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Enemy Of The State Flask

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posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 12:57 PM
Must... have... now....


I love this thing.

Get a history lesson on Rothbard and why tyrannical big government fascism is bad for you from below:

We all know it is coming; the new prohibitionism. Some might say it is already here, with ever more age restrictions, driving restrictions, taxes and regulations, and outright bans here, there, and nearly everywhere.

Mises himself summed up the case. A government that tells you what you can drink will not hesitate to control what you are permitted to read and what you are permitted to do. Liberty is all of piece. You take some away and you establish a basis for taking it all way.

So here we are: the flask that not only fights back against these trends in public life but makes a strong ideological point. Sporting the profile of that famed fighter against all prohibition, Murray N. Rothbard, the flask says that its owner is an enemy of the state.

After all, it was Rothbard who demonstrated how the first Prohibitionism was linked to a huge statist agenda to control all food and industrial production, draft people into war, and even make the entire world safe for a rum-free democracy. It is not really about rum as such but about the cause of liberty vs. the state that wants to draw all things unto itself.

So too, this flask isn't just a thing to carry a liquid substance. It is a symbol, a statement, a testament to an indefatigable belief: my liberty will not be surrendered.

Suffice it to say that there is nothing like this flask anywhere in the world but on

You will be highly impressed at the excellent quality. It will hold up over a long period of use, and the size is right for the hip or coat pocket or anywhere .

And come on: it is obviously so fantastic, and the price astonishingly good, you might as well buy several, and be a hero to your friends, who surely need to learn to hate the state too.

Stainless Steel Hip Flask 8oz.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 01:22 PM
A little more on Rothbard.

Rothbard was one of the greatest proponents of personal freedom and liberty to ever walk the earth.

Origins of the Federal Reserve
by Murray N. Rothbard

...It then became clear to these big-business interests that the only way to establish a cartelized economy, an economy that would ensure their continued economic dominance and high profits, would be to use the powers of government to establish and maintain cartels by coercion, in other words, to transform the economy from roughly laissez-faire to centralized, coordinated statism. But how could the American people, steeped in a long tradition of fierce opposition to government-imposed monopoly, go along with this program? How could the public's consent to the New Order be engineered?

A great read and very insightful as to Rothbard's views.

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 01:41 PM
God I could quote this whole article, everything is fantastic.

Rothbard slams the Keynesian's responsible for pushing the bogus socialist agenda today.

These guys know full well what they are engaging in. Lies. Keynesians openly pushed for the banker bailouts we see today, for the socialization of education (of course) and the massive porkulus package.

They support State controlled interest rates, a State monopoly on money, and ever increasing "regulation" of industry that shuts out competition in the name of equality and safety.

This passage can be found in the above "Origins of the Federal Reserve" paper.

Rothbard wrote this in 1999

For this intellectual shell game, the cartelists needed the support of the nation's intellectuals, the class of professional opinion molders in society. The Morgans needed a smokescreen of ideology, setting forth the rationale and the apologetics for the New Order. Again, fortunately for them, the intellectuals were ready and eager for the new alliance.

The enormous growth of intellectuals, academics, social scientists, technocrats, engineers, social workers, physicians, and occupational "guilds" of all types in the late 19th century led most of these groups to organize for a far greater share of the pie than they could possibly achieve on the free market. These intellectuals needed the State to license, restrict, and cartelize their occupations, so as to raise the incomes for the fortunate people already in these fields.

In return for their serving as apologists for the new statism, the State was prepared to offer not only cartelized occupations, but also ever-increasing and cushier jobs in the bureaucracy to plan and propagandize for the newly statized society. And the intellectuals were ready for it, having learned in graduate schools in Germany the glories of statism and organicist socialism, of a harmonious "middle way" between dog-eat-dog laissez-faire on the one hand and proletarian Marxism on the other. Big government, staffed by intellectuals and technocrats, steered by big business, and aided by unions organizing a subservient labor force, would impose a cooperative commonwealth for the alleged benefit of all.

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