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Human Destiny: The Final Message

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posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 09:03 PM
If you have a thirst for knowledge and a quest for the unknown, and you are open to reading a post with every supernatural and natural detail of one’s life, then this read is for you, and I promise it will not disappoint. If you were designed and destined to read it, you will not believe, but you will know, there truly is something amazing in this world that is happening before your eyes.

I would like to say goodbye to a lot of the folk who viewed my posts over the last week and thank them for sharing their opinions, insights, and even the arrogant ones who jumped on board to ridicule me or attack my character without ever meeting me in person (very entertaining replies and a lot of comical chuckles). Three of my posts in the last week received top attention and the massive number of Stars & Flags were appreciated.

I began these posts knowing that my time was very limited, as I will not be present here again after Thursday evening. And by all means, I expect that if I did return here I will not only look like a fool, and I would be a fool, after boldly stating I will be gone. This is truly my goodbye and my final gift to the real ATS members.

Have you ever wondered about a poster, wondered who is behind the text? Would it not be interesting to know what secret events and private issues might bring someone to a forum and openly post? Could you relate with someone who has had an out of world experience if you never had a confirmable out of world experience yourself?

Now you will find out. I can assure you, every part of this post is real and confirmable, because I add specific names, events and locations. The honesty in this post takes more courage than you can imagine, it is a story of my life, and now it is yours to believe or not. It is my gift to the readers who read without reply or were decent and friendly, and wanted a lot more, this is for them, and this is the final post or reply I will add here.

When I was young, I had a number of weird experiences which seemed very normal to me, but apparently was not. ATS POST

My memories of human symbolism had letdowns very early in life. I was told about Jesus, God and Santa Claus by the time I was 5. When I was 5, at a Sunday School I found out that Jesus, a man who loved all was killed by those he allegedly loved, I was heartbroken and never returned. When I was 7, I found out that Santa Claus was never real, a man I was told loved all children was never real, I was again heartbroken. When I was 10, I found out that God was a creation of man and that there were tens of Gods throughout history. I was made aware that an invisible deity who either loved or condemned was just a man made concept, again I was heartbroken. Three wonderful loving symbols in humanity and the concepts behind their promotion were based on control or commercialism, I was honestly devastated.

In Grade 1, I met a girl named Tammy, she became the cute little girlfriend, and I remember how life still seemed so magical, it seemed that a simple hill to roll down and summersault on had a power of freedom. I remember how a giant inflatable rubber tube to bounce on was a wild experience. I remember the snowbanks being taller than me and the excitement of digging little snow caves to crawl through and look at the prisms of flakes inside the little cavern. Life was magical, as it had been since I first learned to walk. I was a new human experiencing the wonders of a new fantasy called Earth.

I became somewhat of a target by Grade 3 in Pine Street Elementary. I began facing what can only be described as “group character assassination”. I never faced off with other kids alone, they always teamed together to challenge my style of being, my belief system, or lack thereof in faith towards what adults would tell me. I learned early that challenging teachers would result in challenges from schoolmates after class.

However, I loved Language Arts and Math and was already at High School levels by Grade 4, but my lack of interest in History and Human Sciences held me back with the school system. I would constantly be chastised from teachers for not even trying to learn or complete an exam in those fields. I remember how I had to have a special meeting with a principal who told me I am light years ahead in the hardest subjects, so my lack of interest in the other two were nothing more than laziness. I was not allowed to participate in recesses until I changed my attitude and complied with teachers who were trying to teach history and science. I missed a lot of recesses thereafter, lol.

Why care about the physical understanding of a drop of water being a composition of two cellular elements, when I am only going to be here so long, and the Earth has so much magic to explore? I was more impressed with the magical creation of a potato from dirt, or a flower from dirt, a material we need to wash from our bodies because it is dirty, yet this magical element called dirt can create fruit and vegetables from nothing. I was more excited about the concept of just one single human baby being born from nothing more than a microscopic cell that the human eye can not perceive. I was not interested in science trying to explain away true magic of existence.

