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Maitreya and his musical message (Spirit***Child)

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 05:27 AM
I Have read your thread ,as interesting as it is if i had to choose anyone as a spiritual leader on a t s it would be Et man,he sounds like a new Christ like figure.Not that i am convinced by anyone yet!!

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 03:10 PM
We all have the potential to emulate Maitreya. We all have the ability to be spiritual and wise. When the time comes and Maitreya's energies fill his host there will be no doubting that he is different from others and unique in his thinking and approach to solving problems. If your freind is taken by this energy then i will be happy in that it was meant to be.

Peace and blessings to you.


posted on Jan, 26 2010 @ 06:35 AM
These are facts about Maitreya from the perspective of Share International:

1. He comes to us as the water bearer.

This is indicative that either he comes to us in the age of Aquarius or is in fact an Aquarian.

2. He came to an Indian populated area of East London in 1977

This means that he either arrived in 1977 in East London as a man or his energy filled a host in 1977.

So Maitreya is either in his 30's or his 50's or 60's.

Maitreya is currently living in East London doing ordinary things.

3. He gave his "first" TV Interview in 2010 and also appeared on the Internet in 2010.

This means he is not Raj Patel, Wyclef Jean or President Obama

4, He comes to us not as Maitreya but as a simple man.

This means anyone who has called themselves Maitreya in any capacity is not Maitreya.

5. The pictures of the "Hand" and the "Messiah" of Nirobi are not infact Maitreya but the energy of Maitreya was present in that chosen person at that particular time.

This means Maitreya when he comes will not neccessariy be Indian. He could be White, Black, Asian and so on...

Does any one have any more "Facts" to add to this in an attempt to whittle down who this Person really is???

posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 07:36 PM
This guy isn't it. Apparently he means well but he is just one of many who think that they are Maitreya. Creme has said that there are lots of them out there - who are totally convinced and deluded.

The Maitreya we're waiting for is omnipotent and omnipresent. He can travel the globe at the speed of thought and appear in any form He wants to - any age, any gender, any race & can disappear at will. He is very far beyond any genius intellect. He is 100% divine with perfect love and perfect understanding of everyone.

He knows each of us far better than we know ourselves. He knows your entire evolutionary span - up to hundreds of thousands of lifetimes.

There are many pictures on this page, and He is in a few of them.

1st row - 5th picture, 2nd row - 2nd picture, 3rd row - 4th pic, 6th row - 2nd & 4th pics with the hat on, way down around 35th row... with blue dove & "imagine a department of peace"He's just to the left of that.


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posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 12:29 AM
Thank you very much for the read.
I enjoyed the music (though i thought the videos were pretty shoddy), even though I'm not a fan of Hip-hop in most cases. Your message is received sir but I wont buy your record, sorry.

Also, as a new member of the ATS community I would like to use my first post not to introduce my self but to urge you to clear your head of any and all delusions. Both self imposed and otherwise. That is the only path to any type of enlightenment.

posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 11:10 PM
No way Jose.
I have studied Buddhism for years. Sakyamuni Buddha did teach that the next Buddha would be called Maitreyi. He didn't say when that would be. However, I can say without any doubt that Sakyamuni would be an enlightened consciousness before he he incarnates, so would not stil be working towards enlightenment at age 33 or 53, or whatever age.

Matireyi would have no need to go into psychiatric care to deal with any energies or releases or insights or any such thing. An enlightened person is master of all levels of his psyche and consciousness and has resolved all dualities.

I don't know who you are, but I do know you are an impostor, and in this context particularly, you should understand that that you are creating some heavy karma for yourself by this foolishness.

I hope you soon recover from the misgided mental states you are currently experiencing.

In the meantime, let me say thank you but no thank you, I do not wish to receive that which you are offering.

posted on Jun, 23 2010 @ 04:09 PM
You were put in a psychiatric unit because of "energys"
No its means you are crazy

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