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Own charge to get in contact with aliens

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posted on Jan, 17 2010 @ 07:03 PM
Maybe not all the alien contacts/abductions are chosen to happen in advance, chosen because of genetics etc. Maybe there is something an average individual can do, if he's admiring an alien experience to happen to him. You can't be sure what will to come though...

I wanted an alien experience/contact, and it happened to me. Although I didn't ask for to get abducted, it seems like something related to that has happened...(marks on the skin).

I'm not a 100% sure if my experience happened just because I was so interested of aliens, and already was 100% sure they exist and are visiting on earth. Or if I was chosen for it before.I always glanced to the sky and somehow had this thought in my head that they are there on the skies, maybe unseen...but they are there, and maybe they see me...just an average person that wants to see them. I just believed/knew it.
Even though I believed on their visits on earth, I wanted some proof for myself...I wanted something personal. I didn't get any ufo activity that I could see with my eyes...but I get more direct contact and it went straight into my head/mind.I believe it was somekind of image projection from the aliens. At the point when it happened, I didn't thought of them or anything related to aliens. It came just from their initiative.
I just can't explain how I know it was real, and that it came outside of my thinking. I'm really glad I get the opportunity to see them, how they look...because I think only few people have seen their face so closely.

Even thought the image(s) on my vision was only some seconds...I saw the different parts of their face, like my seeing was controlled on different part of their face. I have a feeling that there were maybe two or three different alien individuals. This is because on each moment I got a little different view and vibe of them. First impression was kind of invading because the face slid from looked then very freakish and angular...a little scary. Then it was right up to my face so I saw the squinty eyes and countless wrinkles and shadows casting on them. I felt interested, but wasn't sure on that moment was it good vibe or bad that I felt of this being. Then I think I got a good look on eyes of the same or different being...and then I thought how cute the eyes looked now..they were friendly and similar to the eyes of a seaturtle.The last glimpse was from a bit more far away...they face looked now also different...emotionless I could say by human standard....but calm...and I noticed the significant lines on the skin that popped up of the face. I got a feeling that the being wanted to get a last glimpse of not wanting to go...or it wanted me to see the face as whole. The experience didn't have any sounds or messages...only those sudden appearances to close to my face.
I have been thinking, that perhaps they thought that they could make the contact this way because maybe they knew that I'm the person who likes animals, also thinks that animals like insects and lizards are interesting...Maybe they though I could handle their appearance that very much resembled a mixture of a lizard/cetazean/turtle/human. Definately they were not the typical smooth skinned robot like huge eyes, aliens you see on the media and hear from people.

So I wanted an alien experience and it happened...I didn't ask for an abduction/sampling but it seems like something like that has happened. And I still believe/want to believe that these aliens were good...I think they are wise and they know why they do things. I feel that I'm priviledged that I have seen them... The things in the world that we know are sometimes kinda boring and ordinary...and you wish you could see something different, almost like magic.

Any thoughts or personal strories of having a contact with aliens?

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