Between the grades of 3 and 11, I always faced “group character attacks and a lot of peer pressure with negative impact”. I of course had friends throughout these years, but it always seemed to be that I naturally was a source of attraction for the “cool groups”. They were the ones who were so polite to teachers and principals but would act like tough guys outside of school. The actors of the school would never fight me alone, it was always when they were accompanied by other group members, never alone.

I remember in Grade 8, one of the cool kids was making fun of a kid named Billy who had respiratory problems and he punched him in the stomach to make whim wheeze uncontrollably in front of the other kids. He laughed as Billy used his prescription air spray to regain normal breathing. Other kids laughed with him. I punched the boy who punched Billy. I was punished with a strap by the principal and the kid who punched Billy cried to the principal and received a warning. The kid who punched Billy and his friends got to me after school and heroically got their revenge with me, lol.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 09:04 PM
I never conformed to the rules of school and inevitably in Grade 11, I was expelled permanently from Queen Elizabeth High for trying to tell other classmates the teachers and principal were mere puppets. I went nose to nose with the Grade Coordinator in a private meeting which he called for, in his office, and I was expelled for good for refusing to change my beliefs and accept the rules and policies of the school system.

However, I was free from the institution, which is truly what I wanted. A confirmation from them to tell my parents it was the schools decision, not my own, call it a crutch if you will, but back then, I did not want to upset my folks by dropping out.

I was free of the chains of this man made structure, I was still under legal age. I never wanted to remain a robot of the school, being taught obedience and beliefs that were contrary to my sense of reasoning. I only appreciated the math and language arts and that was all that school had to offer, everything else seemed mundane and too much like mental training camp, teaching kids to trust people by employment and not by actions.

I was phenomenal at quarterbacking, practicing hours upon hours every day since I was 8 until I was 16, learning to run and throw long distances with precision at full speed. Hell, I never wanted to be a ball licker for some company, I wanted to play ball professionally. Well, I ended up being a ball licker and never making the big leagues, such is life.

Judge people based on their position within the system or their clothing, and do not judge them on their actions? This spoon fed mentality was an element I never trusted in the school system, and one I would never miss. I was free to state that people in system positions were the same as people who were not employed in system positions, their actions speak for themselves, and I was free again to judge on that principle alone.

It was this time as a teenager closing in on adulthood, I experienced the greatest man made concept of wrong doing under the guise of protection, and the greatest organization of governance enforcement, the police. I learned quickly that they were no different than the groups of school kids who would organize together to attack others individually. They act like innocent pupils before a judge and become gang members outside of the courts.

I then remembered the sorrow of hearing about the murder of Jesus when I was in Sunday school at 5 years old. I remembered hearing how the law enforcers of that day tortured him and speared him as he hung, as he was dying, and how they laughed and mocked him on the cross. I remembered hearing how the socialites called for his prosecution, and the administrators of Rome endorsed his public murder. The cops today have the same mentality as they did back in Roman times, and for that sake, all of humanity has the same mentality today they have had throughout recorded history.

As I became an adult, I had my first child underway, a daughter I now love more than life. While the mother was pregnant, my sister threatened to kill the mother out of rage and retaliation because the mother thought her son was spoiled, and my mother supported my sister. My father followed order. A family I had loved more than life had tried to make me choose between them and the mother of my daughter, I made my choice and have not seen my original family in over twenty years. This was a heart breaker.

When my daughter was a year old, the mother I chose over my family of over twenty years found a new mate, and I was given the pink slip from her, time to move on cause another guy was moving in, literally. What is wild was that we had just loaded the home with brand new furniture throughout every single room and a couple of cars, only weeks prior. I walked out with the clothes on my back, NOTHING MORE!

