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2010, a chance to rally alternative

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posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 03:06 AM
There have been alot of people complaining about the "two parties" ravaging DC and this nation. Some even go so further to speculate some conspiracy to maintain these two parties in power. While I will not agree with everything some of these fellow ATSers argue, I will agree that America has become way overdue for an alternative party or "parties" as majority. As yet another election season approaches maybe its time for the tea party protestors on the right, and progressive advocates on the left to come together and move for alternatives.

There are alternative parties to the D's and the R's that can appeal to both sides of the ideological coins. This year is chance for people to get out there and not merely vote the lesser of the evils, but alternative. Every election season the Republicans and the Democrats know that they have only one opposition party to focus and compete with. Its time to rally for more competition.

Unfortunately as I have read, there will only be two alternative independents, but why not rally to push alternatives? As I recall, the tea party protestors were rallying against both parties in DC? So will there be a push for alternative candidates in 2010? Why not push for Libertarian candidates? constitutional party candidates? With the frustration of some progressives over Democratic performance, why not rally state by state for progressive labour party candidates, green party candidates?

Truth be told we will always have our differences in D.C, its a given. But the issue of the control the Democrats and Republicans have had in history is something we all can agree to as a problem. Can we all by the least agree on that and push for alternative together? It doesnt stop us from arguing our conflicting differences and our own candidates, but by the least it will give the nation a new democratic awakening.

Thats not to say that all of the candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties should be ignored as there are some good representitives, but there should be a rally to move alternative. I think we can do this and I am sick to death at the whiners who argue it can't. Is it a possibility fellow ATSers? One big ol rally to weaken the stronghold of both the Democrats and the Republicans?

posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 06:02 AM
In New Mexico, Adam Kokesh is running for Congress in New Mexico's 3rd district without any seeming political party affiliation.

In the State of Florida, Alexander Snitker, is running for the U.S. Senate and is decidedly without any party affiliation.

In the State of Illinois Alton Franklin is an independent candidate for U.S. Senate.

In the State of Texas, Bruce West, a Libertarian candidate, is running for Congress in the 8th district.

Larry Bill, from the State of Missouri is running as an independent for Congress in that 8th district.

Also in that district in the State of Missouri, Bob Parker, listed simply as a "conservative Congressional candidate", is running against Republican incumbent Jo An Emerson.

For Governor, several Libertarian candidates are campaigning for this office in several states:

In Arizona, Bruce Olsen and Mike Ross, both Libertarians are running for Governor in 2010.

In the State of California, Dale F. Ogden runs as the Libertarian Candidate.

In Florida, John Wayne Smith, runs as the Libertarian candidate for Lt. Governor.

In the State of Georgia, John Monds runs for Governor as the Libertarian Candidate.

In Illinois, it is Lex Green who is the Libertarian candidate for Governor.

Susan Gaztanaga is the Libertarian candidate for Governor in Maryland.

Felix Raymond Montez is running for Lt. Governor as a Libertarian in the state of Minnesota.

In the State of New Hampshire, Thomas "Thom" Simmons is the Libertarian for Governor.

And in the State of Texas there are five, count them five, Libertarians running for Governor, among them the most notable being, Jeffery Joseph "Jeff" Daiell, Kenneth "Ken" Griffin and Steven S. "Steve" Nichols.

Also in the State of California, apparently not running under any party affiliation but seems to have strong ties with the Constitutional Party, is Chelene Nightingale running for Governor as well.

Dan Reale of Connecticut is a Libertarian Candidate running for Congress

Dan Kairis of the Green Party is running for the 14 district of Illinois for Congress, and while I failed to find any more Green Party candidates, I only did a cursory Google check.

The Peace and Freedom Parties website does not list any candidates running for office in 2010 but does warn of an ominous proposition on the ballot in California known as "The Top Two Candidates Open Primary Proposition" that seeks to place all candidates on the same ballot to vote on so that they can then be reduced to the two candidates with the highest vote to run for the primary election.

There are more candidates out there I am sure, but it takes more research than I have the time to do at this moment and will attempt to do more as time goes on and continue to post in this thread to list them here.

Thanks S.G. for a great thread and an important medium in which to bring forth these candidates and allow members to see which ones might be running in their states.


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