haaretz) Because one tank was penetrated?

This is funny. They are scared. An utterly overwhelming military advantage and a single weakness makes them run. Cowards.

Thanks again Vitchilo for your fantastic presentation ... 5 minutes here is more enlightening than 5 days in the msm.

posted on Jan, 11 2011 @ 11:17 AM
reply to post by harryhaller

Who said anything about running?

You think weaker AT rockets couldn't penetrate the Israeli tanks? The only thing different about this one is that it can penetrate it from almost any point it hits the tank, is all.

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 03:00 AM
Hizbullah is about to pull a clever move... Withdrawing from the Lebanese government if their demand of the tribunal being canceled is not met... which would mean new elections.... while Hariri is in Washington...

Hezbollah to quit Lebanon govt. over STL

Lebanon's resistance movement Hezbollah and its allies have said they will relinquish from the Lebanese government unless their demands over the US-backed tribunal investigating the assassination of Rafiq Hariri are met.

"If the cabinet fails to meet, it means there is no government and as such 11 ministers will tender their resignations this afternoon," Lebanese Health Minister Mohamad Jawad Khalifeh told AFP on Wednesday.

This could be big.

And Israel knows it :
Two Israeli warplanes have penetrated the Lebanese airspace and flown over parts of the country in flagrant violation of a UN Security Council resolution.

Israel ship prompts high alert in Lebanon

Israel has deployed a naval vessel dangerously close to the Lebanese coast, prompting Beirut to put the Armed Forces on high alert.

The ship was apparently at 4km from the coast... which is INSIDE Lebanese territorial waters... but like Israel cares.
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posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 03:07 AM

Ex Director of US Army War College States 'Military Knows Israel Carried out 9/11 Attacks'

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 04:52 AM
reply to post by Eliad

You know, i'd like to think something like this would give the IDF pause for thought before their next "defensive" genocide.

But that's just wishful thinking isn't it?

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 07:32 AM
reply to post by harryhaller

Kudos for such a balanced and informed opinion!

posted on Jan, 12 2011 @ 01:58 PM
250 warheads from Soviet Ukraine to Iran?

Russian military stalls on reports Ukraine sold warheads to Iran
12:25 03/04/2006

MOSCOW, April 3 (RIA Novosti) - The chief of Russia's General Staff said Monday he could neither confirm nor deny reports that Ukraine had sold 250 nuclear warheads to Iran.

"Russia's General Staff has no information about whether Ukraine has given 250 nuclear warheads to Iran or not," General Yury Baluyevsky, also deputy defense minister, said in response to an article in Novaya Gazeta newspaper Monday. "I do not comment on unsubstantiated reports."

The newspaper said that Ukraine had failed to return 250 warheads to Russia in the 1990s when the former Soviet republic declared itself a nuclear-free zone. The paper suggested the warheads could have been sold to a third country, including Iran.

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 09:15 AM
So this thread have been going on for one year exactly today. Still no attack from Israel on Iran or Lebanon... which is great.

What has changed since the beginning of this thread?

- The STL has finally given their pre-indicment, should be made public within 3 months maximum.
- Hezbollah have continued armed itself
- Hariri government has fallen, the March 8 coalition will probably take power.
- Israel has been continuing building in East Jerusalem
- Iran has been continuing their nuclear program, no deal has been reached
- Mossad estimate that Iran won't get nukes before at least 2015.
- Netanyahu government coalition is in trouble due to the leaving of Barak to form his own party
- Still no peace between the Palestinians and Israel
- Palestine have moved towards an independant state based on the 1967 borders, now recognized by dozens of countries, planning to declare itself an official state in September 2011.
- Israel attacked an aid ship
- Israel warned Hamas to stop rockets or Cast Lead 2 could happen

posted on Jan, 17 2011 @ 06:54 PM
This is not good news :
Military strike on Iran is what unites Netanyahu and Barak

The press conference of former Mossad chief Meir Dagan undermined the view of Barak and Netanyahu: If the timetable for an Iranian bomb has been pushed back to 2015, there is no need to send the bombers to Natanz this year. But they have not given in. Barak's political-security chief at the Defense Ministry, Amos Gilad, was quick to warn that the Iranian timetable is even shorter, and Dagan took back some of his statements yesterday at the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, apparently under pressure by the prime minister.

Netanyahu and Barak have hinted over the past two weeks that Israel is on the verge of a surprising diplomatic move. In his address to foreign reporters, Netanyahu promised that in 2011 "the truth will emerge" about who really wants peace in the region.

Netanyahu's next 100 days in office are going to be his last

Time is running out. Lieberman is running amok, Labor is falling apart, the Palestinians are going to the United Nations. Netanyahu's only chance is to state his emerging truth and try to implement it. Will he have the strength to do so? The coming months are critical. For Benjamin Netanyahu, the next 100 days are the last.

Hopefully. Him and his gang of crazies need to GET THE HELL OUT.

Ahmadinejad, Medvedev discuss cooperation on nuclear energy (Ch. 10)


Palestinian flag to be hoisted for the first time at PLO Office in Washington (Haaretz)


Lebanon postpones talks on new government by a week (AP)

A lot can happen in a week...

Livni: Break-up of Labor will lead to end of coalition (Haaretz)

Please please please please please... but very unlikely...

Despite U.S. request, Palestinians to turn to UN Security Council for state recognition (Ch. 10)

+10000000000 enough with the US false promises and bootlicking of Israel. Palestine needs to listen to all the others countries and go for statehood.

Report: Russian nuclear scientists concerned about 'Iranian Chernobyl' (Daily Telegraph)

Well yeah...especially if Israel bombs the hell out of that reactor.

Netanyahu: Labor's threats to leave coalition are hindering peace process (Haaretz)


Report: Iran to acquire 3 nuclear bombs in 2013, one of which meant for Hezbollah (Ch. 10)

Sure they are... Sorry but even the Mossad said 2015.

Barak quits Labor to bolster Netanyahu

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak's surprise defection from the Labor Party Monday cut the parliamentary majority of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's government but left the hard-line coalition in a stronger position.

Barak and four of Labor's 13 legislators formed a new independent faction that will remain part of the coalition, with the ex-general remaining defense minister.

Three other Labor Cabinet members opposed to Barak quit. Even if all Labor's lawmakers join the opposition, Netanyahu would still have a majority of 66 seats in the 120-member Knesset.

Israel approves more east Jerusalem settler homes
Of course they do.
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