Within the year, in 1993, I was the youngest candidate in Canada during a federal election, I ran for the government of Canada in the Edmonton North East constituency. I ran with a party I agreed on platform was correct. They stood firm that bankers of the Earth control all religion, all government and all commerce, and that monetary reform was the only way to solve financial issues in government. I never won the riding, but I learned that those who do not participate in politics want change and never get it, while those who do participate in politics do so to influence the changes they desire.

I learned way too much about the political systems during this time, I learned about the structures of government, the legislative process, and the infrastructures that form government. I was more than overwhelmed by meeting some of the bigger political names in the province and the country, and to hear their stories. I could see how our current world is a carry over of beliefs and structures formed thousands of years ago.

I was also called in to be a guest on a provincial television show to discuss political issues, and when I did the show, the people in the party I ran with turned against me for not promoting their agenda. Needless to say, I lost interest in returning to politics, too easy a game to understand anyways once you get in deeper.

I survived out of a homeless shelter for a few months after the pain of constantly having my daughter held against me and not being able to see her to please the mother. I had never experienced anything like it, being raised in a corner lot home all my life with food and security. I was in my later twenties and learning of an environment that introduced me to the poor, the prostitutes and the addicts.

I dated a prostitute for a few months and tried to help her get her kids back from social services after learning that her 2 year old daughter was crippled for life after being removed from the mother. The little girls name was “Valley Green”. I would later in years see the same little girl and her brother on a local TV channel called Tuesdays Child segment of the news, she was walking with permanent crutches and a hockey helmet, and the current foster mother was trying to find new foster parents to raise the two kids.

During the time at the homeless shelter, a few homeless guys were being picked on by a few guys working as cops, and I stood up to the cops. These cops did everything they could to set me up with phony criminal charges, almost 100 charges and the charges were dropped in court within minutes of the opening trial.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 09:05 PM
They valiantly tried to get me after I left the courthouse, but lol, failed when they got stuck in a traffic jam and I disappeared into the public streets. Funny as hell though, seeing their faces desperately searching for me and getting nowhere but frustrated with traffic. I watched from a distance as they pulled some poor car over and fined them for something out of anger.

I had also met a lady just before trial, one that would become the only woman I will ever love, and we had a son, who I love more than life itself. She already had a daughter, and I raised her daughter and love the kid every bit as much as I do the two children that are biologically related to me as the father. My first daughter came to live with us two years later and would continue to remain with us for the duration. The family was complete, all I could love were there with me, and as long as they were there, I would always be happy deep down inside. I would come to lose them all 13 years later, in a blink of an eye.

As I raised my family, I learned that I was a horrible father and husband. I was great at providing a new home that had been just built and never lived in, I provided all new lazyboy furniture, new beds you could drop a bowling ball on one side and the pins would not move on the other side, Big Screen TV and expensive surround sound theatre, new cars fresh off the lot, food galore and expensive food at that filled the fridge, cupboards and pantry.

I always worked, with every waking moment, I provided, I loved beyond the scope and cherished their every breaths, but I was the worst father and husband on Earth because I still acted out of impulse and caused a lot of emotional grief. I was not a physically violent person, my punishment was to kiss cheeks, but I was emotionally the worst damned influence in their life. I wish I could be a great dad and husband, but I was not.

I exist within a human body, so my natural impulses for food and liquid, specifically white wine in abundance, was taken advantage of from the beginning through to the end. Also being of human design with basic nature, I was tempted by the appearances of females, and followed my instinct way too much, overboard, which emotionally impaired the relationship with my wife.

All human beings hurt the feelings of others by intention or accident, it is the nature of the design, and all of us are guilty of wronging others from time to time. It is an inevitable way of the human being, we are all inmates in a prison called Earth, and we are also trapped by the walls of a cell called the human body, we can not escape.

