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Future happenings put as a puzzle

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posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 11:34 AM
Tell me if you agree. There are only two top mysteries in life:

1. A puzzle to figure out.
2. The future as yet unrevealed.


Do you think that the future has been gotten preprogrammed in before the world started? Or do you think the future has gotten programmed during the world in progress? Or, do you think a bit of both?

Do you think all of the big time happenings coming to this world are going according to a preprogrammed plan?

Do you think the future is as yet unrevealed till right when it happens? Or can the future be figured out from clues given as by, say, the programmer? Where did the programmer put the clues to the future at? Did the programmer put clues in, say, the bible book or etc. (what in all?)? Why? Was what was preprogrammed to happen in the future put as a puzzle to figure out when it'll happen? Can you figure the future out beforehand as to when what is preprogrammed of a big time happening is coming? Then tell a bit of what you figured out, ok?


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