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Convergence Moments and Possession of Your Body!

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posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 12:15 PM

The methods and means by which I suspect, quite strongly that During Convergence Moments We May Become Surrogates is based on a culmination of my adventure into in the unknown which I have taken on with great eagerness.

To give you some idea of the gradual build up to this belief (by its very nature more a belief than a proof) I have noticed that in deep states of trance there seems to exist a connectivity which evidently can only be possible in the presence of a stream that is infinite in nature. It is hard to explain how this led me onto the conclusion of this only being possible in a holographic universe but suffice to say it did and that is what I and many others believe to be true. Also I noticed my movements of thought and action seem to make more sense conceptually within a hologram or fractal which would explain to me why most of my experiences in trance are synchronistic in nature.

So to summarize, the world is a hologram and within that hologram exists something called the moment. The moment is perfect the moment is eternal and the moment moves within the matrix of worlds within the hologram. To assist you here try and imagine a huge table in front of you. Upon it are worlds reaching our as far as the eye can see. Now imagine your hand is a kind of Neo consciousness energetic construct and whichever world you wave it over becomes host to a momentary convergence of Neo conscious energy. Do you see it? It is that energy I feel we need to call upon if we think we have the answer. We must take the answer to them with as much determination, vigor, faith and energy as we can muster. It is the torch of our world and our very pride and happiness rests with the energetic wave of that enlightened andself realized energy. Whether this can happen an mass I don't know. I suspect not.

Now for the interesting part which is starting to immerge. Each world is dependant on the next. It only takes one world to start a chain reaction that unites what the Egyptians refer to as the Ba and Ka. The unity of these two propels the consciousness from the physical world to the Neo world. The idea is that the Neo world would then no longer have a need to remain and could at this point begin to enter infinity and join 'The Dance' The divine dance that incorporates access to all possible manifestations of desire, discovery, love and intelligencewithin existence . This Neo-World which would not only be the culmination our efforts and wisdom it would be our identity in infinity. (think very long term here)

Right that's the background. Now for the surrogates part. This would be easier to answer in a question / answer format.

Who are the Surrogates? - Well potentially anyone who finds themselves in the moment on one of the worlds within the hologram. Remember the moment is the Neo-world calling or taking an interest 'specifically' in your world and your surroundings. More than likely due to a convergence moment that is happening in your immediate vicinity quite possibly caused or initiated by your very own actions and/or thoughts.

Who are the Operators? The Operators are your higher selves existing within the Neo-World. They can enter any body at will including the one you are now in.

Why/when do the surrogates take control? This happens during the convergence moments where energies are at their peak and where hostility and control mechanisms may be at their maximum and or evil can often be sensed here where 3rd density beings are connected and controlled by 4th density hostile entities/Aliens. Most likely causing some kind of prevention in the progress department and quite possible involving the draining of energy! Hence the need of expert intelligence and instinct, ie Neo-Human!

If you have any more questions I will try and answer them.

What i would like to ask is how we gather the ones present on this world whom are also present on the Neo world and indeed if this gathering of the flock is at all possible given our current climate!?

Also please try and refrain from slating me for putting forward this theory which is a work in progress if you will and is based on my experince and feelings during convergence moments and the energies and suspicious activities that I have bore witness to.

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posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 01:05 PM
Kinda far out but the basis of our reality being a fractal or hologram seems right on.
Perhaps your vibrational level determines the reality you shift to.
Apparently temporarily paralysis is involved in this shift from one reality to the other.
Thus change within reflects change outside.
Our physical body is a surrogate for our soul?

posted on Jan, 15 2010 @ 02:25 AM

Originally posted by spaz490
Apparently temporarily paralysis is involved in this shift from one reality to the other.

That "temporary paralysis" (psychogenic catatonia) is indicative of schizophrenia or other forms of psychosis, especially if accompanied by perceptual shifts of your sense of reality. If you are experiencing this, consider seeing a psychiatrist or a neurologist.

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 04:33 PM
reply to post by Lilitu

It's attitudes like yours that contributed to the dark ages. It is also a very cruel and reckless thing to say to somebody. You are not offering anything here except an insult.

Pharomoan, I've replied in another of your threads , in a roundabout way.
Also, I don't think we need to call each other, we are already linked and will remain so after leaving the physical. We will hopefully all be drawn to one another as like energy attracts like energy

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 05:07 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

Thanks, it's always so refreshing to meet likeminded individuals who have adopted a very insighful stance on reality.

Honestly I often venture into areas and topics a little out there for most and so am used to the abuse such as that of Lilitu above.

It's a shame that people resist such information that in all honesty I've worked hard to aquire. But alas when people's belief systems are threatened this is the way they often react, ie with hostility. It's a crying shame and only makes me keener to work things out and ensure I distance myself from the distorted mindsets that threaten to cause me discomfort! Of course I help where I can but few come forward with open minds and the experience and knowledge to be able to absorb some of the things we have been talking about!

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