Throughout the history or mankind, there has been tales of jealousy and war, Gods and deities who will come to provide salvation or punish the evil doers of the world, this theme is prevalent throughout the histories of recorded time. This theme is prevalent throughout the Bible, and it is this theme that plays out in every human beings life at some point. We all become part of a mission for justice or face an injustice in our lives, it is unavoidable, it comes with the territory, it is what we perceive as life.

When I first seen the images of people leaping out of a building to their death on September 11th, I was surprised but not shocked. I had already seen this and the only shock I felt was one of “so, we finally caught up to the future of our collective fate”. I felt a sick relief instead of sorrow that what I had expected so long finally happened, what I had been prepared to see was indeed occurring in my lifetime.

The symbol of human terror and horror was being broadcast to the world in a moment. I had already seen these exact images as a teenager, and it was like watching a pre-recorded video that I had already watched 20 some years earlier. This was not a shock to me, it was a confirmation. I doubted all my years that what I had been shown was nothing more than a symbolic illusion, a play on the mind, but no longer, it was a true event.

I could no longer wonder if what I had seen twenty years prior was just imagined, I knew it was part of the play in this lifetime. I knew that what was coming was not going to be a surprise, I knew it was part of a SCHEDULE, events that were predetermined and yet to be fulfilled. The following year or so I was not shocked by tsunamis and flood events, I was again reminded that the confirmation was real. I now knew without doubt that weird events in my youth were not imagined, but were confirmed, and that this reality was merely an illusion of a universal design, a natural order of events that create the future. ATS POST

A few years ago, my family planned a trip to the coast to see family, the first trip ever without me, the first time since we became a family that I would spent a single night without any of them. The morning they left, I was awoken by a spirit being, one I had not encountered in my previous communications as a child or teenager. It had been a quarter century since my last encounter with a member of an advanced civilization, but this one was not physical in form and seemed to speak from both the sky and to my side.

The words spoken were clear, “THEY ARE SCHEDULED TO PERISH”. I was given a choice, my family would be removed from Earthly existence or they would remain, I had to give up everything I loved and suffer in exchange for their lives to remain. I made the choice and a chain of unexplainable events followed suit, starting that very same day. Had these events not occurred, hell, I would have thought it was all imagined.

That afternoon, my wide called me and said not to worry, but, the car was totalled in a head on collision with a truck carrying a large recreational trailer. The head on collision occurred at over 100 kph was and was instantaneous without time to brake as it happened on a very short bend in the road. The air bags inflated and the front end was curled in to the windshield, there was no front end to the car left as my wife took pictures, there was only a destroyed windshield and the remainder of the vehicle.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 09:06 PM
My wife and children miraculously had no scratches, breaks or blood leaks from the accident, just a feeling of soreness, all had survived guaranteed death in the town of Valemount, B.C. – no scratches, but a seatbelt bruise, that was all. This event had happened in August, and by Xmas, a few months later, my wife warned me that she wanted a new life and a newer love. At the same time, my children were warning me they wanted me out of their lives, and I knew it was coming after 12 years together.

By February of 2008, one night out of the blue, it all began, time to pay the piper and suffer the unimaginable as I agreed to in August, the loss of the only human interaction I had loved and to continue without them in my life completely. The day of reckoning was here and I was going to have to fulfill my obligation whether I wanted to back out or not. This was it and I felt it coming, I knew I was on the brink of it, and I was still not mentally prepared for it, but it happened, in the blink of an eye.

I had been arguing with my kids, and my wife was out with others in a lounge, and she was with some other male who would come into her personal life. I was called by an old friend to come by to protect him from a person acting like a psychopath. Later, as I left my friends home, I gave a ride to his sisters, and on the way, a police car followed me for over a mile before pulling me over. I was assaulted, threatened with murder, set up with a phony traffic ticket and had my car seized for the night.

