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Fake gold bars in Bank of England and Fort Knox

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posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 06:31 AM
Not sure how many here are aware of the belief by many that the government is trying to hold the price of gold and silver down to make investing in government treasuries etc more attractive.
Someone realize long ago that in mater to keep interests rates low it was necessary to make sure the average Joe had little other choices and that it was necessary to keep gold from gaining to much so that it would not look like a good investment.
Ironically keeping its price and popularity down can also help make it easier to keep its price down.

These possible fake salted bars of gold work well into the whole idea of keeping gold down in price by selling more gold onto the market than actually exists.For those not aware there is also talk that there is far more paper gold and silver than can be backed and sold on the idea that only a small percentage actually take actual delivery.Most paper gold and silver contracts are just re sold to other fund managers so the whole thing has become like reserve banking and the reserves are getting smaller.Look up the Hunts around the 1980s when silver went to 50.00 an ounce.To keep it short this may very well have been due to the Hunts going to get the silver they bought that could not be delivered because more was sold to them than existed. It forced the sellers aka, naked short sellers, of the non existent silver to buy no mater how high the price got in mater to avoid default.
There was lots of silver at that time and the government did not have as much of a reason to keep precious metals down as they do now to support a strong dollar.Remember the best way to keep prices down is by flooding the markets with so much gold that the price goes down but if you run out of gold as must be the case now the only other alternative is to get people to buy the counterfeit paper stuff and invest in ETF that say you own gold but actually have none.Note how its also the more popular ones of these ETFs that also looks the most suspicious and the word is they may have actually been set up to divert money from the actual gold.

This all works into why such bars of gold and silver might not be solid gold and also is an added reason to suspect that the US may now have very little gold left and why they may have had no audits in 50 years, or so I have read.
Remember people if you buy gold from an ETF an you are paying no storage fee then you probably own no gold.Look up info on how leasing works and how by leasing they can still own the gold that was now sold.
If those other people go bankrupt you may lose your gold and if a currency crisis also occurs the chances are more that you could lose everything.

There is also evidence suggesting that the US is also hostile towards competing forms of currency that are in any way like c-gold or goldmoney etc.There was 2 competing one put out of business I suspect in part because they were in some way US located but the posts would be too long.
Notice how efficient the use of gold is with no exchange rate fees and its cheaper than wiring cash but its only problem was finding people that would accept milligrams or grams of gold rather than dollars and when you convert back to cash it also costs extra.Its so good if you buy like you do on ebay and a lot is international.There is no wonder the US would not want them around. Do not need a credit card either and that's also good for foreigners that find getting one difficult.

See the forum where I tend to hang our for more on this .These people used to hang out in the more popular marketwatch forums but after being censored so often got discouraged and created their own forum.

This whole thing about gold and its history is more significant than I have time to post on now but its far more significant than most people realize.

Personally I am mostly all into silver and am almost broke with very little cash le

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posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 07:45 AM
The USD is backed by gold bullion so if you start giving away your fake gold while manipulating the value of it and the world is none the wiser. Then let a couple of these types of stories run in the MSM, the people suddenly lose faith in gold and your dollar crumbles along with it. Can you imagine a better pretext to engage a One World Government?

I've been wondering what is the deal with all of these "Cash for gold" companies you see suddenly and mysteriously surfacing as of late. Why this sudden rush yo replace for what seems like at least $500 Billion in pure bullion or more?

Tony Blair and Co reportedly plundered the Queen's gold and Bush and Co reportedly plundered both the World Bank in NYC as well as Knox. This may be a way for them to attempt to hide the fact that the quality now is coming into question which begs the q, How can you possibly hide that much gold in the world??

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 10:24 AM

Originally posted by TheImmaculateD1
The USD is backed by gold bullion so if you start giving away your fake gold while manipulating the value of it and the world is none the wiser. Then let a couple of these types of stories run in the MSM, the people suddenly lose faith in gold and your dollar crumbles along with it. Can you imagine a better pretext to engage a One World Government?

I've been wondering what is the deal with all of these "Cash for gold" companies you see suddenly and mysteriously surfacing as of late. Why this sudden rush yo replace for what seems like at least $500 Billion in pure bullion or more?

Actually after about 1970 but I need to check to be sure on the date the US went off the gold standard.Mind you it was a pseudo or false gold standard
it did lead to the US currency becoming the worlds reserve currency.

