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Has anyone "noticed" the NOTICE? In Haiti?

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posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 08:18 AM
I posted this link to another thread, perhaps someone else can bring it up, I went back to try and retrieve it again and I was blocked.I saved this article to my computer in case something like this happened. I am posting the link as well as the article in case others are also having trouble.

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The Haiti Earthquake - You Need To
Know Where It Came From
By Dick Eastman

I learned of the earthquake in Haiti yesterday evening when I entered my father's house to go for our daily walk -- he is 89. I saw Bill Clinton and asked my mother what was going on. Then I noticed that Stephanopolis -- Clinton's former Press Secretary was anchoring the news. Clearly this was a well-staged event. As the facts about the earthquake unfolded and how I saw the event was being spun so well for Obama -- and Stephanopolis showed none of the emotions or spontaneity -- and I saw how callous he was when he interviewed the Haitian president "On a personal level, this must be quite hard for you" -- something close to that -- what an astoundingly inappropriate thing to ask -- but revealing so much -- revealing that Stephanopolus, like Clinton who always refers to Americans as "ordinary citizens" -- expects detachment from the tragic fate of the "ordinary people" - asking this president if he actually was really feeling something on such an occasion.
Anyway, I knew from that broadcast that the broadcast was a component of a well planned operation. I notice that this earthquake caused no Tsunami damaging any Fat Cat's ocean front property in Florida etc. And the event so helps both Obama and Clinton -- when Obama is just on the brink of collapse of his political power and presidential authority.
They had the motive and the means to create this earthquake. None of the properties or people were important to the interests that I know were responsible for the 9-11 deaths, the steering of Katrina and, yes, the December 2004 Sumatra magnitude 9 earthquake and Indian Ocean Tsunami where wave 100 ft high in places and at least 50 ft high along a 60 mile stretch of the coast of Sumatra --76,000 deaths and 100,000 homes destroyed.
I have put some 2005 articles below. They give my reasons for believing the Sumatra quake was the result of weaponized earthquake generation -- as I am convinced the Haiti quake was too.
I have gathered some articles from 2005 that I think will shed much light on the earthquake of January 12, 2010. (Remember, Clinton' Sec of Defense stated five years before that both weather warfare and earthquake-making weapons already existed in hands outside the US -- he did not say who -- I know the weather tech is in Israeli hands.
That is all I have time for now. Read the articles below -- I think you will be convinced.
One last thought -- the Haiti quake is over -- don't let it distract us from economic and war atrocities still in the works -- they may yet be prevented. What is needed is a world-wide repudiation of the power , the claims upon us, and the position and wealth of Globalist international crime. If you can help the Haitians do so -- but let us go after the entire global network that believes their power gives them the right to create disasters like this at their own caprice. Haiti was murdered as a distraction --
Dick Eastman

Eastman and Vialls
Joe Vialls was dead five months after writing the following///
From: Joe Vialls
Sent: Saturday, February 26, 2005 10:31 AM
Subject: Asia Tsunami Proved Biggest War Crime in History
Though I rarely send personal messages, it seems worthy of note that within 30 hours of publishing "Asia Tsunami Proved Biggest War Crime in Histor

posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 10:12 AM
The coverage from Haiti does appear structured to convey some symbolic red flags. I also noticed "Notice", and it reminded me that deadly events of this nature whether or not it was HAARP, tetonics weaponry, or some other military secret weapon which alters the weather and creates seismic disturbances large enough to be described as an earthquake, this incident is man made exactly where they wanted it. This small point alone points to Telsa technology. But since this is about more than just creating earthquakes and killing a few people, it has to have other areas of intrigue that we need to consider when looking for possible answers.

Anyway after viewing the coverage, I got the feeling that the media is being used by the government in their symbiotic relationship to begin activating a group of sleeper agents. Others might call them "Manchurian Candidates" but whatever you want to call them this earthquake appears manmade by means of technology not yet revealed to the general public. Such a humanitarian concern for the loss of so many sacraficial victims, killled to appease the Obama magicians conducting a poorly executed blood ritual is not what we should be alarmed about. Behind the magic and secret technology is a reason that isn't quite clear to me, but elements of the truth are out there and I am hoping others will stay alert for repeated media phrases that are aired and repeated over and over on more than just one media outlet.

This group like the last group uses secret technology to create disasters where they want them and in doing so they get to kill innocent victims and then they get to do what they do so well. They get to act so concerned for the children while showing the death, bodies, carnage, destruction, over and over and again and again. Then they get you to support donations while covering the airwaves with carnage. They get to manage the money and will make profits in the cleanup and the recovery. Lots of rebuilding will be needed and of course they are going to need Coca Cola while they eat humanitarian meals.

If if were not for their transparant concern to turn millions of Haitians into welfare dependent slaves, I would have left this incident as just a use of some secret weapon to create destruction where they can accomplish a number of things in public and a number of things not seen by the public or international observers. With an event of such lethal destruction it stands to reason that many will watch the coverage fixated and will begin seeking out more coverage to satisfy their need for more coverage of the pain and suffering. That is when it dawned on me that "Notice" was just that.

There are those in secret that are being placed on notice and that notice is a form of subliminal mind control activation coding for those dubbed manchurian candidates or sleeper agents. Who knows why they would want mind controlled killers but if I am the least little bit correct, we will have some followup incident that keeps everyone glued to the TV while the secret government begins a new chapter in its war among the elites for control of the secret technology which will allow them to rule the planet and control the wealth of the world.

The manchurian candidates could be to make things worse in Haiti as a means of establishing a military base in Cubas back yard. Of course the same base could be used to create new international drug transfer points or jump off points for covert military reasons as well as covert business reasons for using the secret technology. The reasons could be many, but there is something to the subliminal backward lettering images shown by the media during all the coverage that makes me feel confident in saying that someone is activating sleeper teams either in Haiti or somewhere around the world or even here at home in the land of once free and proud.

If this is the case, the timing usually used on mind control victims would indicate that within days of the trigger word or phrase being used, we should see the followup direction this whole incident takes us. My next concern would be how many sleepers were activated or cued up and awaiting the next media trigger word phrase to go do what it is they have been activated to go do. It is the next phase of sleeper cell activation that alarms me and it was the "notice" that said to me someone is cueing up either a lone killer, a killer team, or an army of those programmed to respond to a cue word and a trigger word or phrase before embarking on their preprogrammed mind control instructions.

In such a scenario, the only proper phrase would be "The Sleepers have Awakened". We can only hope the death and carnage they cause is limited to internal opposing elite targets and that this is not some grand move on the chess board that places America in check. Time will tell, but the media has to provide the trigger phrase and when they do, we better be paying atttention to what happens next.

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