I did not understand yet it was all part of a process, I did not know at the time the Edmonton Police were targeting me over the last 7 months as I would later learn in court. I tried to report the cop to the police and ended up being set up by the most evil police officer one could ever meet, named Naomi Pendrigh, a messenger of the most evil nature, and the police department were taking part in this conspiracy to attack me as I slept.

I had not known I was blacklisted for reporting a bad cop in 2007, 6 months prior to this night, not until trial, when I learned 2 years later that the police had me on information systems as a cop hater after I filed a complaint in 2007. I had been representing people and defending the general public in courthouses for some time at this point, I took care of traffic tickets and criminal charges for people. What I can tell you professionally, is that judges, prosecutors and police are some of the most vile and ruthless characters you will ever meet, most of them, some are fairly decent.

Sometimes the defence was to prove cops were lying and I had no idea how much they hate someone outside of their associations pinpointing their lies on stand. I had no idea it was coming to them retaliating by setting me up with a major conspiracy. The following two years since the night they conspired phony charges against me, I have not seen my family. We had a special meeting after the arrest and bail and I was told by the family they were threatened by police that they would go after the children to retaliate if they continued to deal with me. Since the day we discussed this over a meal at East Side Marios, I have not contacted my family as requested for their safety.

After trying to report the cop who assaulted me, by calling the police 4 times, they inevitably ignored my complaint and came while I slept, accused me of threatening to kill them on four separate occasions, and then after arrest, returned for my family and the results following were threats to my wife and children to avoid dealing with me in any direct fashion or face retaliation from the cops. Yes people, the cops are that evil.

However, I now understand that the police were the messengers of what I can only describe as evil. I understand they are part of the repayment as I agreed to with a spiritual being in August of 2007. I now understand the irony and correlation in the movie the Matrix, when it is said that humanity is plugged into the system and everyone is potentially an agent of the system. I know we are not part of a computer simulation, however, we are part of a cellular simulation, and the worst agents are employed in police departments. Ironically, the technology of today is catching the police committing offences against humanity daily, kind of sucks to be a cop in this day and age, lol.

During the last two years since then, I had my eyes opened to history, a subject I never cared for as a child. I became interested when I was charged for fighting authority and challenging law enforcement, that promoters of world peace like names such as Ghandi, Mandela and Martin Luther King also faced prosecution and imprisonment. I learned that the head of Americas law enforcement was a cross dressing psychopath. Suddenly history bared significance, when as a child, it never did before as a kid in school. However, teachers, like the media, are a bi-product of governments, so what would one expect?

I learned that the same people who financed Germany in World War Two, where 14 million people were killed, almost half being of Jewish descent, I learned that these same monopolies were indeed the financers of wars in the Middle East today. However, I always understood that wars in history have been formed under the influence of lies.
The war in Troy where an old man came to slaughter the masses over the sexual thirst for a teenage girl has now become a war where men lie to men to go to war and kill innocent people all in the name of oil. Too bad teachers don’t teach the truth in school institutions, because if they did, government support would disappear. If truth was promoted by media, the very people who govern and enforce law would face imprisonment.

I had always had an interest in dispelling the lies of government and their departments, and the exposing of injustice in corporate industry. In my twenties, I went to a publisher to see about creating a publication called Vindication magazine with a flaming golden V as a logo. I was amazed 15 years later to see this movie called V for Vendetta as the writers hit the nail on the head. The release of the movie influenced me to reconsider publishing a copy of the magazine I had contemplated in my twenties.