Gold tends to be priced in dollars but that does not mean its backed by gold.
There has been at least one web page that talked about how the US kept the gold price down to help in trade in buying oil.
It was said that some sellers of oil only saw the US dollar as foreign money and only wanted gold, so by keeping the gold price down so the sellers could get the amount of gold they wanted anywise.
The thing is if only a few percentage of Arabs only really want gold then if they were to stop selling the price of oil could go up dramatically for example 10% less gasoline would have 10% of the people without gas to get to work driving the prices to the moon as the remaining buyers fight for the remaining gas.It was supposed to be somewhere around the 1980s but this is only a guess from memory.Not sure if I can find that web site now.

So there are multiple reasons for the gold to have been secretly sold off and not just the strong dollar policy.

That cash for gold thing is paying some ridiculously small amount for the gold and are making a fortune.Do not sell to anyone that will not telly you what they pay per gram.

Makes me angry that the Chinese have advised their civilians to put money into gold and silver while in the US they are advising their people to invest in treasuries and its people are selling its gold so cheaply.This thing about running to financial safety in treasuries, its like running into a burning building to get away from the fire.I really think now they may be planing to collapse the whole country.

People have been trained to only see paper money, as money and will constantly show how sheepish they really are by saying things like you cant eat gold.
I can just as easily say you cant eat money either.And you cant spend food.

Its been nearly 100 years to get people trained so well that an unbacked currency will work this well.Its required an entire generation of people to have literally died off and forgotten gold and silver for the system to have worked as well as it has and for as long as it has.

I just recently read that economists and fund managers are not taught much monetary history.Easy to speculate it was part of a plan to make sure fiat or unbacked money will continue to work.Keep em dumber.

Look up shadowstats and then look at the lower inflation rates reported by the government.
Ask yourself what happens if you have a hidden inflation rate of 7% but only pay 4% on 30 year treasuries.This would mean that the government can print out of thin air 7.00 and then give you the 4.00 and keep 3.00 for themselves.Seriously people are paying the government money to loan them money and then they hit you with capital gains on the 4% if you are not careful. 30 years is very risky too.
The government has had a great scheme that the Chinese are catching on to and getting fed up.

So by making sure gold looks bad and even I have had people tell me gold is a lousy investment people will continue to loan money to the government and end up losers.
But you can not print actual gold and schemes must eventually end?

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posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 10:33 AM
The Gold Problem has been an obvious conspiracy problem for at least the last ten years in some very obvious ways.

I don't understand enough of the system to be able to dig into the specifics, but there are enough barely acknowledge shenigans all over the place that it sure points to a problem. Like beating all the bushes down - hard to ignore the guy with the machete standing in the middle with sap all over him.

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 10:52 AM
Theres always the case of like selling or trading any kind of item to another, did they switch it their end?

Simply their word against the US.

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 11:37 AM
Just a thought on the topic...
Remember a few years back the odor that lingered over NYC?
"NEW YORK (CNN) -- New York officials evacuated a number of buildings and shut down some trains after a mysterious gaslike odor was reported Monday."

It was stinky and no one could explain it. Finally days later they said the odor was New Jersey. That's kind of funny because NJ stinks but my theory was that it came from a chemical used to dissolve gold...
some ingredients could have been acetic acid (vinegar) and butyric acid (rancid butter).

Could it be that before the financial meltdown it was discovered that indeed our gold reserve was fake and then our economy fell... for other reasons like Madoff and then the bank failures... ?

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 11:56 AM
Your economy is going through a planned reconciliation. The idea of which was to stablize but balance the first world economies to make it easier for the second world developing economies to come on line in trade.

The USA was the last economy planned for this reconcilation. Because the other economies were first tied to the USD to soften and better track the planned busts.

You can see these busts if you look over the last 20 years of the first and second world economies, and see how most of them went through a bust. Adn that none of their leaders really freaked out about it.

Canada's bust was probably not expected when it happened in some ways, as the assumption seemed to be that it would bust with the USA and instead it busted with the developing Asian economies.

What wasn't likley planned was that at the same time as the planned reconciliation of the US economy with the rest of the Western economies, was the housing bubble bust and the finanical loan sector busting at exactly the same time.

I doubt that they really knew exactly what was going to happen when the US was reconciled. Hence the freak out about the banking and loan system. Which should NOT have been bailed out. That was NOT part of the plan - I am certain of it. The IMF planned reconciliation did not include plans to socialize banking and loan debt while privatizing profit.

The USA's government has specifically gone off track. Not in a good way.

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