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There was something not clear with the 9/11 attacks...not anymore for me

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posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 10:16 AM
Lately i was just wondering that after watching some convincing documentaries stating that the 9/11 act was all staged and carried out by the same american government, its nearly undeniable the fact that there was no terrorist act taking place.

What we all witnessed as a result of the aftermath is incredibly clear...usa needed oil...and it went for oil...they first secured the oil wells in Iraq instead of helping them as they were supposed to do.

Now here comes the main part of his thread...

i dont believe that 9/11 was done to invade Iraq without the consensus of the american people, they could have just told them.."You still want to drive your car?, or find anything you want at the stores?...Do you ever imagine how dependent our society is on oil?...Do you really want the remaining sources of oil in Foreign Islamic Hands?..or shall we go and get it??"....i think the american people would have understood...there was no need for such a big scale event..with all those victims..and all that risk being caught in front of the world of orchestrating such an act..remember all the eyes in the world were watching!!

I believe 9/11 was done so that they can still invade Iraq but without raising the eyebrows of the Communist regime of China and the always all mighty Russian power..who also are always in search of more oil...every country wants and depends...but totally depends on oil...who control oil controls the world

this would also clear the fact why the french and british gave there vote in for invading Iraq..not for WMD for sure (which never existed) but because they too are interested in that oil

Now for me its clear that yes..something big such as 9/11 could have been done..else the 3rd War already started

What are your comments?

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