A year ago, I released a magazine with the golden flaming logo, I put it on both websites, and (not the best looking sites). The police sure did not like the magazine in full color being handed out at a local football game since it exposed their direct control over the legalized operation of the sex industry in Edmonton. Fair to say, I haven’t made or lost any friends in the police department, they are the matadors of bullish entertainment, and I enjoyed giving them the horns.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 09:07 PM
There are good and bad in the police department and the military, but they are working under the watchful eye of a governance with an agenda. The bad ones live with guilt for their actions in employment and they will face this guilt in the thereafter, and will hide in embarrassment from their actions being exposed so easily by the transparency of their spirit. Self judgment carries a harsh burden beyond physical death. ATS POST

After I lost my family over the police corruption, I left with NOTHING once again, just my clothes and a trunkload of memories. I have nothing left, I have been homeless for almost 9 months, but I still fight for people as I did for so many including Patrick Clayton, the man who made world headlines for a day holding 9 hostages in Edmonton. I was his legal representative for the beginning to help him and of course the “truth squad” also known as the media tried to swarm me. Things are under control now, I have helped him get a very high profile defence lawyer who can afford a strong defence, one that I could not afford to give him. Just over a week ago, I had a strong urge to post some articles at the ATS, and I followed the urge, and didn’t realize why until now.

I thought the spiritual being I met in August of 2007 originally meant my family was “SCHEDULED TO PERISH”. I know now, that the statement was not a part of the challenge, but was a separate issue from the challenge I was given. The challenge I was given to suffer in exchange for my family’s life was strictly with regards to them and me. The clear statement, “THEY ARE SCHEDULED TO PERISH” was for all humanity. This message I originally thought was just for me, is not for me whatsoever, and this is the reason for the suffering, that message was for all of you, who reads this now.

I clearly understand now that the time for playing around was over, and that I had to fulfill an obligation I made long before I arrived here. I am not playing a prophet or Messiah, not do I want to play a role of “I am special”, because I am not any more special than you. I am not seeking to form a group or lead one, we are all independent leaders. Simply put, I will not be around to even read your responses, this is a fact.

The spirit who gave me a simple message did not pick or choose me out of the pack whatsoever, I forgot that I originally chose to be the messenger, and I tried to back out. The spirit gave me a burden to remind me of my free choice to come here, and to fulfill a purpose on behalf of a spiritual race unperceived by human eyes. The challenge was a test of choice, and the effect was not for me, it was for the strongest spirits on Earth to hear. I am nothing more than a messenger relaying a word to the soldiers. Without the true soldiers who come to these boards to shed light on truth to the world which the government controlled media fails to offer, we would all be robots of this system.

The strongest spirits on Earth oppose the governance of man. The strongest spirits seek out truth and meaning. The strongest spirits know that no man or woman is an authority. The strongest spirits defy ordinance. The strongest spirits feel a connection to an environment of space. The strongest spirits have come to experience the magic of Earth. The strongest spirits come to websites where they can speak beyond the borders of political correctness. The strongest spirits are you. You are the chosen ones. Your attempt to enlighten others is both your spiritual obligation and your Earthly destiny.

Know there is a Creator, and know that your temporary time here is purposeful. You were destined to read this article. There are many chosen ones and you are one of them. You are one of the soldiers of truth. You now know the message. You know the inevitable is on a SCHEDULE created by the natural order of events that have preceded today. The events of yesteryear and the years before throughout the centuries have layed out a pattern that will naturally form the events of the future.

As a spiritual soldier who knows the fate of a planet, you will continue to inform humanity of the truth. Save the souls you can. Remind them they are spirits temporarily inhabiting a body they created from nothing more than the nutrients of the Earth. They need to fulfill actions that will remove their guilt before they face natural judgment after physical departure. Departure of the physical body is IMMINENT for all.

The message I thought was for me never was meant for me, it was meant for you. This is why you’re magnetically attracted to these boards, it is your responsibility and obligation. I hope this serves as your confirmation. This is my gift as I promised at the beginning of the post. My obligation is fulfilled.

P.S. Look out for the negative replies that come here to attack the credibility and character of the poster, who ridicule and challenge, they are easily identifiable and supportive of each others actions. They are the ones who treat a post like a sandcastle on the beach, they attempt to kick it down after it is up for their own enjoyment. Know their intentions, they will be here and I will give a few names to look out for.

