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Why are you in relationship? Money, Sex, or Love?

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posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 06:49 PM
well sometimes its sex ,money and love and sex.
sometimes its money sex love and sex .
and sometimes it love money sex and more sex
and sometimes its well ok sex is fun lolololol
but really all of these things are need in balance for a good relationship
But still sex is nice better yet sex and money then you can make out in a Lamborghini oo so hot . But which is hotter the car or the girl ??? lol
O all you really need for love is a dog lolol

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 06:56 PM
I read all the posts on this thread. Most say for love. I here that word so much. I LOVE M&M's, I LOVE chocolate cake, I LOVE walking on the beach. So, when you say you did it for LOVE, what is love? To me the word is used to much and to often that the word has lost it's meaning. I married because I cherish the person I'm with, he means the world to me. Look up the definition of LOVE then look up CHERISH. I see a huge difference. Just my input.

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 07:19 PM
Dont get me wrong i care alot about my girlfriend but...

My girlfriends with me because she hates being alone and cant pay the bills on her own.
Im with her because i dont want to move back with my parents and cant afford a place of my own yet.
So does that put us in the catagory of "money", i dont think so cause neither of us have much of it.
Maybe coveniance then?

Maybe we're just two damaged individuals

posted on Aug, 16 2010 @ 05:45 PM
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posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 10:49 AM
reply to post by Aeons

stop tryin to sound sophisticated u sh**.

posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 11:11 PM
I would have to say Pure Love!

I have never felt anything like it, and cannot explain it, made me feel sick...was like an overwhelming desire I could'nt let pass me by, my body trembled and I cried for him all the time, still do everyday, he's woken me up and I have learned who I really am, my soul has come alive, I had no idea what my soul felt like before...I can feel I have a's pounding now, I never cared before! I smile all the time, I know what kind of woman I will be, and would do anything for him, he knows that, I could'nt settle for less....and he's purrrrfect for me, He is My Soulmate, My Prince, My Only Love!
He has no job, I fell in love with him before I saw him! I have'nt had sex with him!
I want to make everyone wish they had the love we have for eachother, it does'nt exist...believe it! I need him!

He is my future husband, and nothing ever could take him away from me!

posted on Oct, 6 2010 @ 06:19 PM
I've been gone for months...and I come back, and all the changes happened. ( I knew they were coming, just wasn't here for the switch ). This is an interesting thread, didn't quite expect to see it here, but, I've gotten divorced during the last year, and I must admit, if I wanted to get to know someone online for a potential love interest, I would look around in here due to the demographic of the site. THAT being said......
I'm NOT in a relationship BECAUSE of LOVE, MONEY, and

posted on Oct, 11 2010 @ 06:38 PM
Almost everyone is in it for the love at and money keeps it going...and if there is a lack of respect and commitment then the lack of money and sex will end it...cause we all know...hormones start the engine..up to u to keep ur foot on the peddle.

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