(Sniped names), these eight handles alone have made their intentions to be negative abundantly clear, and will more than likely attempt to continue their rude behaviour in this post. When you check their profiles they really have not made a single post or the very few they have made had not been received with much support from the ATS members, which may explain why they reply so rudely.

For the rest of ATS members, the ones who read or were friendly or added me as friends, you are a benefit to the ATS with your positive support and the board here is the best in the globe because of you. You are the spiritual soldiers. I sincerely wish you the best.

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posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 09:30 PM
Bla bla bla
I got bored in the first paragraph. If he's disappearing from ATS so do many many people giving up.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 09:35 PM
post removed for serious violation of ATS Terms & Conditions

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 09:35 PM
reply to post by Unleashed68

I confess that I didn't recognize your handle when I began to read this thread; but having read the entirety of your story I can readily admit that I am lacking for not having read your previous threads and will miss your presence on this board.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 09:40 PM
reply to post by Unleashed68

I'm not religious but I think this is appropriate.

John 8:32 - Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Fare well and good luck.


posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 10:10 PM
Is there a reason you're leaving tonight? And can you summarize your predictions in another post?

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 10:22 PM
Thanks unleashed...

I know that took a lot of strength and humility to relay that entire story, and the only world I can say right now to that is "Thank You".

I myself have grown up in Edmonton, and although I haven't witnessed the corrupt police system firsthand, I know many who have, and I can say that those idiots aren't ever going to get 1 shred of my respect.

It is inspiring to hear stories of people standing up to those corrupt fools. I wish more people had your courage and resolve.

Your stories remind me of a Thomas King quote: "There is no truth; only stories". Your stories have indeed meant a lot to me, and I'm sure they have made me a stronger person.

I wish you good luck on whatever journey and challenges you are about to face, and will keep you in my prayers.



posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 10:24 PM
Some will love you, some will hate you. But we'll all miss you. Good Luck.

And, I hope you're wrong.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 10:36 PM

Originally posted by Signals
And, I hope you're wrong.

Don't forget that the message says means that we are scheduled to parish.... sometime.

We are scheduled to die- Nobody lives forever. I don't think this message means that we are imminently going to die. I really wouldn't be surprised if advanced beings have problems communicating messages to us; we are, after all, different species.

Whether it be tomorrow, next year, or 70 years from now, the clock is ticking; so enjoy and treat every moment like it is your last.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 10:54 PM
reply to post by Monts

Wrong in the sense that it will happen soon. I'm not ready yet. But then again I've always been selfish....

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 10:58 PM
I hope 1 day we will meet.
I was one of those who just read,didn't post and added you as friend.
Thank you for your efforts and the message.
All the best to you.

[edit on 14-1-2010 by upnorthtrip]

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 11:04 PM
Sorry for my indiscretions, but you people are giving me

the creeeeeps.

Whats up with tomorrow?????
I have a whole day planned.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 11:24 PM
im pretty sure hes commiting suicide.

Are you all happy now?

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 11:30 PM
reply to post by Unleashed68

Good luck Unleashed with whatever life has molded to be your destiny. You have experienced some pretty horrible things in life.

If what you say becomes reality, I just wish for you to enjoy life fully for the duration of time you/we have left.

Great post!

Deep respect brother.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 11:31 PM

Originally posted by Wertdagf
im pretty sure hes commiting suicide.

Are you all happy now?

That's not even funny.

[edit on 14-1-2010 by SourGrapes]

+6 more 
posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 11:39 PM
reply to post by SourGrapes

what do you think is going to happen when you enable deluded people....

They hear random bs from their mental disorders and masses of people flock to them to say how right their spirit guides and energy beings are. The next thing you know those voices are telling them to do bad things to themselves or others in the name of justice or tribulation..........

SHAZAM!!!!! murder or suicide.... All thanks to the ATS communitys ignorance. All it takes is a few incedents like that and this whole site and every single one like it will be shut down by the government.

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